Lena Polichev
Fashion Victim 1
Location Felicia
Mission(s) Fashion Victim

"Let me give you some good words to live by: get a good lawyer, never sleep with your agent, and always have good shoes!"

Lena Polichev is a survivor in Dead Rising 3.

She is encountered during the side mission Fashion Victim in Chapter 5.

Fashion Victim Edit

When Nick enters Felicia in Central City, he will see a crowd of zombies trying to reach Lena who is on the second floor of the store. After killing the zombies around her, she will ask Nick to lead her to three clothing stores around the city to help her with her new look. After visitng all three stores Nick must lead Lena to shoe shop in the hotel. Doing this mission is the only way to have access to this store. 

As a reward, she will make Nick her new assistant. 


  • Toughness 2/5
  • Strength 3/5
  • Ranged 1/5
  • Break Out 3/5
  • Run Speed 2/5


  • Lena is wearing a meat dress. This same dress was once worn by real life celebrity Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.
  • Lena also has an autobiography called EFFORTLESS BEAUTY.
  • According to Joey, Lena has apparently released multiple pornographic videos.


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