Locate Precious Cargo
Locate Precious Cargo.png
Location Ingleton
Previous Mission Escape the Aquaduct
Next Mission Get to the Motel

Locate Precious Cargo is the second story mission in in Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Once Kane surfaces into Sunset Hills from the Sunset Hills Metro Station, he will be ambushed by a few of the soldiers from the President's forces. After eliminating them, Kane can move on to find the crashed helicopter site.

The helicopter is a smoldering wreck when Kane finds it crashed in central Ingleton. After finding the deceased helicopter pilot, Kane can move into the intact body of the plane to pick up the plane's black box. The second piece of precious cargo is laying on the street near the back of the plane.

Once the bioweapon has been secured, Phoenix will radio Kane his next set of orders. The Covering The Traces achievement will unlock after this mission has been completed. 

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