Massive Bomb
Massive Bomb Blueprints
Type Super Combo Weapon
Combine Enormous Bomb + Laptop
Uses 1
Location The Cleroux Collection
Survivor Weapon No
Fits in Inventory No

The Massive Bomb is a super combo weapon in Dead Rising 3.

It is created by combining an Enormous Bomb with a Laptop.  It is considered to be a large item and will not fit into the player's inventory. The blueprints can be found on the outside ledge of The Cleroux Collection in Central City.

If thrown at a large crowd of zombies it is very easy to get 300+ zombie kills which can net the player a large amount of PP. Once thrown, the Massive Bomb will cause most zombies in the vicinity to move towards it and If Nick/Dick is within range of the blast, their clothes may be stripped off of them.


  • Arming: If the player presses Ybutton, Nick will manually set the bomb down thus activating it without throwing it.


  • While in a vehicle, the Massive Bomb will not strip your clothing.
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