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The mannequin female is a weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is a female gender mannequin used for clothing display purposes.

The female mannequin has six parts:


Dead rising mannequin female main.png
  • Main: Tap X button/Square button to perform a swinging attack around Chuck's waist.

  • Combo: Quickly tap X button/Square button again to perform a follow-up swing.


  • Chuck holds the mannequin at its breast.
  • This item is destroyed when thrown.[1]
  • The player will have to break the torso to get the mannequin female head, as it is not directly obtained from the mannequin itself.
  • The mannequin limbs are very similar to each other, but each one has a different attack.



  1. In items.txt, this item has the line DestroyOnThrownImpact = "true". See Mod:List of items.