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List of what each file does

All game items (items.txt)
  Item animations (PyroEffect)
All game text
All missions and cases (missions.txt)
  Times of all missions
  Mission breakdown
All major packed files (big files)
  Character models (npcs.big)
Sgraph - animations
HUD (game player's interface)
Camera.txt (camera view)
Zombie models
Game rules (frontend)
Cutscenes (cinematics.big)
  Royal Flush Plaza
  Safe House
  Americana Casino
  Fortune City Arena
Collision - controls solid surfaces
Excel coordinates of all areas



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The PC version of Dead Rising 2 has a debug mode. The debug mode was created by Capcom, allowing the game creators to fix any bugs in the game before it was released.

There is no debug mode for the PC version of Off the Record, except for skipping to different missions and times.

There are over 500 options available in debug mode. For example, in debug mode, a player can:

This article covers:

Note: You cannot play on Games for Windows – Live with a modified "deadrising2.exe" file.

Enable debug mode[]


Dead rising 2 debug mode god mode deadrisingwiki com

"God mode" accessible with instructions here. Activated in-game by pressing F2. A wired Xbox 360 controller is highly recommended.

Download debug .exe file
  • Download "deadrising2_debug.rar". Make sure you have 7-Zip or WinRAR to open the downloaded file.
  • Open the downloaded archive; it contains "deadrising2_debug.exe".
  • Move or rename the original "deadrising2.exe" file located in the main Dead Rising 2 folder.
  • Rename "deadrising2_debug.exe" to "deadrising2.exe".
  • Place the new "deadrising2.exe" in the main Dead Rising 2 folder.
Create .ini file
  • In a text editor such as Notepad, create a file named "user.ini" or "master.ini".
  • Add the following to the text file:




The purpose of this code is detailed below.
Save the file
  • Save the file. Make sure the file is saved as an .ini file and not as a .txt file.
  • The file should go into your Dead Rising 2 main folder, next to "deadrising2.exe".
Replace main menu
This step may not be necessary. "mainmenu.big" may not be required to be modified if you are going to create an .ini file, as explained below. Replace "mainmenu.big" only if you do not create a text file (user.ini or master.ini). Having both a modified "mainmenu.big" and a "user.ini" or "master.ini" has been reported to cause problems (see troubleshooting).
Download .big file
  • Download File:Mainmenu.big (link is currently broken).
  • Make a backup of the "mainmenu.big" file, located in "dead rising 2\data\frontend".
  • Drag the downloaded "mainmenu.big" file into the "dead rising 2\data\frontend" folder, replacing the original "mainmenu.big."
  • Start the game.


See also: Debug Mode for problems others have had. Ask questions and problems there.

"user.ini" and "master.ini" crash the game[]

The "user.ini" and "master.ini" files crash the game for some users.

If this happens, there are two options:

FIRST OPTION: Replace the original "mainmenu.big"

Some of the code will crash the game if "mainmenu.big" is replaced. If you replaced yours, then place these lines of code in your "user.ini" and "master.ini" files:

size_window_x = "1280"
size_window_y = "1024"
OverrideRenderSettings = "True"
RenderFullScreen = "False"
DrawCameraPosition = "True"
RenderLocalPlayerPosition = "True"
show_camera_info = "True"
disable_online = "True"

SECOND OPTION: Create a "user.ini" or "master.ini" in your Dead Rising 2 main directory

Without replacing your "mainmenu.big", this "user.ini" or "master.ini" file works:



size_window_x = "1280"
size_window_y = "1024"
OverrideRenderSettings = "True"
RenderFullScreen = "False"

DrawCameraPosition = "True"
RenderLocalPlayerPosition = "True"
show_camera_info = "True"

disable_online = "True"

Debug Mode menu title screen options[]

Dead rising 2 cheats start screen

Debug Menu on the startup screen

From the Dead Rising 2 modding forum

In debug mode, two new buttons appear on the main screen:

Debug Enter: This option simply starts a new game.

Debug Jump: Opens a new screen used to debug Cases and "Scoops".

Debug Jump[]

The menu has 5 columns:

Dead rising 2 debug mode main screen

Cases Scoops High Rollers (only 1 entry) Blank Levels (map)
Teleports to a case time/day. Teleports to a particular mission. Teleports Chuck to an empty world. No zombies are present in interiors, but zombies are present outside and in the underground. See X_Fortune_Exterior below to remove zombies from the outside. Some entries crash the game

On the bottom of the page, you see what level or map is loading and what spawn point it uses.

All entries that start with "Z" crash the game.

Spawn Points[]

High Rollers[]

Chuck will start either at:

  • a random boss battle, or
  • the beginning Fortune City Arena corridor near the green room. Chuck cannot actually leave the green room hallway, making this a dead end portion of the game.

In both cases, there are no zombies inside. See X_Fortune_Exterior below to remove zombies from the outside.


Once an AutoChuck level is started, if a player exits to the main menu and enters a scoop or case, the computer will play with the player only having control of the view. The computer AI is very poor, often getting stuck on walls and doors.

Level name Description Start location Time
X_AutoChuck The game plays itself, starting from the hallway between the Safe House and the Royal Flush Plaza. The player can only the control camera view, not Chuck.

Chuck walks through the Royal Flush Plaza and attacks zombies at the Americana Casino entrance with hand-to-hand moves. He enters the Americana Casino and attacks zombies in the casino. Zombies often disappear around Chuck.

Dead rising 2 autochuck debugger (9)

When the game is started, the following appears at the top of the screen in all caps and orange:

"Autochuck the PRI mission mater (34227667) Mission Level Transition"

Dead rising 2 autochuck debugger (7)

In the Americana Casino, this later changes to

"Autochuck the zombie killer (34227667)" and
"Autochuck the item picker (34227667)"

Dead rising 2 autochuck debugger (8)

Map screen: There is a unique mission on the map page called "Demo", with the description written in bad English: "Here he comes Chuck!" The red question mark for this mission is at the bottom of the Americana Casino, where Chuck travels to.

If Chuck is on the watch screen, he will move regardless, but cannot open the door until the watch screen is closed.

Royal Flush Plaza Begins around Day 1, Sept. 25, 1:30 pm
X_AutoChuck1 Similar to X_AutoChuck above.

The game plays itself, starting from the hallway between the Safe House and the Royal Flush Plaza. The player can only the control camera view, not Chuck.

Map screen: There is a unique mission on the map page called "Demo", with a description written in bad English: "Here he comes Chuck!" The red question mark for this mission is at the bottom of the Americana Casino, where Chuck travels to.

X_AutoChuck2 Similar to X_AutoChuck above.

The game plays itself, starting from the hallway between the Safe House and the Royal Flush Plaza. The player can only the control camera view, not Chuck.

Map screen: There is a unique mission on the map page called "Demo", with a description written in bad English: "Here he comes Chuck!"

Royal Flush Plaza Day 2, Sept. 26, 12:00 pm
X_AutoChuck3 Similar to X_AutoChuck above. The Willamette Mall Security Uniform message comes up. The code says (34230124).

The game plays itself, starting from the hallway between the Safe House and the Royal Flush Plaza. The player can only the control camera view, not Chuck.

Dead rising 2 autochuck debugger (6)

Map screen: There is a unique mission on the map page called "Demo", with a description written in bad English: "Here he comes Chuck!" The red question mark for this mission is in the Slot Ranch Casino, where Chuck travels to.

Day 4, Sept. 28, 12:00 pm
X_AutoChuckWeapons Similar to X_AutoChuck above.

When the game is started, the following appears at the top of the screen in all caps and orange:

"Autochuck the COOP player_0_(34230969)"

The game plays itself, starting from the entrance of the Yucatan Casino in the Silver Strip. The player can only the control camera view, not Chuck.

Map screen: There is a unique mission on the map page called "Demo", with a description written in bad English: "Here he comes Chuck!"

Chuck starts hitting a large number of zombies with a baseball bat. Instead of being covered in red blood, Chuck is covered in white, similar to the whipped cream. After the bat breaks, Chuck pulls out a metal baseball bat and begins to kill zombies with it. The zombies are attracted to Chuck, but never hit him.

Dead rising 2 autochuck debugger (5)

Chuck suddenly appears next to the Motion Madness game in Fortune Park, still hitting balls with the metal bat. The caption says:

"Autochuck the COOP player_1_(34230969)"

Dead rising 2 autochuck debugger (2)
Dead rising 2 autochuck debugger (4)

The metal bat breaks and Chuck pulls out a broadsword next, killing zombies. Again, instead of being covered in red blood, Chuck is covered in white.

Caption changes to:

"Autochuck the COOP player_3_(34230969)"

The broom handle is the next weapon; the caption changes to:

"Autochuck the COOP player_4_(34230969)"

The time is only Day 4, Sept. 28, 12:05 pm at this point.

The caption changes to:

"Autochuck the COOP player_6_(34230969)" Cardboard Box

The caption changes to:

"Autochuck the COOP player_7_(34230969)" Cash Register

The caption changes to:

"Autochuck the COOP player_8_(34230969)" Croupier Stick

The caption changes to:

"Autochuck the COOP player_10_(34230969)" Fire Axe
Dead rising 2 autochuck debugger

The lance appears and hangs in mid-air next to Chuck.

Day 4, Sept. 28, 12:00 pm
X_AutoChuckVehicles When the game is started, the following appears at the top of the screen in all caps and orange:
Autochuck the coop player vehicle_0_(34235611)

The game starts on the Silver Strip outside of the entrance to the Yucatan Casino with the red dirtbike. Chuck rides the motorbike around the area.

X_AutoChuckNvidia Chuck automatically runs around the Silver Strip and Platinum Strip three times, then the game shuts down and goes back to the start screen.

When the game is started, the following appears at the top of the screen in all caps and orange:

Autochuck the PRI mission master (34236147)
Mission Idle

All the zombies on the Silver Strip freeze in one place, but there are still zombie sound effects. Some zombies will occasionally move in the background.

Silver Strip outside of entrance to Yucatan Casino
X_nVidia 3D There is no caption on the top of the screen.
Dead rising 2 mod autochuck (4)

Map screen: There is a unique mission on the map page which reads "No mission ID". There is no red question mark for this mission.

Dead rising 2 mod autochuck (5)
Dead rising X nVidia 3D

Like X_AutoChuckNvidia above, all the zombies on Silver Strip freeze in one place. Unlike the other level settings above, the player can control Chuck.

This level is ideal for taking pictures of zombies.

The zombies do not collapse upon death; they are frozen in one position (for example, the broadsword's secondary attack slices zombies in half, but they do not fall apart). The death animations do not work (for example, when the swordfish's secondary attack is used, Chuck will go through the animation but without the zombie on the swordfish). Chuck can only hit the zombie once, but not a second time.

Silver Strip outside of entrance to Yucatan Casino
Dead rising 2 mod autochuck (2)

Chuck begins surrounded by the survivors Lulu Barra, Europa Westinghouse, Helen Bonner, and Camille Payne in the hallway between the Safe House and Royal Flush Plaza.

One woman can be heard saying "O.M.G."

Dead rising 2 mod autochuck (2)

Map screen: There is a unique mission on the map page called "Demo" and the description in bad English: "Here he comes Chuck!" The red question mark for this mission is in Yucatan Casino, where Chuck automatically travels too.

Dead rising 2 mod autochuck

The four women follow Chuck.

X_AutoChuckThrowWeapons When the game is started, the following appears at the top of the screen in all caps and orange:
Autochuck the coop player_0_(throwing)(34238533)

Chuck throws the same baseball bat at zombies repeatedly. He then runs to pick it up after it is thrown.

Chuck suddenly appears next to the Motion Madness game in Fortune Park. The caption is the same. Like always, zombies disappear occasionally. This time, some zombies suddenly appear around Chuck. The baseball bat drops out of the sky. Whenever Chuck cannot quickly reach a thrown weapon, it disappears, then a new item drops from the sky. Chuck continues to throw the bat, then fetches it.

The metal baseball bat appears, then quickly disappears.

The broadsword appears, and Chuck begins throwing it. The caption above is:

Autochuck the coop player_3_(throwing)(34238533)
Autochuck the coop player_4_(throwing)(34238533) Broom Handle

Chuck is transported a second time to Motion Madness. The broom handle appears. Four zombies appear surrounding Chuck, then disappear.

It appears the order of weapons is the same as X_AutoChuckWeapons above.

Silver Strip, outside entrance to Yucatan Casino
X_Survivor Box Game crashes
X_Vehicle Box Game crashes
X_GAMEPLAY ZOO Game crashes
Dead rising 2 autochuck debugger (10)

All outdoor locations are completely free of zombies.

See High Rollers above to remove zombies from interiors.

Silver Strip, outside entrance to Yucatan Casino
X_SHADER ZOO Game crashes
Z_RICHARD Game crashes
Z_RSTAYER Game crashes
Z_CBABIC Game crashes
Z_DPETTY Game crashes
Z_FRANK Game crashes
Z_JSTOUT Game crashes
Z_LGILBRIDE Game crashes
Z_MSHEPPARD Game crashes
X_AUDIO_ZOO Game crashes

Move around the screen to any location (no-clip mode)[]

Dead rising debugger food court

In the Food Court, past the doors leading to the Yucatan Casino, where a player is able to see through but would normally never actually travel around in. Note the lack of details.

With the above suggested "master.uni" file, you are able to travel anywhere in the game without Chuck.

Press F2 to enter this mode. An Xbox 360 wired controller is almost a necessity, as it is very difficult to move around without it.

After pressing F2 a second time, Chuck will jump down and the player will regain control of Chuck.

  • A player must return to the body of Chuck (F2) to leave each area to travel to a new area.
  • While in this mode, a player cannot access the map, pick up the transceiver, go to the main menu, pause the game, etc.
  • There are no icons when a player moves past an item, and the zombies, survivors, and psychopaths ignore this out-of-body screen.
  • Zombies will not attack Chuck while you are floating around elsewhere, but psychopaths will attack Chuck and he can die.

Options available[]

In your "master.ini" or "user.ini" file, there are several options.

Checkmark: The option works and it is known what it does.

Not done: The option crashes the game when set to true.

Q: The game does not crash when this option is set to true, but it is not known what this option does.

Name Type Works? Purpose
16x10 bool qQ
actor_ik_sandbox int
actor_render_shoulder_facing_dir bool
actor_show_ik bool
allow_cinematics_skip bool
always_show_mouse bool
AlwaysClearCache bool
animation_show_info bool Checkmark Displays animations of every model: upper/face/hands/main, of chuck, survivors and psychopaths, but not zombies.

100% (64)

100% 62FF4AD0 0.2500s/0.3833s (7.2/12.0=0.652)

100% (1)

100% C1FE81B8 0.0214s/0.0333s (1.3/3.0=0.643)

100% (7)

100% male_idle_combat.anm
2.61s/3.45s (77.9/104.0=0.756)

Bold: Unknown changes.
Green: Number of animations that have been played
Purple: Possible hex editor number, unknown location. Unknown purpose
Yellow: How long the animation has run
Orange: How long the animation will run, total time
Blue: Unknown
sgraph.txt animation which is currently being used

animation_show_main_info bool Checkmark Display only main animation info which shows name of animation in use
animation_show_states bool Checkmark Displays sgraph's Dest Animation and Current Animation States. In transitioner's sgraph, they have Destand Next in them.

Dest is the number that points to the cGenericAnimState number in sgraph.txt

audio_collision_vis_enabled bool
audio_collision_vis_life float
audio_disable_local_zombies bool
audio_display_peak_meter bool
audio_draw_loader_flags int
audio_draw_loaders bool
audio_draw_message_stats bool
audio_draw_surface_debug_text bool
audio_draw_surround_emitter_flags int
audio_draw_surround_emitters bool
audio_draw_surround_volume_flags int
audio_draw_surround_volume_Types int
audio_draw_surround_volumes bool
audio_enable_game_error_messages bool
audio_enable_loose_files bool
audio_enable_propaudio_info_render bool
audio_enable_slot_ambience_rendering bool
audio_enable_zombiance_rendering bool
audio_enable_zombie_vocal_rendering bool
audio_enable_zombie_voice_override bool
audio_event_debug_output_mask int
audio_lock_listener_position bool
audio_log_verbosity int
audio_sample_rate_override int
audio_zombiance_search_grid_size int
audio_zombiance_update_per_frame int
audio_zombie_voice_action_filter_Threshold int
audio_zombie_voice_max_reference_swap int
audio_zombie_voice_override int
autochuck_enable_propsync bool
autochuck_vehicle_index int
autochuck_weapon_end_index int
autochuck_weapon_index int
BackendSyncCount int
biker_warper_show_info bool
boss_enable_prop_Avoidance bool
boss_use_debug_jump bool
boss_use_debug_menu_jump bool Q
boss_use_scoops bool
CharacterPreviewMode bool
choke_all_extreme_moves bool
chuck_ghost_mode bool Q There is an OUTFIT_GHOST_MASK (see Outfit.csv)
chuck_gravity_test bool
chuck_in_god_mode bool Checkmark Zombies do not hurt Chuck
collision_render_ai_wall_nums bool
collision_render_ai_walls bool
collision_render_ext_geo bool
collision_render_octree_index int
collision_render_octrees bool
collision_viewer_distance float
ControllerLogName string
ControllerLogOverwrite bool
ControllerRecorderMode int
crank_calling_chuck bool
current_gameshow_round int
current_language int
CustomZombieFaceDecalAlpha float
CustomZombieFaceDecalBlue float
CustomZombieFaceDecalGreen float
CustomZombieFaceDecalRed float
CustomZombieFaceDecalType int
dbPrintf.Disable_Audio_Channel bool
dbPrintf.Disable_Default_Channel bool
dbPrintf.Disable_FE_Channel bool
dbPrintf.Disable_HUD_Channel bool
dbPrintf.Disable_Stream_Channel bool
dbPrintf.Disable_Trace_Channel bool
dbPrintf.Enable_Channel_Prefix bool
debug_crowd bool
debug_menu_paging_skip_count int
debug_on_controller_2_only bool
debug_show_loading_time bool Checkmark Load time tip change
DefaultLevel string
DefaultMission string
diable_knockback_reaction bool
disable_assert_logging bool
disable_audio bool
disable_blood_follow_victim bool Checkmark Less blood; when combined with two other blood sections, no blood at all from zombies.
disable_blood_follow_weapon bool Checkmark Less blood; when combined with two other blood sections, no blood at all from zombies.
disable_blood_on_impact bool Checkmark Less blood when melee weapon impacts. When combined with two other blood sections, no blood at all from zombies.
disable_car_fire bool
disable_casefiles_popup bool
disable_cinematics_capture bool
disable_crowd bool Q
disable_death_sequence bool
disable_guide_arrow_timeline_overrides bool qQ Does not remove background arrow smudge
disable_level_up_message bool
disable_mainmenu_scene bool
disable_minigame_decals bool
disable_minigame_wrapper bool
disable_mission_override_for_num_updating_zombie bool
disable_mouse_tracking_with_gamepad bool
disable_movies bool qQ
disable_nat_type_checking bool
disable_online bool oCheckmark Set this to true if you are running the patched version and Windows Live wants you to sign in or alternatively, not allowing you to get past the start game screen.[1]
disable_onscreen_stacktrace bool
disable_skill_move_cams bool
disable_subtitles bool
disable_Third_person_follow_cam bool
disable_time_of_day bool Checkmark The time on the watch is for the first day, either 4 am or 9 am. But the time of day (dark, light) is the same. Blue background at startup.
disable_transparent_props bool
disable_tutorials bool qQ
disable_vibration bool
DisableCacher bool
DisableHalfTextureForSpecificLevel bool
DisableInstaller bool
DisableZombieBlending bool
DisableZombieHeadTracking bool
DisableZombieSlicing bool
DisableZombieSprites bool
display_fe_screen_info bool
display_guide_arrow_debug_info bool
display_language string
display_terrain_interaction_info bool oCheckmark Says "No edge detected" on screen.

Dead rising 2 mods display terrain interaction info no edge detected

do_not_cache_static_pathfinding_solution bool
do_online_mem_dumps_on_create_destroy bool
dont_fix_havok bool
DontTintZombiefiedSurvivorSkin bool
double_players_run_speed bool
draw_4_3_debugline bool
draw_boss_debug_text bool
draw_boss_nodes bool
draw_bullet_path bool
draw_damage_logs bool
draw_edge_detector_lines bool
draw_safezone_debugline bool
DrawCameraPosition bool
Enable Player from picking up props behind walls bool
enable_123_user_minigame bool
enable_aabb_viewer bool Checkmark Display bounding boxes of all game objects. Also displays a green asterisk when an item is picked up and a yellow line leading from the item's location to the location the item was picked up from.
enable_all_skill_moves bool
enable_anim_pause bool
enable_audio_log bool
enable_boss_replay bool
enable_button_through_timed_dialogs bool
enable_collision_viewer bool Checkmark Display all collision boxes (immense lag)
enable_debug_jump_menu bool
enable_debug_lines bool
enable_debug_text bool
enable_dev_features bool
enable_dev_only_debug_tiwwchnt bool oCheckmark Enable quickie menu
enable_e3_demo_experience bool qQ E3 demo added a start game/demo button and removed load game and there was a "join co-op" game option
enable_epilog_experience bool qQ Changed menu
enable_havok_toi_debug bool
enable_lawnmower_cam_auto_pitch bool
enable_manual_cam bool
enable_memory_logging bool
enable_no_zombie_video_capture_mode bool
enable_one_button_debug_menu bool
enable_options_overrides bool
enable_pre_control bool
enable_precert_experience bool
enable_prolog_experience bool
enable_quickie_debug_menu bool oCheckmark Enable quickie menu
enable_secure_networking bool
enable_session_test_property_prop bool
enable_soak_test bool
enable_stationary_cam bool
enable_telemetry bool
enable_tir_soak_test bool
enable_visual_debugger bool
EnableAsyncLoadQueueDebugPrint bool
EnableDecalChartz bool
EnablePauseMenuCaseFiles bool
EnablePyroConnectivity bool
EnableRenderCPUBudgetChartz bool
EnableRenderPerformanceInfoChartz bool
EnableRenderTargetGPUChartz bool
EnableStreamingWorldFileEventLog bool
facing_angle_offset float
flush_every_log_line bool
force_crowd_anim int
force_disable_combined_blur bool
force_injured_state bool
force_load_fat_zombies bool qQ
force_load_female_zombies bool qQ
force_load_skinny_zombies bool qQ
force_non_injured_state bool
force_phone_state bool
force_queen_bees_to_spawn bool
force_sick_state bool
ForceCustomZombieFaceDecal bool
ForceLODTexForStreamingWorld bool
ForceRenderZombiesByInstance bool Q
ForceStreamAllProps bool
get_all_combo_cards bool oCheckmark All combo cards become available
head_tracking_disabled bool
hide_actors_in_vehicle bool
hide_changelist bool
hide_droppers_in_slicecycles bool
ignore_boss_damage bool Checkmark Ignores any damage you do to bosses
ignore_regional_limitations bool
infinite_prop_durability bool
inverted_aim_camera_x bool
inverted_aim_camera_y bool
inverted_camera bool
inverted_camera_x bool
inverted_camera_y bool
is_testing_p2p bool
level_render_orientation bool
LightingTest bool Q
limited_debug_menu bool Q
load_all_weapon_anims bool
lock_local_remote_zombie_control bool
main_menu_level string Q
make_game_go_faster bool Q
massive_boss_damage bool
MEMANALYSIS.disable bool
minigame_duration int
missions_everything_unlocked bool
mr_clean bool Q
navmeshplotter_draw_edges bool
never_draw_survivor_path bool
never_render_guide_arrow bool qQ Does not remove background arrow smudge
not_a_team_player bool
notebook_show_all bool oCheckmark Shows all the notebook pages in the notebook. People's names are gray until found.

Dead rising 2 notebook show all

npc_party_manager_debug_render bool
npc_show_debug_info bool
number_of_player_health_bars int
number_of_player_inventory_slots int
online_bandwidth_fudge_ratio float
online_bandwidth_throttling bool
online_debug_dlc_disabled bool
online_disable_coop_triggers bool
online_disable_file_logging bool
online_disable_heartbeat bool
online_disable_pc_voip_hack bool
online_disable_time_sync bool
online_display_bandwidth bool
online_display_broadcast_stats bool
online_display_conn_stats bool
online_display_event_metrics bool
online_display_game_state_man_detail bool
online_display_host_status bool
online_display_log bool
online_display_mission_info bool
online_display_npc_info bool
online_display_p2p_client_info bool
online_display_p2p_server_info bool
online_display_prop_info bool
online_display_prop_stats bool
online_display_type_metrics bool
online_display_vehicle_info bool
online_display_voip_stats bool
online_display_weapon_anim_banks bool
online_display_zombie_ownership bool
online_display_zombie_pool_info bool
online_display_zombie_sync_info bool
online_enable_logging bool
online_enable_net_sim bool
online_enable_profiling bool
online_enable_quick_test bool
online_enable_quick_test_for_ip int
online_enable_tel_me bool
online_enable_velocity_blur bool
online_enable_write_peak_free_mem_to_file bool
online_endptr_stats_type int
online_extended_heart_beat float
online_ignore_matchmaking_errors bool
online_is_enable_systemlink bool
online_is_render_telme_status bool
online_is_show_name_with_port_num bool
online_is_systemlink_host bool
online_log.3 string
online_log.prefix string
online_log.verbose_level int
online_net_sim_consecutive_lost int
online_net_sim_latency int
online_net_sim_lost_rate int
online_net_sim_lost_type int
online_normal_heart_beat float
online_num_players int
online_platform_dlc_disabled bool
online_send_rate_limit_kbps float
online_server_address string
online_start_with_max_sent_rate int
online_test_leaderboard_ui bool
online_time_sync_cap_renderframe_skip int
online_unreliable_data_send_rate_percentage float
online_use_reduced_bandwidth_metrics bool
online_voip_enable_receive_buffering bool
online_voip_send_buffer_ms int
override_gameshow_round bool
override_head_max_cdown float
override_head_max_cup float
override_head_max_left float
override_head_max_right float
override_head_max_sdown float
override_head_max_sup float
override_head_tracking bool
override_jump_heights bool
override_minigame_duration bool
override_minigame_event_1 int
override_minigame_event_2 int
override_minigame_event_3 int
override_minigame_event_4 int
override_minigame_events bool
override_player_health_bars bool
override_player_inventory_slots bool
override_player_patch_table bool
override_players_speed_scalar float
override_region bool
OverrideRenderSettings bool oCheckmark Controls size of window, see Play the game windowed
ParticleMemorySandbox bool
pathfinding_auto_plot_enable bool
pathfinding_cache_path_solution bool
pathfinding_debugger bool
pathfinding_debugger_use_bulleye bool
pathfinding_disable_doa bool
pathfinding_disable_smoothing bool
pathfinding_disable_steering bool
pathfinding_disabled bool
pathfinding_display_graph_cache_status bool
pathfinding_display_workspace_debug_info bool
pathfinding_do_not_use_navigation_mesh bool
pathfinding_doa_plot_samples bool
pathfinding_draw_complete_solution bool
pathfinding_draw_connections bool
pathfinding_draw_connections_directions bool
pathfinding_draw_failures bool
pathfinding_draw_navigation_mesh bool
pathfinding_draw_navmesh_coordinate bool
pathfinding_draw_new_node_connection bool
pathfinding_draw_nodes bool
pathfinding_draw_side_a bool
pathfinding_draw_solution bool
pathfinding_draw_workspace bool
pathfinding_errors_render_plain bool
pathfinding_fast_waypoint_plot bool
pathfinding_go_straight_when_no_path bool
pathfinding_show_nodes_indices bool
pathfinding_validator_draw_edge_numbers bool
pause_minigame_timer bool
pickup_katie_enabled bool
player1_score int
player2_score int
player3_score int
player4_score int
player_render_aistatus_info bool
player_render_anim_event_info bool
player_render_arrow bool qQ Does not remove background arrow smudge
player_render_assignment bool
player_render_assignmentinfo bool
player_render_attrib bool
player_render_controller bool
player_render_filter_role int
player_render_filter_text_by_role bool
player_render_goal bool
player_render_goal_file_info bool
player_render_goal_info bool
player_render_graph_blending bool
player_render_mode int
player_render_name_role bool
player_render_online_info bool
player_render_position bool
player_render_set_rotation bool
print_handling_styles bool
PrintOverBudgetTextures bool
profile_show_average_ct bool
profile_use_game_data bool
profiler_display_in_seconds bool
props_info_distance float
ragdoll_bindpose bool
ragdoll_enabled bool
random_seed int
ranged_camera_snaps_to_player bool
ranged_camera_snaps_to_player bool
region string
RENDER.disable_fp bool
RENDER.disable_widescr bool
RENDER.enable_framerate_graph bool
RENDER.enable_wii_screenshot bool
RENDER.EnableGPUTimingQueries bool
RENDER.force_30hz bool
RENDER.force_fullscreen bool
RENDER.forcenvperfhud bool
RENDER.forceref bool
RENDER.forceref bool
RENDER.forcesoftware bool
RENDER.forcesoftware bool
RENDER.mip0test bool
RENDER.pause_framerate_graph bool
RENDER.swap_missing_texture bool
RENDER.wii_lowgraphics bool
render_online_mem bool
render_prop_bones bool
render_props_bone bool
render_props_info bool
render_props_locators bool
render_props_locators_type bool
render_props_particle_locators bool
render_props_pivots bool
render_props_root bool
render_zombies_as_debug_lines bool Q
RenderActivityMonitor bool
RenderAudioHeapStats bool
RenderFEHeapStats bool
RenderFullScreen bool oCheckmark Controls size of widow, see Play the game windowed
RenderLocalHeapStats bool
RenderLocalPlayerPosition bool oCheckmark Green data showing game coordinates of Chuck's location
Dead rising debugger slot ranch casino (2)
RenderOnlineHeapStats bool
RenderOnlineStats bool
RenderPerformanceInfo bool
RenderPhysicalMemoryStats bool
RenderPrimaryHeapStats bool
RenderPrimaryVBHeapStats bool
RenderRemotePlayerPosition bool
RenderReplayHeapStats bool
RenderStreamingHeapStats bool
RenderStreamingTexVBHeapStats bool
RenderThreadInfo bool
RenderZombieHeapStats bool
RenderZombieStats bool oCheckmark Small white text near zombies killed: Upd zombie: 76, Ren: 76, Sport: 0 Inv: 229

Dead rising 2 mods RenderZombieStats

RenderZoneInfo int
ScreenScale float
scriptfe bool
show_active_buffs bool Checkmark Displays all active buffs applied by magazines carried in your inventory.
show_actor_attachment_info bool
show_actor_source_files bool
show_attack_directions bool
show_attack_radius_info bool
show_attack_window_ray_frames bool
show_bones_names bool Q
show_boss_clearout_range bool
show_boss_target_info bool
show_camera_info bool
Dead rising show camera info (3) Dead rising show camera info Dead rising show camera info (2)
show_chuck_info bool oCheckmark Small white text health bar appears on Chuck. 1.0 = 1 bar

Dead rising 2 mods show chuck info health 1.0 1 bar

show_cinematic_info bool
show_collision_info bool
show_combo_seq_counter bool
show_jump_height bool
show_player_destination bool
show_trigger_volume bool
show_zombie_los bool Q
ShowStreamingWorldMessage bool
size_window_x int oCheckmark Controls size of window; see Play the game windowed
size_window_y int oCheckmark Controls size of window; see Play the game windowed
SkinnedDecalingRTScaleU float
SkinnedDecalingRTScaleV float
skip_cinematics bool oCheckmark Loading is much faster. Beginning background of stadium is gray.
skip_easychuck_cinematics bool
skip_movie bool qQ
skip_startup bool oCheckmark Chuck is in an empty arena with four bikes. He cannot leave. Below him is zombies in cages, which he cannot access.
soak_test_timeout_in_seconds int
soak_test_timer_expired_DONT_USE bool
start_window_x int
start_window_y int
superride_player_patch_table bool
survivor_combat_info bool
survivor_show_info bool
survivor_turn_limits bool
suspend_on_lost_focus bool
swap_buttons bool
telemetry_changelist_prefix string
telemetry_server string
test_jumps_enabled bool
test_mode bool
tir_soak_test_failed_create_attempts_DONT_USE int
tir_soak_test_playthroughs_DONT_USE int
tir_soak_test_soak_index_DONT_USE int
tir_soak_test_timer_DONT_USE float
tir_soak_test_timer_expired_DONT_USE bool
track_memory_conditions bool
TurnOnSeekFileLog bool
TurnOnSeekTrace bool
unittest_dbassert_on_fail bool
use_dr1_controller_layout bool
use_homogeneous_survivor_awareness bool
use_nth_uniform int
use_nth_uniform_for_client int
use_nth_uniform_for_host int
use_pc_profile_video_settings bool
use_ramster_for_slicecycles bool
UseAltCSV bool
user_hamster_ball bool qQ
vehicle_camera_free_look bool
vehicle_disable_procedural_animation bool
vehicle_enable_debug_buttons bool
vehicle_hide_debug_tire_marks bool
vehicle_plot_enviro_collision bool
vehicle_show_center_of_mass bool
vehicle_show_health_info bool
vehicle_show_info bool
vehicle_show_suspension bool
vehicle_show_wheel_transform bool
vehicle_syncronise_dt_with_animation bool
weapon_show_debug_info bool
Widescreen bool
xbox_live_session_test_property_prop1 int
xbox_live_session_test_property_prop2 int
xbox_live_session_test_property_prop3 int
zombie_attack_disabled bool
zombie_attack_even_in_manual_cam bool
zombie_camera_debug_line bool
zombie_dead_go_ragdoll_disabled bool Q
zombie_disable_camera_transparency bool
zombie_disable_fall_from_ledging bool
zombie_disable_terrain_scan bool
zombie_dont_do_grapple_position_hack bool
zombie_enable_caps bool
zombie_enable_preemptive_ragdoll bool
zombie_grapple_camera_disabled bool
zombie_grapples_disabled bool
zombie_immortal bool
zombie_logic_disabled bool
zombie_plot_damage bool
zombie_plot_reachability_test bool
zombie_plot_tripping_test bool
zombie_plot_zombie_in_grapple_window bool
zombie_population_max_num_limit int
zombie_reactivate_dead_ragdoll bool Q
zombie_render_grapple_interface bool
zombie_render_grapple_windows bool
zombie_render_skeleton bool
zombie_show_debug_info bool
zombie_show_heading bool
zombie_tripping_chance_always bool
zombie_update_target_at_state_switch bool
zombies_ignore_all_humans bool Checkmark

Play the game windowed[]


size_window_x and size_window_y will be overridden by RenderWidth and RenderHeight in "rendersettings.ini" if they have been set by you.[1]

Enable quickie menu[]

This option allows a player to rebind a quickie menu to the keyboard.

To enable, add the following:


Edit the file "keymap.txt".



"user.ini", "master.ini" example[]

All 500+ options are listed in this "user.ini"/"master.ini" file, but only around 10 options are active. The "//" hides the options and allows for comments. Simply remove the "//" to make the option active/true.


  • You cannot go into no-clip mode (pressing F2) while pushing an item such as a dolly or drink cart.
Dead rising dead rising Tastes Like Chicken debugger
  • During High Rollers in debug mode, if the player goes into no-clip mode and the chef is atop Chuck when F2 is pressed, the chef will transport with Chuck, dropping down with Chuck.
    • This will happen with any zombie, boss, or survivor Chuck is grabbing. The person transports with Chuck.
  • If you press F2 while Chuck is running, Chuck will continue to run. He will continue to run when he hits a wall.



  1. deadrising2 - Revision 11: /trunk/docs, a brief explanation of what the debug mode does.