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Lillian Payne can be found on the roof of the Fortune City Hotel during the mission Family Feud in Dead Rising 2. She is searching for her mother who got separated during the outbreak.

She reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role, though she is not contemplating suicide and is instead armed with a shotgun.

Family Feud[]

In Family Feud, Chuck gets a call about a woman on top of the Fortune City Hotel. Upon reaching her, she tells Chuck that she cannot find her mother and will not go anywhere without her. Once Lillian is reunited with Camille, she is willing to be escorted to the Safe House.

If Camille is not brought to her daughter, having been rescued or killed or simply left behind, Lillian will commit suicide by diving off the building.


  • Lillian Payne will not give Chuck or Frank the Shotgun after it is in Lillian's possession.[1]



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