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"You know, okay! I'm at the end of my tether, you gotta let bygones be bygones, you hear?"
Dick Baker

Love Thy Neighbor is a side mission in Dead Rising 3.

This mission becomes available immediately after the start of Chapter 3.


The mission centers around a dispute between two neighbors, Matt and Elka. Engaging with Matt reveals that Elka aims to eliminate him to gain access to his stockpile of firearms. Elka, on the other hand, defends herself by portraying her defenseless old age and accuses Matt of withholding his supply. The quarrel escalates as Matt claims hunger and accuses Elka of not sharing her food. Both neighbors implore Nick to eliminate the other.

The mission has three potential outcomes:

  • Killing Elka will result in Matt granting access to his arsenal of firearms, and players can also loot Elka's food supply.
  • Eliminating Matt prompts Elka to share her stock of food with Nick, and players can explore Matt's concealed firearms stash as well.
  • Resolving the conflict peacefully requires Nick to retrieve five food items and five guns, delivering each of them to Matt and Elka. Food and drink can be found throughout neighboring streets and restaurants. Firearms are available from the weapons locker at the nearby Ingleton Motel safe zone. Cop zombies carry handguns, while several police cars in the vicinity hold more firearms.[1] Once five of each item have been deposited with Matt and Elka respectively, speaking to them concludes the mission. Matt grants access to his firearms, and Elka provides access to her food.


  • Matt will not accept rotten or spoiled food. If the player attempts to deliver rotten food to Matt, he will say "Dog, you better bring me some food!" and will not allow the player to turn the item in. .[1]
  • A cache of food is located at Dave's Place, a house in close proximity to Matt's residence.
  • The most PP is earned when resolving the dispute peacefully.[1]
  • Certain combo weapons, such as the Split Shot and the Sabre Shot, can be given to Elka, as long as they are classified as firearms. Once the mission is completed, access to food and firearm supplies remains available throughout the remainder of the game.
  • An oversight potentially exists regarding what qualifies as a firearm. Non-lethal weapons like flare guns and paintball guns are considered firearms, while weapons like the grenade launcher or crossbow are not. The game only checks whether the weapon falls within the firearms category (thus even unconventional choices like the Drone Turret or the Lust Cannon count).



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