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The mega man x outfit in dead rising 3

Mega Man X outfit' is an outfit in Dead Rising 3 that is only unlocked by getting the S ending on normal mode.

How to Unlock[]

  • Do all the story missions.
  • When Gary blocks the entrance to the karaoke bar, he gives you a choice to either get Rhonda for him, or go through him by killing him. Do NOT kill him as it'll ruin the run, so just get Rhonda for him instead.
  • When you enter Overtime mode, do all the objectives as instructed, Chuck Greene will be with you.
  • Once you killed Hemlock, you will get a notification where the Mega Man X outfit will be available in your safehouse closet.

How to Unlock the X-Buster[]

  • You have to beat the game and get Ending S in Nightmare Mode. This proves to be a bit of a challenge as you won't be able to save through the menu and time goes by 3 to 4 times faster than normal.

Here are some tips:

  • Since time goes by fast, it's recommended to ignore some of the missions given and only do the main missions provided. Ignore the side missions if you have to, only do a few side missions as trying to do ALL missions in Nightmare Mode is barely possible.
  • Weapon lockers and garages will only allow half of the amount of weapons/vehicles to be generated at one time. So try not to rely on the locker too much, and just go ahead and find the resources to make a certain weapon, QUICKLY.
  • Since side missions are optional, you can freely ignore ALL of them and just stick to doing the main story missions. if you are worried you won't have enough time.
  • If you need to drive somewhere, don't use combo vehicles as most of the vehicles don't have really impressive speed. So just stick to regular vehicles like Muscle Cars, Sports Cars, or Sedans. If you have to go somewhere which is barricaded, just get out of the car and run.
  • It's recommended to do this at a very high level. Level 45-50 is the most recommended when attempting Nightmare Mode. Trying to do this from Level 1 is ill-advised as you will be slow and don't have much skills, and you have little health, although some players did managed to do that.