Miguel Sanchez
Dead rising miguel bust
Voice Actor David Berón
Status Deceased
Health 1,000
Weapon Baseball Bat
Location Leisure Park
Mission(s) Prisoners
PP 3,000

Dead Rising
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"Alright! Looks like we found our next contestants!"
—Miguel, noticing Sid and Sophie

Miguel Sanchez is one of the three prisoner psychopaths in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, and is involved in the mission Prisoners.

He and his friends are three escaped convicts who ride around in a stolen military Humvee with a mounted Heavy Machine Gun. They occupy Leisure Park, attacking survivors and zombies alike.


In the unannounced scoop the Prisoners, Frank enters the park to find three escaped prisoners in a Humvee, with Sam driving the vehicle and Miguel armed with a baseball bat while Reginald controls the heavy machine gun. Miguel attempts to swing his bat at Frank but misses. The trio then spot a man and woman (Sid & Sophie Richards) running through the park. Miguel kills Sid with a swing of the baseball bat, leaving Sophie frightened and distraught.

Afterwards, the convicts will continue to drive around the park, running over and gunning down zombies, as well as Sophie if they come across her. Once they spot Frank, they will attack him, forcing him to defend himself. The terror unleashed by the convicts in the park is put into an end after Miguel and his buddies are killed.

Frank can take the convicts' Humvee when the trio are dead, earning the Carjacker achievement and the Prisoner outfit. Frank is also able to take the Heavy Machine Gun off the back of the vehicle.

Battling the ConvictsEdit



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