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Sergeant Michael Woo is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising 2 during the mission Delta Point 1. He is a soldier and a member of the clean-up crew sent in to rescue survivors.

He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record in front of the entrance to the Underground next to the Yucatan Casino, after Dwight Boykin is defeated, where he runs into Frank and Rebecca and he agrees to evacuate to the Safe House after being informed that there are no surviving soldiers.

Delta Point I[]

Chuck finds Michael and fellow soldier Matthew Kuss by a crashed Humvee near the restroom in Fortune Park. Michael orders Chuck to drop any guns that he has before coming closer to them. If Chuck does not comply, Michael will shoot him until he drops his gun(s).

After that, Michael and Matthew believe Chuck when he says Tyrone King framed him for the outbreak, saying "I never really liked that guy." Michael and Matthew can then be escorted back to the Safe House.

Sandbox Mode[]

Michael Woo is one of the crazed survivors Frank can fight in Sandbox Mode. He will spawn in Shanks in the Palisades Mall with a Meat Cleaver. Interestingly enough, he runs like he has drank a Quick Step. Once defeated he drops his weapon and $10,000.


  • Michael and Matthew appear only after Case 6-2 is completed, not before or during.
  • He and Matthew Kuss are the only rescuable survivors to be members of the military.
  • The name Sgt Woo appears over Michael's head in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.
  • When Chuck is told to drop all guns, Water Guns and Toy Spitball Guns count.
  • Although 121 of the survivors in Dead Rising 2 have 1000 health, Michael Woo has 2500.[1]
  • Michael will not defect if Matthew dies.
  • Michael Woo will not give Chuck or Frank the Assault Rifle/ShotGun.[2]



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