Marc Cooper
Age 49
Notebook Number 111
Notebook Description A retired high school gym teacher. Not the brightest guy but he tries. Found in the Palisades Mall.
Location Palisades Mall
Scoop(s) Hanging Around
PP 10,000 (Join)
20,000 (Escort)

Marc Cooper is a survivor appearing exclusively in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

He was found in Palisades Mall hanging on the a railing near Flexin' on the second floor with another survivor Earvin Gooding during an unmarked mission at 1:00 AM, Day 2.

His notebook page describes Marc as a retired high school gym teacher.

Hanging AroundEdit

Although not required, it's recommended to kill the zombies below each survivor first. There are two stuffed animals in Ultimate Playhouse (a Giant Stuffed Bull and an Giant Stuffed Elephant) and in Chocolate Confession several Giant Stuffed Elephants and a Stuffed Teddy Bear. Grab one and place it on the marker beneath one of the survivors to have them drop down and recruit them, then grab the other stuffed animal and do the same. They will join without any dialogue.

If the stuffed animals are not placed in time they will both eventually lose their grip. 


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