Los Perdidos Police Department
Police Department. Sign.jpg
Store Number CC128
Location Central City
Survivor(s) Dwayne Pike
Psychopath(s) Sgt. Hilde
Mission(s) Follow Hilde
Defeat Hilde, the Sergeant
Under Armed

The Los Perdidos Police Department is a location in Dead Rising 3.

It is the main police station in Los Perdidos, located in Central City. It has a large building with three floors and a parking garage. Prisoner zombies can be found here in the holding cells. 

Nick encounters Sgt. Hilde here during Chapter 3. A police officer, Dwayne Pike, can be found near the armory during the side mission Under Armed. The blueprint for the Z.A.R is found here. 

Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising begins in the police station.

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