Dead Rising Wiki
Actor Sei Ando
Beth Ann Sweezer (English VA)
Job Nurse

Mary is a nurse in Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun.


Mary and a nurse are chatting in a room while putting away boxes of medicine, speaking about Terror Is Reality and the new Zombrex drug.

Later that day, chaos breaks out at the hospital and she, along with the rest of the staff, try to keep the zombie situation under control. However, after one of the doctors is bitten and infected, she goes to get some Zombrex from a supply room. A panicking patient becomes violent, killing a nurse and taking the remaining Zombrex supply for himself. While talking with the patient, Mary is bitten and infected herself. She and an orderly, Honda, take the injured doctor and leave the hospital in an attempt to find Zombrex in town.

The doctor transforms into a zombie on the way, and bites Mary, her second bite wound. As Honda attempts to help the two while driving, they end up crashing into the warehouse where George is located, killing the doctor, Honda, as well as Emily and Dave.

She helps George get to a place safe from the zombies and scolds George for depending on others to make his life better. After a speech, she heads out of the safe room in search for Zombrex.

She is captured by Takahashi and Dan and is terrorized and bitten twice by a zombie for not sharing George's whereabouts. She manages to break free and frantically searches for Zombrex, only to be bitten a third time by another zombie. Once the zombies have been killed, Takahashi resumes beating Mary, only to be stopped by George and his modified wheelchair. She turns out to be ok, despite being badly injured, and leaves the area with George. Mary and George finally find the Zombrex drug.

After the pair find a small room with a few boxes with Zombrex they use the Zombrex. Mary dies soon after from her wounds