Love Thy Neighbor
Matt Dialogue
Location Ingleton
Survivor(s) Elka
PP 5,000 (Kill Matt or Elka)

20,000 (Resolve Peacefully)

"You know, okay! I'm at the end of my tether, you gotta let bygones be bygones, you hear?"
Dick Baker

Love Thy Neighbor is a side mission in Dead Rising 3.

This mission can be attempted right at the beginning of Chapter 3.


Two neighbors Matt and Elka are having an argument. If you speak to Matt, he will tell you that Elka wants to kill him so that she can get access to his gun stash. Elka defends herself by saying that she is a defenseless old woman, and that Matt won't share his supply. Matt retaliates by saying that he's starving, and that Elka won't share her food supply with him. Each neighbor will want Nick to kill the other. 

There are three outcomes for this mission:

  • You can kill Elka, and Matt will open his gun supply case for you to use. You can also loot Elka's food supply.
  • Killing Matt will prompt Elka to share her supply of food with you. You can go through Matt's gun supply that he has stashed as well. 
  • If you choose to resolve the dispute, Nick must bring five food items and five guns back to Matt and Elka to make them both happy. Food (and drink) can be found all throughout the neighboring streets and restaurants, and you can get guns from the weapons locker at the nearby Ingleton Motel safe house. Cop zombies are holding handguns, and there are several police cars in the surrounding streets where more firearms can be found.[1] Deposit the food into the deposit box by Matt, and deposit the firearms you find near Elka. Speak to them both once this is done to complete the side mission. Matt will give you access to his firearms, and Elka will give you access to her food. 


  • Nick/Dick can bring Matt rotten or spoiled food and it will still count as food items.[2]
  • A stash of food can be found at Dave's Place, a house very close to Matt's.
  • You will gain the most PP if you resolve the dispute peacefully.[3]
  • Nick/Dick can give Elka the Split Shot and the Sabre Shot, even though they are combo weapons
  • If the player completes this mission, the food/firearm supplies will remain open for the remainder of the game.
  • Somehow, a Grenade Launcher does not count as a firearm for this mission.




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