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List of what each file does

All game items (items.txt)
  Item animations (PyroEffect)
All game text
All missions and cases (missions.txt)
  Times of all missions
  Mission breakdown
All major packed files (big files)
  Character models (npcs.big)
Sgraph - animations
HUD (game player's interface)
Camera.txt (camera view)
Zombie models
Game rules (frontend)
Cutscenes (cinematics.big)
  Royal Flush Plaza
  Safe House
  Americana Casino
  Fortune City Arena
Collision - controls solid surfaces
Excel coordinates of all areas



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These instructions were made for Dead Rising 2 ONLY. They probably work for other games, but have not been tested.
Modify BCT files

A Dead Rising 2 PC player can edit the color and style of any object in the game. You can extract and modify the textures from the game. There are two ways to get these textures back into the game:

  • HEX EDITOR METHOD With several programs.
    • Benefits: Once created, no programs needed, which means the file can be shared with others who do not have Texmod.
    • Drawbacks: Minor programming required. Several programs needed, more step involved.
  • TEXMOD METHOD With a third party program called Texmod. The Proboards modding community no longer uses Texmod.
    • Benefits: easier, no programming involved, only two program needed, texmod and gibbed's tools.
    • Drawbacks: Need Texmod to run the modification every time. Have to scroll through the different textures. No longer used by the community.

Hex Editor[]

Required programs[]

Dead rising package to reskin

Package of downloadable tools.

Needed to create a reskin:

Wtv icon
  • WTV.exe (Woody's Texture Viewer) - for determining how to save the modified skin.

Dead rising quickbms

Xnview icon

All of these programs can be downloaded from this one link

Optional programs[]


Modify .tex file example[]

Example of how to modify a .tex file, changing the colors of Chuck's jacket. Instructions from Proboards.[1][2]

Dead rising complex tex modification example

Location of npcs.big

1. Navigate to data/model/npcs.big

2. Back up npcs.big

Unpack files with Gibbed's tools[]

3. With Gibbed's tools unpack npcs.big.

Creating reskins unpacking npcs big (2)

a. drag and drop npsc.big unto the unpack icon of gibbeds (gibbed's unpack icon may look differently on your machine)

Creating reskins unpacking npcs big (3)

b. A black box pops up while the npcs_big folder is being created by gibbeds. The black box will eventually close. It will take a little time to unpack.

Creating reskins unpacking npcs big

c. A new folder is created called npcs_big

Dead rising complex tex modification example 3

chest_default.tex found in the newly created npcs_big folder

Dead rising 2 mods crjacketcmdds

Chuck's jacket: cr_jacket_cm

4. Open the newly created npcs_big folder and find the file chest_default.tex This .tex file controls the style and color of Chuck's jacket. We will be reskinning this file.

Dead rising rename chest default

Saving a copy of chest default to new folder

5. Copy and save chest_default.tex to another folder for two reasons:

a: as a backup in case there are problems,
b: to later open with a hex editor for coding header.

Dead rising chest default tex 2

chest_default_tex folder contents when opened with gibbeds:

6. with Gibbed tools in the newly created folder, unpack chest_default.tex, the following files will be in the newly created chest_default_tex folder:



7. Open quickbms.exe and find Click on

Dead rising quickbms
Dead rising quickbms (2)


Dead rising quickbms chest

Dead rising quickbms select file


8. Select the file you want to convert, in this case chest_default.tex.

Dead rising chest default tex

chest_default_tex folder contents when converted by quickbms.exe

quickbms.exe creates the chest_default_tex folder, the chest_default_tex has the following dds files:

If creating an environmental textures the files quickbms will not automatically convert these files into .dds files. See Mod:Enviroment#How to reskin environment files

Photoshop modify skin -- WTV determine file type[]

9. If you have Photoshop open the .dds and modify the skin, in this example we will be modifying

Wtv file open

File >> Open

Wtv open file

Select the file to open

10. Before you save the modified Photoshop .dds file, open Woody's Texture Viewer (WTV.EXE) and see if the original dds you are modifying is DXT5 or DXT1.

Woody dxt1


At the bottom left of the open Woody's Texture Viewer (WTV.EXE) it will have DXT5 or DXT1.

Photoshop save as dds

Photoshop save as dds

Photoshop dds options

All possible Photoshop dds save settings


Dxt1 very top white box


Dxt5 very top white box

11. This is assuming you have the Nvidia plugin for Photoshop. If you have not downloaded and installed the Nvidia plugin, do it now. Then, in Photoshop, save the modified skin with the same DXT5 or DXT1 settings you determined with Woody's Texture Viewer.

Dxt1 comparison of size with dxt5

The correct file type is DXT1.
Shown is the:
First: original file,
Second: DXT1 file, the same size as the original,
Third: DXT5 file, double the size of the original.

12. After saving the modified dds file, check the .dds file size to see if it is the same. Do this for every .dds you reskin. If it is a significantly different size, you choose the wrong DXT1 or DXT5 file type.

Hex Editor change header[]

13. Now with a hex editor such as UltraEdit:, created by quickdms and
cr_jacket_nm created by gibbeds in your new folder you created.
Header bct1

cr_jacket_nm opened by gibbeds, copy the header

14. Copy the header of cr_jacket_nm.

Header bct2

15. Replace the (modified) header with the cr_jacket_nm (original) header.
16. Remove the .dds extension from, the file becomes cr_jacket_nm. Again check the filesize to make sure they are the same size. If it is the half or double the size you saved the dds with the wrong DX5/DX1 settings.

17. Copy and replace the modified cr_jacket_nm into the new folder you extracted with Gibbed tools, replacing the original cr_jacket_nm.

Gibbed's repack file[]

18. With Gibbed's tools repack the new chest_default_tex folder you created

19. Cut and paste the newly created chest_default_tex.big file in the npsc_big folder.

20. Change the file to chest_default.tex, Changing the extension from .big to .tex.

21. With gibbeds repack npcs.big and place it back in data/model

22. Restart the game.

Tip: If the skin looks more left or right inside the game you didn't copy & replace correct the header.


The Proboards modding community no longer uses Texmod.

Required programs[]



  1. (Temp Tutorial) How to make Reskins, dead rising 2 mods forum, October 5, 2010.
  2. Create direct skins, dead rising 2 mods forum, October 14, 2010.

See also[]

  • data/datafile.big/outfit.cvs and clothingdatabase.csv in spreadsheet, lists the locations of all clothes on Chuck

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