Modifying PC Dead Rising 2


List of what each file does

All game items (items.txt)
  Item animations (PyroEffect)
All game text
All missions and cases (missions.txt)
  Times of all missions
  Mission breakdown
All major packed files (big files)
  Character models (npcs.big)
Sgraph - animations
HUD (game player's interface)
Camera.txt (camera view)
Zombie models
Game rules (frontend)
Cutscenes (cinematics.big)
  Royal Flush Plaza
  Safe House
  Americana Casino
  Fortune City Arena
Collision - controls solid surfaces
Excel coordinates of all areas



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For the $5 Off the Record DLC cheat, see Gamebreaker Pack.

Mods, short for modifications, and also called "trainers" or "cheats", is software for the PC version of Dead Rising 2 which adds extra features to the Dead Rising 2 game.

There are three locations for mods, trainers and forums about modding:

  1. Dead Rising 2 modding ProBoards forum[1]
  2. Xentax Forums (mod forum for all games, but has around 90 entries on Dead Rising)[2]
  3. GameCopyWorld (trainers only)[3]

Learn how to modEdit

To the right is a box with links to tutorials. There are several kinds of mods:

  1. Mods which move items around in the game. Example: placing all of the magazines in the Safe House
  2. Mods which change the appearance of items in the game (reskin). Example: Changing the color and design of Chuck's jacket
  3. Mods which create new items, missions, or characters. Example: Creating a bow and arrow which electrocutes zombies
  4. Mods which swap around the skins (appearances) of items or characters (model swaps). Example: A player can play as Rebecca
  5. Mods which unlock items or abilities in the game. Example: Unlock all cars

The program Gibbed's is a necessity in modding. It allows the modder to unpack (open) original files and repack edited files. Follow these instructions to download Gibbed's.

Once Gibbed's is downloaded, it is recommended that you try the easiest type of mod first: adding, moving, and removing items in the game. See Mod:Adding new items for instructions on how to do this.


  • The "bigfile.xml" is a file that Gibbed's creates. Unpacking with QuickBSM, you'll notice that there is no bigfile.xml.

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