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"Chuck, I see a woman trapped on top of a merchandise booth near the Fortune City Arena entrance... looks like she is looking for someone... Be careful, she is got a gun, too."
Stacey Forsythe

Lost... is a mission in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It involves a couple who have been separated in the zombie outbreak of Fortune City.


Chad Elchart is found near a diner, defending himself from zombies with his shotgun. When Chuck helps him kill all nearby zombies, he will tell him that he and his wife Doris Elchart were separated near the arena entrance. Doris Elchart is then found near the Souvenir Kiosk in Platinum Strip. Doris will refuse to go with Chuck unless Chad is in his party.

Survivor Dialogue[]

Finding Chad Elchart
Chad: Whoooooeeee! Blazes, it's a real live one! Brother, am I ever glad to see you!

Chuck: Listen, I can take you to the Safe House where it's safe.

Chad: Listen, you ain't see my darlin' Doris, have ya? Real cute lil' gal? I ain't leavin' her out here, even if she is a crack shot!

Chuck: Sorry, I don't think so

Chad: Well, we go to find her! We made a deal if we wuz lost we'd meet here, but I been all over this damn place, and there ain't no hide nor hair of her!

Chuck: I can help you look for her. Where did you two get separated?

Chad: We got separated around the Arena. Maybe with you, those damned zombies will not be a problem! Let's go!

Finding Doris Elchart
Doris: Heh, these firecrackers are great for luring those zombies into my sights!

Doris: That's right, you undead sunuvabitches! Keep goin' to those flashy lights and loud noises! Doris's too smart for suckas like you!!

Chuck sees Doris, tries to tell Chad

Chad: Not now, mister! Help me kill these here zombies, then we can chew the fat!

Doris: Sweet thing! Where in tarnation have ya'll been?

Doris and Chad reunite

Chad: There's my girl! Let's get out of this damned zombie mess to somewheres safe!

Chuck: Hate to interrupt your reunion, but we'd better get to the Safe House and away from these zombies.

Doris: Wait just a doggone minute! Yer that fella from the TV! You started this here outbreak! Why, I oughta blow yer damn head off!

Chuck: Lady! Hold on! I swear I was set up. I'm out here trying to prove it. It wasn't me.

Doris: Well, I guess if you helped my Chad here find my needle in this haystack, you must be an okay fella.

Chad and Doris are escorted to the Safe House

Chad: My woman, god bless her, is always getting me into trouble.

Additional Mission Dialogue[]

More dialogue of the Lost... mission in the Off the Record game files. All text may not be actually used in the final game.


  • Doris will not join Chuck's party unless Chad has already joined.
  • Both will still join if the other has already been escorted back safely.
  • This mission is unmarked in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.
  • Doris and Chad may not follow Chuck after being reunited, and will eventually succumb to the zombies in the park.
  • Doris will still join if Chad has died.

The message screen for this mission states:

GOAL: Locate the woman
DESTINATION: Souvenir Kiosk
A young woman is armed and taking out some zombies near the Arena entrance.