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Private Matthew Kuss is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising 2 during the mission Delta Point 1. He is a soldier and a member of the clean-up crew sent in to rescue survivors.

He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record in front of the entrance to the Underground next to the Yucatan Casino, after Dwight Boykin is defeated, where he runs into Frank and Rebecca and he agrees to evacuate to the Safe House after being informed that there are no surviving soldiers.

Delta Point 1[]

Chuck Greene finds Matthew and fellow soldier Michael Woo by a crashed Humvee in the middle of Fortune Park, by the Restrooms. Michael orders Chuck to drop any guns that he has before coming closer to them. If Chuck does not comply, Michael will shoot him until he drops his gun(s).

After that, Michael and Matthew believe Chuck when he says Tyrone King framed him for the outbreak, saying "I never really liked that guy." Michael and Matthew can then be escorted back to the Safe House. Matthew is fairly injured, however, and will need to be held up by Chuck.


  • Michael and Matthew appear only after Case 6-2 is completed, not before or during.
  • He and Michael Woo are the only rescuable survivors to be members of the military.
  • It is suggested to get the Leadership magazine from the One Little Duck Bingo Hall before meeting them, as Chuck will be likely carrying Rebecca Chang, making it almost impossible to get to the Safe House having to carry a survivor and escort a limping soldier.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Recordthe name Pvt Kuss appears over Matthew's head.
    • ​He's also no longer injured and doesn't require being carried.
  • He will not defect if Michael dies.