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Dead rising Mad About Hats 2

Mad About Hats is a single-player Sandbox Challenge in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Location: Flaming Craps, Royal Flush Plaza

Prerequisites: 7,000 kills

Mission: Put as many masks on zombies as you can in 90 seconds!


  • Gold (25 masks)
  • Silver (15 masks)
  • Bronze (10 masks)


  • Gold: $50,000
  • Silver: $30,000
  • Bronze: $16,000


  • To achieve the Gold medal it is highly recommended to maximize Frank's inventory, then go to Ye Olde Toybox and pick up as many masks as you can before starting this challenge. After that start it, put the masks on the nearest zombies, then run to Ye Olde Toybox, pick up lizard masks (because they are closest to the entrance) and put them on zombies again and again until challenge ends. Bigger inventory provides the easiest way to complete this challenge.