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"Chuck, I see a man in a Terror is Reality suit riding his bike around Platinum Strip. You should check it out."
Stacey Forsythe

Meet the Contestants is a Dead Rising 2 mission. Fellow Terror is Reality contestant Leon Bell is the psychopath in this mission. He rides a Slicecycle, a combo weapon which combines a motorbike with a chainsaw. In the cutscene, he kills a survivor, Carlos, and states this was only practice for Chuck.


The message screen for this mission states:

GOAL: Confront the TIR contestant
DESTINATION: Platinum Strip
One of my TIR rivals is looking for a rematch.

Leon confronts Chuck in front of the arena, revealing to Chuck that despite his hostility, he was a massive fan of Chuck during his motocross days, but now believes Chuck to have gone soft. He then murders Carlos Mertiz, a nearby survivor, by cutting him in half with his Slicecycle, having decided that the outbreak is nothing more than an extension of the games where humans are worth "double points." Leon then goads Chuck into a motorcycle battle through the Platinum Strip after throwing him a bike key.

Upon his defeat, his Slicecycle's gas tank springs a leak as he heads back to his motorcycle trailer. After he sees Chuck, Leon taunts him more and begins to spin his bike in a low dip, causing the attached chainsaw to create a spark and ignite the bike and himself. Leon collapses, continuing to taunt Chuck as he is engulfed.

Killing Leon unlocks his motorcycle trailer, which contains a motorbike and a workbench for creating Combo Bikes.

Battling Leon[]




  • The mission starts at the Platinum Strip, the fight is at the Fortune Park, and the mission ends at the Silver Strip.
  • There is a rare glitch in which Leon crashes his bike into the first fountain nearby where you meet him; he is then stuck there caught in a wheelie position until you defeat him or time runs out for the mission.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, this mission is replaced by People Like Us.
  • In the PC game files, the intro cutscene is called "078_ultimate_fan_intro.txt" in "data/cinematics/cinematics.big".
  • The closing cutscene is called "079_ultimate_fan_death.txt".
  • Unlike most psychopaths, his PP kill bonus is listed as a "Fufillment Bonus", a bonus usually awarded when doing missions for already-saved survivors.
  • The music that plays is the instrumental of the Terror is Reality theme, labeled as Ultimate Fan in the files (in music.big).
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