Mizuki Tanahara
Dead rising mizuki bust
Age 45
Notebook Description This guy's completely off his rocker. Found in the Underground Tunnel.
Location Underground Tunnel
"Blah wa blee blo goopy gee doo... must destroy intruders!!"
—Mizuki, blabbering with insanity

Mizuki Tanahara is a survivor in Dead Rising 2: Case West, found crazed and locked in the Underground Tunnel.

Mizuki can be found in the Secure Laboratory with Isabela Keyes, as seen from the Secure Lab Observatory.

It seems that while in the Secure Lab, Mizuki was involved in an "accident" of some sorts as Regina Dee notes that she saw him acting crazy, fleeing into the Underground Tunnel. After informing Frank and Chuck of this strange occurrence, she gives them the key to the tunnel so they can investigate on their own, before fleeing to safety.

When the pair investigate the tunnel they find Mizuki, insane and babbling. Mizuki attacks the pair, but will run off to safety after being beaten by Frank and Chuck.



  • Mizuki can be found only after completing Organ Donor and receiving the Tunnel Key from Regina Dee in order to gain access to the Underground Tunnel.
  • While how Mizuki became insane is unclear, he mentions to Chuck and Frank not to "drink the chemicals", perhaps hinting that he may have accidentally consumed some chemicals while working in the Secure Lab.
  • Mizuki is the most insane human character in the franchise, barely being able to form proper sentences and apparently sees Chuck and Frank as evil zebras. Ironically, he's more insane than the actual Psychopath in Case West and is the only insane character who can be saved.
  • Despite not being categorized as a psychopath in-game, Mizuki seems to be a reference to the psychopaths of the Dead Rising Series in general, being insane, babbling, and attacking the main characters.


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