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Dead rising Love in the Family

Love in the Family is one of six Paradise Platinum Screens movies in Dead Rising 2.

During the movie, Chuck appears completely transfixed on the film. Once the movie is finished, the player gains a 2,000-prestige point Entertainment Bonus.

Cutscene Text[]

Oh Fred, you crazy wonderful man!

Oh my god! You're having an affair? With my cousin?

No Freddy, I have something to tell you. I'm your Father!

I have something to tell you too. I'm pregnant!

But is that baby my son, or my brother?

It doesn't matter.

Your love is going to make me get up out of this chair and walk again!

Oh Mona. We're going to be one big happy family again.


  • The actors in the movie speak in British accents.
  • The name of the cutscene file is watch_movie_romance_drama.txt.