The Las Vegas Arena is a location within the city of Las Vegas, mentioned in Issue 1 of Dead Rising: Road to Fortune and shown in Issue 3. It is where Chuck Greene participates in the big motocross race, the Las Vegas 250. Before the race started, the band Stygian Dreamz performed a show to entertain the crowd.

The Arena is also the ground zero of the citywide outbreak - Harjit Singh and his men unleashed several jars of Queens that would then start off the zombie outbreak.

Clay Hurlton was at the Arena watching the show from his box suite and called TK about creating Terror is Reality, who was heading to the stadium with The Twins. Pam Greene and Katey Greene were also at the Arena, watching Chuck race.

Soon, all the spectators at the show are caught up in the outbreak, leaving hundreds dead, including Pam and Clay. Chuck and Katey barely escaped with their lives.

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