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"I heard this from Brad, but apparently he heard a voice in the Entrance Plaza. Go check and see if somebody's there, OK?"
Otis Washington

Man in a Bind is an unmarked scoop in Dead Rising and a named scoop in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

It takes place in a clothing store in the Entrance Plaza during the afternoon on the first day. A mall employee, Bill Brenton, has been trapped in the store two days before the zombie outbreak began.


In the Entrance Plaza, Frank West notices zombies outside a clothing store. Upon investigation, he finds Bill trapped behind a stack of cardboard boxes. After Frank tears down the pile, Bill explains that he has been trapped in the store for two days after the cardboard boxes fell.

Bill thanks Frank and runs off, expecting a day off, only to be stopped in his tracks upon seeing the zombies. After he realizes what is going on, he agrees to go to the Security Room with Frank.


Conversation with Bill
Dead rising bill.png
Bill: Somebody there! Help! Help please!

Bill: Whoo! Whatta relief to finally get out! I owe you one! I was just trying to get the place arranged when the whole pile came down on me. I've been trapped for two whole days. The mall's open today right? It's not a holiday. I wonder why no one passed by until now...

Frank: You were stuck for two days? You haven't had contact with anyone?

Bill: Yeah, unbelievable is not it. I've lost a lot of weight, but it was no picnic. Well, I guess I'll just head home then. I mean the company owes me one right? They will not care if I knock it off a bit early. Thanks a lot man!

See you around![1]

Bill runs off only to stop at the entrance of the store when he sees the zombies. When Bill realizes what is going on, he agrees to go to the security room with Frank.

Bill joins
Dead rising bill.png
Bill: What the hell's goin' on out there!?

Frank: I'm afraid we've got a zombie problem.

Bill: So much for goin' home.

Frank: Come back to the Security Room with me. It is a good place to relax for

a while.[1]


  • In Chop Till You Drop, completing this scoop rewards Frank with $35,000.
  • The only hint of this scoop's existence is the group of zombies that wander outside the store on the first day, when the Entrance Plaza is empty until the second day.



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