Luz Palmer
Dead rising luz bust
Age 32
Notebook Number 034
Notebook Description A reliable hole-in-one. Found in the SporTrance in the Royal Flush Plaza.
Weapon Golf Club
Location SporTrance
Scoop(s) Par for the Course
Bent Wood
PP 15,000 (Join)
30,000 (Escort)
60,000 (Request)

"Thanks to you, I can still make my pro tour."
—Luz, after being rescued

Luz Palmer is a survivor in Dead Rising 2. She is found in SporTrance in Royal Flush Plaza during the mission Par for the Course. Before the zombie outbreak in Fortune City, Luz was a professional golf player. She reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role, though she will award $15,000 upon being escorted to safety.

Par for the CourseEdit

During the outbreak, Luz is found in SporTrance in Royal Flush Plaza, fighting off a crowd of zombies with a golf club. After the zombies are defeated, Luz thanks Chuck Greene for his help and agrees to follow him to the Safe House. She refuses to give up her golf club, and cannot be armed with another weapon or given food.

Bent WoodEdit

Later, Luz tells Chuck that her favorite golf club has gone missing, and requests him to get her a new club. She offers a tidy sum of money to pay for the favor.


  • Her last name, weapon choice, and profession may be a reference to Arnold Palmer, a famous American golfer.
  • When she uses her golf club, she will hit zombies with it, but if Chuck uses it, he will hit zombies with a golf ball instead of the club.
  • She has an unusually high amount of health, much like Denyce Calloway.
  • Luz Palmer will not give Chuck or Frank the Golf Club after it is in Luz's possession.[1]



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