Love's a Drag
Love's a Drag 1
Location Central City Amphitheater
Survivor(s) Adam Daley
PP 25,000

Love's A Drag is a side mission in Dead Rising 3.

This mission appears during Chapter 7 only after meeting Gary at the karaoke bar.[1]


Nick can investigate a stage in Central City to find Adam Daley, a crossdresser and obsessive fan of Bibi Love. The stage was set for a Bibi tribute show, but the audience turned into zombies and won't let Adam leave. Worst of all, the nearby speakers continually play Bibi's song "Can't Get Enough Of Me", luring more zombies towards the stage.

Nick must destroy all eight of the speakers so that the music will stop playing. After this has been completed, Adam is savable and will join Nick's posse.



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