Dead Rising Dead Rising 3 

Mini Chainsaw
Mini Chainsaw Blueprints
Type Combo Weapon
Awesomeness 7
Combine Meat Cleaver + Chainsaw
Location Completing Craven Consultant
Fits in Inventory Yes

The Mini Chainsaw is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 3.

It's made by combining a Meat Cleaver and a Chainsaw.

The blueprint is given to you by Ravi after completing the side mission Craven Consultant. After Ravi crafts the Mini-Chainsaws he will decide that the weapons are too dangerous for him to use, and drop the Mini-Chainsaws allowing for it to be picked up.

Attacks Edit

  • Chainsaw Swing: Press 360 X button to have Nick swing the chainsaw. 
  • Chainsaw Leap: Press Ybutton to have Nick make a short leap towards the target with both chainsaws. This attack will deal large amounts of damage. 



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