Mail Order Zombrex
Carl Schliff
Location The Chieftain's Hut
Start Time 11PM, September 26th
End Time 2PM, September 27th
Psychopath Carl Schliff
PP 20,000 (Psychopath Defeated)
"Chuck! I saw a postal cart driving around Royal Flush Plaza... Maybe you should check it out. There might be Zombrex in one of those packages!"
Stacey Forsythe

Mail Order Zombrex is a Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record mission involving an obsessed, psychotic postman who blames Chuck for the outbreak.


The message screen for this mission states:

GOAL: Investigate the postal cart
DESTINATION: Royal Flush Plaza
Someone is driving a postal cart around the Royal Flush Plaza. There might be Zombrex in one of those packages.

The mail cart is located between The Man's Sport and the Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow kiosk in Royal Flush Plaza. This mission begins by Chuck clicking Bbutton on the mail cart.

Chuck finds Carl trying to complete a delivery at a Royal Flush Plaza shop, but the postman is having trouble finding someone to hand the package to. Chuck approaches Carl, who then tries to have him sign off on the package, but once he realizes who Chuck is, he blames him for the outbreak, having seen the newscaster's reports. Carl then hands Chuck an explosive package and tries to flee in his mail cart, but Chuck chucks the package into the back of the cart, in which Carl is able to escape just in time as the vehicle explodes, sending letters raining down on the men.

Carl then whips out his shotgun and begins his attack on Chuck, firing his gun and hurling more explosive packages at Chuck. However, Carl is eventually defeated in which he dies from his injuries, leaving behind a Zombrex package for Chuck.

Mission DialogueEdit

Off the Record Mission DialogueEdit

Dialogue of the mission in the Off the Record game files. All text may not be actually used in the final game.


Dead rising carl bust


Carl has two main attacks, he will throw bomb packages when running away from Chuck or when he is at a medium distance from Chuck.

His main method is shooting Chuck with his shotgun. He will fire off three shots, pause, then shoot another three. When he fires his second round of three shots, the recoil will make him stumble back, giving Chuck the perfect opportunity to get a few hits in with a melee weapon. Carl will also try to melee Chuck with his shotgun on rare occasions but he usually will run away throwing bombs most of the time.

Leave survivors in the nearby bathroom as Carl will easily kill them.


  • Wait for Carl to be knocked back by the shotgun then hit him two or three times with a strong melee weapon such as the Broadsword or Katana Sword. Also when Carl reloads his weapon he is vulnerable, although Chuck will not get many hits in before he runs away again.
  • The dodge roll maneuver works well. Whenever Carl stands still in Chuck's direction, it means he is going to fire his shotgun at Chuck. Keep dodge rolling towards him, alternating left and right. If Chuck dodge rolls straight towards Carl, there is a high possibility he will be able to shoot and harm Chuck. When Chuck is right in front of Carl, melee him with a good melee weapon such as the Knife Gloves or use a particularly damaging wide-range weapon (e.g. Flamethrower, Shotgun). Repeat this until he is defeated.
  • Use the knife gloves and a painkiller (beer+beer). Drink the painkiller then rush in close with the knife gloves. Dodge roll/Jump(out of the way) to avoid the shotgun blasts and his mailbombs.
  • Chuck can defeat him with the sports car, but Carl can easily destroy the car with his mailbombs or one round of shotgun blasts. For whatever reason the car becomes weightless after being destroyed and it will be pushed out of the way by Carl if he runs into it without slowing him down at all.
  • The Pole Weapon or the Katana Sword that Crystal and Amber drop after being defeated in Case 4-1 is very effective.


  • The Best and most useful weapon against him is Gem Blower. It can kill him very easily in a few shots. Take cover behind a wall and shoot when he reloads or gets pushed back by recoil. If done correctly, Carl won't even throw a bomb at you, and Chuck will easily kill him.
  • Another weapon against Carl is a couple of Shotgun, stay in aiming mode as Chuck keeps moving while shooting him.
  • You can have extra help by bringing survivors to the battle. Make sure to equip them with strong ranged weapons like Sniper Rifles or the LMG while you go after Carl. So long as Carl's attention is focused on you, he won't do much damage to your fellow survivors.


  • If Chuck needs health during the battle, on the counter of the Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow is a bottle of orange juice. There is also food in The Dark Bean.

Tape It or Die BlogEdit

Tape it or Die blogger Wallace Hertzog met Carl Schliff and wrote this blog about him:

A Post About a Postman (But Not That Movie)
You have to respect some people's work ethics.

Back when I was a kid in Comfort, I didn't have summer vacations like the other kids did. I worked in my father's repair shop, fixing up the town's cars and motorcycles. (If I remember correctly, there were an unusually high number of Dodge Darts there.) My work was mostly just assistance - only so much a 9-year-old can do - but it helped give me the kind of mentality to get through my 13-hour workdays.

But my father had even higher standards. He once said to me that there are two jobs that he has the utmost respect for: soldiers, and postmen. I understood why he respected soldiers.

But postmen? That through me for a loop at the time.

Now I think I understand.

Now, that wasn't there before. At first, I thought that somebody may have stolen the mail cart. Maybe it was one of those looters, trying to find a way to more easily haul their ill-gotten goods. Or maybe it was one of those even worse looters who wear the orange jumpsuits and carry around those assault rifles.

But then I saw the postman himself.

And I think I understood what my father meant. I didn't have a chance to talk to him; he seemed to be really intent on finishing his rounds. But he was talking about how nothing, not even a zombie outbreak will stop in his responsibilities.

Interestingly, he seemed more worried about someone signing for his delivery (he said something about medicine) than he did about being bitten. I can respect that, although I think he may be a little out of touch with reality. Also, I would hope that if he did get bitten, he'd set aside his work ethics for a bit and tend to himself. (Maybe that medicine he was carrying was Zombrex; I'm not sure.)

So I salute you, Mr. Postman-in-the-zombie-infested-plaza. This bud's for you![1]


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  • In the blog entitled "A Post About a Postman (But Not That Movie)" Wallace Hertzog is referring to the Kevin Costner box office bomb The Postman.
  • Wallace closes the "A Post About a Postman (But Not That Movie)" blog saying, "This bud's for you!". This is a reference to a famous iconic statement in American beer commercials, created by the beer company Budweiser.
  • In "A Post About a Postman (But Not That Movie)" Wallace writes "I worked in my father's repair shop, fixing up the town's cars and motorcycles. (If I remember correctly, there were an unusually high number of Dodge Darts there.)" The Dodge Dart is a low priced car built from 1960-1976 in North America.
  • Carl's homemade bombs are similar to Dead Rising psychopath Paul Carson's Molotov Cocktail's in Long Haired Punk and Carlito Keyes bombs in Case 2-2: Rescue the Professor. All three psychopaths dropped bombs as Frank and Chuck were attempting to pursue them.
  • The destroyed mail cart is permanent after the fight with Carl, even in Overtime mode it will still be there and in flames.
  • There is a tattoo on Carl's right arm of a post office logo.
  • His pen says Dead Rising 2.

Carl's mailbomb has the following attack animations:

Weapon Animations
Animation name Animation shared with
  1. Metal Baseball Bat (Baseball)
  2. Boxing Gloves
  3. Flaming Gloves
  4. MMA Gloves
  5. Postman Mailbomb
  6. Basketwork Couch
  7. tree_pine
  8. 2 x 4
  9. Paddle


DR2 Mail Order Zombrex

DR2 Mail Order Zombrex



  1. Hertzog, Wallace. A Post About a Postman (But Not That Movie), Tape it or Die, (September 21, 2010).
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