Dead Rising
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Madonna is a poodle belonging to Lindsay Harris in Dead Rising, who makes a small appearance in the game's introduction.

In Chop Till You Drop, there are many poodles that are commonly referred as "Madonnas".


Madonna is the beloved dog of Lindsay Harris. Lindsay was separated from the poodle, who was left outside of the barricade at Willamette Parkview Mall.

In an attempt to rescue her dog, Lindsay removes part of the barricade and opens the door, letting in the zombies. This decision proved to be fatal and disastrous, as the zombies killed her and proceeded to infest the entire mall. The zombies appear to be not attracted to Madonna as they ignored her. Madonna presumably ran away.

Chop Till You DropEdit

In Chop Till You Drop, there are dozens of poodles resembling Madonna. Some of them have fur caked in blood, and others resemble a normal poodle. These dogs will attack Frank if they see him and can dodge Frank's bullets.


  • It is never specified on how she was separated from Lindsay in the first place.
  • There is a dog Chips in the film Dawn of the Dead. In that film, Chips escapes the mall and, after his owner goes outside to get him, the zombies get in. Like Chips, the zombies do not show any interest in Madonna.
  • It is unknown what happens to Madonna after the break in; she most likely stayed outside, as she is not seen during the zombie break-in or after.
  • She is one of the four animal species in the Dead Rising series, the other three are the parrots, King Salmon and Snowflake, who appears as a psychopath in Dead Rising 2.


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