Location Dead Rising 3

Fallen Angel
North Bridge
The Last Agent
South Almuda

PP 20,000 PP (Fallen Angel)

10,000 PP (The Last Agent)

Maia is a stranded survivor in Dead Rising 3.

Maia is found on the streets of Ingleton during Chapter 4. She's standing near the housing block of Ingleton (across the street from Dave's Place, west of Uncle Billy's Buffet). She will retreat to a safer place once she's been rescued.

In the Fallen Angel DLC, she can be found tied up on the North Bridge with Cara and Mila. They are about to be executed by a soldier, but Angel can stop the execution and save the group. When saved, the group will provide 20,000 PP.

In The Last Agent DLC, she can be found on top of some rubble near Bob's Super Tires and Annie's Old Fashioned XXX Supply. Saving her is required for the Sworn to Protect achievement.