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The Machinegun is an automatic rifle in Dead Rising.

The Machinegun is used by Brett Styles, found in the Huntin' Shack store during the unmarked scoop Gun Shop Standoff, and the Special Forces sent to clear out the Willamette Parkview Mall during The Facts: Memories and Overtime Mode.

The Machinegun is one of the most effective firearms in the game with its large capacity, decent damage and availability.

The easiest way to get is to rush a Special Forces with a powerful weapon like the Battle Axe, Katana or Mini Chainsaw. The Wonderland Plaza block building with the Submachine Gun on top of and the Warehouse shelves can be easily used to avoid gunfire.

A headshot will instantly kill any zombie.


  • Primary: Pressing X button without aiming will result with Frank spraying the gun in the direction he is facing.
  • Thrown: Holding down Right trigger and pressing X button will make Frank shoot the gun in the middle of the crosshair seen while aiming.


  • The Machinegun appears to be a modified M4A1.
  • It may also be a Barrett M468, which has a very similar appearance.
    • While it has an under-barrel grenade launcher, it is not used at all.
  • Brett Styles is the only survivor appears with a Machinegun and can obtained by trading it for another item or killing him.
  • During Infinity Mode, the Machinegun can be found in the warehouse of Colby's Movieland after killing Sean Keanan when he is in the theater.
  • The Perfect Gunner achievement is only unlockable with a Machinegun.


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