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"Zombies are no good! I can't serve my customers spoiled meat like that. I... have a reputation to uphold! Trust me. I'm a butcher! I've got the best meat in town!"
—Larry, stating his reasoning for capturing Carlito to Frank.

Larry Chiang (拉里蔣, Lā lǐ jiǎng) is a psychopath in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

He is found in the Meat Processing Area in the Maintenance Tunnels during Case 8-4: The Butcher. He is a demented butcher who considers zombies as "spoiled meat" and people as "fresh meat."

Larry serves as the final psychopath in 72 Hour Mode.

Case 8-4: The Butcher[]

Main article: Case 8-4: The Butcher

Frank West first observed Larry through security feed dragging Carlito Keyes into the meat processing area. When Frank arrived to investigate, Larry had already hung Carlito onto a meat hook, and was preparing to grind him into fresh meat.

Larry believed Frank to be a customer, and declared that he would have some good ground meat soon. Frank tried to convince Larry that there was another alternative to fresh meat, but Larry did not get the hint. Instead, he believed that Frank would rather eat spoiled zombie meat. He got upset and insisted that he must uphold his reputation by giving Frank "fresh meat". If Larry is not defeated in time, Carlito will fall into the meat grinder which fails the case.

After he was defeated by Frank, he fell to the floor and died, allowing Frank to rescue Carlito. Defeating Larry rewards Frank with the Meat Cleaver, which respawns in the Meat Processing Area.

Infinity Mode[]

Main article: Infinity Mode

In Infinity Mode, Larry first appears in the Meat Processing Area at the Maintenance Tunnels from 0:07:00 to 1:00:00 and is armed with his Meat Cleaver. In his equipment he carries an Orange, a Yogurt, a Spitfire, a Katana and a Frying Pan. Later Larry appears in empty store at North Plaza from 5:07:00 to 5:19:00 and he carries the same items he had before.

Battle Style[]

  • Hanging - Larry hangs Frank on a meat rack and slices him with his meat cleaver. This attack will continue until the player frees Frank (in the same way that you escape a zombie grapple).
  • Throw - Larry throws hanging meat at Frank dealing about 3 blocks of damage. He may also throw a knife at Frank, which will deal about 1 block of damage.
  • Slice - This is Larry's most common move. Larry slices Frank with his meat cleaver dealing about 1-2 blocks depending on where the player is at or how many strikes Larry does.
  • Charge - Larry may attack Frank by charging towards him, which will knock Frank to the ground and deal about 1 block of damage.
  • Health - Larry will sometimes heal by eating a can of meat if he is low on health (50% or under).


  • He is the only mandatory psychopath to hold a culinary background.
  • He is the only boss fought of the end of 72-Hour Mode to have no immediate relevance to the plot, in contrast to the other final bosses of 72 Hour Mode.
  • Photo Op: When Larry is eating out of a container full of meat there is an up to 10,000 prestige points bonus.
  • Unlike other psychopaths: Novelty Masks, Pylons, Buckets, Smokestacks, Shower Heads, Paintings, Skylights, Hunks of Meat, Condiments, Shampoo and Hangers can all be put on Larry similarly to a zombie. However unlike a zombie he will pull it off immediately, but it still allows a small window for a few quick strikes. This strategy can be effective if the player is carrying a Katana, a Cleaver, or a Small Chainsaw.
  • He is the first psychopath who attempts to sell the protagonist something, in this case, he attempts to sell Frank some "Ground Beef". The similar is, perhaps, Evan MacIntyre, who tries sell Frank an ice-cream.
  • Larry has the Chinese character of "meat" (肉) tattooed on the back of his neck.
  • Though not specified, the spelling of Larry's last name indicates he may have a Taiwanese origin or descended from an old immigrant family. "Chiang" is unique to the Wade–Giles system, which is currently only used in Taiwan, and was the prevailing phonic system in mainland China before 1979 (gradually replaced by Pinyin after 1980). The spelling of Larry's last name in today's mainstream Pinyin should be "Jiang".
  • In the Gagaga SP trailer for Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, one can see him juggling Adam MacIntyre's small chainsaws.
  • Larry is the only psychopath who will not attack the protagonist unless provoked.
    • This makes him the only Psychopath to start out as benign towards the protagonist in their battle.
  • He could be a reference to the Butcher from Diablo, who shouts "Ahhh, fresh meat!" upon confronting him.
  • His boss theme song is On A Mission by Hostile Groove.
    • Part of the lyrics say "I’ll hit you, with the heaviest shit in the world" which is fitting considering either one of the attacks that Larry could do is throwing a heavy carcass or either the fact of Frank being able to hit Larry with the shelf or the Sausage Rack, which are heavy objects.
  • He is similar to Theodore "Ted" Smith from Dead Rising 2, as both are overweight and mentally unstable and consider zombies to be "spoiled meat", and humans to be "fresh meat".
  • He is also similar to Antoine Thomas, both are crazed, heavy-set chefs that try to serve humans.
  • He bears a slight resemblance to the cartoon character Lupo The Butcher.
  • In the Java version of Dead Rising, He is the final boss of the game, not Brock Mason. He also killed Jessica McCarney instead of her being infected by Russell Barnaby.
  • Despite considering the zombies spoiled meat, they are seen on the meat hooks waiting to be dropped into the meat grinder in the Meat Processing Area.
  • In the upcoming Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster he was redesigned to be less of racial stereotype as a heavy set asian-american man with a baseball cap and glasses and possesing all of his teeth. His last name with it's possible Taiwanese-origins means he was likely redesigned to avoid controversy with Mainland China due to recent conflicts with the Taiwanese government and it's tensions haven risen with the recent elections.


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