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Life Saver (Dead Rising)
DR 013 Life Saver
Description Get 20 survivors out of the mall.
Point Value 20 G
Dead Rising
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Life Saver is an achievement in Dead Rising.

It is unlocked by completing 72 Hour Mode with a total of twenty or more survivors rescued.


In order to obtain the Life Saver achievement, at least twenty survivors must be saved at the end of 72 Hour Mode.

DR 022 Photojournalist DR 032 Transmissionary DR 031 Snuff Shot J DR 030 Snuff Shot B DR 010 Frank the Pimp DR 049 5 Day Survivor DR 024 Group Photo
Frank Otis Jessie Brad Barnaby Isabela Jeff
20 Natalie Meyer DR 035 Freefall 25 Sophie Richards DR 019 Item Smasher 27 Aaron Swoop 28 Leah Stein 30 Greg Simpson
Natalie Bill Sophie Burt Aaron Leah Greg
31 Yuu Tanaka 32 Shinji Kitano 33 David Bailey 34 Tonya Waters DR 026 Census Taker 37 Josh Manning 38 Barbara Patterson
Yuu Shinji David Tonya Ross Josh Barbara
RichAtkins 40 Heather Tompkins DR 045 Unbreakable 42 Gordon Stalworth DR 018 Gourmet 44 Jennifer Gorman 46 Kay Nelson
Rich Heather Pamela Gordon Ronald Jennifer Kay
47 Lilly Deacon 48 Kelly Carpenter 49 Janet Star 50 Sally Mills DR 011 Full Set 55 Wayne Blackwell 56 Jolie Wu
Lilly Kelly Janet Sally Nick Wayne Jolie
57 Rachel Decker 58 Floyd Sanders DR 042 Sharp Dresser 61 Ray Mathison 62 Nathan Crabbe 63 Michelle Feltz 64 Beth Shrake
Rachel Floyd Kindell Ray Nathan Michelle Beth
DR 025 Portraiture 66 Gil Jimenez DR 034 Outdoorsman DR 041 Karate Champ AlyssaLaurent DR 029 PP Collector 71 Mindy Baker
Cheryl Gil Brett Jonathan Alyssa Paul Mindy
72 Debbie Willett DR 040 Zombie Road DR 012 Humanist DR 09 Tour Guide DR 039 Stunt Rider
Debbie Leroy Susan Simone Tad


  • Although Ed DeLuca is alive and safe at the end of Endings B and E, he does not count towards the total number of survivors saved, and thus does not count towards the Life Saver achievement.
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