Mannequin Female Right Leg
Dead rising Mannequin Female Right Leg
Type Melee
Uses 20
Strength Good
Location Broken mannequin females
Fits in Inventory Yes

The mannequin female right leg is a weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It is obtained after breaking a female mannequin. After ten hits, the waist and foot break off of the leg.


Dead rising mannequin female right leg main
  • Main: Tap X/Square and Chuck raises the leg over his head and slams it down in front of him.

Dead rising mannequin female left leg section main
  • Main: When the waist and the foot are broken off, tap X/Square and Chuck swipes the leg over his right shoulder downward.


  • This item is destroyed when thrown.[1]
  • When the waist and foot are still attached, this weapon shares the same attack animations as the mining pick and the mannequin female torso.[2]
  • In the PC file items.txt, when the waist is attached, this item is called "MannequinFemaleWaistRLegRFoot".
    • The leg without the waist and the foot is called "MannequinFemaleRightLeg".
  • With the foot alone, the animation is the heavy/alternate attack for the bass guitar, and it is different from the mannequin female left leg attack.[3]
  • The right and left leg alone look identical.
  • The Dead Rising 2 Prima Official Game Guide does not mention this weapon.


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  1. In items.txt, this item has the line DestroyOnThrownImpact= "true". See Mod:List of items.
  2. Under "MannequinFemaleWaistRLegRFoot" in PC file items.txt:
    AnimationAttackName0 = "male_2hand_1_to_5_miss"
  3. The PC file items.txt has two attack animations for "MannequinFemaleRightLeg":
    AnimationAttackName0 = "male_attack_1hand_a_impact_miss_8_to_4_light"
    AnimationAttackName5 = "male_attack_bass_guitar_heavy"
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