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"Slash zombies to bits using the focused power of light itself!"
—Combo card description

The Laser Sword is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case West, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is created by combining gems with a flashlight.

The Laser Sword is a very powerful weapon, being able to cut multiple zombies in half at once. Its speed and durability are low, however, making the weapon less than effective when dealing with large quantities of zombies. It is powerful against psychopaths, mercenaries, gas zombies, and other powerful enemies that are encountered less frequently and subsequently require stronger weapons to be dispatched effectively.

The Laser Sword has one of the widest swings out of any combo weapon in the game. This makes it easier to hit single enemies like looters and psychopaths than most weapons, as its wide swing gives a higher chance for the attacks to connect. Although this can be used effectively against groups of zombies, each swing can take a huge chunk of the weapon's health. Combined with the weapon's low durability, the Laser Sword can break faster than other combo weapons of the same durability, such as the Defiler.

A special attack is unlocked by obtaining the Laser Sword's combo card: a 360-degree swing that can hit any enemy surrounding the player. This can be used to give the player along with any survivors some breathing room whenever they get swarmed by zombies. However, it still better to use another weapon like the Spiked Bat due to the Laser Sword's low durability. If a psychopath is on their last inch of health, the sword's heavy attack can be used to finish them off, as the 360-degree swing can give the player a near 100% chance of hitting them, unless the player gets hit first.

The Defiler and the Laser Sword both have the same attack speed, but the Laser Sword is swung faster due to the wider arc its attack has.

This combo weapon is described as:

"It's basically a light saber, but don't let the lawyers at Lucas Arts known that. Although a bit slow to wield, the light saber deals out tons of damage and can take out a crowd of zombies in a single slice."[1]

Attacks and combo card[]

Laser Sword combo card
Prestige points Main: 150 PP
Alternate: 300 PP
Dead rising 2 combo card Laser Sword (Dead Rising 2)
Main attack (press X button/Square button) Swing the sword from above the player's left shoulder down to the right.
Combo: Quickly tap X button/Square button again to perform a diagonal swing from right to left.
Combo 2: Quickly tap X button/Square button a third time to swing the Laser Sword at the waist horizontally from left to right.
Dead rising laser sword main
Dead rising laser sword combo
Dead rising laser sword combo 2
Alternate attack (hold X button/Square button) Perform a wide 360° spin attack with the sword. Dead rising laser sword alternate
Other attack(s) If the Ninja Skills Pack outfit is worn, the player can perform a special jump attack. Jump and tap X button/Square button to perform a midair horizontal swing.
Description Slash zombies to bits using the focused power of light itself!
–All prestige points listed here are halved when the weapon’s combo card is not owned and the player only has a scratch card.

Combo card location[]

In Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record, the combo card for the Laser Sword is unlocked by examining the Laser Knight poster at the back of the Paradise Platinum Screens cinema in the Platinum Strip.

Weapon component locations[]

Dead Rising 2 general locations of weapons needed to make the Laser Sword:

Component Location Component Location
Dead rising Gems (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Flashlight

Case West weapon component locations[]

Case West locations of weapons needed to make the Laser Sword:[2]

Component Location Specific location and instructions Image
Gems Living Quarters The gems are found in the Living Quarters. On the top floor of rooms, find the room labeled "X1." The gems will be inside that room on a nightstand beside the bed.
Case west laser sword gems
Flashlight Shipping Office The flashlight is located in the Shipping Office on the desk beside the microwave.
Case west laser sword flashlight


Tape it or Die blogger Johnny Pipes came up with the idea of the Laser Sword. This was during the Fortune City outbreak, while the four bloggers were hiding in the backroom of KokoNutz Sports Town. Pipes blogged:

"Today wasn't a good day, it was a great day. And that's because Johnny Pipes actually bent the laws of physics themselves!"
"I'm not a movie guy. Barely ever see them. Too much time wasted when you could be creating. But Lefty is a sci-fi geek. Actually, he is an everything geek. But that includes sci-fi. So he is always talking about how cool it would be to make a laser sword. Like, a sword made out of light. I tell him to do it already! He says it's impossible. You cannot have light stop at a certain point. And you cannot make have tangible aspects."
"That sounds like a challenge to me!"
"So I asked Lefty how such a sword is made. He said you need a light emitter and some kind of crystal. Light emitter was easy enough. There are flashlights all over the place. Little bit of rewiring should make them more potent. The crystal was a bit trickier. I tried looking for one of those hippie stores. The ones where they sell geodes and stuff like that. Couldn't find one. So, I had to make due. Got some jewelry instead. Took some of the gems out of the rings and earrings. Found a real good one. I stuck that in my modified flashlight, and bam! Mission complete!"[3]


Dead rising laser sword sullivan
Dead rising laser sword zombie
  • The Laser Sword only works if held by a living person. By default, survivors and zombies will not carry any combo weapons. When a player mods the game and gives survivors and zombies the Laser Sword, the light appears for survivors, but not for zombies.
  • The color of the beam cycles randomly through four colors (blue, purple, green, and red) every time it is withdrawn.
  • The Laser Sword is an obvious reference to the lightsaber from the Star Wars saga. Both swords require crystals to function and the colors are the same as well.
  • Counting its unlockable version in Dead Rising, the Laser Sword is the combo weapon appearing in the most games in the franchise, only missing from Case Zero.
  • Despite the fact that the Laser Sword would just weigh slightly heavier than a normal flashlight (the laser "blade" shouldn't have any mass), its attacks are just as slow as some of heavier weapons in the game, such as the Defiler.
  • Both the flashlight and the gems are found in the Slot Ranch Casino maintenance room.
  • In the PC game file items.txt, this weapon is referred to as "LaserLightSword" (Laser Light Sword).
  • The Dead Rising 2 Prima Official Game Guide incorrectly states that there is a jump attack for the sword, writing, "3 slicing swing attacks with a heavy, spin attack, also has a jump attack." However, it is possible that a jump attack was cut from the game late in development.
    • It is only possible to perform a jump attack if the player is wearing the downloadable Ninja Skills Pack outfit.

Weapon Animations
Animation name Animation shared with

Unique to Laser Sword


Unique to Laser Sword


Unique to Laser Sword


Unique to Laser Sword




Dead rising 2 laser sword weapon moves


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