Leah Stein
Dead rising leah
Age 29
Notebook Number 28
Notebook Description Lost her baby to the zombies.
Health 3,500
Weapon Golf Club (Infinity Mode)
Location Riverfield Jewelry (72 Hour Mode)

Maintenance Tunnel Warehouse (Infinity Mode)

Scoop(s) A Mother's Lament
Kindell's Betrayal
PP 10,000 (Join)

20,000 (Escort)

Dead Rising
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"God, I've never heard her cry like that! Please... Just leave me alone..."
—Leah, on describing her daughter's death

Leah Stein is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

She is found in Riverfield Jewelry in Al Fresca Plaza during the scoop A Mother's Lament. Her baby has been killed by zombies, and she is now trying to cope with an injured ankle.

A Mother's LamentEdit

Main article: A Mother's Lament

Leah is found crying in Riverfield Jewelry in Al Fresca Plaza. When Frank approaches her to ask if she is okay, she grabs Frank and demands to know where her baby Grace is. After Frank pushes her off, he offers to help Leah find her baby. She then reveals that Grace has already been killed and eaten by zombies. She requests Frank to leave her alone, but Frank refuses to let her die among the zombies.

She then agrees to follow Frank to the Security Room. Due to an injured ankle, she cannot walk far on her own and has to be carried.

Kindell's BetrayalEdit

Main article: Kindell's Betrayal

After being rescued, she will wait in the room with the green door. When Kindell Johnson believes that there is no helicopter coming in three days, he rallies up the other survivors in the same room, including Leah, to leave the Security Room.

If Frank does not stop Kindell's mutiny, Leah will leave the Security Room along with the other survivors. They will no longer count towards the number of rescued survivors.

Infinity ModeEdit

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In Infinity Mode, Leah appears in the Maintenance Tunnel Warehouse from 5:00:00 to 5:07:00 and is armed with a golf club. In her equipment she carries Squash, a 2x4, a lipstick prop, a shovel, and a baseball bat.


  • In Infinity Mode, Leah still has an injury on her ankle, but she now has the ability to run.
  • In the Security Room, Leah may appear to "stalk" Frank to another survivor room, just to thank him.
  • Her "stalking" may lead to Frank getting trapped if she decides to thank Frank in a doorway or corridor.[Verification needed]
  • Leah performs the same animation as a zombie when she grabs hold of Frank in the jewelry store during her scoop.
  • Frank will score a Horror bonus when photographing her injured leg.
  • In the Dead Rising 0.70 beta her character model was used for the Armed Woman .
  • In Chop Till You Drop she is one of the 'hostages' in Zombie Meter Maid along with Heather Tompkins and Pamela Tompkins.