Las Vegas Arena

The Las Vegas 250 is a motorcycle racing event held at the Las Vegas Arena on Sept. 11, 2008 in Dead Rising: Road to Fortune.

The event consists of thirty laps with a grand prize of $250,000. Motocross star Chuck Greene intended to compete and win the race, planning to use the prize money for the betterment of his family. During the race, Harjit Singh and a group of Phenotrans mercenaries release canisters of virus-carrying bees in the crowded arena. Chuck finished the race in first place, but only in time to witness the zombie outbreak happening all around him.


  • The announcer says the Las Vegas 250 is "30 laps to fame and glory" and a lap-girl holding a sign which reads, "30 LV-250". This is a major fact-checking error as in motor-racing the number in the title of a race indicates the number of total miles in the race. (ex: The "Daytona 500" is 500 miles)[1] For the Las Vegas 250 to equal 30 laps, the track would have to be 8.3 miles per lap. This is physically impossible based on the size of the arena as pictured or for that matter any known indoor arena. An obvious explanation for this that is the comic-writers named the race based on the prize amount, rather than the mileage.
  • The Las Vegas 250 is based on the Monster Energy Cup, a supercross championship that happens in Las Vegas at the end of every Monster Energy AMA Supercross season.


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