Lindsay Harris
Dead rising lindsay
Age 70
Status Deceased
Notebook Number 09
Notebook Description Adores her dog, Madonna.
Health 300
Location 72 Hour Mode
Entrance Plaza

Infinity Mode

Killed By Zombies

Dead Rising
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"Madonna! My Madonna is out there!"
—Lindsay, on finding Madonna

Lindsay Harris is a victim appearing in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop found in the Willamette Parkview Mall.

She was found on the first day in the Entrance Plaza, looking for her dog Madonna. She was killed when she allowed the zombies to break into the plaza.


Main article: 72 Hour Mode (Dead Rising)

In the Introduction Lindsay Harris and her dog had made it to the mall for refuge before the zombie outbreak overwhelmed Willamette. Frank arrives at the mall to find Lindsay looking for her dog Madonna in a confused state, carelessly bumping into others such as him and Ryan LaRosa.

She later saw Madonna outside the doors among the zombies, and attempted to remove the barricades to rescue her. Though her fellow survivors tried to stop her, they failed and Lindsay unfortunately allowed the zombies to break into the Entrance Plaza. She was killed by the zombies before she could reach Madonna.

Infinity ModeEdit

Main article: Infinity Mode

In Infinity Mode, Lindsay appears at the Heliport, already dead, from 1:07:00 to 1:19:00. Frank can find an Uncooked Pizza, Baseball Bat and 4 bags of Pet Food near her corpse.


  • In alpha, her name was Kathy and she could be saveble and also she was part in cut scoop: A Woman With Secrets and she can be found with Freddie on top of an ice cream standing next to McHandy's Hardware
  • The voice actor for Lindsay Harris is Susan Silo.
  • She is the first survivor to be killed in the zombie break-in.
  • There is no notification of Lindsay Harris' death on screen after the Introduction cutscene in the Entrance Plaza ends.
  • When she opens the entrance of the mall to save her dog, Madonna, she is strangely strong enough to push a few men larger and stronger than her, out of her way to get to her dog.
  • In the Japanese trailer, Lindsay can be seen dancing with Madonna.
  • Lindsay's voice is heard through Frank's Nightmare at the beginning of Dead Rising 4.


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