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The mega man x outfit in dead rising 3

Mega Man X outfit'
 is an outfit in Dead Rising 3 that is only unlocked by getting the S ending on normal mode

How to unlock the outfitEdit

- do all the story missions 

- when Gary blocks the entrance to the karaoke bar, he gives you a choice to either get Rhonda for him or kill him

- obviously don't kill him so just get Rhonda for him

- then you'll enter overtime mode where you have to destroy hemlocks drones

- kill Hemlock and then BOOM!!!! Mega Man outfit

and if you want to get the mega buster 

- get the s ending on nightmare mode, the days on nightmare mode are shorter and nights are longer and you can only save in bathrooms, and you have 4x less time so side missions are impossible, make sure you are fully upgraded and leveled up and then you're set

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