Long Haired Punk
Dead rising long haired punk (16)
Location Casual Gals
Start Time Time iconSeptember 21st, 5am
Expires Time iconSeptember 21st, 5pm
Survivors Paul Carson
Mindy Baker
Debbie Willett
PP 30,000 (Paul Defeated)

30,000 (Paul Joins)
25,000 (Women Join)
50,000 (Women Escorted)
60,000 (Paul Escorted)

Psychopath(s) Paul Carson
Dead Rising
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"I spotted a guy with long hair over in one of the women's clothing shops in Wonderland Plaza. He's holdin' a Molotov Cocktail... You'd better be careful..."
Otis Washington

Long Haired Punk is a scoop in Dead Rising.

It takes place in Casual Gals in the Wonderland Plaza. Frank meets Paul Carson, a pyromaniac who is terrorizing two women with Molotov Cocktails.


Frank arrives at Casual Gals in the Wonderland Plaza to investigate after a guy with long hair was sighted. He finds Paul Carson threatening two women, Mindy Baker and Debbie Willett, with a Molotov Cocktail in the store's closet. Paul accuses them of making fun of him. Frank startles Paul when he knocks over a gasoline can, prompting Paul to attack him.

After Paul is defeated, he drops his Molotov cocktail and ignites himself. As he lies on the floor burning, Frank extinguishes him with a nearby fire extinguisher. There's a fire extinguisher nearby, close to Paul's head next to the shelf of clothing. Put the fire on Paul out with the fire extinguisher. If needed, a second one is in the closet of the store where Mindy and Debbie are. Paul is the only psychopath that Frank can rescue.[1][2]Don't use first person mode to try and put Paul out, as Frank will only throw the fire extinguisher at Paul. When Frank puts the fire out Paul will be at less than half health.

If Paul dies, take a photo of him for part of the Psycho Collector and Psycho Taker achievements. Whether Paul dies or not, Frank will get the "Psychopath Defeated" bonus of 30,000 Prestige Points.

After the fire has been put out, Paul apologizes for his actions and Frank offers to bring him to the Security Room. He is able to free and calm Mindy and Debbie from the closet, and they follow Frank to the Security Room as well.



Introduction to Paul
Dead rising paul
Dead rising long haired punk (13)
Two women cower in fear of a man with a Molotov cocktail.

Debbie: Please stop! What did we ever do to you?

Paul: Y-Y-You do it all the time! Y-Y-You look at me and then laugh!

Frank sneaks up from behind but accidentally kicks over a can of gasoline.

Paul: Wh-Wh-Who's there? Stay-Stay back! Stay back! Get-Get any closer an' I'll-l-l light this place up! I suppose you came here to l-l-laugh at me too?[3]

After Defeat

Paul lights himself on fire
Dead rising paul
Paul: Stay away from me! D-D-Don't come any closer!
Dead rising long haired punk (17)
Paul lights the Molotov cocktail but stumbles over a gasoline can and sets himself on fire when he falls.[3]

A Truce

Paul promises to stop
Dead rising paul
Frank: Looks like you're no worse for wear.

Paul: I-I don't know what I was thinking... I'll never do anything like that again.

Frank: If you promise to behave yourself and cooperate, I'll escort you to a safe place.

Paul: Ok. I'll cooperate. My arson days are over.

Rescue Debby and Mindy from the stock room
Frank: Everything's ok now. You don't need to be afraid. I can take you to a safer place than this. You feel up to a little trip?[3]

Battle StyleEdit

Dead rising paul


Frank can trap Paul in the store and hit him with a melee weapon. Try to hit Paul with a melee weapon a few times as he runs past Frank for the open mall area. If Frank defeated Adam the Clown, the small chainsaw is very effective; Paul will go down with a few swipes and Paul will not even have the chance to leave the store.

Paul also has remote controlled car bombs when he is a distance from Frank.[4]

Paul will also occasionally run out of breath while running, making another good time to shoot him or hit him with a lead pipe or other melee weapon. Repeat this a couple of times to defeat Paul.[5]

Dead rising long haired punk (10)

Paul's main method of combat is running. One guide suggests to not simply chase right behind him. Paul will drop pipe bombs while running away from Frank which will certainly hit Frank if he follows Paul. Instead, when Paul runs, pull out a firearm and shoot him. The zombies that get in the way will be blasted by the dynamite, so there's not much need to pay attention to them.

If needed, there are several police zombies with guns near the top of the stairs next to the store where the fight begins. Paul is not that hard as long as Frank avoids chasing him. Also use firearms to shoot the Molotov cocktails out of Paul's hands as he lights them, causing them to explode and damage him in the process.[1]

Sniper Rifle

With a sniper rifle Frank can get on top on one of the Beautification or Fine Cut makeup counters and shot at Paul without worrying about him or the zombies.[4]

Heavy Machine Gun

The Heavy Machine Gun from the Leisure Park convicts is perfect to defeat Paul. Paul will be unable to hit you as the gun is so powerful it knocks him over repeatedly.[6]

Melee weapons

In the alternative, the official guide states the best way to defeat Paul is to have a good melee weapon and continue to stay on Paul's tail, chasing him down as he runs away. If Frank stays in constant motion, running to the right or left of the fleeing punk and giving his tossed pipe bombs a wide path, he can pass by the exploding bombs unharmed.[1]

Frank can also jump kick Paul or hit him with a melee weapon when he tries to change directions.[4]

Occasionally Paul will turn around, light a Molotov cocktail, and throw it at Frank. This is the time to attack; just sidestep the cocktail, then hit Paul with a melee weapon while he recovers from the throw.


  • There are two Photo Ops available for Paul. The first one occurs when Paul successfully hits Frank with a Molotov cocktail. The second is when Paul's crotch is on fire.
  • There is a minor glitch where Mindy and Debbie die if you enter Wonderland Plaza, leave, and don't activate this scoop. Mindy and Debbie will lose health and die like every other survivor, but this scoop remains active. If the scoop is activated later, Mindy and Debbie will still show up in the cutscene and the fight with Paul will commence. However, when the cutscene ends, Mindy and Debbie will still be dead.
  • If Frank defeats Paul and then speaks to Mindy and Debbie without showing their health bars they will join Frank's party but immediately die.
  • Because Paul calls Frank later in Paul's Present, he is required to live for the Transmissionary achievement.



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