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A minigame is a short game which Chuck can play for money or prestige points. Most minigames that require a fee to play allow Chuck to win multiple times, such as the Casino Cup. If Chuck keeps paying to play these games the cost increases but so do the potential rewards. There are fifteen minigames in Fortune City, listed below.[1]

List of minigames[]

See also Special Prestige Point Bonuses, Slot Machines, and Off the Record's Midway Gallery.
Name Location Description Price Reward
Dead rising Cash Me If You Can Americana Casino
Cash Me If You Can Americana Casino North of Shots & Awe A booth with money being blown up from beneath, and Chuck collects the money by pressing a random button repeatedly. The value of the bills increases as the value collected increase. Pay $100 to enter the game, hit the indicated button as fast as you can to grab as much cash as fast as possible. The faster Chuck hits the button, the more money Chuck will receive.

In the PC game files items.txt, this minigame is called MoneyBooth (Money Booth).

$100 Varies (max 1900)
Dead rising Cash Me If You Can close up
Cash Me If You Can Slot Ranch Casino near Silver Strip exit See entry above $100 Varies (max 1900)
Dead rising 2 sportrance casino cup (11)
Virtual Golf aka Casino Cup Royal Flush Plaza - SporTrance - first floor Make a hole-in-one in this minigame. Chuck has three chances to make the shot. Note that it makes no difference if Chuck sinks one ball or all three—Chuck won’t earn more for sinking them all.

See Virtual Golf below for more information.

1st round: $2,000
2nd: $4,000
3rd: $10,000

1st: 2,000 PP
2nd: 10,000 PP
3rd: 20,000 PP

Dead rising Flaming Craps
Flaming Craps Royal Flush Plaza - first floor Very visible enormous craps table. If Chuck rolls 7, he wins 10,000 Prestige Points N/A 10,000 PP
Dead rising Fortune Whisperer
Fortune Whisperer Silver Strip - One Little Duck Bingo (in front of) Pay money to get Prestige Points eventually Chuck will unlock the Burning Skull combo card when he pays $500,000.

The combo card is only a reward in Dead Rising 2, not in Off the Record.

See Fortune Whisperer below

Dead rising mega slot machine
Giant Slots[2] Slot Ranch Casino
Dead rising Killer Blackjack
Killer Blackjack Atlantica Casino east side wall Approach a score of 21 without “busting” (scoring over 21). Place a bet to be dealt Chuck's two cards.

See Killer Blackjack below for more details.

Dead rising Lucky Marble
Lucky Marble Yucatan Casino center of the floor Video roulette game. Use the control buttons to place bets in a variety of ways. Chuck can simply bet on red or black, or get more involved by betting on specific rows or sections of numbers.

Continued at Lucky Marble, below

Dead rising Money to Burn
Money to Burn Yucatan Casino Examine the fire pit. Chuck will throw in money, which earns prestige points in exchange. Continue to throw money into the fire pit for more prestige points. See Money to Burn for more details.
Dead rising Motion Madness
Motion Madness Fortune Park south of Maintenance Room 13 A strange wire frame ball. Click the nearby pedestal to begin. Chuck enters the ball and rolls around like a "human hamster".

See Motion Madness below.

1st: $2,000
2nd: $4,000
3rd: $10,000

1st: 1,000 PP
2nd: 5,000 PP
3rd: 10,000 PP and Ramster Ball

Dead rising Ride the Thunder 3
Ride the Thunder Americana Casino near Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack "Thunder" the Mechanical Bull. Press the onscreen buttons before they disappear. Taming this raging bull isn’t easy but doing so earns Chuck significant prestige points. The more times Chuck wins, the more prestige points Chuck can earn.

In the PC game files items.txt, this minigame is called MechBull

Dead rising Ride the Waves 4
Ride the Waves Atlantica Casino behind huge Atlantis Statue Challenging miningame, similar to Ride the Thunder in the Americana Casino. Jump on the dolphin and press the onscreen buttons to hold tight as the mechanical dolphin thrashes about. The reward is cash and prestige points. The more times Chuck wins, the bigger the rewards.

In the PC game files items.txt, this minigame is called MechDolphin

1st round: $2,000
2nd: $4,000
3rd: $10,000

1000 PP
Dead rising 2 mod royal flush z01 big (16)
Test Of Strength Royal Flush Plaza - The Man's Sport
Dead rising 2 minigame (14)

Ring the bell. Chuck will need a sledge hammer. There is one located near the door leading from the safe house area to royal flush. Stand in front of the machine and use the alternate attack (hold X button/Square button) to hit the bell.

Gives Chuck the Test Of Strength Bonus!

10,000 PP
Dead rising Wheel of Destiny
Wheel of Destiny Atlantica Casino aboard the large pirate ship Expensive game of chance. Spin the wheel for a chance to win a huge cash payout or a significant amount of prestige points. The only other option is to winning nothing.

In the PC game files items.txt, this minigame is called GiantWheel (Giant Wheel)

1st: $1,000
2nd: $25,000
3rd: $50,000

5000 PP
Dead rising Wild West Poker Draw
Wild West Poker Draw! Americana Casino east wall The goal is to make the best five-card poker hand.

See Wild West Poker Draw! below

Virtual Golf[]

Make a hole-in-one in this minigame. Chuck has three chances to make the shot. Note that it makes no difference if Chuck sinks one ball or all three—Chuck won’t earn more for sinking them all.

A Virtual golf simulator can be found on the first floor, which can be played to earn cash prizes and an equal amount in prestige point bonuses.

The simulator consists of three rounds, each of which gives Chuck three shots (or 'drives') to hit a hole-in-one and win the round. The player has to start, and then stop, a rising meter on a 'sweet-spot', indicating the perfect drive to score a hole-in-one. With each round, the 'sweet-spot' gets smaller, until on the third round, the spot consists of only one point on the meter.

The simulator resets each time Chuck moves to another section of Fortune City, or after Chuck wins the Third Round.

Press the onscreen button to fill the meter on the right. When the meter fills to the indicated zone, quickly press the button a second time to swing. Chuck receives prestige points and cash for making a hole-in-one. The Casino Cup challenge level and costs increase as Chuck keeps playing, along with the prestige point rewards.[3]


In the PC game files items.txt, this minigame is called a GolfBooth

Killer Blackjack[]

Dead rising 2 minigame (10)
Dead rising atlantica black jack game

Aces are scored as either one point or 11, depending on which would be most beneficial to Chuck's hand. Kings, queens, and jacks are worth 10 points apiece. All other cards are scored at face value.

After placing Chuck's bet and being dealt his initial two cards, use the machine’s buttons to either:

  1. “hit” (take another card to increase Chuck's score),
  2. “stand” (stick with what Chuck has got), or
  3. “double down” (double Chuck's bet and take another card, then automatically stand).

If Chuck's first two cards don’t put him close to 21, Chuck has got to hit to have any chance of beating the dealer. If Chuck scored close to 21, such as a 19, stand to see if Chuck has beaten the dealer’s hand. Doubling down is risky—only do this when fairly certain that taking one more card will make Chuck's hand a winner.[1]

Double down when hand is worth 11 points
Tip icon
The best time to double down is when Chuck has drawn a hand worth 11 points. This is because there are several cards in the deck that are worth 10 points, which would give Chuck 21, and nothing Chuck could draw next could possibly cause him to bust.

Lucky Marble[]

Use the “Choose Category” button to cycle through the various types of bets, such as red/black and high/low. Hit the “Choose Bet” button to cycle through various options within each betting category, shifting from high to low, black to red, etc. Chuck can place up to five separate bets per game.

Zombrex atop minigame
Tip icon
Jump onto the wide stone ledge. Climb to the top. When chuck is unable to climb higher, jump to the high glowing octagonal platform. There is a LMG firearm and Zombrex here.

Money to Burn[]

Dead rising Money to Burn 2
Dead rising 2 minigame (6)

Examine the fire pit in Yucatan Casino. Chuck will throw in money, which earns prestige points in exchange. Continue to throw money into the fire pit for more prestige points.

Chuck will get the Pyromaniac Bonus! and Stupidity Bonus! prestige point bonuses

First toss = 100 PP

Second toss =200 PP

Third toss = 500 PP

Fourth toss = 1,000 PP

Fifth toss= 2,500 PP

Sixth toss = 5,000 PP

Seventh Toss = 10,000 PP

Eighth toss = 15,000 PP

Ninth toss = 20,000 PP


In the PC game files items.txt, this minigame is called a FirePit (fire pit).

Motion Madness[]

Dead rising Motion Madness 2

See Minigames/Gallery for more screenshots Motion madness is a mini-game located in Fortune Park. From Royal Flush Plaza exit to the park, and turn right. It is a giant Ramster Ball that Chuck enters. Follow the onscreen commands to roll the ball in various directions until the game ends. If Chuck wins, he receives prestige points

Win the Motion Madness game three times for a special reward
Tip icon
Chuck not only earns a lot of prestige points but he can remain in the ball afterward, where he can roll all around the park until the ball is destroyed.
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3


In the PC File items.txt this game is called Gyroscope. A gyroscope is a round device for measuring or maintaining orientation.

Wild West Poker Draw![]

Dead rising Wild West Poker Draw 2

Pay the game’s low buy-in to draw a hand of five cards, which light up on the wall. After Chuck draws a hand, choose which cards Chuck should keep by standing in front of them and pressing the large buttons when the “hold” command appears. Hit the draw button on the far left a second time to swap out any cards Chuck didn’t hold onto for new ones. The goal is to make your best five-card poker hand.

The higher the hand you make after your second draw, the more cash Chuck will win. IHere are the best possible poker hands, from highest (most rare) to lowest (most common).

Keep in mind that the highest hands are extremely difficult to make—keep it simple and try for pairs for the best odds of making money.

  • Royal Flush (ace, king, queen, jack, 10, all of the same suit)
  • Straight Flush (a five-card Straight, all of the same suit)
  • Four of a Kind (four of any one card, such as four kings or four 4s)
  • Full House (Three of a Kind, plus one Pair)
  • Flush (any five cards, all of the same suit)
  • Straight (five cards in consecutive order, such as 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.)
  • Three of a Kind (three of any one card, such as three jacks or

three 3s)

  • Two Pair (two separate Pairs of cards, such as two 9s and two 5s)
  • One Pair (one Pair of cards, such as two aces or two 2s)[1]

See also Poker rules and tips

Fortune Whisperer[]


  • A prestigious road is ahead of you, travel and be rewarded along the way.
  • Felines love the taste of meat, make sure it's not you they eat!
  • Off the Record: Playing in the sand can unearth wonderful treasures!
Dead Rising 2: A father's daughter is happier when friendly stuffed toys are given.
  • Your prestige is growing, I see good things ahead of you.
  • The people you help in life can help you in return. Simply ask them.
  • In dark times a bright heart is required. Heroes show the way.
  • Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won't expect it back.
  • You are prestigious in your actions, great and small.
  • Not everyone you meet can be trusted. Safety is an illusion.
  • Certain items are expensive for a very good reason; discover why!
  • I have seen your prestige grow greater by the hour. Continue and be rewarded!
  • Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.
  • A dedicated person should be rewarded for their efforts.
  • Off the Record: Those who travel too far need to go back, to another point.
Dead Rising 2: Death rides a pale bull!
  • Further fortunes can only be given to those less fortunate.

In the PC file items.txt this game is called "ZoltarMachine" (Zoltar Machine). In the 1988 movie Big, Zoltar was the fortune machine which changed the boy into the adult Tom Hanks.


Dead rising catch me if you can 200 in hand
  • The Cash me if you can statue has $200 in his hand.
  • The official guide considers the pyrotechnic help Chuck gives Bibi in One Hit Wonder a "minigame" although it is not counted as one of the 15 minigames.[1]
  • In the PC game file items.txt the games have the following names, under the cMicroGameItem lines:
  1. Cash Me If You Can - MoneyBooth - "moneygrab"
  2. Casino Cup - GolfBooth - "virtualgolf"
  3. Flaming Craps - ??
  4. Fitness Bike (In Flexin') - FitnessBike
  5. Fortune Whisperer - ZoltarMachine / ZoltarMachineBooth
  6. Giant Slots -  ??
  7. Killer Blackjack - bj_hit/bj_deal/bj_screen - killerbj (as a cSlotMachineHugeItem)
  8. Lucky Marble -  ??
  9. Money to Burn - FirePit - "burnmoney"
  10. Motion Madness - Gyroscope
  11. Peep Show - PeepShow
  12. Ride the Thunder - MechBull - "bullride"
  13. Ride the Waves - MechDolphin
  14. Standee - Standee
  15. Test Your Strength - TestOfStrength - ring_the_bell (as a cUtilityItem)
  16. Wheel of Destiny - GiantWheel/GiantWheelBack/GiantWheelTalker - parrot
  17. Wild West Poker Draw! - poker_draw/poker_screen/poker_hold1 to 5 - drawpoker (as a cSlotMachineHugeItem)



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