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The Mega Man Helmet is a clothing in Dead Rising.

It can be found at the gift shop inside of Colby's Movieland.

Full Mega Man Costume Edit

The full costume is comprised of the following parts:


  • In Dead Rising 2 PC folder data/models/NPCS.big in the file srv_woodrow_4.big & srv_woodrow_4.big, is the megaman helmet, which was never released for the game.[1]
  • Whenever Frank equips the Mega Man helmet, his hair is removed from his model. Because the helmet is much too large for his head, this can be easily seen through the helmet's transparent visor.
  • The Mega Man costume was an unlockable suit in "Lost Planet", it was given to those who played 100 online matches.
  • The outfit appears in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom when Frank activates his "The Real Mega Buster" super move.
  • The costume is also featured in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom as an available alternate costume for Frank West, as part of the "Rising Dead" DLC costume pack.

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