Lesser Evil
Lesser Evil 1
Location Lao's Cream Dream
Survivor(s) Kandy
Big D
PP 25,000
"Nick, some pimp-ass dude looking anxious on the South Bridge. See what he needs."
Jamie Flynt

Lesser Evil is a side mission in Dead Rising 3.

Jamie will not call Nick about this mission until after he's met with Annie and Red at the hotel after the police station during Chapter 3.[1]


Nick can find Big D standing on the South Bridge. When Nick approaches him, he will ask that Nick bring him a combo vehicle. Any combo vehicle of your choice will suffice. Once the combo vehicle has been brought back to Big D, he will ask that Nick bring him to his pad at Lao's Cream Dream in South Almuda.

Once there, Big D will open up the back door and lead Nick to an area where he is holding a woman hostage. Big D demands that Nick kill Kandy to "teach her a lesson" for trying to run away from him. Kandy will then plead for her life. Nick will have to kill Big D because it is impossible to save him. As soon as Big D is attacked, he will defect and start to attack Nick.

The mission will be completed after Big D is killed and Nick saves Kandy by untieing her. 


  • The mission will complete after Big D is killed due to the fact Kandy cannot be harmed regardless of how Nick/Dick attacks her.
  • While this side mission is available, Nick will not receive any further calls from Jamie about future escort missions. Only one escort type mission can be accepted at one time.[2]
  • Big D can be recruited even when Nick has a full posse. [3]



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