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The Meat Processing Area is a Dead Rising underground butcher shop, located in the Maintenance Tunnels.

Larry Chiang is found here during Case 8-4: The Butcher. Carlito Keyes dies here during that case. The shop is run by the psychotic Larry Chiang, who holds the terrorist Carlito Keyes hostage. In order to free Carlito and find out the password to his computer, Frank is forced to engage in battle with Larry. After the butcher is killed, Frank and Isabela get the information they need out of Carlito, who dies from his wounds.

The butcher shop is filled with meat carcasses, cleavers, and other tools and equipment used by Larry to prepare meat for the supermarket above the meat processing area.


PP Stickers[]

Meat Processing Room PP Sticker 2.png On the conveyor belt.
Meat Processing Room PP Sticker.png On the poster showing different cuts of beef.


  • Description on the map page: Only authorized Personnel Admitted.
  • There are two items which are unique to this room, the shelf and the sausage rack.
  • While Larry strongly objected using zombie meat to serve his customers, there are other corpses on the conveyor on the way to be ground up into chop meat that appear to be deceased zombies


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