Lisa Hersey
Dead rising lisa bust
Age 30
Notebook Description This lady won't go down without a fight. Found in the Living Quarters.
Location Living Quarters
"Here, take this, it'll let you open the emergency access from here to the Holding Pens."
—Lisa Hersey, thanking Chuck and Frank

Lisa Hersey is a survivor in an unannounced mission in Dead Rising 2: Case West. After saving Hernando, he informs Chuck and Frank of his friend Lisa, whom he asks them to save.

The Search for LisaEdit

After being separated from her friend Hernando, she flees through the facility, looking for safety. Hernando first reported that she fled to the cafeteria, but upon arrival, it was empty save for some zombies and "a hastily, scrawled note". The note mentioned that she decided to seek shelter at the security tower.

The Search ContinuesEdit

After arriving at the fortified tower, they found "a crumpled note", stating that she ran for the Living Quarters.

The Final ClueEdit

Chuck and Frank found Lisa in the recreation room, being attacked by zombies. The men save her from the zombies, and she gives Chuck the key to the emergency door connecting the Living Quarters with the Holding Pens before fleeing the facility.



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