Mayor's Mansion is a location in Dead Rising 3.

This mansion is the biggest mansion in Sunset Hills, and is on its own property in the northernmost part of Sunset Hills. It has its own tennis court and pool. The mayor's son, Theodore Lagerfeld Jr. is holding the keys for the police department armory. Nick must come and retrieve the keys from Theodore during the side mission Remotely Helpful in Chapter 5.

The Party Gloves blueprints can be found inside the mansion. There are two Frank Statues that can be collected.

During Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle, Adam Kane must come here to find and retrieve the President. In Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising, Razorface is waiting for Hunter in the courtyard in the back of the mansion. 

In Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent, Brad Park must come here to look for a server station that is jamming the signals to the city's Zombrex chips. There is also a collectible Bootleg Zombrex at the foot of the mansion, and a burnable Biohazard Pile in the empty pool.

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  • On the city directory maps in the official Dead Rising 3 guide, it incorrectly lists the name of this location, calling it the Senator's Mansion

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