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Locksmith is an achievement in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. 

This achievement is unlocked by unlocking all of the doors in Still Creek. There a total of 5 doors that can be unlocked.

All five doors must be unlocked in one play through to count towards the achievement.


  • The rear door of the Still Creek Movie Theater - go through the theater and exit through the rear.
  • The front door of the Sheriff's Office - go through the alley behind the office, enter through the back door and go straight to open the front door.
  • The front door of Bob's Fish 'n Hunt - jump across the rooftops and find an open vent on the roof of the store and jump in, from which the player can then open the front door.
  • The front door of the Still Creek Pawnshop - simply save Dick Jones and escort him safely to his pawnshop and he will unlock the front door.
  • The shed to the east of Big Buck Hardware- Acquire the Shed Key from the second floor of the Still Creek Hotel and use the key to open the shed door.
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