Mini Bike
Mini Bike Blueprints
Type Combo Vehicle
Combine Motorcycle + Sports Bike
Strength Low (0/10)[1]
Health 1750[2]
Speed Fast

The Mini Bike is a combo vehicle in Dead Rising 3. [3]

It can be created by combining a Motorcycle with a Sports Bike. The vehicle blueprints are found north of Ironside Motorbikes in Sunset Hills.

Along with the Junk Bike, it has the lowest durability of all the combo vehicles. The mini bike also possesses next to no attacking power, and is mostly used as a way of faster transport besides walking. It can seat Nick and one other person.

While riding the mini bike, Nick can press 360 X button to use the bike's turbo boosting abilities, which will give the bike a sudden burst of speed. While travelling at a fast speed, the bike is capable of slicing through zombies using the bike's attached blades.


  • Even if Nick creates a Junk Bike by combining a sports bike and a car the engine will sound as if he's used a chopper.



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