Love Lasts a Lifetime
Jeff Natalie Photo Op
Location Rooftop
Start Time Time iconSeptember 19th, 12pm
Expires Time iconSeptember 19th, 6pm
Survivors Jeff Meyer
Natalie Meyer
PP 5,000 (Join)

10,000 (Escort)

Dead Rising
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"There's a man and a woman on the roof of Paradise Plaza. Talk to 'em and bring them back to the Security Room."
Otis Washington

Love Lasts a Lifetime is an unmarked scoop found in Dead Rising and a named scoop in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

It takes place on the rooftop during the early afternoon on the first day. Frank meets a middle-aged couple, Jeff and Natalie Meyer, that were separated during the zombie outbreak.


Jeff and Natalie Meyer lost each other on the rooftop of the warehouse – Frank will come across them the very first time he passes through the air ducts and onto the rooftop.

Jeff is by the elevator. Walk over and speak to him first, and he'll join for 5,000 Prestige points.

Take Jeff around to the other side of the rooftop to find Natalie Meyer; she'll come running and the pair will have an emotional reunion. Keep your camera handy and take a photo when the Prestige points icon pops up for a massive bonus and enough Prestige points to get The Artiste achievement. Speak to either of them again and Natalie will join your party for a further 5,000 Prestige points.

Bringing the pair back to the Security Room together for 20,000 Prestige points.


Conversation with the Meyers
Dead rising jeff
Jeff: You...have you seen my wife NATALIE? She should still be around here.

Frank: Looking for someone? I'll lend a hand.

Jeff: That'd be great, fella. The name's Jeff Meyer, by the way.

Frank: I'm Frank. I'm a journalist.

Frank leads Jeff over to Natalie

Natalie: Jeff?

Jeff: Natalie?

Natalie: Jeff, oh, thank god you're ok!

Jeff: Oh, Natalie! I'll never let you go again.

Frank: Alright you two. You mind cutting your joyous reunion short? It's not safe here, but I know a safe place. I'll take you to the Security Room. Follow me.

Natalie in Security Room: I'm never going to the mall again as long as I live. I've had enough of this.
If Frank meets Natalie first:
Frank: It's too dangerous here. Follow me.[1]

Chop Till You DropEdit

Dead risingchop till you drop love lasts a lifetime shotgun

Shotgun reward

Dead risingchop till you drop love lasts a lifetime cash (1)

Cash reward

In Chop Till You Drop, completing Love Lasts a Lifetime by rescuing Natalie and Jeff rewards Frank with 2000 PP each, $10,000 and a shotgun.[2]


  • When Jeff and Natalie reunite, they will hug for a photo op.
  • If Frank sees and hears only Jeff, but not Natalie, then leaves, and Jeff dies 35 game minutes later, Natalie will still be on the roof after Jeff dies. She will still return to the security room without Jeff.
  • Jeff will follow Frank down to the warehouse.
  • In the beta version of Dead Rising, this scoop seems to occur in the Entrance Plaza, instead of on the Rooftop.



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