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Lead Pipe (Dead Rising)
Dead rising Lead Pipe
Type Melee
Damage 375 (Primary)
92 with drain (Thrown)
Uses 20 hits
Location North Plaza
McHandy's Hardware
Crislip's Home Saloon
Dead Rising
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The Lead Pipe is a weapon in Dead Rising.

It is a length of metal piping used for construction purposes. It is fairly slow but deadly.

It's durability can be increased with the Engineering book.


  • Primary: Tap the Template:Xbutton button to swing the lead pipe.
  • Thrown: Hold down the Righttrigger trigger to go into aim mode, then press the Template:Xbutton button to throw the lead pipe. If the lead pipe gets stuck in a zombie, blood will spill out the other end of the pipe, killing the zombie in a few seconds.
Dead rising lead pipe stuck in zombie
  • When thrown (Hold Righttrigger and press X), the pipe occasionally acts like a spear, skewering the zombie and causing its blood to flow out from the pipe like a faucet. When the zombie dies, Frank gets an additional 30 PP.


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