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List of what each file does

All game items (items.txt)
  Item animations (PyroEffect)
All game text
All missions and cases (missions.txt)
  Times of all missions
  Mission breakdown
All major packed files (big files)
  Character models (npcs.big)
Sgraph - animations
HUD (game player's interface)
Camera.txt (camera view)
Zombie models
Game rules (frontend)
Cutscenes (cinematics.big)
  Royal Flush Plaza
  Safe House
  Americana Casino
  Fortune City Arena
Collision - controls solid surfaces
Excel coordinates of all areas



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For information on how to change the text in the text file, see Changing Text.
For the older version with sections, see Mod:Game_text/sections
Off the Record full numbered text: See Mod:Game text/Off the Record.
For a comparison of Dead Rising 2 and off the Record game text see File:Off the record and dead rising 2 items txt compared.doc

The game text file is found in \data\frontend\str_en.bcs with correct line numbering (this is the English version -- there are 7 other language files)

The end credits are found in Data/Frontend/fecmn.big/creditsall.txt

A Hex editor is needed to open these files. To change this text, see Mod:Changing_Text.

Location of text files[]

Game tex location

Sarah in game text file

Game text location 2

Jason Jason Wong Archie Archie Eaton

In files such as missions.txt and items.txt there are numbers listed for text, each number is a line. Each line is separated by a 00.

For Sarah:

  • Display name is listed as 50206. (Sarah)
  • Full name is listed as 50207. (Sarah Strayer)

In the Microsoft Word file, each paragraph mark/line return has been changed to a %.

Interesting text[]

  • Skip to next Zombrex Dose
  • Skip to next Case File
  • Skip ahead %d hours
  • Don't Skip
  • Grind zombies for ammo.
  • Saving is not available in the trial version of Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO.
  • @GOAL: Talk to the shopping women DESTINATION: Kathy's Space Three women appear to be putting money into the register at Kathy's Space in the Royal Flush Plaza (this is an unannounced mission--this text may not be used)[Verification needed]

Convert bcs language file to a text file[]

Use the bcs to txt converter, BCS_TXT.exe, which converts both ways.[1]

Download here


  1. Unpack and extract the BCSTXTv02.rar file.
  2. Drag and drop the bcs file you want to convert onto the BCS_TXT.exe file.
  3. A new text file will be created in seconds.

Closing credits[]

Ending D with closing credits
See also cStringSubList ZombieVoiceTalentList in data/audio/scenegraph.txt

Found in Mod:Data/Frontend/fecmn.big/creditsall.txt

Item names and descriptions found in items.txt[]

Game location names[]

The location names which are displayed in the HUD when Chuck walks into an area is found in the data/datfile.big/fe_map_f1.csv file.

Dead Rising 2 full numbered text[]

Case Zero has a nearly identical text file, see: Mod:Game text/Case Zero

00001 _

00002 %s


00004 placeholder

00005 placeholder

00006 placeholder

00007 Demo

00008 Fortune Park

00009 Silver Strip

00010 Slot Ranch Casino

00011 %02d:%02d AM

00012 %02d:%02d PM

00013 Yucatan Casino Demo

00014 Royal Flush Plaza Demo

00015 Which demo would you like to play?


00017 %s wants to skip...

00018 @Press [@butstart] to skip

00019 Waiting for %s to skip...

00020 Quit Poker?

00021 ,

00022 Client has died. Press Ok to continue.

00023 There is not enough available space on the HDD. To play the game, at least %s of free space is required. Exit the game and obtain the necessary space.


00025 Credits

00026 How to Play



00029 %02d:%02d AM

00030 %02d:%02d PM

00031 ™

00032 ®



00035 %s is waiting to play...

00036 You do not have the required downloadable content to join this session.

00037 The other player does not have the required downloadable content for you to join this session.


00050 @TIP: You can quickly access the map by pressing [@butback]

00051 TIP: Combo Weapons give extra PP, use them often to level up faster!

00052 TIP: Items with the wrench icon can be used to make combo weapons!

00053 TIP: Drinking too much will make Chuck sick.

00054 TIP: Eating food will regain health, so it's good to keep some on Chuck at all times.

00055 TIP: Save your game by visiting a restroom.

00056 TIP: Saving survivors will give you lots of PP!

00057 TIP: If you can't find any Zombrex, the pawnshop will have some, for a price.

00058 TIP: Play Terror Is Reality online to win prize money that Chuck can use!

00103 LOADING...

00104 BACK

00105 SELECT

00106 READY







00113 ZOOM +/-

00114 FLOOR



00117 SKIP

00118 Levels

00119 Cases

00120 Scoops



00123 Verifying game information...

00124 Host migration in progress, please wait...

00125 Attempting to join game...

00126 The host has left the game. Returning to online main menu.


00201 RESUME

00202 QUIT

00203 LOAD


00211 MAP


00213 STATUS




00217 No combo cards found.

00218 NEW

00219 BOOT %s

00220 @Katey will need [00A5D2FF,Zombrex]

00221 @Find Katey [00A5D2FF,Zombrex]

00222 @DESTINATION: Safe House \0ADEADLINE: September %1, 8:00AM \0AI have [00CC00FF,Zombrex], it's too early to give it to Katey. I can only give it to her [00CC00FF,between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM].

00223 DESTINATION: Unknown \0ADEADLINE: September %1, 8:00AM \0AKatey will need Zombrex at 7:00AM. I need to find some.

00224 @DESTINATION: Safe House \0ADEADLINE: September %1, 8:00AM \0AI need to hurry back to the Safe House and [00CC00FF,give Katey Zombrex].

00225 DESTINATION: Unknown \0ADEADLINE: September %1, 8:00AM \0AIt's now time to give Katey Zombrex. I only have until 8:00AM, I better get some quick.

00226 @DESTINATION: Roy's Mart \0ADEADLINE: September 25th, 8:00AM \0AI should check out [00CC00FF,Roy's Mart in Royal Flush Plaza].

00227 @Give Katey [00A5D2FF,Zombrex]

00228 @DESTINATION: Roy's Mart \0ADEADLINE: September 25th, 8:00AM \0AKatey only has an hour. I need to check out [00CC00FF,Roy's Mart in Royal Flush Plaza].

00300 This software product is in development and, as such, may contain unforseen problems.

00301 CAPCOM is not responsible for problems that may result from its use.

00302 Dead Rising 2 uses Havok®.\0A© Copyright 1999-2010 Inc. (and its Licensors).\0AAll Rights Reserved.\0ASee for details.

00303 Uses Bink Video.\0ACopyright © 1997-2010 by RAD Game Tools, Inc.


00305 PLAYBOY and The Rabbit Head Design are trademarks of Playboy Enterprises International, Inc.\0Aand are used under license by Capcom.

00400 - NEW GAME -

00401 - CONTINUE -


00403 72 HOUR MODE


00405 Total:

00406 Last Save:

00407 Lv:

00408 Total PP:

00409 Total Money:

00410 - CO-OP OPTION -

00411 NONE







00425 - SLOT 1 -

00426 - SLOT 2 -

00427 - SLOT 3 -

00428 Day %d - %02d:%02d AM

00429 Day %d - %02d:%02d PM

00430 N/A

00433 - Restart Story -


00441 - New Character -

00442 Backstage



00451 Game Ending:

00452 PP Earned:

00453 Zombies Killed:

00454 Survivors:

00455 Gifts for Katey:

00456 Money Earned:

00457 Ending S

00458 Ending A

00459 Ending B

00460 Ending C

00461 Ending D

00462 Ending E

00463 Ending F

00599 Display underground tunnel for Case 7-2

00601 Italian Casino Description

00661 Americana Casino

00681 Fortune City Hotel

00695 Atlantica Casino

00705 Yucatan Casino

00707 Safe House

00708 Only for use during city wide emergencies such as natural disasters or the unlikely event of a zombie outbreak.

00709 Fortune City

00710 Get away from it all and lose yourself in one of our many grand casinos or try and resist spending all of those winnings at one of our fine stores. Fortune City, where the good times never know when to end!

00711 Americana Casino

00712 Royal Flush Plaza

00713 Tape It Or Die Set

00714 Food Court

00715 Yucatan Casino

00716 Palisades Mall

00717 Atlantica Casino

00718 South Plaza

00723 @[@world_icon_food] Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack

00724 A101 - Food

00725 Get ready to fill up on some of the finest smokehouse pork in Fortune City. We slow roast and double baste our premium grain-fed young swine until the juices burst through for your eating pleasure.

00726 @[@world_icon_food] Shots & Awe

00727 A102 - Drink

00728 Go big and be seen at Shots and Awe! Our 360 degree panoramic bar experience lets you be the focus and envy in the middle of one the hottest gaming venues in Fortune City.

00729 @[@world_icon_giftshop] The American Historium

00730 A103 - Gifts

00731 Let us help you find that perfect gift. We have the largest selection of hard to find, one of kind and truly inspiring items for that special someone.

00732 Catch the winning fever with our non-stop gaming action. Whether you are a one-armed bandit or the king of poker, our lively rocking atmosphere will leave you in awe. At the Americana Casino, winning is all of the fun.

00733 @[@world_icon_clothing] Casual Gals

00734 R101 - Clothing

00735 Browse our racks of specially selected fashions to meet your casual needs.

00736 @[@world_icon_clothing] In The Closet

00737 R102 - Clothing

00738 Show the cool kids that you have the freshest duds on the block. We've got more than enough name brands to buy you the street cred you crave... In the Closet!

00739 @[@world_icon_sports] The Man's Sport

00740 R103 - Sporting Goods

00741 Everything you need to get ripped under one roof. Man up and check out the X-Treme selection of The Man's Sport today!

00742 @[@world_icon_clothing] The Shoehorn

00743 R104 - Clothing

00744 Our patented "Cover-Ur-Feet" process allows our dedicated staff to match every customer with the ideal pair for any purpose. Whether you run, jog, or just walk, everyone needs shoes.

00745 @[@world_icon_music] Tunemakers

00746 R105 - Music

00747 We take great pride in bringing you only the highest quality musical instruments made of carefully selected materials to produce the richest possible sounds.

00748 @[@world_icon_beauty] Wave of Style

00749 R106 - Beautification

00750 Keep your look up-to-date with our expert team of stylists. No appointment necessary!

00751 @[@world_icon_giftshop] Ye Olde Toybox

00752 R107 - Hobbies & Toys

00753 Decades of experience in the toy field have left us with a staff so eager to please that they'll happily tend to any needs you may have.

00754 @[@world_icon_accessories] Marriage Makers

00755 R108 - Accessories

00756 If you need a little romance in your life, look no further! We have what it takes to outfit you or your loved one in the finest jewelry.

00757 @[@world_icon_housewares] Roy's Mart

00758 R109 - Convenience

00759 At Roy's Mart, we've got all that and more! Now with our fully stocked, on site pharmacy, you have even more reasons to come to Roy's Mart for all your needs.

00760 @[@world_icon_clothing] Modern Businessman

00761 R110 - Clothing

00762 As you move up in the corporate world, be sure that your suits move up with you. Come experience the cutting edge in business fashion.

00763 @[@world_icon_clothing] Stylin' Toddlers

00764 R111 - Clothing

00765 Nothing makes a statement to the world better than dressing your toddler in the latest fashion craze. Express the personality you want them to develop through our designer line of bibs and coveralls.

00766 @[@world_icon_sports] SporTrance

00767 R112 - Sporting Goods

00768 With 2 floors brimming with savings, there's no need to buy sporting goods anywhere but SporTrance.

00769 @[@world_icon_tobacco] The Chieftain's Hut

00770 R113 - Tobacco

00771 For many moons, The Chieftain's Hut has been serving Fortune City the finest tobacco. Come browse the bounties of our ancestral lands.

00772 @[@world_icon_stationary] Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

00773 R114 - Stationary

00774 Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow is the first place you'll go for news. Keep up-to-date on world events with the largest selection of news and news related reading materials!

00775 @[@world_icon_clothing] Hat Racks

00776 R115 - Clothing

00777 We sport the widest variety of hats in town. Get ahead of the crowd and cap off your shopping trip in style.

00778 @[@world_icon_accessories] Universe of Optics

00779 R116 - Accessories

00780 We provide only the highest quality glasses to meet both your visual needs and your sense of style.

00781 @[@world_icon_giftshop] Astonishing Illusions

00782 R118 - Hobbies & Toys

00783 Whether you need little giggles or big laughs, Astonishing Illusions is the perfect place to buy a smile for the whole family.

00784 @[@world_icon_travel] Sturdy Package

00785 R119 - Travel

00786 From fancy clothes to questionable pharmaceuticals, our luggage can carry anything you need. Ask our staff about the five star rated, diamond-composite "Immalleable" line!

00787 @[@world_icon_food] The Dark Bean

00788 R120 - Drink

00789 Kick off your day with the bright eyed pep that only a fresh cup of coffee can provide. Our roasted arabica beans and selection of fresh pastries is the surefire way to start a big day, or late night, off right!

00790 @[@world_icon_clothing] Albert's Apparel

00791 R201 - Clothing

00792 The premier source of fine apparel in Fortune City. Come by and reveal the classy you; no price is too high for looks this good!

00793 @[@world_icon_travel] Wily Travels

00794 R202 - Travel

00795 Take to the air, quick as a flash! Visit the deserts, forests and oceans of the world. Come crashing by our office and steel yourself for the adventure of a lifetime!

00796 @[@world_icon_housewares] Antoine's

00797 R203 - Housewares

00798 Need to make a fancy banquet? Or maybe just a romantic dinner for two? Come down to Antoine's for all your cooking needs! We have every kind of cookware imaginable, all endorsed by the famous Chef Antoine!

00799 @[@world_icon_beauty] Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics

00800 R204 - Beautification

00801 We know that it's not enough to just sell premium cosmetics. That's why our trained staff is prepared to support you every step of the way after you've made your purchase.

00802 @[@world_icon_pawnshop] Just in Time Payday L*ans

00803 R205 - Pawnshop

00804 It seems that this store is under new management...

00805 @[@world_icon_accessories] Eternal Timepieces

00806 R206 - Accessories

00807 We promise nothing but the utmost of quality craftsmanship in all our products. Every timepiece is built, from scratch, by our expert team of timepiece technicians and metallurgists to ensure that these works of art last for an eternity.

00808 @[@world_icon_clothing] Kathy's Space

00809 R207 - Clothing

00810 Be the envy of the club scene. From Friday night parties to Saturday at the club, and everything in between! With outfits this hot, you'll be jumping into the VIP room in no time.

00811 @[@world_icon_clothing] Earmark Leather

00812 R208 - Clothing

00813 Check out our selection of hats, boots and everything in-between. We stock only the finest 100% genuine American leather products. Our staff will be happy to wrangle you a new look!

00814 @[@world_icon_giftshop] Children's Castle

00815 R209 - Hobbies & Toys

00816 Big kids and little kids alike will love our selection of fun. Costumes big and small, with matching toy lines, are sure to keep them entertained for hours on end!

00817 @[@world_icon_clothing] Small Fry Duds

00818 R210 - Clothing

00819 Looking to outfit your kids in adorable coordinated outfits? Leave it to us!

00820 @[@world_icon_electronics] Rush Wireless

00821 R211 - Electronics

00822 With over 10 years of experience, our crew will tend to all your wireless needs. Talk with friends and connect to the world with the greatest selection of mobile phones available.

00823 @[@world_icon_stationary] Ragazines

00824 R212 - Stationary

00825 Your number one source for gossip. Re-stocked daily with the latest copies of the Fortune City hit "Ugly People With Cats" magazine!

00826 @[@world_icon_music] Players

00827 R213 - Music

00828 Players has all the hottest hits under one roof. Drink up these juicy beats and save with our "Buy eight, get one 50% off" deal! (Valid every Thursday, 6:00AM to 6:43AM)

00829 @[@world_icon_clothing] Three Club Monte

00830 R117 - Clothing

00831 If you want to impress the ladies, you have to dress in style. Our staff will help select an outfit that fits your personal look.

00832 Royal Flush Plaza

00833 R100

00834 Take a break from the gambling and excitement to visit Royal Flush Plaza. With this many stores and so much to see, you'll be sure to have the perfect day out.

00835 Fortune City Arena

00836 E100

00837 This month at the Fortune City Arena: TERROR IS REALITY! Experience the sporting event that's sweeping the nation first hand. Families with young children: Ask about our "TIR for Tots" seating section for special discount rates.

00838 @[@world_icon_giftshop] Terror Togs

00839 E101 - Gifts

00840 The only source for officially licensed Terror Is Reality merchandise. It's the perfect way to immortalize a night of zombie carnage!

00841 @[@world_icon_giftshop] Hostile Zone

00842 E102 - Gifts

00843 Show them your inner hostility with Hostile Zone's unique stock of hostile swag.

00844 @[@world_icon_arena] Stage

00845 E103 - Arena

00846 Authorized Personnel Only.

00847 Platinum Strip

00848 S100

00849 If you're looking for great food and wholesome fun, look no further! Platinum Strip's family friendly environment will keep you coming back again and again. So come down, grab a bite and enjoy all that Fortune City has to offer!

00850 @[@world_icon_giftshop] Souvenir Kiosk

00851 S101 - Gifts

00852 Celebrate TIR the old fashioned way: Branded merchandise!

00853 @[@world_icon_casino] Cash Gordon's Casino

00854 S102 - Casino

00855 Gordon's got the hottest slots in Fortune! More jackpots and bigger payouts means you could walk away a little (or a LOT) richer!

00856 @[@world_icon_food] Juggz Bar & Grill

00857 S103 - Drink

00858 Our pitchers are twice the size as any other bar. We ain't called Juggz for nothing!

00859 @[@world_icon_entertainment] Paradise Platinum Screens

00860 S104 - Entertainment

00861 Late night showings of classic films, every night of the week! Movie of the Month for September: "Kar Krash Krushers"

00862 @[@world_icon_pawnshop] Moe's Maginations

00863 S105 - Pawnshop

00864 It seems that this store is under new management...

00865 @[@world_icon_food] Dining at Davey's

00866 S106 - Food

00867 Just like mom used to make! Come on in for some delicious homemade meatloaf, or treat yourself to our famous apple pie!

00868 @[@world_icon_giftshop] From Fortune with Love

00869 S107 - Gifts

00870 Need a little something for loved ones back home? Or just want a souvenir of the great Fortune City? From Fortune with Love has what you're looking for.

00871 @[@world_icon_giftshop] Souvenir Kiosk

00872 S108 - Gifts

00873 Celebrate TIR the old fashioned way: Branded merchandise!

00874 Safe House

00875 Underground

00876 First Floor

00877 Second Floor

00878 Rooftop

00879 South Plaza

00880 S100

00881 Coming Soon!

00882 Fortune Park

00883 P100

00884 Scenic Fortune Park, where the sun is always shining and the birds are always singing. A perfect centerpiece to fantastic Fortune City and a great place to take an afternoon stroll, see the sights and breathe in the fresh desert air.

00885 Fortune City Hotel

00886 H100

00887 Stay a night in the lap of luxury at the 5-star Fortune City Hotel! World renowned for its fantastic views, this 4-story "Good Fortune" suite is complete with four hot tubs, three saunas and the largest "mini"-bar in the continental USA.

00888 Slot Ranch Casino

00889 B100

00890 Slots as far as the eye can see, you're sure to strike it rich in the Slot Ranch Casino! And this month only, Slot Ranch Casino hosts the first stop of famed pop-star Bibi Love's epic comeback tour!

00891 Food Court

00892 F100

00893 Come over to the Food Court for hearty meals from all four corners of the globe. From burgers to pasta, cheesecake to tacos, we've got everything your empty stomach craves!

00894 @[@world_icon_food] Wild West Grill House

00895 F101 - Food

00896 Howdy Partner! Why don't you mosey on by the best in American grilling! Try our famous 96 ounce, flame-grilled rib eye steak. Eat the whole thing in under an hour, and win a free colonoscopy!

00897 @[@world_icon_food] Cucina Donnacci

00898 F102 - Food

00899 Come sample the finest cuisine of Italy in the heart of the USA. World renowned Chef Antoine has expertly crafted each recipe to deliver a symphony of flavor!

00900 @[@world_icon_food] Cheesecake Mania

00901 F103 - Food

00902 Looking for the perfect way to celebrate your latest dieting success? Come spoil yourself at Cheesecake Mania! Now with 27% less lard in all our recipes.

00903 @[@world_icon_food] Lombardi's

00904 F104 - Food

00905 If it's made of sugar, we've got it in 10 different colors! Indulge your sweet tooth with us at Lombardi's!

00906 @[@world_icon_food] Hamburger Fiefdom

00907 105 - Food

00908 Credited with starting a fast food renaissance, Hamburger Fiefdom will leave you full and satisfied.

00909 @[@world_icon_food] Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant

00910 F106 - Food

00911 Hola from Rojo Diablo's! We've got the best tacos in town, guaranteed... or your pesos back!

00912 @[@world_icon_food] Hungry Joe's Pizzeria

00913 F107 - Food

00914 Grab a slice of the classic American meal, pizza! Over 3 different varieties of meat and 1 different variety of cheese await in our gourmet kitchen! Only the best at Hungry Joe's!

00915 Yucatan Casino

00916 Y100

00917 Countless slot machines, blackjack tables and roulette wheels - it must be Yucatan! Come see our signature showpiece, Snowflake the Bengal tiger! Daily feeding shows at 10AM and 10PM.

00918 @[@world_icon_food] Baron Von Brathaus

00919 Y101 - Food

00920 Everyday is a sausagefest at Baron Von Brathaus! Fill yourself with our meat and hand made sauces. Try our new chork sausage: A chicken and pork blend that is sure to satisfy the most exacting standards.

00921 @[@world_icon_food] Shoal Nightclub

00922 Y102 - Drink

00923 Feel the beat of the music driving your every move in the newly opened Shoal Nightclub. We've got the lowest cover charge in the state, and the best DJ's in Fortune City.

00924 @[@world_icon_food] Speedy Expresso

00925 F108 - Drink

00926 Wake up and smell the aroma of our fresh brewed coffees! At Speedy Expresso, you can be certain that you'll get your coffee as fast as our automated machinery can brew it!

00927 Machine Room

00928 Maintenance Room

00932 a

00933 b

00934 c

00935 d

00936 e

00937 f

00938 g

00939 h

00940 i

00941 j

00942 k

00943 l

00944 m

00945 n

00946 o

00947 p

00948 q

00949 r

00950 s

00951 t

00952 u

00953 v

00954 w

00955 x

00956 y

00957 z

00958 A

00959 B

00960 C

00961 D

00962 E

00963 F

00964 G

00965 H

00966 I

00967 J

00968 K

00969 L

00970 M

00971 N

00972 O

00973 P

00974 Q

00975 R

00976 S

00977 T

00978 U

00979 V

00980 W

00981 X

00982 Y

00983 Z

00984 1

00985 2

00986 3

00987 4

00988 5

00989 6

00990 7

00991 8

00992 9

00993 0

00994 _

00995 @

00996 .

00997 -

00998 Space

00999 Backspace

01000 Invalid Input

01003 0

01004 1

01005 2

01006 3

01007 4

01008 5

01009 6

01010 7

01011 8

01012 9

01014 10

01015 11

01016 12

01017 13

01018 14

01019 15

01020 16

01021 17

01022 18

01023 19

01024 20

01025 21

01026 22

01027 23

01028 24

01029 25

01030 26

01031 27

01032 28

01033 29

01034 30

01035 31

01036 32

01037 33

01038 34

01039 35

01040 36

01400 Atlantica Casino

01401 T100

01402 The fabled riches of Atlantis have returned and await you in the tides of gold at Atlantica Casino. Try your hand at our signature Wheel of Destiny or watch Reed & Roger, the magical duo that are taking Fortune City by storm!

01403 @[@world_icon_food] Sipparellos

01404 T101 - Drink

01405 Only the smoothest of drinks make the grade at Sipparellos: the premier destination for Fortune City's most refined drinkers.

01406 Palisades Mall

01407 P100

01408 You've never seen a shopping mall like this, with marble statues and towering pillars, Palisades Mall brings classic style to a new age of consumerism. Two floors of shopping utopia are waiting for you!

01409 @[@world_icon_accessories] Finders Peepers

01410 P101 - Accessories

01411 Glasses with prices that are crystal clear. Tell the world how you see it with our selection of unique designs.

01412 @[@world_icon_beauty] FairMoans

01413 P102 - Beautification

01414 It's said that the sense of smell triggers the strongest emotions. Sniff out your desire at FairMoans!

01415 @[@world_icon_giftshop] Ultimate Playhouse

01416 P103 - Hobbies & Toys

01417 We specialize in toys of all types for all ages! Come find ultimate fun at Ultimate Playhouse!

01418 @[@world_icon_sports] Flexin'

01419 P104 - Fitness

01420 True health dwells within a hardened sheen of developed muscles. Come to Flexin' now for a custom tailored workout guaranteed to get you fit and confident.

01421 @[@world_icon_clothing] Beach Body Swim House

01422 P105 - Clothing

01423 Great deals on swimwear, all year round! Make a splash with Beach Body swimwear!

01424 @[@world_icon_clothing] Wallington's

01425 P106 - Clothing

01426 We carry a wide variety of items and accessories for the dapper gentleman.

01427 @[@world_icon_sports] Shank's

01428 P107 - Hunting

01429 The top choice for hunting enthusiasts from around the country, Shank's is on the cutting edge of knife technology.

01430 @[@world_icon_accessories] Bagged!

01431 P108 - Accessories

01432 Whether you need something for function or just for looks, come in and find the perfect handbag at Bagged!

01433 @[@world_icon_beauty] The Venus Touch

01434 P109 - Beautification

01435 Get the right touch for all of your personal desires. At The Venus Touch, we know just how you like it.

01436 @[@world_icon_sports] KokoNutz Sports Town

01437 P110 - Sports

01438 Our employees are all qualified experts in the world of athletics. Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.

01439 @[@world_icon_food] Chocolate Confession

01440 P111 - Food

01441 All of our products are made with 100% natural chocolate, for the ultimate flavor that is naturally delectable.

01442 @[@world_icon_clothing] For Your Leisure

01443 P112 - Clothing

01444 The only thing more easy going than our styles is our staff. Swing by and browse our great selection, For Your Leisure.

01445 @[@world_icon_clothing] Trendy Cindy

01446 P113 - Clothing

01447 Let Cindy and her team of fashion experts give you the trendy style that you deserve at the price that you want.

01448 @[@world_icon_music] Entertainment Isle

01449 P114 - Music

01450 Entertainment starts here! At Entertainment Isle, we think our wide selection of CDs and DVDs speaks for itself.

01451 @[@world_icon_clothing] Kicks for Her

01452 P201 - Clothing

01453 Why buy just shoes when you can buy kicks?

01454 @[@world_icon_clothing] Que's Hats

01455 P202 - Clothing

01456 Come visit Que's Hats for all your hat, and hat related, needs.

01457 @[@world_icon_clothing] Brand New U

01458 P203 - Clothing

01459 We cater our fashion sense to your individual style. We can even make any article of clothing you desire according to your specifications.

01460 @[@world_icon_giftshop] Ned's Knicknackery

01461 P204 - Antiques

01462 Come take a leisurely stroll through yesteryear as you browse our wide selection of antiques collected from the four corners of the globe.

01463 @[@world_icon_clothing] Space

01464 P205 - Clothing

01465 With an infinite number of combinations and styles, you're sure to find the one for you on our shelves. Change even the space around you with a flashy new look.

01466 @[@world_icon_stationary] Stan's Large Print Books & Magazines

01467 P206 - Stationary

01468 The hardest hitting news and insightful political commentary, all under one roof.

01469 @[@world_icon_travel] Under the Sea Travels

01470 P207 - Travel

01471 Our professional staff will help you plan and escape to your fantasy tropical vacation full of sun and surf.

01472 @[@world_icon_pawnshop] Army Surplus Gift Store

01473 P208 - Pawnshop

01474 It seems that this store is under new management...

01475 @[@world_icon_clothing] Kids' Choice Clothing

01476 P209 - Clothing

01477 We'll help you select the perfect clothing to suit your children's specific hobbies and interests. Come today and meet the television sensation Slappy, here for a limited time!

01478 @[@world_icon_giftshop] The Cleroux Collection

01479 P210 - Art Gallery

01480 Only the finest of fine art makes the grade to enter the esteemed Cleroux Collection, where fine art and extravagance meet!

01481 @[@world_icon_food] Leigh's Fine Liquor

01482 P211 - Drink

01483 Wine to beer, whiskey to gin, if Leigh doesn't have it in stock then it's not worth drinking!

01484 @[@world_icon_service] Severed Ties

01485 P212 - Services

01486 When your "happily ever after" doesn't last past the honeymoon, come to the divorce professionals at Severed Ties.

01487 @[@world_icon_electronics] Robsaka Digital

01488 P213 - Electronics

01489 We hope you're ready for the digital storm! In celebration of our 101st store, founders and intrepid spokesmen Robert and Sakakibara are proud to bring the people of Fortune City the ultimate in digital entertainment.

01490 @[@world_icon_accessories] Everything Diamond

01491 P215 - Accessories

01492 Diamonds of every shape and size help you turn a special day into an unforgettable one.

01493 @[@world_icon_food] Chris' Fine Foods

01494 P216 - Food

01495 Think you have what it takes to go toe to toe with our juicy 1 1/2 inch thick steak? When it comes to beef, nobody beats Chris!

01496 @[@world_icon_electronics] Robsaka Mobile

01497 P217 - Electronics

01498 We hope you're ready for the mobile storm! In celebration of our 1st mobile store, founders and intrepid spokesmen Robert and Sakakibara are proud to bring the people of Fortune City the ultimate in mobile technology.

01499 @[@world_icon_sports] High-noon Shooting Range

01500 P218 - Sports

01501 Come celebrate your 2nd amendment right the way our forefathers intended! At the High-noon Shooting Range, let your trigger-finger do the talking!

01502 Silver Strip

01503 N100

01504 See all the sights and hear all the sounds that the heart of the city has to offer. When all shops are open 24 hours a day, the adventure never dies and the party never ends on Fortune City's Silver Strip!

01505 @[@world_icon_service] Swept Away

01506 N101 - Services

01507 Tie the knot with that special someone and launch your new adventure into love and life, together.

01508 @[@world_icon_entertainment] One Little Duck Bingo

01509 N102 - Entertainment

01510 Our bingo balls are spinning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When ever you feel the bingo itch, come scratch it at One Little Duck Bingo!

01511 @[@world_icon_pawnshop] Tinkerbox

01512 N103 - Pawnshop

01513 It seems that this store is under new management...

01514 @[@world_icon_giftshop] Barrel of Goods

01515 N104 - Gifts

01516 Everything you can think of to make your visit to Fortune City a memorable one, with new stock arriving daily! Who knows what will be on our shelves next?

01517 @[@world_icon_food] Luaii Wauwii

01518 N105 - Food

01519 The freshest fish from distant seas, straight from our chef's capable hands to your plate! Have a little taste of our world and you'll never forget why we're Fortune City's most popular restaurant.

01520 @[@world_icon_casino] Shamrock Casino

01521 N106 - Casino

01522 The luck of the Irish is on your side at Shamrock Casino... even if you aren't Irish!

01523 @[@world_icon_food] Pub O' Gold

01524 N107 - Drink

01525 Spend your night with us at Pub O' Gold for delicious drinks and great times.

01526 @[@world_icon_giftshop] Rockets Red Glare

01527 N108 - Gifts

01528 Take part in the greatest tradition that this fine country has to offer: PYROTECHNICS! U S A! U S A!

01529 @[@world_icon_entertainment] Peep Hole

01530 N109 - Entertainment

01531 Feed your carnal urges in our selection of private booths. You've got to peep it to believe it!

01532 @[@world_icon_clothing] Hot Excitorama

01533 N110 - Clothing

01534 Excitement is what turns us on! Take a walk on the wild side with our collection of adult movies and apparel.

01535 Royal Flush Plaza Rooftop

01536 Cinema Rooftop

01537 Safe House Rooftop

01538 Atlantica Casino Rooftop

01539 Yucatan Casino Rooftop

01540 Underground

01541 Underground Access

01542 Authorized personnel only.

01543 Chuck

01544 Maintenance Room

01545 Objective

01546 Save Point

01547 Elevator

01548 Underground Access

01549 Pawnshop

01550 Research Lab

01551 @[@world_icon_food] Juggz Bar & Grill Kiosk

01552 N111 - Drink

01553 If you like the taste of our jugs, visit our full Juggz Bar & Grill location in Platinum Strip!

01554 Fortune City Hotel Rooftop

01600 Aggressive

01601 Brave

01602 Calm

01603 Confused

01604 Sad

01605 Scared

01700 Still Creek

01701 PR000

01702 In the center of nowhere is the town where everything seems to slow down and your problems melt away. Visit Still Creek: the quiet town that time forgot.

01703 Junkyard

01704 PR001

01705 Brockett Gas Station employees only.

01706 Quarantine Zone

01707 PR002

01708 All civilians must report the the Quarantine Zone immediately.

01709 @[@world_icon_safehouse] Brockett Gas Station

01710 PR101 - Safe House

01711 Whether you need a fill up or a full on repair, Brockett's got you covered.

01712 @[@world_icon_food] The Dirty Drink

01713 PR102 - Drink

01714 Out in the country, real men drink beer and whiskey. At The Dirty Drink, that's all we serve, and you're gonna like it.

01715 @[@world_icon_sports] Bob's Fish 'n Hunt

01716 P107 - Hunting

01717 The only thing better than hauling in a 22 pounds bass is downing a 300 pound deer! Either way, we've got everything you need.

01718 @[@world_icon_housewares] Uncle Bill's Department Store

01719 R109 - Convenience

01720 Uncle Bill has everything you need to make it through a day in Still Creek... and maybe even a bit more.

01721 @[@world_icon_entertainment] Still Creek Movie Theater

01722 PR105 - Entertainment

01723 This month's special feature from the archives: O'Bold and the Midnight Raiders.

01724 @[@world_icon_beauty] Ed's Friendly Barber Shop

01725 PR106 - Beautification

01726 From beard trims to hair cuts, let Ed handle it the old fashioned way.

01727 @[@world_icon_housewares] Big Buck Hardware

01728 PR107 - Hardware

01729 Let us help you with any "fix-er-up" project. We've been doing it since 1964.

01730 @[@world_icon_sports] Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley

01731 PR108 - Sports

01732 When you're looking for wholesome family entertainment, you could do a lot worse than bowling.

01733 @[@world_icon_food] Momma's Diner

01734 PR109 - Food

01735 The grills are greased and ready to serve up the best in homestyle cooking!

01736 @[@world_icon_casino] Still Creek Casino

01737 PR110 - Casino

01738 Playing cards in a small town still pays off big!

01739 @[@world_icon_pawnshop] Still Creek Pawnshop

01740 PR111 - Pawnshop

01741 Owner Dick Jones is always ready to cash you out on a great deal!

01742 @[@world_icon_service] Sheriff's Office

01743 PR112 - Services

01744 The next town safety meeting will be held in 3 weeks. All are welcome to attend.

01745 Still Creek Hotel


02009 It's time for Katey's dose, I need to give her this Zombrex right away.

02010 I need to find some Zombrex quickly! Katey needs Zombrex right now!


02012 07:00AM



02015 Katey & Stacey are dead.

02100 @[FFF200FF,ATTACK] increased to 2

02101 @[FFF200FF,ATTACK] increased to 3

02102 @[FFF200FF,ATTACK] increased to 4

02103 @[FFF200FF,ATTACK] increased to 5

02104 @[FFF200FF,ATTACK] increased to 6

02105 @[FFF200FF,ATTACK] increased to 7

02106 @[FFF200FF,SPEED] increased to 1

02107 @[FFF200FF,SPEED] increased to 2

02108 @[FFF200FF,SPEED] increased to 3

02109 @[FFF200FF,LIFE] increased to 5

02110 @[FFF200FF,LIFE] increased to 6

02111 @[FFF200FF,LIFE] increased to 7

02112 @[FFF200FF,LIFE] increased to 8

02113 @[FFF200FF,LIFE] increased to 9

02114 @[FFF200FF,LIFE] increased to 10

02115 @[FFF200FF,LIFE] increased to 11

02116 @[FFF200FF,LIFE] increased to 12

02117 @[FFF200FF,ITEM STOCK] increased to 5

02118 @[FFF200FF,ITEM STOCK] increased to 6

02119 @[FFF200FF,ITEM STOCK] increased to 7

02120 @[FFF200FF,ITEM STOCK] increased to 8

02121 @[FFF200FF,ITEM STOCK] increased to 9

02122 @[FFF200FF,ITEM STOCK] increased to 10

02123 @[FFF200FF,ITEM STOCK] increased to 11

02124 @[FFF200FF,ITEM STOCK] increased to 12

02125 @[FFF200FF,THROW DISTANCE] increased to 2

02126 @[FFF200FF,THROW DISTANCE] increased to 3

02127 @[FFF200FF,THROW DISTANCE] increased to 4

02128 @[FFF200FF,THROW DISTANCE] increased to 5

02130 @Go to [FFF200FF,STATUS] screen for more information

02131 @Go to [FFF200FF,COMBO CARD] screen for more information

02132 @Wiggle the [FFF200FF,LEFT STICK ][@analog_move_center] to escape grapples!

02133 @Hold [@LTbutton_ig] for BRAKES. Hold [@RTbutton_ig] for GAS.

02134 Kill as many zombies as you can!

02135 @Kick while carrying Katey: Press [@x_button_ig]

02136 @Attack: Press [@x_button_ig] Strong Attack: Hold [@x_button_ig]

02137 @Aim: Hold [@LTbutton_ig] Throw: Hold [@LTbutton_ig] + Press [@x_button_ig]

02138 @Switch item: Press [@LBbutton_ig] or [@RBbutton_ig]

02139 @Drop item: Press [@dpad_down] Unequip item: Press [@dpad_up]

02140 @Call survivors: Press [@y_button_ig]

02141 @View watch: Press [@dpad_left]

02142 @Escape the [00CC00FF,Arena]!

02143 @Get to the [00CC00FF,Safe house]!

02144 @Set survivor marker: Hold [@LTbutton_ig] + Press [@y_button_ig]

02150 @[FFF200FF,HAYMAKER:] Hold [@x_button_ig] barehanded

02151 @[FFF200FF,JUMP KICK:] Jump then press [@x_button_ig]

02152 @[FFF200FF,DOUBLE LEG DROP KICK:] Jump then hold [@x_button_ig]

02153 @[FFF200FF,HANDS OFF:] Hold [@RTbutton_ig] + press [@b_button_ig]

02154 @[FFF200FF,DODGE ROLL: ] Click LS button [@L3]

02155 @[FFF200FF,FOOT SWEEP:] Hold [@RTbutton_ig] + hold [@a_button_ig]

02156 @[FFF200FF,ELBOW DROP:] Jump then hold [@RTbutton_ig] + press [@x_button_ig]

02157 @[FFF200FF,FRONT KICK:] Hold [@RTbutton_ig] and press [@x_button_ig]

02158 @[FFF200FF,PICK UP:] Hold [@RTbutton_ig] and press [@b_button_ig]

02159 @[FFF200FF,SMASH:] Hold [@RTbutton_ig] and hold [@x_button_ig]

02160 @[FFF200FF,FIELD GOAL:] Hold [@RTbutton_ig] + press [@x_button_ig] while standing over a downed zombie's head

02161 @[FFF200FF,BACKDROP:] Escape quickly when grappled from behind

02162 @[FFF200FF,POWER BOMB:] Hold [@RTbutton_ig] + [@b_button_ig] while standing over a downed zombie's feet

02163 @[FFF200FF,DDT:] Escape quickly when grappled from the front

02165 @[FFF200FF,CURB STOMP:] Hold [@RTbutton_ig] + press [@a_button_ig]

02175 Additional attack added to your arsenal which combines well with your punches.

02176 A quick way to move around the environment and knock over a zombie in your path.

02177 A heavy frontal clear out attack capable of knocking down many zombies but leaves you vulnerable.

02178 They can't grab you if they can't reach you.

02179 Quickly avoid incoming attacks by rolling in the direction you are facing.

02180 Trips zombies in your way giving you time to escape or face a different threat.

02181 Powerful move which knocks down multiple zombies around you. The higher the jump, the greater the payoff.

02182 Focused standing kick attack which knocks a zombie away from you.

02183 Pick up a nearby zombie and throw at others.

02184 Fast and effective means of slamming zombies to the ground or dispatching them quickly using the environment to your advantage.

02185 Quick way to dispatch crawling zombies on the ground.

02186 A fast rear defensive move where you will slam zombies backwards with all your body weight.

02187 Use a crawling zombie to clear out other nearby zombies.

02188 A fast frontal defensive move which slams the attacker's head into the ground.

02190 Smash a downed zombie with the full force of your boot.

02200 @Hold [@x_button_ig] barehanded

02201 @Jump then press [@x_button_ig]

02202 @Jump then hold [@x_button_ig]

02203 @Hold [@RTbutton_ig] + press [@b_button_ig]

02204 @Click LS button [@L3]

02205 @Hold [@RTbutton_ig] + hold [@a_button_ig]

02206 @Jump then hold [@RTbutton_ig] + press [@x_button_ig]

02207 @Hold [@RTbutton_ig] and press [@x_button_ig]

02208 @Hold [@RTbutton_ig] + hold [@b_button_ig]

02209 @Hold [@RTbutton_ig] + hold [@x_button_ig]

02210 @Hold [@RTbutton_ig] + press [@x_button_ig] (stand over zombie head)

02211 Escape quickly when grappled from behind.

02212 @Hold [@RTbutton_ig] + press [@b_button_ig] (stand over zombie feet)

02213 Escape quickly when grappled from the front.

02215 @Hold [@RTbutton_ig] + press [@a_button_ig]

02216 @Press [@dpad_left] to check the time on the Watch Screen

02225 Haymaker

02226 Jump Kick

02227 Double Leg Drop Kick

02228 Hands Off

02229 Dodge Roll

02230 Foot Sweep

02231 Elbow Drop

02232 Front Kick

02233 Pick Up

02234 Smash

02235 Field Goal

02236 Backdrop

02237 Power Bomb

02238 DDT

02240 Curb Stomp

02500 @SPIKED BAT: [00CC00FF,Baseball Bat] + [00CC00FF,Box of Nails]

02501 @POLE WEAPON: [00CC00FF,Push Broom] + [00CC00FF,Machete]

02502 @I.E.D.: [00CC00FF,Box of Nails] + [00CC00FF,Propane Tank]

02503 @DEFILER: [00CC00FF,Sledge Hammer] + [00CC00FF,Fire Axe]

02504 @FIRE SPITTER: [00CC00FF,Toy Spitball Gun] + [00CC00FF,Tiki Torch]

02505 @ELECTRIC RAKE: [00CC00FF,Battery] + [00CC00FF,Leaf Rake]

02506 @HELIBLADE: [00CC00FF,Toy Helicopter] + [00CC00FF,Machete]

02507 @HAIL MARY: [00CC00FF,Football] + [00CC00FF,Grenade]

02508 @HOLY ARMS: [00CC00FF,Training Sword] + [00CC00FF,Box of Nails]

02509 @KNIFE GLOVES: [00CC00FF,Bowie Knife] + [00CC00FF,Boxing Gloves]

02510 @RIPPER: [00CC00FF,Cement Saw] + [00CC00FF,Saw Blade]

02511 @PLATE LAUNCHER: [00CC00FF,Plates] + [00CC00FF,Cement Saw]

02512 @EXSANGUINATOR: [00CC00FF,Vacuum Cleaner] + [00CC00FF,Saw Blade]

02513 @FLAMETHROWER: [00CC00FF,Water Gun] + [00CC00FF,Gas Canister]

02514 @PARABLOWER: [00CC00FF,Leaf Blower] + [00CC00FF,Parasol]

02515 @GEM BLOWER: [00CC00FF,Gems] + [00CC00FF,Leaf Blower]

02516 @PORTA MOWER: [00CC00FF,2x4] + [00CC00FF,Lawnmower]

02517 @FREEDOM BEAR: [00CC00FF,Robot Bear] + [00CC00FF,LMG]

02518 @BLAMBOW: [00CC00FF,Bow and Arrow] + [00CC00FF,Dynamite]

02519 @SPEAR LAUNCHER: [00CC00FF,Leaf Blower] + [00CC00FF,Spear]

02520 @PADDLESAW: [00CC00FF,Paddle] + [00CC00FF,Chainsaw]

02521 @BLITZKRIEG: [00CC00FF,Merc Assault Rifle] + [00CC00FF,Electric Chair]

02522 @WINGMAN: [00CC00FF,Queen Bee] + [00CC00FF,Nectar]

02523 @FLAMING GLOVES: [00CC00FF,Boxing Gloves] + [00CC00FF,Motor Oil]

02524 @FREEZER BOMB: [00CC00FF,Fire Extinguisher] + [00CC00FF,Dynamite]

02525 @ROARING THUNDER: [00CC00FF,Battery] + [00CC00FF,Goblin Mask]

02526 @FOUNTAIN LIZARD: [00CC00FF,Lizard Mask] + [00CC00FF,Fountain Firework]

02527 @DYNAMEAT: [00CC00FF,Hunk of Meat] + [00CC00FF,Dynamite]

02528 @DRILLER: [00CC00FF,Power Drill] + [00CC00FF,Spear]

02529 @STICKY BOMB: [00CC00FF,Lawn Dart] + [00CC00FF,Dynamite]

02530 @DRILL BUCKET: [00CC00FF,Power Drill] + [00CC00FF,Bucket]

02531 @MOLOTOV: [00CC00FF,Whiskey] + [00CC00FF,Newspaper]

02532 @AIR HORN: [00CC00FF,Pylon] + [00CC00FF,Spray Paint]

02533 @LASER SWORD: [00CC00FF,Gems] + [00CC00FF,Flashlight]

02534 @INFERNAL ARMS: [00CC00FF,Training Sword] + [00CC00FF,Motor Oil]

02535 @BOOMSTICK: [00CC00FF,Pitchfork] + [00CC00FF,Shotgun]

02536 @TESLA BALL: [00CC00FF,Bingo Ball Cage] + [00CC00FF,Battery]

02537 @TENDERIZERS: [00CC00FF,MMA Gloves] + [00CC00FF,Box of Nails]

02538 @ELECTRIC CHAIR: [00CC00FF,Wheelchair] + [00CC00FF,Battery]

02539 @ROCKET LAUNCHER: [00CC00FF,Rocket Fireworks] + [00CC00FF,Lead Pipe]

02540 @SNOWBALL CANNON: [00CC00FF,Fire Extinguisher:] + [00CC00FF,Water Gun]

02541 @SUPER SLICER: [00CC00FF,Servbot Mask] + [00CC00FF,Lawnmower]

02542 @HANDY CHIPPER: [00CC00FF,Wheelchair] + [00CC00FF,Lawnmower]

02543 @AUGER: [00CC00FF,Drill Motor] + [00CC00FF,Pitchfork]

02544 @SUPER B.F.G.: [00CC00FF,Blast Frequency Gun] + [00CC00FF,Amplifier]

02545 @BLAZING ACES: [00CC00FF,Tennis Racquet] + [00CC00FF,Tiki Torch]

02546 @POWER GUITAR: [00CC00FF,Electric Guitar] + [00CC00FF,Amplifier]

02547 @BURNING SKULL: [00CC00FF,Bull Skull] + [00CC00FF,Motor Oil]

02548 @BEER HAT: [00CC00FF,Construction Hat] + [00CC00FF,Beer]

02549 @HACKER: [00CC00FF,Flashlight] + [00CC00FF,Computer Case]

02600 Lob this towards a nearby zombie then stand back. It won't be able to contain its hunger!

02601 Powerful arcs of electricity will fry any zombie within reach.

02602 A steady stream of pyrotechnics create the perfect show of lights and gore!

02603 Experts agree: Jets of fire make an effective zombie repellant!

02604 Slam this onto a zombie and open fire from a distance. The carnage is worth the extra effort!

02605 Punch the nearest zombie and send him to his corner in pieces!

02606 Paddle your way through the sea of zombies, leaving an ocean of blood in your wake!

02607 Slam onto a zombie's head and let the mower take care of the messy part.

02608 Line up the nearest zombie head and nail it out of the park!

02609 Throw this electric orb at a group of zombies, stand back and watch the light show!

02610 Use the power of sound to defeat enemies.

02611 The only thing better than a little beer is more beer!

02612 Shoot explosive arrows to decimate enemies!

02613 D.I.Y. dental work at its finest.

02614 Whirling blades slice zombies to a pulp!

02615 These flaming balls spread a firey death as they bounce from zombie to zombie.

02616 When you need another set of eyes and guns, Freedom Bear gets the job done.

02617 Flashing lights and wailing sirens lure unsuspecting zombies to a bloody demise.

02618 Put on a smile and use your head to chop zombies to bits!

02619 Lob this into a crowd to get them fired up!

02620 Diamonds are never a zombie's best friend, especially at high speed!

02621 A colorful light show will keep zombies occupied.

02622 High velocity impalement has never been so much fun!

02623 Toss electrified zombies out of the chair to zap any nearby enemies!

02624 The ultimate "Long Bomb".

02625 Dangerous toys and high explosives, together at last!

02626 High powered acupuncture quickly removes unwanted zombie pain!

02627 Scorch zombies with powerful bolts of orange lightning!

02628 Punches mixed with fire can produce wild results.

02629 A powerful bomb that freezes all zombies caught in the blast!

02630 Brutal and effective, endorsed by vikings and zombie killers alike.

02631 Warning: Sitting in chair may cause severe back pain or sudden onset of DEATH.

02632 Powerful arcs of electric doom have interesting effects on ATMs.

02633 The slicing power of a razor sharp machete now comes on a stick!

02634 A swiftly opening umbrella capable of tearing zombies apart from the inside!

02635 Skewer zombies to deliver pointblank shotgun glory!

02636 With enough torque, even zombie limbs become lethal!

02637 A sword and shield infused with the zombie killing power of FIRE!

02639 Fire this powerful sonic device at a zombie, it'll blow their minds!

02640 Powerful blades cut through zombies as if they were tissue paper.

02641 Built for comfort and firepower, sit down and enjoy the ride!

02642 Let the machine do the throwing, and the zombies do the catching.

02643 Serve up flaming tennis balls towards the nearest zombie!

02644 Epic guitar riffs create powerful shockwaves of death metal.

02645 Lead the way with head thrusts that mix fire with blunt trauma!

02646 Slash zombies to bits using the focused power of light itself!

02647 Fire multiple snowballs at once towards enemies.

02648 The best offense is a sword covered in nails. A shield covered in nails helps, too.

02649 These gloves pack a little something extra for the nearest zombie.

02650 Unleash this ruthless wasp against the zombie menace!

02700 @Press [@x_button_ig]

02701 @Hold [@x_button_ig]



02802 I.E.D.








02810 RIPPER


















02828 BEER HAT




02832 AIR HORN








02840 HACKER





02845 AUGER




02849 SUPER B.F.G.

02850 Thank you so much Daddy, what an AWESOME gift!!!

02851 x2









































02960 5000 ZOMBIES KILLED!

02961 1000 ZOMBIES KILLED!












02973 Watch 'Kar Krash Krushers'

02974 Watch 'Love in the Family'

02975 Watch 'Bazooka Bad Boyz'

02976 Watch 'Mutant Crunch'

02977 Watch 'Paddle Party Massacre!'

02978 Watch 'Time Share Video'


03008 AGE: %d

03100 $%s

03101 %s PP

03102 @LEVEL UP [@icon_levelup]

03103 %1 HAS JOINED

03104 %1 RESCUED

03105 %1 IS DEAD!

03106 @[00CC00FF,%s] acquired!



03109 Sept. %d, %d:%02d AM

03110 Sept. %d, %d:%02d PM

03111 -$%s


03113 AM

03114 PM



03117 ,


03119 @HEALTH INCREASED [@icon_levelup]

03120 @INVENTORY INCREASED [@icon_levelup]

03121 @SPEED INCREASED [@icon_levelup]

03122 @ATTACK DAMAGE INCREASED [@icon_levelup]

03123 @RANGED ATTACK INCREASED [@icon_levelup]

03124 %1 IS NOW UNDEAD




03128 SEPTEMBER %d

03129 %d:%02d AM

03130 %d:%02d PM








03139 %d PP!

03141 %d:%02d GAINED!

03142 %d:%02d LOST!

03143 Here he comes Chuck!





03149 %1 IS NOW UNDEAD


03151 KATEY

03152 & STACEY


04049 LS

04050 RS

04053 %d KILLED

04054 %d

04055 %s NEEDS HELP!


04057 %s REVIVED YOU!

04058 %s REVIVED!


04060 %s IS DYING!


04062 %s HAS DIED!

04063 %s IS TOO FAR AWAY!

04064 %s has died.


04202 SKILLS








04211 ATTACK

04212 SPEED



04215 No skills found.

04216 No key items found

04217 ???

04249 %03d

04250 DEAD


04252 SAFE

04253 Located:

04254 Safe:

04255 Dead / Lost / Turned:

04256 REWARD


04258 No Downloadable Content Found


04260 Unable to effectively deal with the Fortune City outbreak, the U.S. Government dispatched a squadron of bombers to level Fortune City, erasing all traces of life, both alive and undead. A convoy of civilian media choppers managed to rescue the Safe House survivors shortly before the bombing.

04261 Thanks to the evidence and testimony presented by Stacey Forsythe, Chuck Greene was cleared of all charges against him, and lauded as a hero for exposing the Phenotrans conspiracy.

04262 Chuck Greene the man, however, was never heard from again. Whether he succumbed to zombies, was killed in the subsequent fire bombing, or somehow managed to escape is unknown.

04263 The Fortune City outbreak came in time to be known itself as "Fortune's End".

04264 Despite the controversy, the price of Phenotrans shares continued to rise...

04265 Unable to effectively deal with the Fortune City outbreak, the U.S. Government dispatched a squadron of bombers to level the city, erasing all traces of life, both alive and undead.

04266 There is no record of the shelter dwellers having made it out of the city alive. Whether they succumbed to the zombie attack or were incinerated in the subsequent firebombing is unknown.

04267 Chuck Greene, having been unable to assemble and disseminate enough evidence to prove his innocence, was vilified by the media and government alike. The incident came to be known as the "Greene Outbreak".

04268 The attempted rescue of the Fortune City survivors was considered a military failure.

04269 There is no record of any shelter dwellers having made it out of the city alive. What really happened in Fortune City remains unknown. The incident came to be known as the "Greene Outbreak".

04270 The attempted military rescue of the survivors of the Fortune City outbreak was considered a failure. The military was unprepared to deal with what they found. There is no record of any shelter dwellers having made it out of the city alive.

04271 Chuck Greene was reportedly captured by the military early in the operation, but no proof of this was ever found. The incident came to be known as the "Greene Outbreak".

04272 The military rescue mission was unable to find any living survivors of the Fortune City Outbreak. The incident came to be known as the "Greene Outbreak".


04303 COMING 2010!

04304 POT:

04305 SUCCESS!

04306 FAIL!

04307 ALARM

04308 12:00 AM




04312 PAGE UP/





04317 URGENT!

04318 Would you like to skip ahead?

04319 Skip to next Zombrex Dose

04320 Skip to next Case File

04321 Skip ahead %d hours

04322 Don't Skip

04323 Grind zombies for ammo.

04324 Shoot the targets for points.

04325 - REVERSE

04326 - GAS


04328 SHOOT

04329 TK is about to escape!

04330 SLOT


04332 Shoot zombies.

04333 Bonus zombies give special powers:

04334 Rapid Fire

04335 Jackpot

04336 Jam Opponents

04337 Shoot



04340 JAMMED!

04341 Shoot zombies and bonus zombies!

04342 Hit the jackpot for big points and blockers!

04343 - AIM

04344 - FIRE



04347 @[00CC00FF,Champion Jacket] has been unlocked!

04348 @[00CC00FF,TIR Uniform] has been unlocked!

04349 @[00CC00FF,TIR Helmet] has been unlocked!

04350 @[00CC00FF,TIR Moosehead] has been unlocked in the Pawnshop!

05001 Red

05002 Blue

05003 Green

05004 Yellow

05005 Americana Casino

05006 Arena

05007 Arena Stadium

05008 Atlantica Casino

05009 Palisades Mall

05010 Food Court

05011 Fortune City

05012 Royal Flush Plaza

05013 South Plaza

05014 Underground

05015 Yucatan Casino

05400 SOLD OUT

05500 Bet

05501 Bet Max

05510 Spin

05520 Deal

05521 Hold

05530 Hit

05531 Stand

05532 Double Down

05533 Split

05540 00

05542 1st 12

05543 2nd 12

05544 3rd 12

05545 1 to 18

05546 19 to 36

05547 Even

05548 Odd

05549 Red

05550 Black

05551 Payout

05552 $%d on %s

05553 No More Bets

05554 Please Wait

05555 Odds

05556 History

05557 Total Cash

05558 Current Bet

05559 Col 1

05560 Col 2

05561 Col 3

05562 Red/Black

05563 Even/Odd

05564 High/Low

05565 Column

05566 Dozen

05567 Six Line

05568 Top Five

05569 Corner

05570 Street

05571 Split

05572 Number

05573 %s wins $%d

05574 %s loses

05575 Choose Category

05576 Choose Bet

05600 Jacks or Better

05601 Two Pair

05602 Three of a Kind

05603 Straight

05604 Flush

05605 Full House

05609 Four of a Kind

05610 Straight Flush

05611 Royal Flush

05615 INFO

05616 TIME


05618 sec

05650 GO!

05651 YOU GAINED %d PP

05652 YOU LOSE

05653 You Won $%d!


05655 Oops! This prize is no longer available.

05701 Burning Rubber

05702 Reel It In!

05703 Roaring Engines

05704 Sugar Daddy

05705 Trouble with Turkeys

05706 Yachts of Fun

05707 Barnyard Bonanza

05708 Cash Diet

05709 Lucky Lapdance

05710 Wild West Poker Draw!

05711 Killer Blackjack

05712 Lucky Marble

05713 Monsters Moolah

05714 Street Fighter

05715 Doctor Green

05716 Kings Crown

05717 Mega Man

05800 HACK

08000 - EMPTY -

08100 (HEALTH +) Drink multiple alcoholic drinks without getting sick.

08101 (ITEM +) Get a 10% boost to PP's earned from weapon kills

08102 (ITEM +) Get a 10% boost to PP's earned from weapon kills

08103 (ITEM +) Get a 10% boost to PP's earned from weapon kills

08104 (ITEM +) Some combo items have three times the durability

08105 (ITEM +) Some combo items have three times the durability

08106 (GAMBLING +) Significant increases when playing Gambling Games.

08107 (GAMBLING +) Significant increases when playing Gambling Games.

08108 (GAMBLING +) Significant increases when playing Gambling Games.

08109 (ECONOMY +) Will lower the cost of items in the pawn shop by 10%.

08110 (ECONOMY +) Will lower the cost of items in the pawn shop by 10%.

08111 (PP +) Get a 25% boost from defeating zombies.

08112 (PP +) Get a 25% boost from defeating psychos.

08113 (ITEM +) Food items' health restoration boosted by 50%.

08114 (ITEM +) Food items' health restoration boosted by 100%.

08115 (ITEM +) Consumed Juices effects last twice as long.

08116 (ITEM +) Edged weapons have three times the durability.

08117 (ITEM +) Construction items have three times the durability.

08118 (ITEM +) Toy items have three times the durability.

08119 (ITEM +) Furniture items have three times the durability.

08120 (ITEM +) Sports items have three times the durability.

08121 (ITEM +) Entertainment items have three times the durability.

08122 (SKILL +) Survivors are more effective while in Chuck's party.

08123 (SKILL +) Bare-Handed attacks have a significant boost in power.

08124 (ITEM +) Bike durability will last three times longer.

08125 (ITEM +) 4 Wheel vehicle durability will last three times longer.

08126 (ITEM +) Gain ability to do a new trick while on a skateboard. Skateboard durability lasts 3 times longer.

08127 (PP +) Get a 25% boost to PP from survivor related activities.

08128 (PP +) Get a 25% boost from defeating zombies.

08129 (PP +) Get a 25% boost from defeating zombies.

08130 (PP +) Get a 10% boost to PP from female survivor related activities.

08500 RETRY



08904 Player

09000 Chuck's epic mane restored to glory

09001 Chuck's default face, Katey's favorite

09002 Chuck's default jacket and jeans

09003 Chuck's default boots

09004 Chuck's bare feet

09005 Long hair for a different look - Something more?

09006 Get ready to fight with this outfit

09007 Protect your head with this medieval classic

09008 More hair for Chuck to wear

09009 Reliable protection for Chuck's body

09010 Old timey footwear

09011 Slick looking headwear

09012 Tight body suit with a loose scarf

09013 Boots with a bit of space inside them

09014 A western hero's hat from the past

09015 A true western hero's outfit. Just like the cover.

09016 A true western hero's cowboy boots.

09017 Otis won't miss it, trust us

09018 Orange is the new black

09019 Classic mask

09020 If you stumble home one night, wear this item

09021 A Fortune City card dealer's uniform

09022 The only TIR wear endorsed by Don and Paul!

09023 Complete with worn elbows and bloodstained knees

09024 Reduces the chance of concussion by 8%

09025 Comes with a notepad for taking orders

09026 Nothing says "athleticism" like bowling clothes

09027 Hunting ducks and hunting zombies are remarkably similar

09028 Great to wear when changing oil or killing zombies

09029 Did it just get cold in here?

09500 @Use [@pc_analog] to control vehicles

09501 @Wiggle the [FFF200FF,MOUSE] to escape grapples!

09502 @[FFF200FF,DODGE ROLL:] Press [@L3]

09503 @Press [@L3]

10000 YES

10001 NO

10002 OK

10003 CANCEL

10010 Are you sure you want to quit the game?

10011 RESTART?

10014 PRESS

10015 START




10020 QUIT


10022 Are you sure you want to quit? You will lose your prize money!






10411 CASH OUT


10415 EVENT



10435 You currently have no online friends.


10513 SAVE

10520 TOGGLE




10524 JUMP TO ME




10529 RANK

















10573 SCORE

10574 While playing a co-op game as client, you will not be able to save any story progression.

10611 START

10634 You currently have $%s from TIR winnings. Do you want to cash out?

10635 Are you sure you want to cash out all your TIR winnings to this slot?

10636 You currently do not have any TIR winnings to cash out. Play TIR Ranked Matches to earn TIR winnings.

10637 You currently do not have any TIR winnings on current save data. You will not be able to cash out any TIR winnings.

10638 No valid data exist for current slot. Please select a different slot to cash out TIR winnings.


10668 You have been disconnected from the network. Please make sure the network cable is plugged in correctly and try again.

10700 On

10701 Off

10702 Normal

10703 Inverted

10704 Subtitles

10705 Tutorials

10706 Vibration

10707 Player Camera X Axis

10708 Player Camera Y Axis

10709 Aim Camera X Axis

10710 Aim Camera Y Axis

10711 Aim Camera Direction

10712 _

10713 Background Music Volume

10714 Sound Effects Volume

10715 Camera Direction

10716 Player Direction

10717 PC Settings

10718 Resolution

10719 Display Mode

10720 VSync

10721 Multisampling

10722 Gamma

10723 Fullscreen

10724 Window

10725 None

10726 Chase Camera

10727 Stick Sensitivity

10728 Keep these settings?\0AThe settings will be reverted in %d seconds.

10729 Settings changed. Apply these settings?

10730 Mouse Sensitivity

10735 Controller

10736 Enable

10737 Disable

10738 Transceiver Ringtones

10739 Ringtone 1

10740 Ringtone 2

10741 Ringtone 3

10742 Ringtone 4

10743 Vibration Mode

10744 Controls

10745 Gameplay

10746 Audio

10747 Visuals

10748 Adjust the settings until you cannot see the zombie on the left, but can see the zombie on the right.

10749 Adjust the settings until you can clearly see the third and fourth row of the numbers and second line of text.

10750 Blur Effects

10751 Zombie Quality

10752 Shadow Quality

10753 Texture Filtering

10754 Low

10755 Medium

10756 High

10757 Off

10758 On

10759 Trilinear

10760 Anisotropic 2x

10761 Anisotropic 4x

10762 Anisotropic 8x

10763 Anisotropic 16x

10764 Restart required


10803 Are you sure you want to quit this match?

10804 HOSTS

11500 Your gamer profile does not have the correct permissions to access Xbox LIVE functionality.

11501 Your gamer profile does not have the correct permissions to access LIVE functionality.

11502 You must be signed into a LIVE enabled gamer profile to access the online features of this game.

11503 You must be signed into a LIVE enabled gamer profile to access the online features of this game.

11504 You must be signed into a gamer profile to access this feature.




11508 No matches found. Create an event with the current settings?

11509 No matches found. Create an event?

11510 Exchanging game data. Please wait...

11511 Connection to your opponent has been lost. Returning to the TIR Menu.

11513 Retrieving Leaderboard Information. Please wait.

11514 There are no entries on this leaderboard.

11515 You do not have an entry on this leaderboard.

11516 The connection to LIVE has been lost. You are being returned to the menu.

11517 An error has occurred in Matchmaking. Returning to menu.

11518 Cleaning up the session. Please Wait...

11519 Host has died. Returning to Main Menu.

11520 You have died. Returning to Main Menu.

11521 Your gamer profile has changed. Returning to the Title Screen.

11522 If you join an online game, all unsaved progress will be lost! Are you sure you want to continue?

11523 The host player declined your request to join.

11524 Cannot find any matches. Press OK to return to the previous screen.

11525 The host has booted you from the game.

11526 Are you sure you want to boot \0A%s?

11527 USER




11531 Client has left the game. Press OK to continue.

11532 Set Game to Private

11533 %s wants to join your game. Let the player join?

11534 The host player has left the game. Returning to the main menu.

11535 Connection to the client has been lost. Gameplay will continue as Single Player.

11536 Lost connection to host player. Returning to the main menu.


11538 An error occurred while connecting to the other player. Returning to the Main Menu.


11540 Invitation

11541 Let's play TIR in Dead Rising 2!

11542 Let's play Co-op in Dead Rising 2!

11543 Are you sure you want to continue in single player? This will remove %s from the game!


11545 Boot the other player and continue in single player mode.

11546 Incoming co-op call...


11548 An error has occurred. Please try again later.

11549 Co-op play is not available before Chuck has received the transceiver. Please choose a different save.


12001 CO-OP Privacy

12002 Private

12003 Friends Only

12004 Public

12005 *Click*...

12100 Navigating the menus

12101 Starting a TIR game

12102 Competing in TIR

12103 Single Player: Day 1

12104 Single Player: Day 2

12105 Single Player: Day 3

12106 Single Player: Day 4

12107 Single Player: OT

12108 Co-Op: Day 1

12109 Co-Op: Day 2

12110 Co-Op: Day 3

12111 Co-Op: Day 4

12112 Co-Op: OT

12113 Exploring Still Creek

12114 Escaping Still Creek

12115 Idle

12116 In the long-awaited sequel to Dead Rising, players step into the shoes of Chuck Greene, professional motorcycle racer. Surrounded by a horde of hungry zombies in the spectacular casino town of Fortune City, Chuck finds himself in a race against time to find Zombrex, the one thing that can keep Katey, his young daughter, alive. Can he protect her and make it out of Fortune City alive? Chuck's desperate struggle for survival unfolds in this, the long awaited sequel to Dead Rising!

12117 Zombie Paradise Action

12118 Online

12119 Soldier Clothes

12120 Turn Chuck into an unstoppable killing machine with this 4-piece clothing pack! Wearing just one piece will grant bonuses when using firearms: extra damage, extra ammo, and a special heavy attack with assault rifles! Includes Boots, Clothes, Facepaint and Nightvision Goggles (battery not included). Access them right away at the clothing locker in the Safe House bathroom.

12121 Psychopath Clothes

12122 Turn Chuck into nightmare material with this 4-piece clothing pack! Wearing just one piece will make you harder to kill and grant bonuses when using a variety of classic psychopath murder tools. In addition, you'll get extra damage and special heavy attacks with the meat cleaver, machete and mining pick! Includes Shoes, Clothes, Mask and Hair. Access them right away at the clothing locker in the Safe House bathroom.

12123 Ninja Clothes

12124 Turn Chuck into a master of stealth and blades with this 4-piece clothing pack! Wearing just one piece will let you sneak around zombies and grant bonuses when using swords: extra damage and a new attack combo! Includes Shoes, Clothes, Mask and Hood. Access them right away at the clothing locker in the Safe House bathroom.

12125 Sportsfan Clothes

12126 Turn Chuck into the ultimate tailgate partygoer with this 4-piece clothing pack! Wearing just one piece will grant you an iron stomach, granting extra health from food and allowing you to eat anything with no risk of illness! You'll also get bonuses with sports weapons as well as a special charge attack with the Football! Includes Shoes, Clothes, Facepaint and Helmet. Access them right away at the clothing locker in the Safe House bathroom.

12127 Prime your blood lust with the prologue to the eagerly awaited Dead Rising 2! Chuck Greene, professional motocross rider, must flee from the zombie hordes destroying Las Vegas with his young daughter Katey, who was bitten and infected in the outbreak. But trouble leaves them stranded in the small town of Still Creek, Nevada. Chuck must find medication to keep Katey alive and figure out how to escape before the military arrives to quarantine the infected, all while battling plenty of zombies. Fortunately for Chuck, there are also plenty of weapons. And he's got plenty of duct tape in case he gets any ideas. Kill a lot more than time in Still Creek and get ready for Dead Rising 2!

12128 This is a free download that will let you play online with other players who have purchased the Ninja Clothes content for Dead Rising 2. You will not be able to use the clothing, but you will be able to see it and its special abilities during co-op play!

12129 This is a free download that will let you play online with other players who have purchased the Soldier Clothes content for Dead Rising 2. You will not be able to use the clothing, but you will be able to see it and its special abilities during co-op play!

12130 This is a free download that will let you play online with other players who have purchased the Psychopath Clothes content for Dead Rising 2. You will not be able to use the clothing, but you will be able to see it and its special abilities during co-op play!

12131 This is a free download that will let you play online with other players who have purchased the Sports Fan Clothes content for Dead Rising 2. You will not be able to use the clothing, but you will be able to see it and its special abilities during co-op play!

12500 ENTER


12601 Health : %.2f %

12602 Zombies Killed : %d

12603 %02d:%02d:%02d

12604 %d:%02d AM

12605 %d:%02d PM

12611 Pick up %s

12612 Drop %s

12613 Give item to %s

12617 Combine

12620 LIFE

12625 PP

12626 LV.

12627 DRIVE

12628 GET IN

12629 FLIP

12631 USE %s

12633 PUSH %s

12635 PICKUP %s

12700 You must be signed in to play

12701 Watergun

12702 Gas Can

12703 x2 PP EARNED!




12851 Achievements cannot be earned while signed out.




12948 $

12949 CASE %1


12952 ANSWER

12953 FAILED!

12954 DAY %1




12958 TIME UNTIL RESCUE: %02d:%02d

12959 TIME UNTIL BOMB: %02d:%02d

12960 Attack!

12961 WINNER!


12965 CASE %d-%d

12966 Messages













13007 Ramsterball

13010 Headache

13015 Ball Buster

13018 Pounds of Flesh

13022 %1 takes the lead!

13029 %1 hit the jackpot!



13033 POINTS


13036 Slicecycles


13040 Bounty Hunter

13042 %1 has the power!

13044 %1 player grabbed a survivor!

13046 Spring Cleaning

13048 Zomboni


13050 %1 SECONDS

13052 Reload Zombies

13053 RELOAD

13054 %1 sec.

13056 Jammed!

13057 2X Points!

13058 Master Shafter

13059 Stand Up Zomedy



13212 Pick up dresses

13213 Pick up flowers

13214 Pick up unicorns

13215 1ST PLACE

13216 2ND PLACE

13217 3RD PLACE

13218 4TH PLACE

13219 $50,000

13220 $5000

13221 $1000

13222 $500

13223 Bobby Newland

13224 Roland Nichol


13226 Pick Up Dresses

13227 Pick Up Unicorns

13228 Pick Up Flowers

13229 1ST

13230 2ND

13231 3RD

13232 4TH








21100 The Rescue

21650 @Give Katey [00A5D2FF,Zombrex]

28000 Al's Pawnshop

28100 Street Level


28102 Chuck's spirited daughter. Infected with the zombie virus, she needs Zombrex every 12 hours.

28103 While the truth will never be known, you can still try to save those who are left in Still Creek...

28104 @Hold [@LTbutton_ig] to go BACKWARDS. Hold [@RTbutton_ig] to move FORWARDS.

28105 @Kick while helping a survivor: Press [@x_button_ig]



29000 FOLD

29001 CHECK

29002 CALL

29003 RAISE

29004 ALL IN

29005 HANDS:



29008 Select Poker Game Type:


29010 High Rollers

29011 Ante Up

29012 CANCEL

29013 WINS!

29014 SPLIT POT!


29016 QUADS


29018 FLUSH



29021 TWO PAIR

29022 ONE PAIR


29024 The game starts with every player being dealt two cards face down.

29025 After the deal, there is a round of betting and three community cards are revealed.

29026 There is another round of betting and then another community card is flipped over.

29027 One more round of betting occurs and then the final card is revealed.

29028 After the final card is flipped over, there is a last round of betting.

29029 After the last round of betting, all the players remaining in the game reveal their hands. The player that reveals the best poker hand, using a combination of their two dealt cards and the five community cards, wins.


29031 You don't need to play every hand. A big mistake for beginners is playing too many hands. For most players playing more hands means losing more hands, so fold your bad hands.


29033 Pay attention to the other players at the table. This is a great way to read your opponent and try to figure out their tells.

29035 If you have a great hand, raising your opponents is a good play. Raising will not only force players with a bad hand to fold but will also get more money into the pot.

29037 Good hands generally contain at least one of the following components:

29038 High Cards - Any ace or face card.

29039 Suited Cards - Cards that are the same suit.

29040 Connected - Two consecutive cards.





29220 Three Shots To Win!

29221 Duff!

29222 125 Yards

29223 150 Yards

29224 200 Yards

29225 Slice!

29226 Pull!

29227 Hole In One!

29228 Try Another Swing

29229 Try Again - $1000 - B

29230 Hole In One - 2,000PP!!

29231 You Win $10000

29300 FOLD

29301 CALL

29302 CHECK

29303 RAISE

29304 ALL IN

29305 WIN

29306 LOSE

29307 SB

29308 BB

29309 Hand No. %s Blinds %s - %s

29310 SPLIT

29311 SIDE POT

31900 DR2S

31901 DR2P

31902 DR2E

31903 DR2SAVE.DR2S

31904 DR2PROL.DR2P

31905 DR2EPIL.DR2E

31906 Dead Rising 2

31907 Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO

31908 DR2 Epilogue

31950 Do you want to import your character from Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO?\0A \0AThis option will remain available in the Options screen.

31951 Yes, import from Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO

31952 No, do not import

31953 Are you sure you want to overwrite this save with your Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO character?


31955 Import complete.

31956 Import in progress. Please do not turn off your console.

31957 Prologue file appears to be corrupted. Please check your storage device and try again.

31958 Prologue save transfer failed. Please check your storage device and try again.

31959 Imported file save failed. Please check your storage device and try again.


31961 Are you sure you want to overwrite this save with your Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO character?

31962 Are you sure you want to cancel importing?\0A \0AThe option will remain available in the Options screen.

31963 Selected storage device is no longer available. Import aborted. Please check your storage device and try again through the Options screen.

31964 Import Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO


32000 Checking for save files... Please wait

32003 Saving... Please wait.

32006 Game loaded successfully.

32007 Load failed. The file appears to be corrupt. Please check your hard drive and try again, or select "New Game" to start a new game.

32010 Insufficient free space on hard drive. 500 KB of free space is required to create a new save file. Please free up some space and try again.

32011 Damaged Data

32013 Save failed. Insufficient free space. Please free up some space and try again.

32014 No storage device detected. Do you wish to select a device?

32016 Storage device removed. Would you like to select a new storage device?

32017 Saving...

32019 Game saved successfully.

32020 Save failed. Please check your hard drive and try again.

32024 Are you sure you want to load this file?

32027 Warning! You are about to overwrite this file. Do you want to continue?

32028 You are not currently signed into a gamer profile. You will be unable to earn achievements or save game progress. Would you like to sign in?

32029 Loading... Please wait.

32032 No storage device selected. You will not be able to load your game. Would you like to select a Storage Device?

32033 No storage device selected. You will not be able to save your progress. Would you like to select a Storage Device?

32034 No Dead Rising 2 save file found. Please check your hard drive and try again

32037 File appears to be corrupt. Are you sure you want to overwrite it?\0A Doing so will erase all the previously saved data.

32038 Loading downloadable content. Please wait...

32039 Unloading downloadable content. Please wait...

32040 Warning: A file exists. Are you sure you want to overwrite it?

32041 You are currently not signed in and cannot save or load your progress.

32042 No storage device selected. You will not be able to save or load your progress. Would you like to select a storage device?

32043 Download complete! The title must be restarted to use new downloadable content.

32044 Checking downloadable content. Please wait...

32045 Load failed. Using default settings.

32046 Content appears to be corrupt. Would you like to select a different storage device? You may still overwrite the corrupt file if you do not select a different storage device. \0AWARNING: Saving over a corrupt file results in a loss of all saved game progress.

32047 Content appears to be corrupt. Would you like to select a different storage device?

32048 Are you sure you want to start a new game?\0A \0AThis will reset your character level, unlockables and story progress.

32049 Are you sure you want to restart the story?\0A \0AYou will keep your current character level, but story progress will be reset.




32053 Are you sure you want to start a new character?\0A \0AThis will reset your character level and unlockables.

32054 Quit game?

32055 Load failed! Please check your hard drive and try again.

32056 Would you like to skip the introduction?

32057 Co-op Character


32059 The game needs to install data on the HDD before it can continue.

32060 Installation is currently in progress, please wait...

32061 A storage device with downloadable content has been removed. You will be returned to the title screen.

32062 Downloadable content appears to be corrupted and cannot be loaded. Please download the content again.

32100 Dead Rising 2



32200 Would you like to save your progress?

32201 The truth has vanished into darkness.

32202 You have died.




32206 LOAD

32207 QUIT

32208 Save your current game progress.

32209 Don't save and continue playing the game.

32210 Restarting the story will keep your current character level and unlockables, but story progress will be reset.

32211 Load a previously saved game. Doing so will lose any unsaved progress!

32212 While the truth will never be known, you can still try to save those who are left in Fortune City...

32213 Quit the current game and return to the main menu. Doing so will lose any unsaved progress!

32214 Are you sure you want to quit the game? All unsaved progress will be lost!

32215 Are you sure you want to load a previous game? All unsaved progress will be lost!

32216 Are you sure you want to restart the story? All unsaved progress will be lost!

32217 Boot the guest and continue playing in Single Player.

39600 Controller disconnected. Press enter to continue or reconnect the controller and press A to continue.

39601 Remote Xbox 360 controller unplugged


39720 INVITE


39722 You have lost connection with Xbox Live.

39723 Waiting for other player...

39724 The other player doesn't want to pause right now.

39725 Chat is disabled on your PlayStation®Network account due to chat restrictions.

39726 If the other player is taking too long, you can quit the game and save your progress.


50001 $100

50002 2x4

50004 Ad Board

50005 AK-47

50006 Andy

50008 Chef Antoine

50009 Assault Rifle

50010 ATM Machine

50011 Baseball Bat

50012 Baseball

50013 Bass Guitar

50014 Baton

50015 Beer Hat

50017 Bessie

50022 Reed

50023 Bowie Knife

50024 Bowling Ball

50026 Box of Nails

50028 Brick

50029 Broom Handle

50030 Bull Skull

50032 BumperLight_Red

50038 Car

50039 Cardboard Box

50040 Cash Register

50041 Cell Phone

50042 Chain Link

50043 Chainsaw

50046 Roger

50047 Rebecca

50048 Chef Knife

50049 Chef Pan

50051 Katey

50052 Stacey

50054 Computer Case

50055 Cooking Pot

50058 Cowboy Boots

50060 Cowboy Hats

50061 Cowboy Shirts

50064 Croupier Stick

50065 Chrystal

50071 Donkey Lamp

50072 Drink Cocktail

50074 Drum

50075 Dumpster

50076 Electric Guitar

50077 File

50078 Fire Axe

50079 Fire Extinguisher

50081 Football

50084 Garbage Can

50085 Utility Cart

50086 Gasoline Canister

50087 Getaway Helicopter

50090 Gordon

50093 Grenade

50095 Hamburger

50096 Hamster Ball

50097 Handbag

50098 handgun6shooterlefthand

50099 handgun6shooterrighthand

50101 Seymour

50103 Nina

50108 Helicopter

50114 Hot Dog

50115 SUV

50121 LaShawndra

50122 Kenneth

50126 Kevin

50128 Large Barrel

50129 Lawn Dart

50130 LCD Monitor

50131 Lead Pipe

50136 LMG

50138 Loop

50139 Looter

50141 Mannequin Female Left Arm

50142 Mannequin Female Left Leg

50143 Mannequin Female Right Arm

50144 Mannequin Female Right Leg

50145 Mannequin Female Torso

50146 Mannequin Female

50147 Mannequin Male Left Arm

50148 Mannequin Male Left Leg

50149 Mannequin Male Right Arm

50150 Mannequin Male Right Leg

50151 Mannequin Male Torso

50152 Mannequin Male

50155 Johnny Pipes

50156 Meat Cleaver

50157 Mic Stand

50159 Mining Pick

50160 Moosehead

50161 TIR Moosehead

50167 Kenneth

50168 OilCan

50170 Paddle

50171 Paddlesaw

50172 Painting

50173 Pan

50176 Pitchfork

50179 Plate

50180 Plates

50181 I.E.D.

50182 Propane Tank

50183 Push Broom

50184 Ramp A

50187 Ramp E

50191 Ramp I

50200 Roulette Wheel

50201 Cora

50206 Sarah

50207 Sarah Stayer

50208 Serving Tray

50209 Sgt. Boykin

50210 Shotgun

50212 Sledge Hammer

50217 Spear

50219 Step Ladder

50220 Stool

50221 Suitcase

50222 Sullivan

50224 SuperBike

50231 Sword

50234 Taylor

50235 Taylor Nightingale

50238 Tiki Torch

50239 Tire

50240 Tom

50243 Trigger

50247 Crystal

50248 Amber

50249 Vanessa

50250 Large Vase

50251 Vending Machine

50254 Vodka

50259 Well A

50264 Bench

50270 ZombieTest

50271 Molotov

50275 Spot Light

50278 Centurion Bust

50279 Randy

50280 Open

50281 Close

50282 Bucket

50283 Drill Bucket

50284 Stick Pony

50285 Leaf Rake

50286 Nightstick

50287 Lance

50288 Fountain Firework

50291 Pole Weapon

50292 Battery

50293 Pylon

50294 Electric Rake

50295 Queen

50296 Robot Bear

50297 Giant Stuffed Rabbit

50298 Flamethrower

50301 Lab Assistant 1

50302 Lab Assistant 2

50303 Water Gun

50304 Dynamite

50305 Air Horn

50306 Cooking Oil

50307 Motor Oil

50308 Firecrackers

50309 Camille

50310 TK

50311 Handgun

50316 Jack

50317 Boomstick

50318 Porta Mower

50319 Power Drill

50320 Gems

50321 Hockey Stick

50322 Pallet

50324 Laser Sword

50325 Super Slicer

50326 Hanger

50327 Hunk of Meat

50328 Scissors

50329 Small Suitcase

50330 Newspaper Box

50331 Cactus Plant

50332 Saw Blade

50333 Crowbar

50334 Sandwich Board

50335 Protestor Sign

50336 Lizard Mask

50338 Parasol

50339 Blitzkrieg

50340 Gumball Machine

50341 Spray Paint

50342 Acoustic Guitar

50343 Zombrex

50344 Machete

50345 Paint Can

50348 Funny Painting

50350 Peace Art

50352 Rocket Launcher

50353 Knife Gloves

50355 Sniper Rifle

50356 Freedom Bear

50357 Bag of Marbles

50358 Ketchup

50360 Six Shooter

50361 Coffee Pot

50362 Boxing Gloves

50363 Dolly

50367 Wheelchair

50368 Exsanguinator

50373 Mailbox

50374 Soccer Ball

50375 Katana Sword

50377 Sticky Bomb

50378 Swordfish

50379 Basketball

50381 Novelty Perfume Bottle

50384 Plate Launcher

50385 Giant Pink Chainsaw

50386 Golf Club

50388 Vacuum Cleaner

50390 Cement Saw

50391 Leaf Blower

50392 Hail Mary

50395 Parablower

50396 Metal Baseball Bat

50398 Lawnmower

50406 Return Clothes

50407 Locked

50408 Servbot Mask

50409 Talk

50410 Clothing Locker

50411 Steak

50412 Lobster

50415 Pizza

50416 Taco

50417 Burrito

50418 Onion Rings

50419 Chili

50420 Sushi

50421 Fish

50422 BBQ Chicken

50423 BBQ Ribs

50424 Pasta

50425 Fries

50426 Baked Potato

50428 Beans

50430 Bacon

50431 Pineapple

50432 Snack

50433 Brownie

50434 Cookies

50435 Ice Cream

50436 Pie

50437 Cake

50438 Donut

50439 Orange Juice

50440 Milk

50441 Coffee Creamer

50442 Large Soda

50443 Melon

50444 Coffee

50445 Wine

50446 Beer

50447 Energizer

50448 Nectar

50449 Quick Step

50450 Randomizer

50451 Spitfire

50452 Untouchable

50453 Zombait

50454 Pain Killer

50455 Examine

50456 Generator

50458 Spool of Wire

50460 Left Hand Lance

50463 Fountain Firework Small

50467 Gas Barrel

50468 Kalee

50469 Pat

50470 Jeremiah

50471 Lucas

50472 Merc Assault Rifle

50473 Dumbbell

50474 Keg

50475 Beach Ball

50476 Medicine Ball

50477 Drink Cart

50478 Ripper

50479 Water Cooler

50480 Water Bottle

50481 Giant Stuffed Donkey

50482 Giant Stuffed Elephant

50483 Giant Stuffed Bull

50484 Mannequin Female Head

50485 Mannequin Male Head

50486 Tomahawk

50487 Keyboard

50488 Music Discs

50489 Vinyl Records

50491 Choppper Bike

50494 Mustard

50496 TIR Outfit

50498 Rabbit Bike

50499 Apple

50500 Derrick

50506 Give Item

50508 Deetz

50512 Johnny

50513 Leon

50514 Ride the Thunder

50515 Golf Ball

50517 Bow and Arrow

50518 Construction Hat

50519 Flashlight

50520 Garbage Bag

50524 Lamp

50527 Metal Barricade

50528 Novelty Cell Phone

50529 Novelty Liquor Bottle

50530 Goblin Mask

50531 Zombie Mask

50534 Small Painting

50535 Fancy Painting

50537 Small Potted Plant

50538 Flower Pot

50539 Round Potted Plant

50540 Small Fern Tree

50541 Shampoo

50543 Wacky Hammer

50544 Underwear

50546 Money Case

50547 Rosa

50548 Erica

50549 Pay $%1

50550 Cash Me If You Can

50551 Playing Cards

50552 Casino Chips

50555 Brandon

50556 Contestant

50596 Big Earl

50598 Contestant

50599 Contestant

50600 Contestant

50601 Leah

50602 There is no survivor.

50603 Luke

50604 Carry

50605 Age: %1

50606 Give Item

50607 Protoman Boots

50609 Protoman Helmets

50610 Protoman Armor

50612 Plastic Bin

50613 Large Potted Plant

50614 Large Fern Tree

50615 Offer Shoulder

50616 Hold Hands

50617 Casino Cup

50618 Slappy

50619 Fortune Whisperer

50620 Novelty Poker Chip

50621 Small Vase

50622 Foam Hand

50624 Motion Madness

50625 Comedy Trophy

50626 Square Sign

50627 Swat Helmet

50628 Russian Hat

50629 Show Girl Head Piece

50630 Flower Head Piece

50631 Knight Helmet

50632 Long Blond Hair Ken

50633 Hockey Mask

50635 Shaved Head

50636 Mohawk Hair

50637 Pink Hair

50638 Grey Hair

50639 Blue Hair

50640 Wild Frontier Hat

50641 Fedora

50642 Baseball Cap TIR

50643 Baseball Cap Sport

50644 Knit Cap

50645 White Cowboy Hat

50646 Black Cowboy Hat

50647 Football Helmet

50648 Dealer Visor

50649 Tourist Boat Hat

50650 Tennis Head Band

50651 American Showman Helmet

50652 Ladies Hat

50653 Funny Zombie Mask

50654 Funny Lizard Mask

50655 Funny Servbot Mask

50656 Funny Goblin Mask

50657 Black Rimmed Glasses

50658 Yellow Tinted Glasses

50659 Aviator Glasses

50660 Kids Super Hero Eye Mask

50661 Novelty Glasses

50662 Full Beard Moustache

50663 Sport Glasses

50664 Rocker Glasses

50665 Hygiene Mask

50666 Army Jacket Pants

50667 Yellow Track Suit

50668 Hip Hop Outfit

50669 Football Uniform

50670 Baseball Uniform

50671 Basketball Uniform

50672 SWAT Outfit

50673 Tuxedo

50674 Sporty Track Suit

50675 Blue Oyster Biker Outfit

50676 One-Piece Pajama

50677 Tube Top Mini Skirt

50678 Mesh Party Wear

50679 Hula Dress

50680 Knotted Top Cutoffs

50681 Banana Hammock

50682 Summer Dress

50683 Kids Super Hero Costume

50684 Willamette Mall Security Uniform

50685 Knight Armor

50687 Ken Red Fighting Outfit

50688 Tattered Clothes

50689 Orange Prison Outfit

50690 Toddler Outfit

50691 Hawaiian Holiday Gear

50692 Casual Beachwear

50693 Boardwalk Apparel

50694 Loud Summer Special

50695 Dealer Outfit

50696 White Cowboy Outfit

50697 Black Cowboy Outfit

50698 White Leisure Suit

50699 American Showman Jumpsuit

50700 Collegiate Ensemble

50701 Tennis Outfit

50702 Blue Grey Work Overalls

50703 Surf Wetsuit

50704 Business Casual

50705 Polo Shirt Blue Jeans

50706 Fortune City Grey Shirt

50707 Fortune City Red Shirt

50708 Plaid Suit

50709 Highbrow Ensemble

50710 Skater Outfit

50711 Mid length Tshirt Jeans

50712 Bare Feet

50713 Yellow Sneakers

50714 Basketball High Tops

50715 Black Canvas Sneakers

50716 White Low heels

50717 Go-go Boots

50718 Sandals

50719 Kids Super Hero Boots

50720 Bunny Slippers

50721 Knight Boots

50722 Flare

50723 Flip Flops

50724 Black Military Boots

50725 Cleats

50726 Black Dress Shoes

50727 White Cowboy Boots

50728 Black Cowboy Boots

50729 White Tennis Shoes

50730 Money To Burn

50731 Toy Helicopter

50732 Giant Die

50733 Watch Movie

50734 Cardboard Cutout

50735 Acetylene Tank

50736 Bingo Ball Cage

50737 Dynameat

50738 Roaring Thunder

50739 Fire Spitter

50740 Rocket Fireworks

50741 Flaming Gloves

50742 Training Sword

50743 Infernal Arms

50744 Holy Arms

50745 Fountain Lizard

50746 Freezer Bomb

50747 Gem Blower

50748 Gift Shop Lamp

50749 Heliblade

50750 Give Zombrex

50751 Use Exercise Bike

50752 Test Of Strength

50753 Standee

50754 Carl

50755 Wheel of Destiny

50756 Fighting Dummy


50758 Toy Spitball Gun

50759 Spiked Bat

50760 Speaker

50761 Shopping Boxes

50762 Use Slide

50763 Peep Show

50764 No Movie Now

50768 Magazine (Combat 3)

50769 Magazine (Combat 2)

50770 Magazine (Gambling 1)

50771 Magazine (Gambling 2)

50772 Magazine (Gambling 3)

50773 Magazine (Bargaining 1)

50774 Magazine (Bargaining 2)

50775 Magazine (Drinking)

50776 Magazine (Horror 1)

50777 Magazine (Horror 2)

50778 Magazine (Combat 1)

50779 Magazine (Psychos)

50780 Magazine (Health 1)

50781 Magazine (Health 2)

50782 Magazine (Juice Boost)

50783 Magazine (Blades)

50784 Magazine (Building)

50785 Magazine (Amusement)

50786 Magazine (Domestic)

50787 Magazine (Sports)

50788 Magazine (Games)

50789 Magazine (Leadership)

50790 Magazine (Hand to Hand)

50791 Magazine (Bikes)

50792 Magazine (Driving)

50793 Magazine (Skateboarding)

50794 Magazine (Rescue)

50795 Place Item

50796 Tesla Ball

50797 Wingman

50798 Bibi

50799 Ride the Waves

50800 Red Spray Paint

50801 Blue Spray Paint

50802 Purple Spray Paint

50803 USA Spray Paint

50804 Green Spray Paint

50805 Repulse

50806 Spoiled Bacon

50807 Spoiled BBQ Chicken

50808 Spoiled BBQ Ribs

50809 Spoiled Fish

50810 Spoiled Hamburger

50811 Spoiled Hot Dog

50812 Spoiled Steak

50813 Spoiled Sushi

50814 Spoiled Lobster

50815 Mayonnaise

50816 Massager

50817 Whiskey

50818 Jellybeans

50819 Chuck's Default Hair

50820 Chuck's Default Face

50821 Chuck's Default Clothes

50822 Chuck's Default Boots

50823 Skateboard

50824 Handy Chipper

50825 Auger

50826 Driller

50827 Tenderizers

50828 MMA Gloves

50829 Blast Frequency Gun

50830 Super B.F.G.

50831 Electric Chair

50832 Power Guitar

50833 Hacker

50834 Burning Skull

50835 Snowball Cannon

50836 Blazing Aces

50837 Spear Launcher

50838 Defiler

50839 Blambow

50840 Amplifier

50841 Battleaxe

50842 Broadsword

50843 Cushioned Tall Chair

50844 Yellow Tall Chair

50845 Highback Oak Chair

50846 Padded Blue Chair

50847 Patio Chair

50848 Fancy Tall Chair

50849 Fancy Small Chair

50850 Barstool

50851 Folding Chair

50852 Indoor Garbage Can

50853 Plastic Garbage Can

50854 Metal Garbage Can

50855 Table Lamp

50856 Newspaper

50857 Plywood

50858 Steel Shelving

50859 Tennis Racquet

50860 Large Wrench

50861 Whipped Cream

50862 Velvet Bar

50863 Stand

50864 Drill Motor

50865 Rotating Display

50866 Shopping Valuables

50867 Shower Head

50868 Magician Sword

50869 Long Stick

50870 Girls Bike

50871 Jed


50873 Stone Statue

50874 Military Case

50875 Novelty Beer Mug

50876 Liberty Torch

50877 Tiki Mask

50878 Treasure Chest

50879 Patio Table

50880 @[00FF00FF,Maintenance Room Key] Acquired!

50881 Large Planter

50882 Fancy Bench

50883 Playboy

50884 Bowling Pin

50885 Winch

50886 Use Crank

50887 Champion Jacket

50888 TIR Uniform

50889 TIR Helmet

50890 TIR Moosehead

55053 Gate1

55054 Pick Up

55092 The Bunker

55094 Save Game

55095 Nap

55135 Play Poker

55136 Bank Points

55137 Revive

55138 Get food!

60003 @[@tut_cmn_star] ESCORTING SURVIVORS [@tut_cmn_star]



60012 THROW

60020 There are survivors of the outbreak scattered throughout Fortune City. Escort anyone you find back to the Safe House, though some might not come with you willingly...

60021 @Press the [@y_button_ig] to call a survivor to you, or press [@LTbutton_ig] + [@y_button_ig] to send them to a specific location.

60022 Upon rescuing survivors, you will receive a large PP bonus!

60031 @[@tut_cmn_star] CASE FILE [@tut_cmn_star]

60032 You have been framed for the zombie outbreak in Fortune City.

60033 Track down clues to uncover the truth about what has happened.

60034 Clear your name and escape from the city!

60035 @[@tut_cmn_star] CLOSE THE GATE [@tut_cmn_star]

60036 @Find the [00CC00FF,Generator, Fuel Barrel] and [00CC00FF,Spool of Wire].

60037 Take each item to the gate panel at the Safe House entrance to hack the gate.

60038 Close the gate and secure the Safe House!

60039 The military will arrive in 3 days to contain the zombie outbreak.

60040 @Keep track of how much time is left: Press [@dpad_left] to check your watch.

60041 Always remember that Katey needs Zombrex every 24 hours!

60042 @[@tut_cmn_star] TIME [@tut_cmn_star]

60044 @[@tut_cmn_star] JUICE [@tut_cmn_star]

60045 Use blenders to mix food items together into mixed drinks. Any two food items can be combined.

60046 Mixed drinks restore lots of health and have special bonuses.

60047 There are many different types of mixed drinks, each with its own special power!

60050 @[@tut_cmn_star] MESSAGES [@tut_cmn_star]

60051 Stacey will send you messages about the interesting things she sees happening around Fortune City.

60052 Each mission has a time limit. You can track the time limits on the Mission Cue on the HUD, or in the Watch Screen.

60053 Messages will lead you to survivors of the zombie outbreak, scattered around Fortune City.

60082 Scratch Cards let you know what you need to make a combo weapon, but they're not as good as Combo Cards!

60083 Scratch Cards mean less PP from Combo Weapons. You also cannot perform strong attacks.

60084 Replace your Scratch Cards with real Combo Cards as soon as you can! You can find Combo Cards everywhere! Even by leveling up!

60085 @[@tut_cmn_star] SAVING [@tut_cmn_star]

60086 To save your game, visit a bathroom and relieve yourself.

60087 You can save as often as you'd like, and it's a good idea to do so!

60088 Find the closest bathroom by looking for the Save Icon on the map!

60091 Earn PP by killing zombies, saving survivors and defeating psychopaths.

60092 Earning PP lets you level up!

60093 Leveling up lets you gain new skills, attributes and even Combo Cards!

60105 @[@tut_cmn_star] SCRATCH CARD [@tut_cmn_star]

60113 @[@tut_cmn_star] LEVELING UP [@tut_cmn_star]

60122 @[@tut_cmn_star] ZOMBREX [@tut_cmn_star]

60123 Zombrex is a drug that stops the infected from becoming zombies. It is high in demand, expensive, and hard to find.

60124 The new and improved Zombrex formula now lasts 24 hours!

60125 @[FF0000FF,Zombrex overdoses are deadly,] users must never take it earlier than prescribed.

60127 @[@tut_cmn_star] MAGAZINES [@tut_cmn_star]

60128 There are magazines in many of the stores around Fortune City, holding them grants special abilities.

60129 Some magazines increase the durability of your weapons. Holding more magazines at once will result in more durability!

60130 @Other magazines grant special bonus powers. Press [@x_button_ig] to read the magazine and see what it does.

60131 @[@tut_cmn_star] TRAIN CHASE [@tut_cmn_star]

60132 TK is getting away on the train.

60133 Chase him on your bike.

60134 Jump onto the back of the train and put a stop to his plans!

60141 @[@tut_cmn_star] BIKE MODIFICATIONS [@tut_cmn_star]

60142 Chuck is an ex-motocross racer and can modify motorbikes in a variety of ways.

60143 Bring a bike to the Combo Bay and combine it with weapons or paint.

60144 Experiment with different combinations and ride in style!

60145 The Zombrex Counter on your HUD shows how much you have at all times.

60146 @Katey needs Zombrex everyday between [FF0000FF,7:00AM and 8:00AM]. If she doesn't get it, she will die.

60147 Check your watch to see if it's time for Katey's next dose.



60150 @[@tut_cmn_star] COMBO CARD [@tut_cmn_star]

60151 Combo Cards give you the recipe to build powerful Combo Weapons! The cards you have found are all in the Combo Card Screen!

60152 Killing with Combo Weapons gives you bonus PP. You can level up faster and kill more zombies!

60153 Try building more Combo Weapons using items from around Fortune City. They're easy to spot: They all have the wrench icon!

60154 @[@tut_cmn_star] MAINTENANCE ROOM KEY [@tut_cmn_star]

60155 The Maintenance Room Key lets you access all Maintenance Rooms in Fortune City! Maintenance Rooms will let you make powerful Combo Weapons!

60156 Maintenance Rooms are located throughout Fortune City. Bright red doors and neon signs are easily visible from a distance.

60157 A Maintenance Room is always within reach, just check your map! Maintenance Rooms are always marked with the wrench icon!

60160 SAVING


60162 TIME








60170 JUICE







60180 @[@tut_cmn_star] BIKE PARTS [@tut_cmn_star]

60181 You need to find replacement parts and bring them back to the shop to repair the damaged bike.

60182 The parts are located around Still Creek. Some may not be easy to find...

60183 Check the Bike Parts screen in the Pause Menu to see your progress!

60184 @[@tut_cmn_star] DAMAGED BIKE [@tut_cmn_star]

60185 The military is coming at 9:00 PM and they will take Katey into quarantine if they find her!

60186 Get the damaged bike back to the gas station for repairs.

60187 Get Katey Zombrex by 8:00 PM, repair the bike and use it to escape Still Creek before the military arrives!

60188 @[@tut_cmn_star] GUIDE ARROW [@tut_cmn_star]

60189 Chuck needs to find his way to Katey in the green room.

60190 Use the Guide Arrow to find the way to Katey.

60191 The guide arrow will always point towards Chuck's current objective.

60192 CO-OP

60193 @[@tut_cmn_star] CO-OP [@tut_cmn_star]

60194 @The transceiver will let you receive co-op calls! Press [@dpad_right] to answer co-op calls.

60195 People can drop in for a co-op game at any time. You can restrict who joins in the Gameplay Options menu.

60196 Explore Fortune City with a friend and slaughter even more undead!

60197 Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO takes place after a massive zombie outbreak in Las Vegas.

60198 Chuck Greene finds himself stuck in the small town of Still Creek with his infected daughter, Katey. They must escape from the zombies flooding in from the Vegas outbreak!

60199 To prevent Katey from turning, Chuck must also find a drug called Zombrex. It is the only known cure for zombification.

60200 @Chuck can use a variety of objects as weapons.\0APress [@b_button_ig] to pick things up.\0APress [@x_button_ig] to attack!

60201 @As Chuck is attacked, his health will deplete. Find food and drink to replenish Chuck's health!\0AWhen holding food, press [@x_button_ig] to eat it.

60202 There are lots of things to do in Still Creek. Explore the town and read the tutorials: They will come up automatically as you play to explain the game!

60203 @[@tut_cmn_star] HOW TO PLAY [@tut_cmn_star]

60210 Put hats on zombies.

60211 Kill zombies.

60212 Use "HAT REMOVER" carefully.

60213 SLAM



60216 Charge zombie.

60217 Flick zombie.

60218 Get points for pounds.

60219 Reload.


60221 FLICK - TAP

60222 Turn your points from the final round into cash!

60223 Place higher to win more cash!

60224 Point leader goes first.

60225 Bonus zombies = big points.

60226 BRAKE


60228 BONUS!

60229 Get the power.

60230 Crush Zombies.

60231 Hit bumpers to bank points!

60232 SPRINT

60233 Shaft zombies for points.

60234 Beat off more players for more points!


60236 Cover zombies with props for points.

60237 Stop someone else from getting all 3 for a bonus!

60250 CASE 1

60251 CASE 2

60252 Zombrex 2

60253 CASE 3

60254 CASE 1-1

60255 CASE 1-2

60256 CASE 2-1

60257 CASE 2-2

60258 SEPTEMBER 25

60259 SEPTEMBER 26

60260 7:00 AM

60261 7:00 PM

60262 10,000 PP

60263 500 PP

60264 3,500 PP

60265 Normally, you can visit a bathroom to save your progress.

60266 Saving is not available in the trial version of Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO.

60267 @Unlock the full game! Press [@x_button] now, or do it later on the main menu.





60272 Save Chuck and Katey from the zombie horde!

60300 The bridge out of town is blocked with wreckage and zombies!

60301 Search the quarantine zone for clues about what happened here.

60302 Search for Zombrex and find a way to escape from Still Creek!

60303 Combo Cards give you the recipe to build powerful Combo Weapons! The cards you have found are all in the Combo Card Screen.

60304 Killing with Combo Weapons gives you bonus PP. You can level up faster and kill more zombies.

60305 Try building more Combo Weapons using items from around Still Creek. They're easy to spot: They all have the wrench icon!

60306 Maintenance Rooms are located throughout Still Creek. The bright red doors are easily visible from a distance.

60307 The benches inside Maintenance Rooms will let you build powerful Combo Weapons!

60308 A Maintenance Room is always within reach, just check your map! Maintenance Rooms are always marked with the wrench icon!

60309 There are survivors of the outbreak scattered throughout Still Creek. Escort anyone you find back to the Gas Station, though some might not come with you willingly...

60310 @Press [@y_button_ig] to call a survivor to you, or hold [@LTbutton_ig] and press [@y_button_ig] to send them to a specific location.

60311 Upon rescuing survivors, you will receive a large PP bonus!

60312 Use blenders to mix food items together into mixed drinks. Any two food items can be combined.

60313 Mixed drinks restore lots of health and have special bonuses.

60314 There are many different types of mixed drinks, each with it's own special power!

60315 Earn PP by killing zombies, saving survivors and defeating psychopaths.

60316 Earning PP lets you level up! Leveling up lets you gain new skills and attributes.

60317 You can only reach Level 5 in Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO, but you'll be able to bring those levels into Dead Rising 2!

60318 There are magazines in many of the stores around Still Creek, holding them grants special abilities.

60319 Magazines increase the durability of your weapons. Holding more magazines at once will result in more durability!

60320 @Press [@x_button_ig] while holding a magazine to read it and see what it does.

60321 To save your game, visit a bathroom and relieve yourself.

60322 You can save as often as you'd like and it's a good idea to do so!

60323 Find the closest bathroom by looking for the Save Icon on the map!

60324 As you explore Still Creek, you will uncover missions.

60325 Each mission has a time limit. You can track the time limits on the Mission Cue on the HUD or in the Watch Screen.

60326 Messages will lead you to survivors of the zombie outbreak, scattered around Still Creek.

60327 Scratch Cards let you know what you need to make a combo weapon, but they're not as good as Combo Cards.

60328 Scratch Cards mean less PP from Combo Weapons. You also cannot perform strong attacks.

60329 Replace your Scratch Cards with real Combo Cards as soon as you can!

60330 Placeholder: time 1

60331 Placeholder: time 2

60332 Placeholder: time 3

60333 Zombrex is a drug that stops the infected from becoming zombies. It is high in demand, expensive and hard to find.

60334 Zombrex is still an experimental formula and only prevents zombification for 12 hours.

60335 Zombrex overdoses are deadly, users must never take it earlier than prescribed.

60336 The Zombrex Counter on your HUD shows how much you have at all times.

60337 @Katey needs her next dose of Zombrex between [FF0000FF,7:00PM and 8:00PM]. If she doesn't get it, she will die.

60338 Check your watch to see how much time is left before Katey needs her dose.

60339 @[@tut_cmn_star] MAINTENANCE ROOMS [@tut_cmn_star]

60340 Complete

60341 Incomplete

60342 Bike Status:

60343 FOUND


60345 I've found this part and returned it to the Gas Station!

60346 I haven't found this part yet, I've got to keep looking.

60347 Dick says I should check the hotel for a key to the water shed, which should have the forks I need.

60348 Dick says that there's all sorts of old parts in the alley behind the Still Creek Theater. Maybe even an engine.



60351 I still haven't returned this part to the Gas Station...

61000 Shoot / Throw

61001 Use / Pick Up

61002 Camera

61003 Aim

61004 Inventory

61005 Move

61006 @Attack: Press [@x_button_ig]

61007 @Strong Attack: Hold [@x_button_ig]

61008 Jump

65000 That good for nothing little SHRIMP!

65001 I am way too fine to be left alone in this mess.

65002 What kind of man leaves a beautiful woman like me out here alone?

65003 Hey, are you alright, lady?

65004 My momma always said he wasn't no real man.

65005 If Gordon stayed with me, I could've protected his skinny ass!

65006 Gordon better be sorry he ever left me.

65008 I'm such a coward.

65009 I'm so worthless.

65010 I'll never forgive myself for leaving her out there.

65011 Why couldn't I be brave?

65012 I should have stayed with her.

65013 Gordon Dawkins! There you are!

65020 Thanks, stranger. The name's Kenneth. Me an' my loser for a son-in-law were trying to "bond", as my daughter says, when this all happened.

65021 @Follow me back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House]. It's too dangerous out here.

65022 Sounds good, but my daughter Kazmina would probably kill me if something happened to her dimwit, poker-fiend of a husband over there.

65023 *Sob*... I knew we shouldn't have come...

65024 Help me kill these zombies then we'll talk.

65029 Wow, you're a lot cuter than those zombies, baby.

65031 Honey, I'll follow you anywhere.

65033 You look like a strong, take-charge man. I'd like to find out exactly how take-charge, baby.

65034 Summer Chavez. Nice to meet you.

65035 @But if you want some company, you can talk to my boss, [00CC00FF,Cora] over there, and work out a package deal.

65037 Thank you. Guys are always coming after me, but not like this.

65038 @You girls had better come with me, back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

65041 I would love to get to know you a little more... intimately.

65042 Our time is money, and we don't go with anyone without settling the bill first.

65045 They call me Summer because I like it HOT.

65049 I'm sorry for my friend. She gets intimidated by handsome men. Not like me.

65050 We owe you big time, Chuck, and I would love to start paying you back in the very near future.

65064 Ok, let's go.

65073 Thank you, daddy.

65074 @Chuck, there's someone in the kitchen at [00CC00FF,Dining at Davey's] in [00CC00FF,Platinum Strip]. He's looking through everything pretty thoroughly. Maybe he's seen some [00CC00FF,Zombrex.]

65075 Hey, buddy. You okay?

65076 Oh, I'm awful. This is so horrible!

65077 I know this zombie outbreak is --

65078 I'm starving! I've been all through the Platinum Strip already! It's cleaned out! I HAVE TO EAT when I'm stressed!

65079 @I might have something here for you... and the [00CC00FF,Safe House] has some food. We should go there. It's safe.

65080 No, no! I've got to have something else! And soon! I won't have the energy to go far until I eat! I found some other stuff, but who cares if it's not food!

65081 Did you find anything yummy?

65083 This looks delicious!

65084 @I can see two construction workers trapped at the worksite in the [00CC00FF,South Plaza]. It doesn't look good. You better hurry!

65086 Lady! If you come with me, I can take you to a safe place.

65087 I can take care of myself for now, but my friend sure can't. She fights like a blind mouse. I ain't leaving her!

65088 Thanks for saving my pal. I thought I'd hammered my last nail, if you know what I'm saying.

65089 No problem. Let's just get out of here. I know a safe place.

65090 You got it, mister! Let's get out of here.

65091 Lady? You okay?

65092 I'm not used to zombies, I tell you what. I'm real tired from fighting.

65093 Come on. There's a safe place, not too far from here. Follow me.

65095 Help!

65096 Hey man, this place has gone CRAZY. I just finished cashing out all my winnings, I come out, and all this crap is goin' on. Can't even spend my new cash. What the hell?

65097 @Spending the cash is the least of your worries. Listen, I can bring you to the [00CC00FF,Safe House] where there aren't any zombies to worry about.

65098 Okay, man. I just wanna get my new retirement fund to safety. And hopefully not wreck this new suit.

65099 @Whoa, pal. No [00CC00FF,gun]? I'm all for a safe place to ride this out, but this cash can't walk around unprotected. Look, get a [00CC00FF,gun] and then we'll take off. I'll even pay you.

65100 My man has a gun! Me and my cash need some protection. I hope you know how to use that thing?

65101 Just point and shoot, pal. Works every time.

65102 Love the enthusiasm. Get me to safety, and your bank account will thank me.

65103 @I see a man hiding on top of the [00CC00FF,Hamburger Fiefdom] in the food court. He looks like he's waiting for someone.

65104 Hey, didn't think you saw me up here. The name's Jasper. I'm fine, but...

65105 Me'n Cinda, one of the other barkeeps, were working the Shoal Nightclub when this zombie mess happened.

65106 We found this safe spot here above the Fiefdom but we started running low on supplies.

65107 Thank you... I thought I was a goner...

65108 Whoa! Get away from me! You're that guy on TV! You caused all this!

65109 Lady, it wasn't me! I was framed! Look, I'm trying to help you here!

65110 @I am NOT coming with you! You... terrorist! I'm going to stay here until [00CC00FF,Jasper] finds me here. I can trust him!

65111 @I am not moving a foot until [00CC00FF,Jasper] gets here.

65112 I guess so. Only because Jasper trusts you.

65113 Will you please come with me? Your friend trusts me. You can, too.

65114 I found your friend, Jasper.

65115 @Chuck... Looks like there are some survivors holed up in the men's restroom in the [00CC00FF,Americana Casino]. Check it out! I think I saw someone from CURE!

65116 I know they said that, but I don't think he's a terrorist. He risked his life to save me.

65117 Come on, Cinda. He can take us someplace safe.

65118 Cinda! You're safe! I was so worried about you!

65119 @Chuck, looks like someone's vandalizing slots in the [00CC00FF,Americana]! You better get over there.

65120 Stuart, there's someone here! He's alive!

65121 What if he's from the company? He might report us!

65122 Stay out of our business, buddy! I'm just taking my worker's comp! They left us with nothing!

65123 We've got to get out of here! Stuart's not a bad guy. Please stop him before he gets hurt.

65124 Sorry. We just thought we were getting what we were owed. We used to work here, until...

65125 I don't care what you were doing, but we have to get to safety.

65126 I better go with you before those things get us too. We're probably in trouble by now anyway.

65127 Buddy, can't you give a guy a break? Okay, you win. I was just trying to get paid my due.

65128 @Sorry, but you don't have to do this. Come on, I can take you to the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

65129 Fine, let's get outta here. The casinos are insured against this, but I probably won't get my job back.

65130 @Chuck, there's someone fighting off zombies at [00CC00FF,SporTrance] in the [00CC00FF,Royal Flush Plaza]. You'd better check it out.

65131 These zombies are all over me! I just need some room to breathe!

65132 Thanks. I was getting mauled over here. Good thing I got a strong swing and my best club!

65133 No problem, but listen, it isn't safe out here.

65134 @If you follow me, I can take you to the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

65135 I'm used to crowds on the Pro Tour, but the fans aren't usually this aggressive. Let's go!

65136 On the plus side, all this swinging is good for my form. I just hope my favorite club can handle the extra punishment.

65137 No way, man. The only way to get this case is to take it from my cold, dead hand.

65138 Looking to make some extra cash?

65139 Help out a friend, man! I need some protection!

65149 @Chuck! I saw a postal cart driving around [00CC00FF,Royal Flush Plaza]... Maybe you should check it out. There might be [00CC00FF,Zombrex] in one of those packages!

65162 Anything that gets me out of here is fine by me.

65163 Hey buddy. You okay?

65167 Chuck

65168 Richard

65169 Terri

65170 Willa

65171 Janus

65172 Jasper

65173 Cinda

65174 Stuart

65175 Brittany

65176 Luz

65177 Allison

65178 Vikki

65179 Cameron

65180 Juan

65181 Katherine

65185 Woodrow

65186 Lillian

65187 Walter

65188 Royce

65189 Michael

65190 Matthew

65191 Europa

65192 Kristin

65193 John

65194 Curtis

65195 Brian

65196 Kris

65197 Elrod

65198 Trixie-Lynn

65199 Sven

65200 Linette

65201 Fortunea Aspidistris

65202 @Chuck, there's someone at the edge of the [00CC00FF,Fortune City Hotel roof]! She looks like she's going to jump! HURRY!

65203 *Sob* Oh mom, I'm sorry I left you.

65204 I should have stayed with her... *sniff*

65205 Hey, lady. Don't do anything drastic! Listen, I can help you!

65206 It's my mother. We couldn't decide on a safe place to go, so we ended up arguing, and she stormed off. If anything happened to her ....

65207 Hey, she might be just fine. Did you see where she went?

65208 @She was talking about the [00CC00FF,Atlantica Casino] when she left. She couldn't have made it very far...

65209 Alright. Stay here and don't do anything crazy. If she's alive, I'll find her.

65210 I guess I've got nothing else to lose... I'll wait a little while longer.

65211 @...She said she was headed to the[00CC00FF, Atlantica Casino].

65212 Oh, I'm so glad you're back! Did you find my mother?

65213 Yeah ... I'm really sorry, but ... she didn't make it.

65214 No! Oh, Mom! I knew I should have stayed with her ... what have I done?!

65215 There's nothing left for me now... Oh, Mom! I'm coming! I'll never leave you again...

65216 No! Wait!

65217 Thank you kindly. I was in real trouble before you got here. I had an argument with my daughter and...

65218 Actually, I saw your daughter on the edge of a rooftop. I'm worried she something. But I can take you there.

65219 The edge of a roof? She was always such a dramatic child! Please, take me to her!

65220 Lillian? You get down from there this instant!

65221 ... ... Mom? ... MOM!

65222 Oh Lillian, I'm so glad you're safe!

65223 Thank you. Thank you so much for saving my mom.

65224 @You're welcome, but we're not done yet. We've got to get back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

65226 @There are three women on top of the pool in the [00CC00FF,Palisades Mall]. But Chuck... just, um... keep your head in this one, okay?

65229 Honey, don't mind if I'm a little forward, but are you single?

65232 We'd like to sugar, but we aren't just any girls.

65233 Excuse me?

65234 @[00CC00FF,$10,000] and we're all yours. We won't move for a dime less. Baby, you know you want to.

65235 I'm so sorry, Chuck.

65236 @[00CC00FF,$10,000], and trust me, you won't be disappointed.

65237 Thanks, baby! We're worth every penny.

65238 Sorry, baby. I won't go anywhere without the boss-lady.

65239 Sorry, hun, but it's all of us or none of us. But you won't be sorry, sugar. Talk to the boss-lady to make a deal.

65240 Honey, would you be a dear and help us carry our things?

65241 Seriously?! You ladies are shopping? But there are zombies everywhere!

65242 Zombies or no zombies, Kathy's Space was having a sale, and it will take more than the undead to stop me. I just bought the cutest new pumps.

65243 Listen, you might find bargains, but it just isn't safe out here. Follow me and I'll get you to a safe place.

65244 Sure, but can you carry our boxes? We paid good money for all these new things and we're not leaving them all here!

65247 Finally, someone who can help us.

65249 When the outbreak happened, we figured there wouldn't be any lineups at the mall, so we went shopping.

65250 Shopping with zombies?

65251 Oh these zombies aren't too bad. We've seen worse crowds on Black Friday.

65252 Well, that aside. Follow me to safety. I'll protect you.

65253 Just carry our bags, and we'll protect you. We're not exactly the damsel-in-distress type. You'll see.

65254 Thank you, handsome. I got such a good price on those shoes there was NO WAY I was leaving them here.

65255 @We all got our own priorities. You can follow me to the [00CC00FF,Safe House] now.

65256 Thanks yet again, but I have one other favor to ask?

65257 What is it?

65258 We need a big, strong man to carry our boxes. Would you fetch them from the counter? And you better not break anything. I've got fine crystal in there.

65259 You clumsy oaf!

65261 You violent jerk!

65263 I can't believe it. How could you do that?!

65265 @Um, Chuck... there seems to be a dancer throwing up in the [00CC00FF,Americana Casino].

65266 Wow... Lady, you alright?

65267 Hey! There you are... wait... you're not Josh. Where'd he run off to?

65268 Josh?

65269 Yeah. He was in that nice little bachelor party that kept buying me drinks. *hic* Man, something smells like it died out here...

65270 A lot of things died out there. Listen lady, there are zombies everywhere. We've got to go.

65271 Oh yeah *hic*, there's that Terror is Reality show in town tomorrow... That T.K. is so hot... *hic*

65272 That was yesterday. There's been an outbreak. And I think you need some help.

65273 Wait *hic*, yesterday? Last thing I remember was Josh and those boys buying me drinks. I must'a passed out. *hic*

65274 @Well, you should come with me. It isn't safe out here and I can take you where you can lie down or get something to drink. There's a [00CC00FF,Safe House]...

65275 *hic* Sounds kinda fun, baby... Let's party!

65276 Wait, no... that's not what I meant... Nevermind... let's just get out of here.

65277 Drop any firearms, or we will be forced to open fire!

65279 Are you guys okay?

65280 Yeah. We took some hits, and we are the only ones left from the squad.

65281 Thanks for helping us out.

65282 Sarge, I need medical med-evac!

65283 Suck it up, soldier! We need to get to the bottom of this.

65286 Wait a second... YOU! I KNOW YOU! You're Greene. The guy responsible!

65287 @Hold on a second! I was framed. That bastard TK is behind this whole thing. I've got people back at the [00CC00FF,Safe House] who can vouch for me.

65288 TK? From Terror is Reality? Hmm...never liked that guy. And this whole operation was questionable from the start. Alright, I'll give you a chance.

65289 Look, I know a safe place, and we can find out what's really going on. We can even get those wounds looked at.

65290 Affirmative. Lead the way, but I'll be watching you, Greene. Don't try anything funny.

65291 @Chuck, there's someone trying to get into an ATM machine in the [00CC00FF,Slot Ranch Casino]... I think he's trying to rob it.

65292 Hey buddy. What the hell do you think you're doing?

65294 I am Woodrow Rutherford. CEO and owner of one of the largest banks in the state.

65296 Prudency, young man! In just over 1 day's time the military will rescue us from all this perfectly good money!

65297 We can't let the cash in these ATM's go to waste!

65298 So you're going to pocket it before anything happens?

65299 Well, no one else is!! And the yacht is a bit small. I could really use another boat - er...

65302 @Money's gonna be the least of your problems if a zombie gets you. Let me take you to the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

65303 I will not let all this money go for nothing. That would be letting the zombies win.

65304 Alright, son. You keep those SOB's off me.

65307 These dang zombies are nothing but trouble.

65308 This is the last one. We're almost done, partner.

65309 This one's done. Let's make our way to the next one.

65311 Hurry, son. Time's a wastin'. We must fulfill our duties!

65312 Only one more to go.

65313 Alright, that's the last of 'em. You did the right thing, son. By me. *heh heh heh*

65314 @Thank you, son. This money will go to good use, that I can assure you *heh, heh, heh*. Now let's get movin' to that [00CC00FF,Safe House] already.

65315 @Chuck, I think I can see someone hiding in the [00CC00FF,Hotel]. You better check it out.

65316 Are you okay?


65318 Sorry... I'm just trying to help.

65319 Oh my god. This is like, totally embarrassing. This is like, a total tragedy!

65320 What happened?

65321 Like, I was in my hotel room, I went to get some ice, and the stupid door locked behind me. I came down, and this place was totally zombified. Like, seriously!

65322 A zombie outbreak started. But come with me. I can get you to safety.

65323 Are you like drunk or some junk? I can't go out there like this.

65324 What are you talking about? You can't stay here.

65325 Look, what if a cute guy, or like a hunky prize fighter or a hot movie star or something sees me? I would like totally die!

65326 Son, I worked hard for this money. I'm not giving it up that easily.

65327 @Whatever, okay? Maybe if I wasn't like the only one doing it. I'll tell you what, I'll totally go with you IF you are wearing just your[00CC00FF, underwear] too.

65328 @Those clothes are like no way as embarrassing. Down to your[00CC00FF, underwear], dude! Check that [00CC00FF,men's store by the statue.]

65329 That's hot!

65330 Yeah, I sure feel... hot. Look, let's just get going.

65331 For sure. For like sharing in my embarrassment, I'll like totally be your BFF.

65332 Yes! That's a +27 critical attack! Take THAT, foul knave!

65333 Don't forget to check his pouches for treasure. *snort*

65334 Indeed, you have a 95% chance of getting an item, and a 24.7% chance of getting a rare weapon.

65335 Uh, I think it's against the rules for the Game Overlord to give percentages like that...

65336 Look, I'm the Game Overlord, I get to make the rules.

65337 Your Exploding Fire spell went off prematurely. You now have 3rd degree burns on your hands.

65338 By the Hammer of Voltainus, I SMITE THEE! *snort*

65339 If only my charisma were this high in real life...

65340 Gosh, sir. You scared the beejesus outta me. *snort* I'm Curtis. Curtis Ellenton.

65341 What are you guys doing in here?

65342 When the zombies came out, we built ourselves a fort to stay safe.

65343 You must be strong to have gotten this far. Voltainus must shine his light upon you. *snort*

65344 So, who built the barricade?

65345 I am the master foreman! You may call me Brian. I call this place the Freedom Spire!

65346 You guys have been here since the zombies got loose?

65347 Well, that isn't entirely accurate. We came to meet girls, but none of us can talk to any...

65348 So you guys have been hiding here this entire time?

65349 Yes, this is the only refuge for our kind.

65350 We get ridiculed for our sense of fashion, but with our combined mental strength, we will soon rule all!

65351 01101000 01101001

65352 That's "hi" in binary.

65353 Uh... Hi.

65354 There was a 21.862% chance that someone would find us before the military came. We decided to take our chances and wait here.

65355 We came here because we thought it would be easy to meet girls, but we all froze up.

65356 That's rough.

65357 I know! All the ads about this place were such a lie. Since we've been here, we haven't seen a single girl go wild!

65358 Look, girl troubles aside, you can't stay here. It isn't safe.

65359 We've been safe so far. We'll stay here.

65360 @Just come along with me to the [00CC00FF,Safe House]. Maybe one of the girls can help you with...

65361 @There are girls there? Inside a high security [00CC00FF,Safe House] with no escape? What are we waiting for? Take us to live girls, good sir!

65362 @I see two guys in [00CC00FF,Hot Excitorama]. They look like they are laughing ... or fighting. It's hard to tell. You should check it out, but be careful.

65363 No way are you funnier. I've been telling jokes since you were in diapers.

65364 Yeah, I can tell. Your material is so old it's in Sanskrit.

65365 Uh... Hello?

65366 Whoa, a living person!

65367 Yeah, he must not have heard your set... Maybe he can settle this?

65368 What's going on?

65369 We were here for the Fortune City Comedy Festival. Both of us were up for the Comedian of the year, but the zombies attacked before we could find out who won.

65370 Yeah, help us out here. Listen to both of our jokes, and then give that award on the table to the one you think is funniest.

65371 What does a vegan zombie eat?

65372 What do sloppy zombies get on their clothes when they eat?

65373 YES! I would like to thank the Academy and all the little people I had to stomp to get here. I kid, I kid. Thanks buddy, at least there are two of us in here who know real comedy.

65374 BOO YAH! You can go cry to your wife about this. Oh, and tell her I said thanks for the incredible evening.

65375 @Hey Chuck, come back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House]. Vikki wants to talk to you. She's in the lounge.

65376 Oh my god. Between the zombies and the military there's a terrible danger!

65377 Um, yeah. I know. Lots of people are -

65378 People? Who said anything about people? We have to save the Fortunea Aspidistra!

65379 The what?

65380 Fortunea Aspidistra. It's a small plant that only grows on the Fortune City butte. Don't you know anything?

65381 @You are the only one who can save it! I know a local artist that used it in his pieces. I'm sure it's at the [00CC00FF,Cleroux Collection] in the [00CC00FF,Palisades Mall.]

65382 I came here to get it and plant it to make sure that this wonderful piece of flora lives on.

65383 I'm not sure if I would risk my life for a plant...

65384 I saw it in your eyes when you saved me... You wouldn't risk our whole ecosystem! Pretty please?

65385 @Remember, it's a green plant used in [00CC00FF,Peace Art]. I saw some in the [00CC00FF,Cleroux Collection.]

65386 Thank you so much. Mother Earth has a true Champion in Chuck Greene. Hey! Go green with Chuck Greene. Kinda catchy.

65387 Thanks again, sugar pants.

65388 Just listen to the material and give the trophy over there to the funnier one.

65389 Hurry up, son. Time's a wastin'.

65390 If you want to help, follow me, and keep those zombies off my back!

65391 *sniff* Why didn't I listen to her ...?

65393 That's bunk... I guess old guys think old jokes are funny.

65394 You just had to encourage him, didn't ya?

65395 A feisty grandmother. Found in Platinum Strip.

65396 I killed 48 of 'em during the big outbreak, I aint gonna let no dead un's get me now.

65397 Rugged, with a soft voice. Found in the South Plaza.

65398 Those things dirtied up my favorite tool belt.

65399 Tough as nails. Found in the South Plaza.

65400 Thanks for haulin' my behind outta there.

65401 The starving artist. Found in the Cleroux Collection Art gallery in the Palisades Mall.

65402 My first paycheck! Thanks to you, I found my fortune in Fortune.

65403 As American as apple pie. Found in the Arena.

65404 We couldn'a stayed there much longer. Room was so small you couldn'a yell at a cat without gettin' a mouthful o' fur.

65407 Finer than a frog's hair, split 3 ways. Found in the Arena.

65408 Those dead folk had me runnin' like a scalded dog, but if a heroic man like yourself needs some company. You come an find lil' Trixie-Lynn, you hear?

65409 Slick looking player. Found outside the Atlantica Casino.

65410 Good thing I cashed out when I did. Thanks for being my bodyguard.

65411 Unlucky with love. Found in the South Plaza Mall.

65412 Man, its like you have +10 strength against zombies!

65413 Can name every comic book hero and their powers. Found in the South Plaza Mall.

65414 By the hammer of Voltainus, I thank you * snort *.

65415 A numbers genius. Found in the South Plaza Mall.

65416 Mathematically, the odds against survival get exponentially higher with each hour.

65417 Always rolls 20's. Found in the South Plaza.

65418 You are like a real life action figure, in mint condition in its bubble-wrap.

65419 War veteran. Found in The American Historium in the Americana Casino.

65420 You never forget your first kill, boy. But it gets easier each time.

65421 A cheerful bartender. Found above the Hamburger Fiefdom.

65422 Man, I really need a stiff drink. Something to help me forget all this crap.

65423 A beautiful barkeep. Trapped by Antoine in Cucina Donnacci.

65424 You may have saved me, but I still don't trust you...

65427 A big cheese in Fortune City. Found at an ATM in the Slot Ranch Casino.

65428 I give you many thanks. The money we took... I mean "collected" today will be put to very good use.

65429 Worth every penny. Found in the pool of the Palisades Mall.

65430 Thanks, Sugar. If you ever need protection again, look us up. We're in the book under Guardian Angels Personal Security.

65431 A tanned beauty. Found in the pool of the Palisades Mall.

65432 It's fun having a cute guy for once. Call us again at Guardian Angels Personal Security.

65433 Foxy lady that doesn't play games. Found in the pool of the Palisades Mall.

65434 Thanks for the escort, big boy. Next time Guardian Angels Personal Security will do all the work for you.

65435 Veteran zombie killer. Found outside in Fortune Park.

65436 Command got the wrong intel on this mission!

65437 Freshly deployed, but skilled. Found outside in Fortune Park.

65438 We were going to run out of ammunition eventually!

65439 Heartbroken but tough. Found at the edge of the Fortune Hotel roof.

65440 Thanks for helping us out. If more people were like you, maybe this would never have happened...

65441 Stubborn but practical. Found in the Atlantica Casino.

65442 If we don't help ourselves, who will?

65443 Baby, the world is so grateful you've inspired me to launch another fabulous comeback tour!

65445 Found in the South Plaza mall, hiding from a psychopath.

65446 Glad to be somewhere safe now. Thank you.

65447 Dedicated husband. Found in Casual Gals in Royal Flush Plaza.

65448 I might have been better off with the zombies.

65449 The pants wearer. Found in The Dark Bean in Royal Flush Plaza.

65450 He might not have been brave, but Gordon's still my baby.

65451 A grizzled paramedic. Found in the One Little Duck Bingo hall in the Silver Strip.

65452 Those things out there are making me work too damn hard.

65453 Nervous chef with good intentions. Found in the Dining at Davey's Restaurant in the Platinum Strip.

65454 I'm not cut out for this. I just can't... Do you smell barbeque?

65455 A depressed man brought to the verge by the zombie outbreak. Found in the Palisades Mall.

65456 It's the ultimate sacrifice, to become one of the disenfranchised is to understand their suffering!

65457 May have a little bit of a problem. Found in Shamrock Casino.

65458 This place ain't too bad. Where can I find the slots here, son?

65459 Trying to enjoy retirement. Found wandering around Platinum Strip.

65460 My woman, god bless her, is always getting me into trouble.

65463 A gorgeous mermaid. Found in the Atlantica Casino.

65464 Thank you so much. Do you think I could borrow a shirt?

65467 Green college student. Found trapped in a bathroom stall.

65468 Does this place use green technology?

65473 A fun loving party animal. Found in Wily Travels in the Royal Flush Plaza.

65474 Thanks, man. Those zombie dudes pack a nasty bite.

65475 A reliable hole-in-one. Found in SporTrance at the Royal Flush Plaza.

65476 Thanks to you, I can still make the pro tour.

65477 Kindly old lady. Found inside Children's Castle in the Royal Flush Plaza.

65478 Thank you for your kindness, young man.

65481 Killer pipes. Found at the Stage in the Silver Strip.

65482 They may have been dead, but no one has been so into our performance before.

65483 Musical mayhem. Found on the Stage in the Silver Strip.

65484 The dead can dance!

65485 Heavy Metal personified. Found on the Stage in the Silver Strip.

65486 We've played tougher shows back home in London.

65487 A tough and determined party animal.

65488 You ROCK! We were zombie bait, without you. Let me know if you have any rich, available friends.

65489 Dressed to party, but low on morale.

65490 Thanks for bringing me here, I'm glad I'm safe now.

65491 Almost forced into gruesome matrimony. Found in Swept Away on the Silver Strip.

65492 My God... can you imagine if I actually had to marry that thing?

65493 A wealthy debutante. Found in Kathy's Space in the Royal Flush Plaza.

65494 My shoes are ruined. Oh well, just another reason to go shopping!

65495 Tough never looked so good. Found in Kathy's Space in the Royal Flush Plaza.

65496 If you think I'm tough now, you should see me when they don't have my size!

65497 A fashion journalist who is easy on the eyes. Found in Kathy's Space in the Royal Flush Plaza.

65498 I am going to make my new clothes look so good! Thank you for your help.

65501 A bashful beauty. Found in the Hotel.

65502 Oh my god. The zombies might not have killed me, but the embarrassment might.

65505 The best man to take to the casino. Found in the Yucatan.

65506 Chuck was very nice to me. I'm a good driver.

65507 The ultimate predator. Found in the Yucatan.

65508 *ROAR*

65509 Showgirl with a love for drinking. Found in the Security Room of the Americana Casino.

65510 I know I've said it before, but that's the last time I'll drink that much.

65511 A little loco. Run down by the former TIR contestant Leon Bell.

65513 Kinda funny looking. Found in Hot Excitorama.

65514 So what's the deal with all these zombies? If only my wife was all over me like that.

65515 Student trying to make it as a comedian. Found in Hot Excitorama.

65516 So two zombies go walking into a bar... You haven't heard this one have you?

65517 Well-meaning son-in-law. Found in Shank's knife store in the Palisades Mall.

65518 I wish I never left home.

65519 Heroic father-in-law. Found in Shank's knife store in the Palisades Mall.

65520 This brings me back to my younger days.

65521 Still needs to relax. Found in the Venus Touch Spa.

65522 Thanks. I don't suppose you have any aloe?

65523 A disgruntled employee. Found in the Americana Casino.

65524 The Casinos are insured for stuff like this, but I'm probably going to lose my job.

65525 Honest at heart. Found in the Americana Casino.

65526 I still think we deserve some type of reward.

65528 A passionate, assertive idealist, and head of the zombie rights group CURE.

65529 An ambitious news reporter determined to get to the truth behind the outbreak.

65530 Chuck's infected daughter.

65531 Chad

65532 Doris

65533 Jared

65534 Esther

65535 Bill

65536 Ambivalent TIR contestant. Found in the Arena.

65537 Woooooeeee! Blazes, it's a real live one! Brother, am I ever glad to see you!

65538 @Listen, I can take you to the [00CC00FF,Safe House] where it's safe.

65539 Listen, you ain't seen my darlin' Doris, have ya? Real cute lil' gal? I ain't leavin' her out here, even if she is a crack shot!

65540 Sorry, I don't think so.

65541 Well, we got to find her! We made a deal if we wuz lost we'd meet here, but I been all over this damn place, and there ain't hide nor hair of her!

65542 I can help you look for her. Where did you two get separated?

65543 That's right, you undead sunuvabitches! Keep goin' to those flashy lights and loud noises! Doris's too smart for suckers like you!!

65544 I'mma lookin' for my husband, Chad. I'mma keep lookin' till I find 'im.

65545 There's my girl! Let's get out of this damned zombie mess to somewheres safe!

65546 Sweet thing! Where in tarnation have y'all been?

65547 Came to Fortune City for the vacation of a lifetime. Found in the Safe House.

65548 @Hate to interrupt your reunion, but we'd better get to the [00CC00FF,Safe House] and away from these zombies.

65549 Wait just a doggone minute! Yer that fella from the TV! You started this here outbreak! Why, I oughta blow yer damn head off!

65550 Lady! Hold on! I swear I was set up. I'm out here trying to prove it. It wasn't me.

65551 Well, I guess if you helped my Chad here find my needle in this haystack, you must be an okay fella.

65552 If'n my Doris ain't in this dad-burned world, I shore don't see much reason for me to be here neither. You go on now, y'hear?

65553 TIR contestant. Found in the Arena.

65554 @Chuck, you'd better get to [00CC00FF,Wily Travels] in the [00CC00FF,Royal Flush]. There's a guy hiding out in there. Looks like he's bleeding.

65555 Hey, buddy. You okay?

65556 No, no dude... not so much. I just came here to party and look what happened.

65557 You're bleeding pretty bad there. One of those things get you?

65558 @Yeah, I'm bit, man, like a tasty morsel. I'm hosed if I don't get [00CC00FF,Zombrex] soon. Game over, dude ... game over...

65559 @Hey, dude. Have you found any [00CC00FF,Zombrex] yet?

65560 Right on, man. I totally owe you. I feel a little dizzy though, can you help me out?

65561 @We better get back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House]. It's safe there.

65562 @There some girls at this [00CC00FF,Safe House]? Is it, like, a party place?

65563 @Hey Chuck, I saw a paramedic carrying an injured person into [00CC00FF,One Little Duck Bingo]. You should check it out, maybe he knows where to find more [00CC00FF,Zombrex.]

65564 Hey, pal! You need a hand there? Everything okay?

65565 I've got to save him! Just a little more... time! Can't... stop!

65566 Do you think he has a chance?

65567 No... no... he's... dead. I knew it, but I just feel so bad. I'm a paramedic. I should have been able to help him!

65568 I'm sure you tried as hard as you could.

65569 I'm a failure. If I can't be of service in this awful place... I don't know why I should even go on.

65570 @Chuck, you better get over to the [00CC00FF,Children's Castle] store. There's a real old lady wandering around in there.

65571 Ma'am? Hey, lady! Don't be scared! I can help.

65572 Oh, finally - a clerk! I came here to get my grandbaby a present. But on my way all these young hooligans kept bumping into me.

65573 Hooligans? Lady, there are zombies everywhere. We have to get out of here!

65574 Sonny, I'm shopping for my grandbaby and she's much too young for those zombie toys.

65575 Lady, they aren't toys!

65576 You young men are so sensitive! Fine... "Action Figures". I don't really care for your pushy salesmanship. You catch more flies with honey!

65577 Lady, we...

65578 Tut tut, young man! What did I just say about flies and honey? Now you just calm down and speak with some respect for your elders.

65579 @Chuck? That golfer lady Luz wants to talk to you back here at the [00CC00FF,Safe House] - she's got a proposition.

65580 How you doing, Luz?

65581 I lost my favorite club! How can I practice for the tour? I feel practically naked without it!

65582 Sorry to hear that...

65583 @Listen, could you fetch a new [00CC00FF,golf club]? I spotted some real nice ones in the sports shops.

65584 I'm not sure I want to risk my neck for a golf club... no offense.

65585 @I've got some cash tucked away in surprising places. You get me that [00CC00FF,club], I'll give you a real nice reward.

65586 @Oh, Chuck. I sure hope you can get me that [00CC00FF,golf club]. I'm nearly getting the shakes here.

65587 Thanks, Chuck. Now I can get the practice I need to make those other girls on the tour feel my wrath.

65588 My pleasure, Luz.

65589 Lover of zombie video games. Slow learner. Found in One Little Duck Bingo Hall in the Silver Strip.

65591 Chuck, I've got some bad new... Hey!...what are you do...

65592 @Chuck, this is Sullivan. This Jared guy in room 2, says he needs some [00CC00FF,Zombrex]. Pronto. You better do something about this, or I'm afraid I'll have to...

65593 @Bro, I don't feel so good. I came to party, not to freakin' eat the party, man. I need some[00CC00FF, Zombrex], dude. Bad.

65594 Alright! You ... saved my life. I ... love you, man.

65595 Just wanted to get to you before you started getting hungry.

65596 You're funny, man! Thanks again, dude. You spot any hot girls out there?

65597 I told you to be careful with who you bring in here, Chuck. Everyone's at risk now!

65598 If you'da been late, Chuck, things coulda got real ugly. Glad you made it.

65599 You were too late, Chuck. The infection spread. It ... it had to be done.

65600 No ... Jared?

65601 All of 'em. Dead. All there is to it. Infection spread. End of story.

65602 All of them? Sullivan, what did...

65603 Horrible, but we had to ensure the safety of everyone. I'm afraid it was necessary, Chuck.

65609 Unused

65610 Unused

65611 @Chuck, I just saw someone carrying a bride into the [00CC00FF,Swept Away] chapel in the [00CC00FF,Silver Strip]... kind of a weird time to get married. Check it out?

65612 *Sniff* I never thought my wedding day would be like that...

65613 @He can't hurt you anymore. Let me take you to the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

65614 Okay... Thank you.

65615 Unused

65616 Thank you SO much for saving me! He... he told me I was next! I admire a passionate activist, but give me a break!

65617 @You don't have to worry about him anymore. Come on, I can take you to the [00CC00FF,Safe House] where it's safe.

65618 Please get me out of here! I want to go somewhere quiet where people aren't messing things up like out here! People suck!

65622 @Dude, I can feel it inside. I'm gonna need some[00CC00FF, Zombrex], or it's game over.

65623 We got separated around the Arena. Maybe with you, those damned zombies won't be a problem. Let's go!

65624 Dean

65626 Snowflake

65627 Jeanna

65628 Floyd

65629 Allen

65630 Tammy

65631 Randolph

65633 Lenny

65634 Ray

65635 Danni

65636 Lulu

65637 Tamara

65638 Carlos

65639 @There's a guy crying in the [00CC00FF,Cleroux Collection at the Palisades]. He keeps looking at a painting.

65640 Hey, buddy. Are you okay?

65641 Do I look okay? This is my life's work?! This was my first painting to make it into a gallery! And now no one will ever buy it.

65642 Listen, I'm sorry about that. But it's not safe out here. If you follow me -

65643 No, no. You don't understand. It's not worth going on if I'm such a failure. If no one buys it, then I'll die with my dreams!

65644 You're kidding, right? I think you got your priorities -

65645 @[00CC00FF,3000 bucks]. That's how much my dreams cost. Take it or leave it. And please, please take it!

65646 PLEASE! Don't go. Buy my painting, it's a one of a kind!

65647 PLEASE! I'm begging you. PLEASE!

65648 You'll never take me alive!

65649 Eat yourself some Grade-A American made lead, you zombie bastards!

65650 Who the hell are you? Name and rank, soldier!! If you're one of them traitor infiltrator types, so help me I'll...

65651 Hold on, buddy. I'm on your side. I can take you to a safe place.

65652 Safe, huh? Boy, there ain't no safety, not with all of America's enemies lurking. 'Sides, my legs were shot up in the last war. I ain't the best at walkin' around anymore.

65653 Alright, how about if I carry you there?

65654 Don't even think about touchin' me, son! We'll get there, like real men. We watch each other's back. Let's move it!

65655 So much for emergency preparedness! What is this, the Superdome?

65656 Hey, buddy. What's going on?

65657 Hey, Chuck. We got some injured people around here. They need disinfectants for their wounds.

65658 I don't think there's much hope of that. This place is cleaned out.

65659 @Well, look. If you can't find disinfectant, how about some[00CC00FF, booze]? That'll kill off germs in a pinch. Get me some booze, and I can do my job.

65660 Thanks a lot, buddy. That's some good medicine. Don't worry. There's plenty left for all those cuts and bruises. I got some Zombrex here for you for your troubles.

65661 @Chuck, I hope you're not drinking my disinfectant. I need that [00CC00FF,Whiskey] or [00CC00FF,Vodka], I'm counting on you buddy!

65662 Carlos Mertiz

65663 Other girls?!

65664 Wade

65665 Irwin

65666 Kirby

65667 I'm onto you, Chuck! First you trick me out of my worker's compensation, and then I find out you're the one behind this whole deal.

65668 Whoa, buddy. Wait just a damn minute here.

65669 Yeah, mister tough guy. Mister terrorist. Not so tough when the citizens confront you for justice, are you?

65670 Stuart, listen to me. I'm trying to find out who's behind this horrible tragedy myself. I'm on your side.

65671 Just tell me why you did it, Chuck, if you've got the guts. Why you destroyed all of our lives by letting those zombies loose?

65672 I had nothing to do with this. I know they're saying I did this on TV, but I'm being framed.

65673 Sure, sure you are. And I'm an elderly grandmother from Hoboken who enjoys going to gay bars. You can't pull the wool over my eyes, Chuck. I'm an honest man, and I appreciate an honest answer.

65674 Is that why you were looting your employer's casino?

65675 Um... You're changing the subject, Chuck.

65683 @Buddy, you doing okay out here? I like the slots too, but you might want to wait things out in the [00CC00FF,Safe House]. I can take you there.

65684 That's a nice idea, but I got money to win back. I ain't leaving without it.

65685 Might not be the best time for it with all these zombies around.

65686 Hang on there, speedy. Good things come to those who wait.

65687 You can gamble some other day when this is all blown over. Let's get somewhere safe.

65688 @You can run along to your Safe House if you like. I'm down [00CC00FF,$20,000] and I'm not going anywhere until I have made that money back.

65690 @I'm not going anywhere until I get my [00CC00FF,$20,000] back. I came to Fortune City to win money. I ain't gonna lose it.

65691 @You're so generous. How about another [00CC00FF,$5000]?

65692 Oy, wanker! Get off the stage! We got a show on, love!

65693 Lady, that crowd is a bunch of zombies trying to get up here to eat you!

65694 Zombie wankers, eh? I thought these blokes were just head bangin' to the best damn Angel Lust concert ever!

65695 The outbreak must have happened during your show. Listen, we need to get to safety.

65696 Alright, mate. We'll go along with you, but we're artists - we'll have to finish up first.

65697 Let's crank it, boys! We're gonna blow their minds!

65698 Look 'ere, mate. Autographs are after the show.

65699 I'm not here for an autograph. That audience is actually a hungry zombie horde.

65700 Get off the stage, wanker! Just a bit of a rough crowd, is all.

65701 Take a closer look.

65702 Blimey, he's right. Well, we might as well finish this set. With a bang.

65705 You one of those wankers who don't know good thrash metal when it kicks you in the nuts? I can take care o' that for ya! Get back in the crowd!

65706 Crowd? Those are zombies! We've got to get you somewhere safe.

65707 Bullocks, mate! They're just mad for Angel Lust is all. Can ya blame 'em? We RAWK. Don't get your knickers in a tizzy.

65708 No buddy, those are REAL zombies.

65709 Well, ain't that something. You're right, mate. Playin' for the dead - what more could a metal band want?!

65711 Dale

65712 Oscar

65713 Adrian

65714 Andrea

65715 Alice

65716 Helen

65717 Gary

65718 Noah

65719 Jenny

65720 Drake

65721 Shaun

65722 Marvin

65723 Was seen during the Fortune City outbreak.

65724 Gretchen

65725 Wallace

65726 I totally heard from a friend ... well, more like a friend's friend ... I wouldn't say she's my friend, since she totally tried to steal my boyfriend ...

65727 @Anyway, she like told me there's a [00CC00FF,men's store at the other side of the mall.] It's by that like totally cruel statue of the dude killing a lion. You could like, check there.

65728 This is your LAST warning. If you have any guns on hand, we will shoot.

65729 Hey buddy, can you help us out here?

65730 Yeah, just follow me. I can get us to safety.

65731 Hold your horses there, sport. You have to settle an argument first.

65732 You gotta be kidding...

65733 Normally, I make a living doing just that, but I'm serious.

65734 Me and my... "friend" here are in town for the Fortune City Comedy Festival.

65735 @Hmmm... That looks like an [00CC00FF,underwear] display.

65736 C'mon, let's like go already.

65737 Umm... The floor is like, really cold. Could you like, carry me?

65742 @That was great! You said you know where there's more food? A [00CC00FF,Safe House]? Yummy! Let's go! Maybe there I could show you the other stuff I found!

65744 Listen, why the hell would I go around helping people like you if my real goal was to kill everyone? Why would I stick around?

65745 Um... maybe you're just that sick and twisted?

65746 They pinned it on me because I was there. But I know what it's like to lose someone in a zombie outbreak. I'd never wish that on anyone.

65747 Okay, okay. Calm down, Chuck.

65748 And I'm going to find who did this, for real. Because they are not getting away with it.

65749 Sure, Chuck. Look, man. I'm sorry. I just get a little excited sometimes. Again, sorry.

65750 A prestigious road is ahead of you, travel and be rewarded along the way.

65751 Felines love the taste of meat, make sure it's not you they eat!

65752 A father's daughter is happier when friendly stuffed toys are given.

65753 Your prestige is growing, I see good things ahead of you.

65754 The people you help in life can help you in return. Simply ask them.

65755 In dark times a bright heart is required. Heroes show the way.

65756 Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won't expect it back.

65757 You are prestigious in your actions, great and small.

65758 Not everyone you meet can be trusted. Safety is an illusion.

65759 Certain items are expensive for a very good reason, discover why!

65760 I have seen your prestige grow greater by the hour. Continue and be rewarded!

65761 Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.

65762 A dedicated person should be rewarded for their efforts.

65763 Death rides a pale bull!

65764 Further fortunes can only be given to those less fortunate.

65765 You can't be serious.

65766 Thanks, friend. I knew I liked you the moment I saw you.

65767 @Another [00CC00FF,$1000] is all it'll take for this trip to feel worthwhile.

65768 Hey, pal. Can I help out?

65769 Only if you can teleport me right out of this town, but I don't think you can do that.

65770 I just can't take it anymore. I might ... I might have to end it all.

65771 Hey, I know it's rough out here, but if you follow me I can take you somewhere safe.

65772 "Safe", huh? Now, that's funny. What is "safe", really, in this world?

65773 If we were locked deep underground in a bomb shelter, maybe my body would be safe. But how about my mind?

65774 Huh? I'm talking about a Safe House, a bunker. There are no zombies there.

65775 That's where you're wrong. The zombies are in my head now. I can't unsee the things I've seen.

65776 We've all seen a lot of terrible things. But we've got a chance at a future. Let's get out of here.

65777 But we'll have to go through THEM to get there.

65778 And that means more killing. So much killing.

65779 And it's horrible. But it's what we have to do to survive.

65780 Maybe I don't want to survive if that's what surviving means. I'm sick of the carnage.

65781 So much fighting .... so much blood.

65783 ...

65785 But they're not alive anymore.

65786 But they used to be. Not that long ago. And look at them, they're something, right? They move, they eat. And man, do they ever bleed.

65787 They can't feel anything. They're just hungry mouths now.

65788 But they're dead now, buddy. And your mother probably gives a shit whether you survive or not.

65789 I wouldn't count on it. She never liked me when I got down.

65807 You're right, I can't.

65808 Who knows, maybe I've been looking for the easy out all along.

65809 *Sigh* You know, this is a fascinating conversation. How about we continue it back at the Safe House?

65810 We think they want to eat us, but do we really KNOW that?! Maybe they somehow just want to get close to us ... and then we ... we kill them.

65811 Put it this way, pal. They want to eat you. And then you die.

65812 See, that's just what I'm saying. Maybe it's just a matter of time ... or maybe I'm already dead. On the inside.

65813 I have this feeling that if you got down from here and maybe chilled out for a while in a quiet place, you'd feel a lot better.

65814 It's so tempting ... to just end it all right now.

65815 Okay, that's enough. It's time to get the hell out of there. I can't stand listening to you any longer. Come on!

65816 Wow, tough love. Isn't that what they call it? You must sense a spark of life still within! I think I'm sick of listening to me, too! Let's go!

65817 Yoo hoo, handsome! Can you help a girl out?

65818 Over here! I'm stuck!

65819 Excuse me, mer-lady, but are you alright?

65820 Not really. I can't move around in this costume and ... well, zombies.

65821 @Can't you just take it off? Then you can follow me to the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

65822 But I can't walk in this thing!

65823 Can't you just take it off if it's a costume?

65824 Well ... I forgot my bathing suit at home so ... kind of going commando here.

65825 Really!? I mean ... I guess I can carry you.

65826 I can't take this off, okay? I just met you. I'm not that kind of mermaid. Please help me!! Can you pick me up?

65827 Great. Alright, I can carry you back there.

65828 Oh, thank you so much! My name is Tammy.

65829 @Chuck, there's a woman lying on the floor of the [00CC00FF,Venus Touch Spa in the Palisades]. She looks like she's barely alive. You better hurry!

65830 Lady? I can help you.

65831 Please, please help me. I was stuck in that tanning bed. The staff ran away or something. I'm so parched. I can barely move.

65832 I'll say. You're baked. Literally.

65833 It gets worse... I was lying on my front for way too long. This can't be good for my tan lines. I'm so thirsty. What's going on out here?

65834 You didn't know about the zombie outbreak? Listen, I can take you somewhere safe.

65835 I'm still very weak.

65836 @Zombie outbreak?! I just thought the service here was really bad. But I can hardly move. I need something to [00CC00FF,drink].

65837 Dammit, Trixie-Lynn! Why dint you brang that fire 'stinguisher in here!?

65838 HANG ON!

65839 HURRY! PLEASE! It's hotter'n hell's basement in 'ere!

65840 Whew. Thank ya kindly, pard'ner.

65841 What happened in here?

65842 Me an' the wife, Trixie-Lynn, we tried to keep them zombies away.

65843 We dun figured that they didn't like fire all too much, so we would build a door made outta fire to keep 'em out.

65844 Didn't really figure too much on how a fire door wouldn't open to let us out.

65845 But thanks all the same. From now on, you're as good as kin in Elrod's book.

65846 Thanks fer puttin out the fire, hun.

65847 No problem. Let's get outta here.

65848 Whoa, what's your hurry? You may have put one fire out, but a handsome man like yourself seems to have lit another one under lil' ol' me.

65849 ...

65850 You've got real purdy eyes. *giggle*

65851 Chuck nice. That kitty scared Lenny real bad.

65852 Kitty can't hurt you now, okay? You're safe, Lenny.

65853 Chuck stopped the kitty from eating Lenny, so Lenny can keep counting. Chuck keeps it.

65854 Charlie put the money away, safe, safe, nice and safe. So nice people can get it later.

65855 What's that, Lenny?

65856 Lenny's a good driver. Lenny likes numbers, too. Lenny likes counting.

65857 Numbers are good times, Lenny.

65858 @Charlie kept some big numbers in the [00CC00FF,Yucatan casino]. So Lenny can count. Charlie good at slots.

65859 Lenny keeps key safe so Charlie can give Lenny money later. To count. Chuck kept the kitty away.

65860 Secret key?

65861 Chuck so nice to Lenny. Maybe Chuck wants secret key. To get numbers!

65862 Hmmm...

65863 Now, what were those numbers again? 0-7-1-2-1-9-8-1

65864 Security clearance accepted.

65865 Hey Lenny, I found Charlie's money.

65866 Chuck smart! Like with kitty! Chuck can keep it.

65867 The only way out is the easy way out.

65868 What? Lenny, are you sure? It's yours, and you can have it.

65869 @So many numbers to count. Chuck likes numbers, too! All in the [00CC00FF,Yucatan].

65870 It was my best piece. I poured my heart into it. Doesn't anyone want it?

65871 All my life's work... for nothing. I'm such a failure.

65872 There's no reason to go on. Like Van Gogh, maybe I'll only be recognized when I'm dead.

65873 They said this one wasn't derivative. Is that why no one wants it? I'm too good!

65874 I should have listened to my mother and become a lawyer.

65875 These zombies don't know anything about good art! Why did this have to happen?

65876 @Hey, Chuck. There's a guy playing the slots at the [00CC00FF,Shamrock Casino] in the [00CC00FF,Silver Strip] - he just keeps going and going. You'd better check it out.

65877 Dammit! I thought I had that one for sure. Oh, well. Go again.

65878 @Chuck, I'm seeing something strange in the [00CC00FF,South Plaza]...

65879 @Chuck, looks like some sort of security guard is arresting people in the [00CC00FF,South Plaza]. You might want to check it out.


65881 @Please, don't denigrate my dreams! Anything less than [00CC00FF,$3000] means I'm not a true artist. I don't know why I even bother...

65882 You've made my dreams come true! It's all yours. Now let's get the hell out of here! Those zombies wouldn't know art if it hit them over the head!

65884 Oh, thank you so much! I was feeling like a raisin there for a moment.

65885 @Now that you're feeling better, let's get you out of here. I know how to get to the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

65886 @Thank you so much. But listen - since you are helping me, I can help you too. I know about the [00CC00FF,Safe House] and I know a [00CC00FF,shortcut] to the south side of Fortune.

65887 @Oh, I'm so thirsty. I can barely move, much less fight off any zombies. I need something to [00CC00FF,drink].

65888 @Okay, here we are. The shortcut is through the changing room in the back and it will take us to [00CC00FF,Royal Flush Plaza]. The [00CC00FF,Safe House] is right next door.

65889 @I work at [00CC00FF,Brand New U] on the second floor. Take me there, and I'll show you the [00CC00FF,shortcut].

65890 Chuck, you'd better get back here. That guy Stuart has been talking to people about something, and now they insist on talking to you!

65891 Chuck, Stuart and a few others just left the Safe House. I heard them say something about making you pay for the outbreak. Be careful out there.

65892 @There's a guy with a gun at [00CC00FF, The American Historium] in the [00CC00FF,Americana Casino]. He seems to be holding them back, but he might need help.

65893 @Chuck you aren't going to believe this, but it looks like a rock concert is going on in the [00CC00FF,Silver Strip Stage]. You better check it out.

65894 @Hey, Chuck. This is going to sound a little strange... but there's, um... a mermaid at the [00CC00FF,Atlantica Waterfall]. I think she's stranded.

65895 @Chuck! There's a guy on top of a bank of slots in the [00CC00FF,Palisades!] He's surrounded by zombies!

65896 @Chuck, there's a fire at the [00CC00FF,Fortune City Arena]. It looks like some people are trapped in one of the dressing rooms.

65897 @Chuck, I see a man in a Terror is Reality suit riding his bike around [00CC00FF,Platinum Strip]. You should check it out.

65898 @Chuck, there are fireworks going off at the stage in the [00CC00FF,Atlantica Casino]. Strange time to be performing wouldn't you say?

65899 @Hey Chuck, there's some people sitting down in a theatre in the [00CC00FF,Slot Ranch Casino]. It's like they're waiting for a show to start or something.

65901 Lady?!?! It's LaShawndra Dawkins! And hell no, I ain't all right.

65902 My good-for-nothing husband left me out here!

65903 Well, it isn't safe here. I know of a safe place nearby.

65904 Alright. I'll go with you. Maybe we'll find Gordon's skinny ass on the way.

65905 Hey buddy, there are zombies everywhere! Come with me and I'll get you to a safe place.

65906 I can't... *sniff*... I'm a coward that doesn't deserve to live.

65907 I left my wife out there... I'm useless. A useless coward.

65908 Gordon Terence Dawkins is a useless coward!

65909 @C'mon buddy, just follow me back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House]. Maybe your wife is already there? She sounds like the sturdy type.

65910 She is a tough lady... Alright. I'll go with you.

65911 My little twerp of a husband left me!

65912 Is that "little twerp" a skinny guy, real nervous?

65913 That's my Gordon! Bring me to him so I can regulate his ass!

65914 I'm such a coward. I can't believe I left my wife out there...

65915 Your wife wouldn't happen to be a... ummm... "big boned" woman in yellow, would she?

65916 You found my Pookums!

65917 Take me to her, please!

65918 That's her! That's my little water buffalo! Where is she?

65919 I'm really sorry, man. But she didn't make it...

65920 What? My LaShawndra is gone?

65921 I'm sorry, buddy.

65922 But what do I do now? How can I live without her?

65923 C'mon. We can't do this here, it's too dangerous. Just come with me. I promise it will be okay.

65924 *sniff*... I miss her already.

65925 That's my Gordon! Is he alright?!

65926 I'm really sorry, ma'am. But he had a... little accident. He didn't make it.

65927 No... NO! Not my Gordon! *sniff* My baby! He was too weak. If he stayed, I could have protected his sorry ass...

65928 *sniff*... Alright. My little Gordon's gone to a better place.

65929 I hate to break up this lovely reunion, but it isn't safe out here.

65930 He's right. Let's go, Gordon.

65931 Yes, dear.

65932 Stop crying like a little baby and help me kill some zombies!

65933 I wish my daughter married a REAL man.

65934 Man up and help me boy! I don't know what my little Kazmina sees in you.

65935 Wow! +5 scale mail!

65937 You call that an attack? That couldn't hit a wood nymph!

65938 You'll never get the booty coming from that direction.

65939 No offense, but your skills need some serious work. And I'm not just talking about your character.


65941 Oh man, now I get to make out with an Elf Maiden.

65942 Do you think there might be girls alive out there still?

65943 Hey, can I roll again? My character bio page says I don't have very good social skills for some reason...

65944 I'm a monster! *ROAR*

65945 My +10 vorpal sword should be able to handle this, no problem.

65946 Another critical hit!

65947 How did you get past our fortifications? You must be some kind of ninja!

65948 What are you guys doing here?

65949 We're playing Dragons of Snake Castle... duh.

65950 Stop distracting me! I'm in mortal battle with the Great Archdemon, Niwnskel. He is a nasty piece of work.

65951 So you guys are playing a game?! With that going on?

65952 I estimated that we would have an 87.326% chance of turning on each other in this situation if we weren't pre-occupied.

65953 ?

65954 I would explain things further, but judging by your whimsical facial expressions, you would only have a 16.2% chance of understanding.

65955 But more importantly, it's my turn now.

65956 How did you guys get here?

65957 Gosh, sir! When the zombies came, we ran like HECK! *snort*

65958 We snuck in here and made a fort to stay safe. It's been terrible without my inhaler. *snort*

65959 Sorry, but you'll have to excuse me, *snort* I need to cast the Magical Fire Sphere.

65960 Hang on, I'm still casting. *snort*

65961 So you guys just want to stay here playing games?

65962 Yeah, we came to meet girls, but we've had no luck meeting any.

65963 Wait... That's a girl with you!!

65964 Oh, man! Guys, look up! This guy has a real girl with him! He must be really cool.

65965 Please, teach us how to be a stud like you?

65966 We couldn't meet any girls back home.

65967 We couldn't meet any girls on vacation.

65968 You know, maybe it's time to give up.

65969 All this rejection! I just can't take it anymore!

65970 I don't need girls.

65971 From now on, I'm sticking to Action Figures.

65972 Action Figures?

65973 Yeah, they never reject me.

65974 They always look perfect, and they do whatever I want!

65975 @Look, it's not your fault. You did all you could. But back at the [00CC00FF,Safe House], your help is needed by people who are still alive. There's lots of good you could do there.

65976 Real live people? Okay, we can go. Maybe I can still make a difference. Or my medical supplies might come in handy.

65977 @Cinda went to the [00CC00FF,Cucina Donnacci] to look for some grub. She hasn't come back yet and I'm getting a bit worried. Please, we have to find her!

65978 Sure, pal. Let's have a look see.

65979 I found her in Cucina Donnacci. She's okay, but she wouldn't come with me.

65980 That stubborn girl... Please take me to her, we'll get this sorted out.

65981 Cucina Donnacci eh? Was she dressed in a uniform similar to yours?

65982 Yeah! That's her! That's Cinda!!

65983 Yeah, about that... She may have had a little accident...

65984 Accident?

65986 Damn... damn, Damn, DAMN! I knew I should have gone with her.

65987 @Really sorry, buddy, but we have to get outta here. There's a [00CC00FF,Safe House] here in town, though. I can take you there.

65988 Yeah... We better get going before the zombies sniff us out. I'm so sorry, Cinda. I hope you're in a better place now.

65989 Can you check on my girl? I won't forgive myself if something happens to her!

65990 I'm fine, dammit! Go check on Willa!

65991 Terri... my friend... she died trying to save me...

65992 Let's not let that sacrifice be in vain. Come on, I can get you to safety.

65993 Terri... I'm so sorry...

65994 Willa... my friend... she's dead. I wasn't strong enough to save her.

65995 You did what you could.

65996 It wasn't enough... It should have been me, not her. Oh, Willa!

65997 I'm sorry. But it's not safe here, you should come with me.

65998 I'm not leaving her here alone. She deserves that. She was a good woman. You go on if you need to.

65999 Look, just leave me alone, okay? I'm not going anywhere.

66000 Darling! My incompetent crew doesn't understand how exhausting it is to be a star!

66001 @Darling! The hot desert winds are upon me.. Bring me [00CC00FF,something to refresh me] for the show! I'm parched!

66002 What are you waiting for? I get soooo irrational when I'm thirsty!

66003 @I can see two guys in [00CC00FF,Shank's knife shop] at the [00CC00FF,Palisades Mall]. Better hurry, I don't know how long they can hold out.

66004 @What is taking you so long? Are you deaf? Bring me a[00CC00FF, cooling restorative]! It's so hard to find good help these days.

66005 Ah! My drink! Now I can give my fans the voice they deserve!

66006 Perfection! Now... It's time for the show to begin! Oh... oh my...

66007 You! Errand boy! Come! Over here!

66008 @Unacceptable! Go [00CC00FF,spiff yourself up] or this show is going to end with a BANG!

66009 Mmm, darling! You ARE mighty tasty! Ohhhh, YESSSS! Can you FEEL IT, handsome?!

66010 @It's almost time for the show to begin, but where is my audience? Oh, handsome, won't you round up [00CC00FF,some fans] for the show? They are hungry for me!

66011 @Hey... the state she's in now, she can't tell the difference between real and fake people... Isn't there anything you can bring to fake it? Even[00CC00FF, ZOMBIES] will do.

66012 We cannot begin until ALL of my fans are here! There must be throngs outside, just waiting to get in!

66013 @Umm...yeah. I guess. Why don't you come with me? Your fan club is waiting for you by the [00CC00FF,Safe House]. I would love to take you there.

66014 Darling, really?! Of... of course! I can't let the fans down! Bring me to them, handsome!

66016 Listen, I can help you out. I can usually figure out what her crazy talk means. She's a little...high strung.

66017 Oh man, this just goes from bad to worse. I think I'll just take my chances on my own.

66018 You've ruined the show... Get away from me!

66019 Please... do as she says... or she will kill us all!

66020 She... she's mad! Please don't let her press that button! It's going to kill us all!

66021 Please.. help us... How was I supposed to gather people when they've all turned into ZOMBIES?!

66022 Darling, you were almost as incredible as moi. You... you are a TRUE FAN!

66023 @This gig is turning out to be more hazardous than we thought. We'll need another [00CC00FF,$5000] if you want our company. If not, we're outta here.

66024 @I can't believe she's gone. To honor her memory, it'll cost you another [00CC00FF,$5000] for us to come along. She would have wanted it that way.

66025 @Sorry, hun, but with her gone, it'll cost extra for my company. [00CC00FF,$5000] or I'll take my chances elsewhere. I gotta be twice the woman now.

66026 Persistent, aren't you, sugar pants? I like that in a man.

66027 Nice outfit. Kind I like to see on the floor in the morning. What did you say your name was?

66028 Chuck. Chuck Greene.

66029 A pleasure to meet you, delicious Chuck Greene. I'm Nina, Nina Suhr.

66030 The pleasure is mine, Nina.

66031 Cute, and a gentleman. You are an intriguing man, Mr. Greene. I'd like to get under your skin.

66032 You bat those zombies away like they were flies. You must be so strong. That's very hot.

66033 @If you talk to the boss lady, she'll ask for [00CC00FF,$10,000], but I like you, stranger.

66034 I can get you a better deal. How about half price?

66035 @[00CC00FF,$5000] and you get all 3 of us. You won't find a better deal than that, hun. Half price for triple the action!

66036 Remember, tiger. This was just for you, okay?

66037 Don't go telling your friends we came cheap. We're high class!

66038 Chuck... About those three girls you just brought in...

66039 What about them?

66040 Don't you think they're a little... forward?

66041 You know, you really don't have to pay for it... rescuing people, I mean... ummm...

66042 I better just get back to the monitors.

66043 @Chuck, it looks like there's someone in a mascot costume over by [00CC00FF,Kids' Choice Clothing] in the[00CC00FF, Palisades]. Please see if they're alright.

66044 Better head back out there. I'll let you know when I find something.

66045 That was bloody awesome! Blimey, we love the fans! Let's go, mates.

66046 You are dead meat!

66047 You ruined my clothes!

66048 I thought I could trust you!

66049 You scoundrel!

66050 Jerks like you need to be punished!

66051 I'll make you pay for crossing me!

66052 Didn't your mother teach you to be nice to women?

66053 I'll teach you!

66054 You have no respect for other people!

66055 We were both up for the Comedian of the Year, but these zombies stole the show, and they are one hard act to follow.

66056 @We will each tell you our best joke, and you give the [00CC00FF,trophy] on the counter to the one you think is funniest. Which, obviously, will be me.

66057 If you do that, we'll come along with you. If you can stand up after laughing your sweet ass off.

66058 Hey Pal, you gotta help me out.

66059 Grandpa over there and I were both in town for the Fortune City Comedian of the Year award.

66060 I was killing the crowd with my jokes, then these zombies come around and start killing 'em for real! I can't stand to be upstaged!

66061 Those zombies are still out there, but if you follow me, I can get you to safety.

66062 Nothin' doin' pal, we were gonna find out who the Comedian of the Year was, and we ain't leaving till we do!

66063 @Just listen to my joke, and Walter's sad attempt, and give the [00CC00FF,trophy] on the counter to the funnier one.

66064 We'll follow you after I get my trophy. Because I am the man, my friends.

66065 Okay, get ready to laugh.

66066 HA! Grains! That's pure comic genius, that is! Took me hours to think that up! Worthy of a trophy, eh? What do you say?

66067 If you're a tasteful man like myself, then you are sick of tired, old comedians trying to be funny and just ending up pathetic. It's just sad.

66068 Allow me to lay down some fresh lines from the new hotness of comedy.

66069 Ha! That one gets me every time... stains...!! It's so good I'm almost making them myself! So what do you think?

66070 Naw man, I'm not following someone who doesn't know a good joke when they hear it.

66071 ...I could follow someone who pays the bills though. If you get my drift. This gig's gonna lead to lots of dry cleaning, know what I mean?

66072 @[00CC00FF,$5000] and I'll go along with you.

66073 @You want me to go? You better pay up then. [00CC00FF,$5000], take it or leave it.

66074 No thanks, I'll be hanging on to my trophy.

66075 Let him explain our little game first. Come on, it will be worth it.

66076 Hey, sugar plum! We're looking for another player for our poker game. Interested?

66077 Lady, there are zombies everywhere. We have to get out of here. I know a safe place.

66078 Now now, patience is a virtue. You might just get lucky, baby.

66079 @Play [00CC00FF,poker] with us, and if you can beat us all, we'll go with you. Sound fair?

66080 @Just go to the table and [00CC00FF,pay the buy in], handsome.

66081 Hey, there. I see you have the good looks of a gambling man.

66082 A gambling man?

66083 Yessiree. My associates and I are looking for a sap... *ahem*... an esteemed gentleman like yourself, to play some poker with.

66084 Is everyone in this freakin' town insane?! There are zombies everywhere!

66085 Cool down a little. We are professionals. Nothing gets in the way of a good game of poker.

66086 @If you're man enough to play, [00CC00FF,pay the buy in] at the table.

66087 Where's the fire, friend?

66088 Have you looked outside? There are zombies everywhere. We need to get you all to safety.

66089 Wait, just a second here. Let's not jump to conclusions.

66090 Can't you see we're trying to have a game of poker here? Big stakes, pal.

66091 Interested in playing? We could use another player.

66092 I see the appeal, but we have to get out of here.

66093 @Hold on now. The only way I leave a game is if I'm outta chips. [00CC00FF,Beat us all], and we'll go with you.

66094 Are you crazy?!

66095 My pappy used to say, "Money talks." I'm sure you could use some extra cash yourself. What have you got to lose?

66096 @All you have to do is go to the table and [00CC00FF,pay the buy in].

66097 C'mon handsome. Just a little game of poker?

66098 @Too chicken to play? Or are you gonna man up and [00CC00FF,buy in]?

66099 My pappy used to say "If you don't get while the gettin's good, you are gonna get got".

66100 I'm not sure I follow...

66101 @Just sit down and play some [00CC00FF,poker]. Time's a wastin'.

66102 Graaaaaaainnnns!!! Ahahahahaha!! Grains! Get it?

66103 Well, friend. It looks like you're holding all the cards. We'll follow you now.

66104 Staaaaaaiiiiiinnnnssss! Ohhh, snap!! Stains! I kill me! Ahahahaha!

66105 You beat us at our own game, cutie. I said we would follow you if you won, so let's go, sugar.

66106 Whoa. Tough crowd.

66107 You beat us all at our game, and took all our money, stranger. Guess you manned up, alright. Nothing for us left, but to follow you.

66108 I'm not giving up my favorite club for anything!

66109 I've worked my whole life for this. I finally have it. I'm not giving it up!

66110 Sorry, Sarge says I gotta keep this gun pointed at you.

66111 You've gotta be stark raving mad if you think I'm giving up this gun.

66112 No way I'm giving this to you! It's way too hilarious!

66113 Ah, my adoring fans, welcome! Just a FEW MORE... And the show will begin! I know you can barely wait!

66114 @She won't be satisfied with anything less than a [00CC00FF,TUXEDO].

66115 My boss is freaking out that her big comeback is turning out pretty small! She's wired us all with explosives... If she presses that button, we're all going out with a bang! Help!

66116 We were heading towards the park before we got separated... Please tell 'im I'm here if you happen to find 'im.

66117 Your husband... Lady, he's not coming, I'm sorry. He didn't make it.

66118 But, Chad... He was a'posed to find me. My baby...

66119 Come with me. I'll take you to a safe place.

66120 Chad? Older guy, fond of shotguns?

66121 That's him! Did you find him? Is he alright?

66122 @He's fine, and back in the [00CC00FF,Safe House]. Come with me, I'll take you there.

66123 Clearly it's not safe out here. Follow me to the Safe House.

66124 @It's not safe here. Let me take you to the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

66125 I... I have to find my daughter...

66126 Your daughter... yeah, I believe I met her on top of a roof...

66127 I'm sorry... she...she didn't make it.

66128 No! Oh, my Lillian! How could I have let this happen?! I'll never forgive myself. Please, leave me alone with my grief.

66129 She's...uh, she's just fine. Um, she's back at the Safe House.

66130 Wait! You sound funny! You're lying, aren't you?! She's dead, isn't she? You're a liar!

66131 If he's with you, then where is he?

66132 I found him not too far from here. He's with me.

66133 I found her not too far from here. She's with me.

66134 I don't see her. Are you sure you have the right person?

66135 *Sigh*

66136 Okay, okay... I'm calm.

66137 Lady, I don't work here.

66138 The zombies are NOT toys. They are real zombies.

66139 There has been an accident and we need to get to safety.

66140 An accident? Real zombies? Why didn't you say so, instead of blathering on about whatnot?!

66141 It's just like you young people, constantly dilly dallying when something important is going on.

66142 Yeah... I'm sorry, but can we please get out of here now? We have to hurry.

66143 That's much better young man. I accept your apology, but I'm a little too old to hurry anymore. My bunions keep me from moving too fast.

66144 Just leave it to me.

66145 Well, then! Let's go, sonny. What are you waiting for? There are zombies out there!

66146 Not now, mister! Help me kill these here zombies, then we can chew the fat!

66147 @It's dangerous out here, pal. Come on, the [00CC00FF,Safe House] isn't far from here.

66148 I ain't going nowhere until I find my Doris! You look like you've been around in this mess... You ain't seen my darlin' Doris, have ya?

66149 Actually, I've met a woman by the Arena looking for her husband. You must be Chad. Come on, I can show you where she is.

66150 You found my sweet Doris! Why didn't you say so in the first place? Let's go!

66151 Come get some zombies!

66152 You ain't gettin' past me!

66153 I'll take you all down, come on!

66154 This show makes me feel... cheap. I just want my family back.

66155 @[00CC00FF,Green rooms] are upstairs. There's an elevator at the end of the hall, can't miss it.

66156 Anim

66157 Ah, my angel .My Trixie-Lynn. I done can't go on without my honey bear.

66158 You know, now that he's gone...I'm gonna be needin' some comfortin'. Know what I mean, hon?

66159 Ooh, you're a cute one, and so heroic. But we still can't git across that there fire door!

66160 Whoa! A live one! You must know how to take care of yourself, handsome!

66161 @You shouldn't be out here. I know a way to the [00CC00FF,Safe House]. It's not far from here... let me take you somewhere safe.

66162 'Appreciate the thought, stranger, but I ain't going nowheres until my man Chad finds me here.

66163 Well now... Why don't you go 'stinguish that fire and then we go somewheres and make some heat of our own, cutey.

66164 Then when I finally get here, no one comes out to help me. For shame!

66165 Don't think I won't tell your manager, young man.

66166 @Chuck, I see a woman trapped on top of a merchandise booth near the [00CC00FF,Fortune City Arena entrance]... looks like she's looking for someone... Be careful, she's got a gun, too.

66167 It's okay, I'm in my underwear too. See?

66168 @Everything is all set up and ready to go for the show! Just go[00CC00FF, hit the button] on the control panel backstage.

66169 Oh my... Darling, you are simply not dressed for this caliber of a show! I cannot work under these conditions!

66170 Get backstage, darling! It's time to start the show! Oh, baby! Can't you just feel the ENERGY!?

66171 @She wants something to [00CC00FF,DRINK], anything will do really. Please hurry! I don't want to die!

66172 Julius

66173 Skylar

66174 Ted

66175 She'll kill us all now, buddy! Good job... Get out of here.

66176 Start the show

66177 We're safe now. Let's go!

66178 My adoring fans!... See how they love me? Wait... These... These aren't fans at all! Help me! SECURITY!

66179 @I think they carry them in the [00CC00FF,Modern Businessman] in the [00CC00FF,Royal Flush Plaza].

66180 @I saw some [00CC00FF,FIRECRACKERS] backstage you could use to lure them, or you might be able to find something to use in the [00CC00FF,FOOD COURT].

66181 Umm... What exactly does she want?

66182 You don't like it? I thought I was looking pretty good, myself. You have pretty high standards, lady.

66183 Does she actually have any fans?

66184 The Diva is not ready yet.

66185 Yeah, I know what you thought. Now if you are done wasting my time, I still have to fix this mess.

66186 @It'll have to be something strong, some [00CC00FF,Whiskey] or [00CC00FF,Vodka] should do.

66187 Wow, you really know how to settle a dispute. That was KILLER.

66188 Ha! He always wanted to have a KILLER set.

66189 Alright. Let's go. With him gone, I'm sure to win the trophy next year!

66190 Thanks, Chuck, but no thanks.

66191 Giving up so early handsome? Pay the buy in if you want to try again.

66192 That's too bad baby, but we'll be here if you want to try again. Just come back with the buy in.

66200 Oh man! Have you seen that cowboy maniac outside? I am NOT going out there with him running around!

66201 Please... stay quiet or Mr. Spaghetti Western out there will hear us!

66202 I'm staying here... it's too dangerous with that cowboy dude running around.

66203 You don't have to worry about him anymore. I can take you somewhere much safer if you follow me.

66204 What? You... you defeated Mr. High Noon? That's quite a feat! Are you some kind of an action star? You do look familiar...

67729 Tarquin

67732 @Hey Chuck, there's an, um, interesting poker game starting up in the [00CC00FF,Safe House]. Might be good to just relax a little.

67733 I want to repay you for what you did. I found this Zombrex while I was looking for something to eat. Maybe you can use it?

67734 I assume you are going back out there. I have some Zombrex here. Take it, just in case.

67735 You kept your word, so here's a little something for your troubles. Buy yourself something nice.

67736 Just so you don't think I'm greedy, here's a little something for your help.

67737 WHOA! How did you get in here?

67738 The door was open. What's going on here?

67739 We're hiding out down here! You're looking at the Tape It Or Die crew!

67740 Tape it or Die?...

67741 Yeah, TIOD for short! We're the number one duct-tape-related zombie-killing-weapon fan site!

67742 You run a website down here?

67743 Not just a website! A community AND killing resource!

67744 We use regular, run-of-the-mill things, and turn them into instruments of Zombie Destruction! Fans from all across the world contribute their weapon ideas, and we build them!

67745 We're kind of survivalist down here. We've got the essentials to stay alive, and we're right under a mall, so we can get new supplies whenever we want! It's awesome.

67746 My name's Left Hand Lance, webmaster. And over there's Gretchen, Wallace and Johnny Pipes!

67747 Gretchen pays our bills - that's her by the TV there. Johnny Pipes founded the site - he's over by the fridge. Lastly, there's my buddy Wallace. He's trying to build stuff over by the workbench there.

67748 Wow. This is actually pretty amazing.

67749 Damn right it is. So, are you going back out there, dude?

67750 @Yeah, I'm looking for some things, but maybe you want to come and I can take you all to the [00CC00FF,Safe House]?

67751 No can do, my friend. We're starting to like it down here. But if you're looking for things topside, maybe you can help us out? Bring us some stuff, and maybe we can make you an awesome weapon?

67752 Talk to Wallace. There are some new submissions we want to try out. I'm sure he has a shopping list of items for you already.

67755 Help! I'm just a tech geek! I don't know how to fight!

67756 I think Wallace's new weapon attempt caught fire. Everyone ran out here, so I followed.

67757 @It's okay now, I'm here to help. Just come with me and we'll get you to the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

67758 Hey, where did you come from?

67759 The door wasn't locked.

67760 Wasn't locked?! Damn, that must have been Jonathon. His caffeine-addled brain sometimes forgets even the simplest things. Who are you anyway?

67761 The name's Chuck Greene. Unfortunately happened to be in town when the outbreak started. But you must want to get somewhere safer.

67762 Tempting. But now may be a bad time to leave, as Tape It Or Die is beginning to pay dividends.

67763 What's Tape it or Die?

67764 It's a website where people gather and design weapons from household items to fend off zombies. I financed everything, and look where it got me. But the site's starting to come into its own.

67765 I'm becoming a little unsure about the morality of it all, but we have to survive, right? Luckily we have food and water and supplies.

67766 The four of us have been staying here since the outbreak began. It's been terrible, but our fans have sent weapon ideas to help save others - and ourselves - from the zombies.

67767 @Well, I've got to take off now, guys. Sure you don't want me to take you to the [00CC00FF,Safe House]?

67768 That's mighty kind of you, but this is the safest place there is. But maybe you can help us out. We need new materials so that loafer, Wallace, can build some new weapons.

67769 So I would appreciate it if you'd chat with him for a bit before taking off!

67770 Wallace's over at the workbench.

67771 Now we can't get back in. Thank god you came to save us.

67772 They're everywhere! Help!

67773 Thank god you came back. Wallace yelled "fire", so we all came out. Johnny locked the keys inside and now we can't get back in.

67774 @It's okay. We'll get out of here and back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House], okay?

67775 Oh, wow! You're new! Johnny Pipes likes that!

67776 Huh?... Look buddy, we have to get out of here. There are zombies everywhere out there!

67777 No kidding! Ain't it a blast?

67778 Oh, you're serious! But we can't leave! Things are starting to get fun! Tape It Or Die is becoming bigger than ever!

67779 What's Tape it or Die?

67780 Website! For zombie fans. And zombie-killing fans. And tape fans, too! It's a community. People get together. Share ideas. Make zombie killing machines out of everyday items. Duct tape is beautiful!

67781 Like I said, I'm Johnny Pipes. Best plumber in the western United States. Also, I founded Tape It Or Die. My brainchild. I'm in charge.

67782 @Nice to meet you guys, but we really should get out of here and back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

67783 No, no, no! Things are picking up! We're becoming relevant in the world. Money and lady-folk are sure to follow! How about you? You could join the crew, too! Fifth member?

67784 Thanks, but I've got to get back topside and do some investigating.

67785 Topside? Brave move! You're a brave guy! Reminds me of me. Maybe you can be of use. Maybe you can help us! Interested?

67786 We need some new weapons. New supplies! Stuff to work on. I'd like to go out myself. But I'm low on caffeine right now. Too tired. Bad state to be in. Probably get bitten. But you! You can get the stuff! Right?

67787 Go talk to Wallace. He's at the workbench. Trying to build something good. Prove his worth, it seems. Ain't it cute?

67788 Talk to Wallace. He'll have the "shopping list". Easy stuff! Now go make Johnny Pipes proud!

67790 Johnny Pipes needs help!

67791 Damn, I'm off-kilter today. Need some caffeine. Supercharge my system. Or some lady-folk. Same effect.

67792 @Focus, man, focus! Just slow down and follow me. Let's get you to the [00CC00FF,Safe House]. After that, you can do your thing.

67793 Jeez, Lance! Can't you see I'm busy?

67794 Sorry, buddy. I'm no "Lance".

67795 Huh?

67796 Hey, you're Chuck Greene! Wow! How'd you get in here?

67797 It was pretty easy. The door wasn't locked, so I came in.

67798 That's some great security we've got here. A zombie could walk right in!

67799 Lucky for you I'm no zombie. But what's going on here, anyway?

67800 Heh, it is a little strange, isn't it? We're the surviving members of Tape it or Die.

67801 What's Tape it or Die?

67802 We're a website that encourages folks to design do-it-yourself weapons to take on the zombie hordes. It was all fun and games when we began, but the outbreak happened, and well, here we are, making real weapons.

67803 I get that you have a cool project here, but it's not safe. Look, if you come with me, I can get you to safety.

67804 Oh, we're safe down here. And we have access to supplies above! But, you're a real hero, surviving out there alone. You going back out?

67805 Yeah, I got some business to attend to.

67806 Maybe we can help each other? I want to build some weapons for the crew. But I need a couple things. If you get 'em for me, I'll show you the designs. And they are awesome.

67807 You're looking for some stuff out there in Fortune City?

67808 @Yeah. I need a [00CC00FF,Cement Saw] and a stack of [00CC00FF,Plates]. Bring me those and I'll build you something awesome!

67809 @Were you able to find a [00CC00FF,Cement Saw] and the [00CC00FF,Plates] up there?

67810 This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

67811 We can't get back inside! And all of our weapons are in there!

67812 Thanks for the save, but all that work... down the drain.

67813 @Don't worry, you might get a book contract out of this. Stay close and I'll get you to the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

67814 Okay, now I'll just connect this to this and... THERE!

67815 Not quite done yet. I can't work while someone's watching. Just come back later.

67816 Wallace's been all focused since you brought those things back. Like a new man or something.

67817 I hope this one is better than that lighter fluid and blender combination. My eyebrows just grew back.

67818 Ha HA, he's trying to outbuild Johnny Pipes. Friendly rivalries are great!

67819 Here it is, my latest and greatest! I hope it serves you well.

67820 @Remember, I still need a [00CC00FF,Cement Saw]. It's gonna be so awesome!

67821 @Remember, I still need some [00CC00FF,Plates]. Very important for this one.

67822 Thanks again for helping me get that together. I think I proved my worth because of you. Maybe we can work together again someday?

67823 You know, that one may actually work.

67824 I'm a little worried. That thing looks dangerous.

67825 Nice, Wally! Almost as good as Johnny Pipes!

67826 We came out for an extinguisher! Now the keys and my mini-wrench keychain are locked inside. Damn!

67827 One of my weapon attempts caught fire. We were looking for something to put it out. It's probably trash now, just like everything else...

67842 Chuck, some people hacked into our emergency lines. They are under attack by the zombies. They said something about Tape it or Die. I'm not sure what that all means.

67843 Tape It Or Die webmaster. Found underneath KokoNutz Sports Town in the Palisades Mall.

67844 Older member of Tape It Or Die. Found underneath KokoNutz Sports Town in the Palisades Mall.

67845 Member of Tape It Or Die. Found underneath KokoNutz Sports Town in the Palisades Mall.

67846 Eccentric plumber and founder of Tape It Or Die. Found underneath KokoNutz Sports Town in the Palisades Mall.

67847 That was CRAZY! Now, is there an internet jack in here?

67848 Wow, this place is much better than our old spot. We could build tons in here!

67849 That was more than I could take. No more. I don't feel right doing this kind of thing anymore.

67850 What a rush! Gotta go back! Smash more stuff! I LOVE this town!

67851 If you hadn't come back, who knows what would have happened. Take this, I never got to finish it, but maybe you can?

67852 Easy on the eyes, hard on the wallet. Found playing poker in the Atlantica Casino.

67853 5 card stud. Found playing poker in the Atlantica Casino.

67854 Might not be playing with a full deck. Found playing poker in the Atlantica Casino.

67855 Thanks, hun. I'll bet on you any day.

67856 I want a rematch. Meet me on the professional circuit if you're man enough.

67857 You're Aces, fellah!

67858 Get away from me, you monster!

67859 You're crazy! Stay Away!

67860 You did it now, boy. You're in fer a whuppin!

67861 You can take the prototype and the blueprints for helping me out.

67862 Reinhold

67863 Septimus

67864 Banchester

67865 It's hopeless...

67866 @This poor guy got injured in the outbreak. Not bitten, but a big wound. My [00CC00FF,Zombrex] couldn't even help! He was bleeding so much, man. The zombies could smell him.

67867 The smell made the zombies hungry, and they broke into my first aid room, so we had to leave. We ran in here. I thought we might be safe.

67868 I'm such an idiot. Of course, they could smell him in here too.

67869 I couldn't save him...I tried so hard. Maybe someone else could have... I'm such a failure.

67870 Get that dang thing off your head, boy!

67871 If you weren't married to my little girl, I'd leave your good-for-nothing ass here!

67872 Quit blubbering and help me with these zombies, you sorry excuse for a man!

67873 @Better see if he's up to leaving. He's the fool over there in the [00CC00FF,helmet].

67874 @How the hell is that [00CC00FF,helmet] supposed to help if a zombie bites his arm?

67875 Or anything else he's got hanging under that pin head of his...

67876 Damn, I can't believe he's actually dead. My daughter's gonna be sad for a while...

67877 Aw, shoot! Look at the bright side! Now, hopefully, I won't have any "loser" grandkids.

67878 ... ?...

67879 You know what? Forget I said anything. Let's just get outta here.

67880 Are they all gone? I hate those things!

67881 Yeah, but we better get out of here, there are more coming. I can get you to safety.

67882 Thanks. Kenneth over there brought me here to make a man out of me. He's my father-in-law, but I don't think he respects me at all.

67883 I really love my wife Kazmina, but it's like he doesn't like me at all. Can you help?

67884 Sorry, but we don't have time to solve all your problems now. We should go.

67885 I was just looking to play a little poker and try to bond with Kenneth.

67886 *ahem*...

67887 Right... Let's go.

67888 He's gone... I thought my father-in-law was tough enough to outlive us all.

67889 I'm sorry he didn't make it, look, we better just go. I can get you to safety.

67890 Okay. *Sob* How can I tell Kazmina her father is dead!? Let's just say I tried to save him, okay?

67891 Wow that was close, you really saved our bacon back there. Here take this, it's my latest design maybe you can use it.

67892 So I hear you sweet-talked Nina?

67893 Now we don't usually give discounts, but if Nina likes you, then I like you.

67894 @It'll only cost you [00CC00FF,$5000] now.

67895 @[00CC00FF,$5000] for the 3 of us is just too good to pass up.

67896 @Talk to the boss-lady, [00CC00FF,Cora]. She can pencil in some time for you.

67897 Thanks, handsome. I'm all yours, bruiser.

67898 Thanks, I'm liking you more and more.

67899 I'm just...broken up. They're both gone.

67900 Sorry, but you know the drill, sugar. Even in mourning, time is money.

67901 @This time it's [00CC00FF,$10,000], but you get me all to yourself, stud.

67902 Thanks, stud, but now that my friends are gone, we'll have to work extra hard. *giggle*

67903 I can't believe this! My girls are both done and gone.

67904 You're a real cutie, but this job was too much for us.

67905 I'm really sorry about that. They seemed like...nice girls. But we need to get out of here.

67906 No, baby. I'm all choked up right now.

67907 @...unless you've got an extra [00CC00FF,$10,000] to distract me from my pain, I'm staying right here.

67908 @[00CC00FF,$10,000] if you want my company, baby. I'll make it worth your while.

67909 Thanks, baby. You sure know how to comfort. Now let's make sure you get what you paid for.

67910 Oh, my girls! I learned so much from them! Now they're both...dead.

67911 I'm real sorry, but we've got to get going.

67912 Didn't you hear me, baby? I'm grieving for my people....

67913 @It'll be at least [00CC00FF,$10,000] for me to go anywhere now.

67914 @[00CC00FF,$10,000] and not a cent less.

67915 Those girls were sweet, but life goes on, you know? Time to move on, scrumptious. I'm all yours.

67916 Madison

67917 Assistant to the deranged Diva. Found in captivity at the Slot Ranch Casino.

67918 I think its time for a career change.

67919 Bibi's manager. He talks the talk. Found in captivity at the Slot Ranch Casino.

67920 I should have spent the cash for a TV spot, then I wouldn't have gotten into that mess.

67921 Flamboyant fashion designer. Found in captivity at the Slot Ranch Casino.

67922 That outfit you saved me in is absolutely Fabulous!

67923 Heh, these firecrackers are great for luring those zombies into my sights!

67924 I wonder what else could work?

67925 Keep on coming zombies. Lil ol' Doris has plenty of bullets left!

67926 @Chuck, I found a travel brochure for Fortune City. It says that right now you are in the [00CC00FF,Royal Flush Plaza.] [00CC00FF,Roy's Mart] is on the other side of the mall.

67948 Hired mercenary helicopter pilot.

67949 Underskilled local mechanic for town of Still Creek. Lifelong hunter, always looking for new trophies.

67950 Professional mascot and roller skating aficionado. Companion to Slappy.

67951 Owner of Swept Away wedding chapel, and Fortune City Justice of the Peace. Father to Randy.

67952 Unfortunate survivor seeking food, mistaken for looter, and brought to "justice".

67953 Phenotrans staff scientist, monitoring gas operations in Fortune City underground.

70001 Well, who do we have here?

70002 Mr. Chuckie Greene, Terror is Reality star. I guess you think you're a big man now?

70003 Well, I bet nothing about you is particularly big.

70004 Or maybe you just don't... ride much.

70006 Go on, Chuck. Take the money and run.

70007 I don't see much reason for you to keep going out there, buddy. Why not just plead your case to the feds if you're innocent?

70008 Why so glum, Chuck? Pal, you're gonna see some ugly things out there. Give yourself a break and stay put for a while.

70009 Dad, I wish you could stay here now. There are bad people out there.

70010 Yay! You're back, dad! I worried about you.

70011 Dad, you look sad. Wanna come play Mega Man?

70012 Do you think Rebecca's okay? You better get over to the Yucatan and see what's happening to her!

70013 I'm glad you got her out of there. She and I might not always get along, but we need her to get to the bottom of this thing.

70014 Chuck! What happened? You didn't get there on time! Rebecca...well, she's gone, Chuck. She's gone.

70015 MMMMPPPH!!!!

70016 I need evidence in hand when they arrive. They'll lock me away forever if I don't find it.

70017 I'll check it out. Don't worry.

70018 It was the twins that worked for TK, just trying to get us out of the way. He's behind this whole thing.

70019 Now no one will ever believe that we weren't involved. All we can do now is wait for the military rescue.

70020 Don't worry about me, honey. Daddy knows how to deal with the bad people.

70021 I'm just fine, honey. Just checking up on a friend.

70022 Sorry, honey. Your dad... I might have to go away for a while when we get out of here. But don't worry about that now.

70023 @Chuck, I'm worried for Rebecca! This source might be more than she can handle on her own. You'd better get to the [00CC00FF,Shoal Nightclub] at the [00CC00FF,Yucatan] fast!

70024 It's hard to find what you're looking for out there. I like it right here, myself. Safe and sound.

70025 Untie Rebecca

70026 Look, you can keep going out there, but when the military rolls in, that's it. Got me?

70027 I've just got a few things I got to take care of.

70028 Dad, I really want to go home soon.

70029 The rescue is coming very soon, honey. And Daddy needs to make sure he has everything he needs before then.

70030 @Rebecca's waiting for you up on the roof. You can take the elevator at the top of the stairs in the back of the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

70031 That's right. The chopper'll be here soon.

70032 @Hey, Chuck. Don't forget that Rebecca's waiting for you up on the [00CC00FF,Safe House Rooftop].

70033 I heard you were after that TV guy! Are you serious? You sure have some crazy ideas.

70034 He's behind this whole thing. But it doesn't matter now. He's long gone.

70035 I still can't believe it! But I got this guy covered, Chuck. He's not getting out of this room.

70036 Thanks, Sullivan. Keep a close eye on him. Let us know if he wakes up.

70037 What was on the roof, Dad?

70038 @I saw a helicopter on the [00CC00FF,Fortune City Hotel] roof! I'm going to go check it out.

70039 Dad! I'm so glad you're back.

70040 Thanks, sweetie. Me too.

70041 Are you okay, Dad? You don't look good.

70042 I'm just a little upset, that's all. One of the bad men got away.

70043 @The helicopter is landing on the roof of the [00CC00FF,Fortune City Hotel]! Looks like there are elevators in the lobby you can use to get up there.

70044 Thanks, Stacey! On my way.

70045 I don't like having that TK in here, even if he is handcuffed. We can't trust him.

70046 I know. We'll have to keep an eye on him.

70047 I can't believe he got away. He killed all those people, and the world will never know.

70048 We'll never get to the bottom of this now.

70049 I'm bored, Dad! Can we play?

70050 How about I find you a toy?

70053 Is that my medicine? I hope so...

70054 It hurts, daddy...

70055 Hang in there, kiddo!

70056 Hey Chuck, Katey's going to need another dose of Zombrex soon, right? At 7:00 AM?

70057 Maybe you should start looking for some? I don't want her to worry.

70061 Chuck, you really need to get Katey her Zombrex. She won't last much longer like this.

70062 I know, I know. Zombrex is hard to find.

70064 Your kid's not looking so good, buddy. You sure you got it under control?

70065 Don't worry about it. She'll be fine.

70067 Your kid's looking really bad, pal. Does she need her Zombrex?

70068 Look, I'm doing the best I can here.

70069 I'm so sorry, Chuck...

70070 I heard what happened, pal. I'm really sorry things went down this way.

70071 Thanks, Dad. I feel better already.

70072 Thanks for being strong, kiddo.

70073 Thank goodness you got her Zombrex in time.

70074 I need to make sure I always have a Zombrex for her. Every single day.

70075 She's doing okay? Your little girl?

70076 Thanks, Sullivan. She's doing just fine.

70077 Dad, I kinda wanna go home now. Can we?

70078 @Not just yet. Sit tight kiddo, I'll need to give you [00CC00FF,Zombrex] in a few hours.

70082 I'm so cold...

70083 Hang in there, pumpkin.

70084 @Chuck, it's almost 7:00 AM again. You better start looking for[00CC00FF, Zombrex].

70085 Thanks for the reminder. I'll try to find some.

70089 @Chuck, Katey's getting worse. Have you found any[00CC00FF, Zombrex] yet?

70090 Don't worry, Stacey. I'm on it.

70092 @You've got plenty of [00CC00FF,Zombrex] for your kid, right? Like you said?

70093 No problem, Sullivan. Got it under control.

70095 @Katey is getting worse by the minute. Don't you have her [00CC00FF,Zombrex]!?

70096 If only there was a better supply of this stuff.

70097 Chuck, I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say...

70098 I... I just couldn't find any in time. I failed her. I failed Katey.

70099 I'm sorry, pal. I thought you had some. I had no idea.

70100 It doesn't hurt as much. Thanks, Dad.

70101 You're brave, kiddo.

70102 Katey looks like she's doing a lot better.

70103 What a relief. Finding Zombrex every day is seriously stressful.

70104 Your kid managing okay? She sure is cute.

70105 She's just fine, Sullivan. Thanks for asking.

70106 Rebecca...

70107 If only I saved her in time...

70108 Chuck, you tried your best... If she had listened to me and stayed in the Safe House, this wouldn't have happened.

70109 I've got no leads now... The trail's gone cold.

70110 Hey, Dad? Did something bad happen?

70111 Don't you worry about a thing, kiddo. Let Daddy do that.

70112 @Chuck, you've got to help Rebecca! It looked like she was fleeing to the [00CC00FF, Underground Loading Bay].

70113 Don't worry, Stacey. I'll save her.

70114 Sheesh, these crazy lady reporters. Bring her back in one piece, Chuck.

70115 I don't know what's going on out there, but I'll bring her back.

70116 Did something happen to Miss Rebecca, Daddy?

70117 She's in a little trouble, honey. I'll help her.

70118 We'll figure something out, Chuck.

70120 She got herself into that mess. You tried your best, Chuck.

70121 It wasn't good enough.

70122 Daddy, are you ok?

70123 Daddy had a hard day, sweetie.

70124 @Hey Chuck, there is some activity on the monitors. You better get back to the [00CC00FF,Security Room] and check it out.

70125 @Hey Chuck, remember Katey needs [00CC00FF,Zombrex] between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM.

70126 @It's getting close to 7:00 AM again, Chuck. I think you better start looking for[00CC00FF, Zombrex].

70127 Chuck, Rebecca is hurt. You have to bring her back here.

70128 I'll get her back safe.

70129 I told you she'd get herself hurt! Just make sure she's ok.

70130 I'll take care of her.

70131 Is Miss Rebecca ok, daddy?

70132 She'll be fine.

70133 What happened, Chuck? You were supposed to bring Rebecca back.

70134 I couldn't make it in time.

70135 Don't feel too bad, Chuck. She was the one who insisted on putting herself in danger.

70136 I did the best I can.

70137 What happened, Daddy? Were is Miss Rebecca?

70138 Nothing to worry about, honey. It'll be ok.

70142 What were you doing out there, exactly? You've got that kid's Zombrex under control, right? Please don't make my life any harder, buddy.

70143 Don't you worry about it. I'm on it.

70148 Oh, Chuck. I'm so, so sorry about Katey. She turned so fast.

70149 It's not your fault. I'm sorry you had to see that. Oh, Katey. I failed you.

70150 Why the long face, pal? What's the matter? Is your daughter okay?

70151 She ... she didn't make it.

70154 @Chuck, I'll try to help you on the PA system. You'll need to make some sort of generator that can hack the [00CC00FF,Broken Panel] outside the Security Room.

70155 @If you can hack the [00CC00FF,Broken Panel] you will be able to release the [00CC00FF,Back-up Security Gate].

70156 @Find a [00CC00FF,Generator], [00CC00FF,Gasoline Barrel] and [00CC00FF,Spool of Wire] and bring them to the Broken Panel.

70157 Combine the 3 items to hack the Broken Panel and bring down the Security Gate!

70158 Good jump, Chuck! You fixed the door!

70159 I don't know how those doors got opened.

70160 What happened to you during this whole mess?

70161 I was trying to find TK. He got out of the First Aid room and brained me.

70162 Daddy, are those zombies in the hall going to get in again?

70163 Don't worry, sweetie. That gate will keep them out.

70164 Once again you save the day. Thanks, Chuck.

70165 Don't forget about the other brave people that helped.

70166 Hey Chuck, TK's zombie bite looks pretty bad.

70167 @I can't believe I'm saying this, but you should consider giving him [00CC00FF,Zombrex] when you return.

70168 @Come on Chuckie Boy, you going to help me out? How about some[00CC00FF, Zombrex], buddy ol' pal.

70169 I ain't your buddy but maybe, if I'm feeling generous.

70170 @He'll turn if you don't get him [00CC00FF,Zombrex].

70171 He won't be much use to anyone then. You'll have to take care of it.

70172 You have to stop him, Chuck! For poor Rebecca's sake! We owe her that.

70173 I'll get him, don't worry!

70174 I heard a bang, Chuckie boy. Somebody get shot?

70175 Don't push me, TK!

70176 @Chuck, I saw Sullivan head for the [00CC00FF,Fortune Park] exit from [00CC00FF,Royal Flush Plaza]!

70177 @Sullivan is heading into the [00CC00FF,Yucatan Casino], Chuck!

70178 @Chuck, It looked like Sullivan was trying to break open those locked [00CC00FF,elevators in Yucatan]. He must be going to the roof.

70179 Use the winch to bring it down! It's the only way to stop it!

70180 Chuck, throw something into its rotor.

70181 Winch the helicopter and throw objects to damage its rotor.

70182 Take that thing out, Chuck! Wow, this is really great material for my story!

70183 @He got away... I'm so sorry, Chuck. You'd better get back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

70184 Chuck, we're almost out of time! The firebombing is coming soon - You've got to stop Sullivan! And we might be able to use his phone to call for help!

70185 Let my hands go so I can do that myself! What are you, my daddy?

70186 Don't you worry, TK. You'll have plenty of daddies when you get to prison.

77500 Happily Ever After...Sort of...

77502 @Chuck, there are a couple of guys fighting off zombies in the [00CC00FF,Palisades Mall].

77509 Chuck Greene

77510 Stacey

77511 Rebecca Chang

77512 Katey Greene

77513 Dad, I really don't feel good.

77514 It's okay, honey. Daddy's gonna get your medicine.

77516 Chuck! What are you doing?!?! Katey really needs some Zombrex!

77517 @Chuck, Katey wants to see you. I think you should come back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

77518 @Hey Chuck, Rebecca looks hurt. You better get her back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

77519 Summer

77523 CHUCK! Zombies are in the Lounge! You have to save everyone!

77525 @Thanks, Chuck. I really owe you one. Can you help me get back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House]?

77526 Chuck, make sure Rebbeca is ok.

77527 Is Rebbeca going to be ok, daddy?

77528 Gas Barrel Placed

77529 Generator Placed

77530 Spool of Wire Placed

77531 I just need to get supplies to the Security Gate Console.

77532 Chuck, I can see the things you need on the security cameras.

77533 @Looks like there's a generator in the [00CC00FF,Leisure Room].

77534 @Hey, there's some fuel stored near the [00CC00FF,First Aid Room]!

77535 @I can see a large spool of heavy-duty wires next to the [00CC00FF,Storage Room]!

77536 Let me know if you need anything else, and I'll see if I can find it for you.

77537 Look at you, found them all did ya? Don't keep me waiting... I might get bored and... well... you get the idea.

77538 I know some people who aren't going to be happy when I get my hands on that.

77539 Hey Chuckie boy, what is it they say about the Champagne Room?

77540 Can you see the whole city from up there buddy?

77541 White really isn't my style, but those geeks pull it off.

77542 What the hell are you tryin', Chuck? Bring me the things I asked for first!

77543 You're wasting your time, Chuckie! You get my stuff, then we talk.

77544 Hurry up, boy! I want my stuff! Don't you want what's yours? Or you want me to keep them for playthings?

77545 @Chuck, it looks like there's someone at [00CC00FF,Cucina Donnacci] in the Food Court. Looks like they're cooking! You better check it out.

77546 Where were you, pal? You missed the big news.

77547 There just wasn't enough time.

77548 Chuck, we were in the lounge! Didn't you see us?

77549 I thought you were in the security room.

77550 What were you doing, Chuck? You didn't get back in time.

77551 It's crazy out there. I guess I lost track of time.

77552 Everyone looks upset, Daddy.

77553 I'm afraid things didn't go as planned.

77554 Daddy, I think everyone is in the lounge.

77555 Thanks, kiddo. I'll go see what's up.

77556 Chuck, we're all in the lounge. Come meet us there.

77557 You're going to get yourself killed going into those tunnels.

77558 I have to see what's happening down there. It's our last chance.

77559 What happened down there, Chuck? Just a red herring?

77560 Damn this leg! Wish I could go too. Find us some good evidence!

77561 You stay here where it's safe. I'll get to the bottom of this thing.

77562 It's Rebecca. What did you find out, Chuck? Where was the gas coming from?

77563 It's crazy out there. I lost track of time.

77564 Where are you going, Dad?

77565 I'll be fine, sweetie. Don't worry about me.

77566 Dad, why are you sad? Can we go now?

77567 Honey, we just have to wait a little while. Don't you worry.

77568 @Chuck, you should be able to make your way down to the tunnels using the [00CC00FF,Maintenance Door] in [00CC00FF,South Plaza].

77569 Thanks, I'll check it out.

77570 What happened, Chuck? Couldn't you find anything?

77571 I just ran out of time.

77572 Safe House secured.

77573 @Chuck, the rescue will be here soon. You need to be back in the [00CC00FF,Safe House] so they can get us the hell out of here. We can watch it on the TV. Come on!

77574 @Hey, Chuck. I was wondering if you could come back to the [00CC00FF,security room] for a minute. I just want to talk to you about Katey. I'm a little worried about her.

77575 Hey, Chuck. Rebecca's back and she wants to talk to you. Can you head back here now?

77576 Ah-ah-ah, Chuckie. If you don't have my merchandise, these ladies are gonna be dropping in on some zombies. And I do mean dropping... hehehehehe.

77577 No, no, Chuckie boy. You turn right around. Bring me the goods, or these girls are done for, you hear me?

77578 You are one sorry man, you know that? Are you listening? Bring me the goods, or say goodbye to the girls.

77579 @You're gonna have to get me some pics of a certain Phenotrans executive enjoying the company of several ladies - and one gentleman - of the evening. They're in the security room of the[00CC00FF, Americana Casino].

77580 @I'm gonna need a USB drive that one of my men dropped on the train platform near the [00CC00FF,Food Court]. It's got some... compromising information on it.

77581 @There's a case of queens in the [00CC00FF,Laboratory]. That is gonna come in very handy. You'll need to get that, sucker.

77582 @That dimwit Sullivan dropped his cute lil' headset on the [00CC00FF,roof] before you tore his ass in two. I'm gonna need that.

77583 Where you going in such a hurry? Buddy, you really need to learn to relax.

77584 I'm just hoping to find... a friend. Don't worry about me.

77585 I appreciate you're in a bind, pal. But you keep your nose clean around here.

77586 Chuck, we've got to find out who's framing us.

77587 Dad, why is everyone so upset? Why do they think you did something bad?

77588 I know there's evidence out there. Somebody knows something. I just have to find it, too.

77589 And we will. If it's the last thing I do. I'm not going down without a hell of a fight.

77590 Don't worry about it, honey. It's just a misunderstanding. I'll straighten it all out.

77591 @There's gonna be a Phenotrans lab coat somewhere in that pharmacy in the [00CC00FF,Royal Flush Plaza]. And you're gonna get it for me.

77592 And to thank me for my hard work, Phenotrans kindly left me a gift basket. Of Zombrex.

77593 Nice of you to pick those things up for me, but you know what... I ran outta champagne while I was waiting.

77594 You better hurry, little man. My patience is wearing thin.

77595 That's it, Chuckles. You got it all. Now get to the arena and we'll talk about if these girls are going anywhere.

77596 Don't worry, Chuckie. I gave your little one her Zombrex. Wouldn't want you to miss the show. I have a much more entertaining end in mind for her!

77597 @I'm just going to take some pictures. You can make it all the way back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House] through the Americana now. Might even be a restroom... if you have the need, Chuck.

77598 No Prescription Required

77599 @I need to go see if the [00CC00FF,Pharmacy] in [00CC00FF,Roy's Mart] has any Zombrex

77600 A respected pharmacist with an addiction to nasal spray. Found in Roy's Mart.

77601 Those guys were stealing everything. Thanks for saving my life.

77602 Chuck, what's the matter? You don't look so good.

77604 Oh my...I'm so sorry, Chuck.

77605 Hey, what's wrong?

77606 I just got some terrible news. I have no reason to continue...there's no point now.

77607 I know of a safe place. I can take you there if you come with me.

77611 Chuck, I don't know what to say... I'm so sorry, Katey didn't make it.

77615 Katey... Hang in there, kiddo...

77616 I found something interesting. I'll fill you guys in when I get back to the Safe House.

77617 Great, take care out there. Come back in one piece.

77618 I couldn't make it there in time...

77619 @Chuck, let's go back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House]... That maniac destroyed my footage... I'm sorry.

77620 All that matters is that you are okay. Come on, let's get out of here.

77621 I'm sorry, Chuck. I have no leads at this point...

77622 Chuck's spirited daughter. Infected with the zombie virus, she needs Zombrex every 24 hours.

77623 Passionate and outspoken head of the zombie rights group CURE (Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality).

77624 Ambitious, beautiful Asian-American news reporter determined to get her first big story.

77625 The first (and only) reserve man to make it to the official government shelter alive.

77626 Host and producer for the controversial pay-per-view television game show "Terror Is Reality".

77627 GOAL: Find Zombrex \0ADESTINATION: Still Creek Town \0AI need to search the town for Zombrex.

77628 @GOAL: Return the Broken Bike \0ADESTINATION: Gas Station Safe House \0AI should bring this broken bike back to the [00CC00FF,Gas Station Safe House.]

77629 @GOAL: Find Bike Parts \0ADESTINATION: Unknown \0AI need to search around town for the[00CC00FF, five bike parts] I need.

77630 @GOAL: Give Katey Zombrex \0ADESTINATION: Gas Station Safe House \0ADEADLINE: 8:00PM \0AI need to get to the [00CC00FF,Gas Station] and give Katey Zombrex.

77631 GOAL: Protect Katey \0ADESTINATION: Junkyard \0AI need to protect Katey from this crazy mechanic.

77632 @GOAL: Escape the Military \0ADESTINATION: Town Exit \0AI need to find a way out of town and escape the military.

77633 Man, I need more booze.

77634 I think you've had enough.

77635 I ain't going anywhere until I get a freakin' drink.

77636 Thanks, pal. Looks tasty.

77637 Okay, pal. That should do you. It's not safe out here, especially not for you. Let's get you to a safe place.

77638 One... one more drink, I'm still too thirsty.

77639 I need a grown up drink. Get me some booze!

77640 You... you're a go...od man.

77641 I g..guess I'll come wit ya now.

77642 Thanks for keeping me safe. I own this pawnshop.

77643 Department Store

77644 So, is my information about bike parts worth your money?

77645 I got one more hint. But this one will cost a bit more, buddy.

77646 How could you give my husband those drinks?

77647 It's bad enough we're stuck here in nowheresville after fleeing from Vegas. Now he's going to be a complete mess!

77648 Puking Rally! Now I'm good to go.

77649 Look, the guy needed convincing. Now it's time to get to a safe place.

77650 Fine, all this money we won isn't worth it if I have to clean up his puke.

77651 I know you helped me out but I can't just give things away for free. Maybe I'll give you a good deal.

77652 Door Unlocked

77653 I could get used to being the law 'round here. Thanks for the help.

77654 The Owner of Bob's Fish 'n Hunt, and pretty handy with a gun. Found on the rooftops.

77655 You saved my life, and I'd love to repay you... While daddy isn't around...

77656 Former Miss Still Creek County, and Bob's little girl. Found in Bob's Fish 'n Hunt.

77657 I can't believe it! Chuck Greene is here in Still Creek. Thanks, dude!

77658 Extreme sports adrenaline junkie. Found behind Bill's Department Store.

77659 Man, I still don't get what's going on. All this thinking hurts my head.

77660 Bailed too many times without a helmet. Found behind Bill's Department Store.

77661 Like, thanks for the save, but I still have no idea how I'm going to tell my brother what happened.

77662 Sharon's sister-to-be. Found in the Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley.

77663 We should have just gone to Reno instead.

77664 Party girl extraordinaire. Found in the Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley.

77665 I guess I asked for all this. I just hope Dennis will still want to marry me tomorrow.

77666 Recovering from more than a nasty hangover. Found in the Quarantine Camp.

77667 I thought it was all over! Seemed like a waste, winning all that money for nothing. Thanks for saving me, buddy. Sorry about your shoes.

77668 Has found solace in a bottle. Found in the Dirty Drink bar.

77669 I thought fate was teasing me with all this money. Please take some. Without you, I wouldn't be able to use any of it.

77670 A newly rich housewife. Found in the Dirty Drink bar.

77671 I hope this helps you. Thanks again for your kindness.

77672 Did you find some Zombrex, daddy?

77673 No, sweetie. I'll keep looking.

77674 It's time for your Zombrex shot, honey.

77675 Bowling Shirt

77676 Diner Waitress

77677 Overalls

77678 Hunting Jacket

77679 Hey, Chuck, did you find out anything?

77680 It was TK. He's the one behind this outbreak. I was chasing him and some thugs but he got away.

77681 I can't believe the host of that horrible show is behind this. But that's going to have to wait for now, Chuck. Katey is going to need more Zombrex soon.

77682 Hey Chuck, there's a bathroom here if you need to take a "rest".

77683 @I'll wait out here while you do your business. [00CC00FF,Talk to me] when you're ready to go.

77684 Feeling better? Let's get going.

77685 The Key to the Shed

77686 Treasure in an Alley

77687 @GOAL: Investigate the Dirty Drink \0ADESTINATION: The Dirty Drink Bar \0AA couple was seen drinking in the [00CC00FF,Dirty Drink Bar.]

77688 @GOAL: Help the Bikers \0ADESTINATION: Alley behind Uncle Bill's \0ATwo guys were seen fighting zombies [00CC00FF,behind Uncle Bill's Department Store].

77689 @GOAL: Save the Party Girls \0ADESTINATION: Bowling Alley \0ATwo girls were seen going into the [00CC00FF,Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley.]

77690 @GOAL: Find Bike Forks\0ADESTINATION: Water Shed\0AThere is a key to the water shed in the [00CC00FF,Still Creek Hotel].

77691 @GOAL: Find an Engine \0ADESTINATION: Theater Alley \0AThere could be a bike part in the [00CC00FF,Theater Alley.]

77692 @DESTINATION: Safe House \0ADEADLINE: September 12, 8:00PM \0AI have [00CC00FF,Zombrex], it's too early to give it to Katey. I can only give it to her [00CC00FF,between 7:00PM and 8:00PM].

77693 @DESTINATION: Unknown \0ADEADLINE: September 12, 8:00PM \0AKatey is going to need Zombrex [00CC00FF,between 7:00PM and 8:00PM.]

77694 @DESTINATION: Safe House \0ADEADLINE: September 12, 8:00PM \0AI need to hurry back to the Safe House and [00CC00FF,give Katey Zombrex].

77695 DESTINATION: Unknown \0ADEADLINE: September 12, 8:00PM \0AIt's now time to give Katey Zombrex. I only have until 8:00PM, I better get some quick.

77696 @GOAL: Investigate the Nerds\0ADESTINATION: South Plaza \0AA group of young men are playing board games in a store in [00CC00FF,South Plaza.]

77697 Chuck's spirited daughter. Infected with the zombie virus, she needs Zombrex every 12 hours.

77698 Bike Key Used

77699 Owner of Still Creek's local pawnshop.

77700 @A detailed map of Still Creek. (View Map: [@butback] )

77701 @It's time to [00CC00FF,give Katey Zombrex.] Return to the Gas Station and give it to her.

77702 @It's time to give Katey Zombrex. You need to [00CC00FF,find Katey Zombrex] now.

77703 Sharon! He found you. We were so worried.

77704 Will you ladies please come with me now?

77705 Alright, let's go.

77706 Oh no... Poor Sharon. I guess this means the wedding is off.

77707 Where is Sharon?

77708 I already brought her back to a safe place. Come with me and I'll take you to her.

77709 Ok, I guess so. This better not be a trick.

77710 @I don't want to risk traveling with Katey until she gets her next dose of Zombrex. She'll need it [00CC00FF,between 7:00PM and 8:00PM.]

77711 Gemini


77713 I need to seach the town and find Katey Zombrex.

77714 I found a broken bike. I should get this back to the gas station.

77715 I discovered a road block. Looks like there is an ambulance that might have Zombrex.

77716 I've found all the parts and fixed the bike.

77717 Take it, it's yours.

77718 Did you bring papa?

77719 I'm sorry, your dad didn't make it.

77720 Oh no! I guess I'll need a strong man, like you, to take care of me.

77721 Where is my pumpkin?

77722 I'm so sorry Bob, she's gone.

77723 What? My little girl got eaten by those fiends. I don't think I can go on.

77724 Why don't you come to the gas station.

77725 Ok, I guess there's no point fighting anymore.

77726 GOAL: Find Zombrex \0ADESTINATION: Quarantine Area \0AI should search that ambulance, it may have Zombrex.

77727 I searched the quarantine area and found Zombrex in the ambulance.

77728 Lance

77729 Above The Law

77730 @GOAL: Save the Blackrocks \0ADESTINATION: Bob's Fish 'n Hunt \0AReunite Bob and his daughter. She can be found in [00CC00FF,Bob's Fish 'n Hunt.]

77731 Katey got her last dose on time, but it's only a matter of time until she'll need another... and another...

80000 Happy Ever After... Sort Of...

80001 Meet the Contestants

80002 Find Katey Zombrex

80003 Welcome to the Family

80004 Last Call

80005 Chuck the Role Model

80006 Hunger Pains

80007 An Industrial Fashion

80008 Family Feud

80009 Live Free or Die

80010 Short Sighted

80011 WWJWD?

80012 Big Game Stakes

80014 The High Rollers

80015 Bank Run

80016 Two's Company

80019 The Mascot

80021 Workers Compensation

80023 Brains Over Brawn

80024 Tastes Like Chicken

80025 Wilted Flower

80026 Par for the Course

80027 One Hit Wonder

80028 Lost...

80029 ...and Found

80032 Fetching Females

80033 Art Appreciation

80034 Shell Shocked

80035 Fresh Meat

80037 Shopping Spree

80038 Stranded Siren

80039 Once Bitten

80040 Here Comes the Groom

80041 Lush-ious Lady

80042 Mail Order Zombrex

80043 Rock Heroes

80044 Tape It Or Die

80045 Dead or Alive?

80049 Delta Point 1

80051 Slave to Fashion

80052 Code Blue

80053 Barn Burner

80054 Ante Up

80055 Know When to Fold 'em

80057 World's Most Dangerous Trick

80058 Everyone Knows Slappy

80059 Stuart's Scheme

80060 Bent Wood

80061 Chemical Dependency

80062 Demand & Supply

80063 Fortune City Botany Club

80066 Secret of Charlie's Gold

80501 @GOAL: Talk to Stacey \0ADESTINATION: Safe House \0AI should check with [00CC00FF,Stacey] at the [00CC00FF,Safe House Security Room].

80502 @GOAL: Find the Reporter \0ADESTINATION: Fortune City Hotel \0AI need to find that reporter in the [00CC00FF,Hotel Lobby].

80503 @GOAL: Follow Rebecca \0ADESTINATION: Arena Security Office \0AI need to follow [00CC00FF,Rebecca], she knows how to get to the [00CC00FF,Security Office].

80504 @GOAL: Meet back at the Safe House \0ADESTINATION: Safe House \0AI need to get back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House Security Room].

80505 @GOAL: Talk to Stacey \0ADESTINATION: Safe House \0A[00CC00FF,Stacey] needs me to go back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House Security Room].

80506 @GOAL: Investigate the Underground \0ADESTINATION: Underground Tunnels \0ASome suspicious men have accessed the [00CC00FF,underground tunnels] through the [00CC00FF,Palisades Mall. ]

80507 @GOAL: Talk to Stacey \0ADESTINATION: Safe House \0AI better check in with [00CC00FF,Stacey] at the [00CC00FF,Safe House Security Room].

80508 @GOAL: Stop TK's thugs \0ADESTINATION: Casino Vaults \0AI have to stop TK's mercenaries from robbing the [00CC00FF,casino vaults] by destroying those drills!

80509 @GOAL: Make sure Rebecca's okay \0ADESTINATION: Shoal Nightclub \0AThere's a meeting going on at the[00CC00FF, Shoal Nightclub] that I should attend.

80510 @GOAL: Meet Rebecca \0ADESTINATION: Safe House Rooftop \0AI've got to meet [00CC00FF,Rebecca] on the [00CC00FF,Safe House Rooftop].

80511 @GOAL: Stop TK's escape \0ADESTINATION: Fortune City Hotel Rooftop \0ATK's going to escape from the [00CC00FF,Fortune City Hotel Rooftop]! I have to stop him!

80512 @GOAL: Return to the Safe House \0ADESTINATION: Safe House \0AI should check in with [00CC00FF,Stacey] at the [00CC00FF,Safe House Security Room].

80513 @GOAL: Save Rebecca \0ADESTINATION: Underground Loading Bay \0A[00CC00FF,Rebecca] is in trouble! She was last seen running to the[00CC00FF, Underground Loading Bay].

80514 @GOAL: Escort Rebecca to the Safe House \0ADESTINATION: Safe House \0AI need to get [00CC00FF,Rebecca] back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

80515 @GOAL: Secure the Safe House \0ADESTINATION: Safe House \0AThe rescue has failed, I need to make sure the [00CC00FF,Safe House] is secure.

80516 @GOAL: Return to Safe House \0ADESTINATION: Safe House Lounge \0AI should get back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House Lounge].

80517 @GOAL: Find the source of the gas \0ADESTINATION: Underground Tunnels \0AI need to find the source of this gas.

80518 @GOAL: Return to the Safe House \0ADESTINATION: Safe House \0AI have to get this [00CC00FF,Laptop] back to Rebecca!

80519 @GOAL: Stop Sullivan \0ADESTINATION: Yucatan Casino Rooftop \0A[00CC00FF,Sullivan] is escaping with the evidence that can clear my name! I've got to stop him!

80520 @GOAL: Save Stacey and Katey \0ADESTINATION: Fortune City Arena \0ATK is demanding that I bring a number of [00CC00FF,items] to him in return for Stacey and Katey.

80521 @Zombrex: I found Zombrex but I can't give it to Katey yet. I will be able to give her Zombrex at [00CC00FF,7:00 AM].

80522 @GOAL: Get TK Zombrex\0ADESTINATION: Unknown\0ATK needs Zombrex, although I'm not sure he deserves it.

80523 @GOAL: Hack the panel \0ADESTINATION: Safe House \0AI have to hack to panel to close the gate!

80524 TK is infected

80533 GOAL: Save the construction workers \0ADESTINATION: South Plaza \0ATwo construction workers are fighting to stay alive.

80534 @GOAL: Play poker in the Safe House \0ADESTINATION: Safe House Poker Room \0AI've been challenged to a poker game by the survivors back at the [00CC00FF,Safe House].

80535 @GOAL: Investigate the art gallery \0ADESTINATION: Cleroux Collection \0AA guy was seen crying and staring at art in the [00CC00FF,Palisades Mall]. I should check it out.

80536 @GOAL: Investigate the Slot Ranch Casino\0ADESTINATION: Slot Ranch Casino\0AA business man with a steel case appears to be robbing ATMs in the [00CC00FF,Slot Ranch Casino].

80537 @GOAL: Save the trapped people \0ADESTINATION: Arena Dressing Room \0AA pair of people are trapped by a fire in an [00CC00FF,arena dressing room].

80538 @GOAL: Listen to Luz's proposition \0ADESTINATION: Safe House Lounge \0ALuz, the resident golf pro, has a proposition. I should get back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House Lounge] and hear her out.

80539 @GOAL: Locate the well dressed man\0ADESTINATION: Fortune Park \0AA well dressed man is waiting outside the [00CC00FF,Atlantica Casino]. He appears to be holding a steel brief case.

80541 GOAL: Investigate the chef \0ADESTINATION: Cucina Donnacci \0AA man in a chef's coat has been herding survivors into the restaurant.

80542 @GOAL: Get Zombrex \0ADESTINATION: Safe House Lounge \0AJared's [00CC00FF,Zombrex] dose is wearing off. I better get him some more before Sullivan takes care of the problem.

80543 @GOAL: Locate the paramedic\0ADESTINATION: One Little Duck Bingo \0AA paramedic is helping an injured man and may know where to find [00CC00FF,Zombrex].

80544 GOAL: Talk to the armed man\0ADESTINATION: Palisades Mall \0AA young man with a gun is surrounded by zombies. He's really on edge, I should go help him.

80545 @GOAL: Help the military survivors \0A DESTINATION: Fortune Park \0ATwo soldiers that survived the failed rescue are using high powered ordnance to fend off the zombies.

80546 @GOAL: Help Sven \0ADESTINATION: Safe House Lounge \0ASven looks like he's searching for something in the [00CC00FF,Safe House], maybe I can help him out.

80547 @GOAL: Check out the crowd \0ADESTINATION: Slot Ranch Casino \0ASeveral people are sitting down at the [00CC00FF,Slot Ranch Casino Stage]. I should go see what's going on.

80548 @GOAL: Help the girl on the roof \0A DESTINATION: Fortune City Hotel Rooftop \0AA young girl is crying at the edge of the roof.

80549 @GOAL: Investigate the pool\0ADESTINATION: Palisades Mall\0ASome women were spotted enjoying the pool at the [00CC00FF,Palisades Mall].

80550 @GOAL: Talk to Vikki \0A DESTINATION: Safe House Lounge \0AVikki has been getting very worried. Maybe she needs some help?

80552 @GOAL: Investigate the Atlantica's poker room \0ADESTINATION: Atlantica Casino \0AThree professional poker players were spotted playing cards in the [00CC00FF,Atlantica Casino].

80553 @GOAL: Locate the man searching for food \0ADESTINATION: Dining at Davey's \0AA portly fellow is more worried about food than zombies. Maybe it's because he has some [00CC00FF,Zombrex]?

80554 @GOAL: Check out the gambling man \0ADESTINATION: Shamrock Casino \0AA man with a gambling problem has been spotted at [00CC00FF,Shamrock Casino] on the [00CC00FF,Silver Strip.]

80555 @GOAL: Help the hiding man \0ADESTINATION: Hamburger Fiefdom Roof \0AA lone man seems to have found safety up high in the [00CC00FF,Food Court].

80556 @GOAL: Help the trigger happy lady \0ADESTINATION: Platinum Strip \0AA young woman is armed and taking out some zombies near the [00CC00FF,Arena entrance].

80557 @GOAL: Help the drunken dancer \0ADESTINATION: Americana Casino \0AThere is a lady looking under the weather in the [00CC00FF,Americana Casino Security Room].

80558 @GOAL: Investigate the stage \0A DESTINATION: Atlantica Casino \0ALooks like someone is performing tricks by the stage in the [00CC00FF,Atlantica Casino].

80559 GOAL: Locate the mascot \0ADESTINATION: Kids' Choice Clothing \0AA children's store mascot is lying in a pool of blood.

80560 @GOAL: Defeat the snipers \0ADESTINATION: Fortune Park \0AUnseen snipers are targeting survivors in [00CC00FF,Fortune Park].

80561 @GOAL: Help the wounded man \0ADESTINATION: Wily Travels \0AA bleeding man has managed to barricade himself in [00CC00FF,Wily Travels].

80562 GOAL: Locate the woman \0ADESTINATION: SporTrance \0AA woman with a golf club is fending off zombies. She has good form.

80563 @GOAL: Investigate the postal cart \0ADESTINATION: Royal Flush Plaza \0ASomeone is driving a postal cart around the [00CC00FF,Royal Flush Plaza]. There might be [00CC00FF,Zombrex] in one of those packages.

80564 GOAL: Locate the CURE protester \0ADESTINATION: Americana Casino \0AA CURE protester may have snapped.

80565 @GOAL: Crash the rock concert \0ADESTINATION: Silver Strip \0ALoud music can be heard all over the [00CC00FF,Silver Strip].

80566 @GOAL: Talk to Lenny \0ADESTINATION: Safe House Lounge \0ALenny keeps mumbling about money, a lot of money. I should head back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House] and talk to him.

80567 GOAL: Investigate the hangings \0ADESTINATION: South Plaza \0AA man in a security uniform is taking justice into his own hands.

80568 @GOAL: Investigate the wedding \0ADESTINATION: Swept Away Wedding Chapel \0AA couple has been seen going into the [00CC00FF,Swept Away Wedding Chapel].

80569 @GOAL: Help out the man with a gun \0A DESTINATION: The American Historium\0AAn armed man is keeping zombies at bay with pinpoint accuracy.

80570 @GOAL: Talk to the shopping women \0ADESTINATION: Kathy's Space \0AThree women appear to be putting money into the register at [00CC00FF,Kathy's Space] in the [00CC00FF,Royal Flush Plaza].

80571 GOAL: Talk to the confused lady \0ADESTINATION: Children's Castle \0AA lost looking woman keeps trying to talk to the zombies.

80572 @GOAL: Locate the woman in distress \0ADESTINATION: Fortune City Hotel \0AA frightened young woman is hiding out near the elevators in the [00CC00FF,Fortune City Hotel]. She seems cold.

80574 @GOAL: Rescue the mermaid \0ADESTINATION: Atlantica Casino \0AA mermaid appears to be stranded and surrounded by zombies in the [00CC00FF,Atlantica Casino]. She needs my help.

80575 @GOAL: Confront Stuart \0ADESTINATION: Safe House \0AStuart has been riling people up. I have to get back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House] and talk to him.

80576 @GOAL: Assist the Tape It or Die crew \0ADESTINATION: KokoNutz Sport Town \0AThe Tape It or Die crew in the [00CC00FF,Palisades Mall] is in need of some assistance.

80577 GOAL: Confront the TIR contestant \0ADESTINATION: Platinum Strip \0AOne of my TIR rivals is looking for a rematch.

80578 @GOAL: Investigate Hot Excitorama \0ADESTINATION: Hot Excitorama \0ATwo guys are arguing and laughing hysterically in [00CC00FF,Hot Excitorama] on the [00CC00FF,Silver Strip].

80579 @GOAL: Help the men in the knife store \0ADESTINATION: Shank's \0ATwo men are in [00CC00FF,Shank's], one is fighting, the other is crying.

80580 GOAL: Locate the woman in distress \0ADESTINATION: Venus Touch Spa \0AA young woman has fallen victim to her vanity.

80581 GOAL: Stop the stealing couple \0ADESTINATION: Americana Casino \0AA pair of casino employees are vandalizing some slot machines.

80582 @GOAL: Find the Gas Barrel \0ADESTINATION: Safe House \0AI need to bring a [00CC00FF,Gas Barrel] to the gate terminal!

80583 @GOAL: Find the Spool of Wire \0ADESTINATION: Safe House \0AI need to bring a [00CC00FF,Spool of Wire] to the gate terminal!

80584 @GOAL: Find the Generator \0ADESTINATION: Safe House \0AI need to bring a [00CC00FF,Generator] to the gate terminal!

80585 Gas Barrel

80586 Spool of Wire

80587 Generator

80588 @GOAL: Find the compromising photo \0ADESTINATION: Americana Casino \0AI need to find the [00CC00FF,Compromising Photo] for TK.

80589 @GOAL: Find a Gift Basket \0A DESTINATION: Fortune City Hotel \0AI need to find a [00CC00FF,Gift Basket] for TK.

80590 @GOAL: Find Champagne Bottle \0ADESTINATION: Pub O' Gold \0AI need to find some [00CC00FF,Expensive Champagne] for TK.

80591 @GOAL: Find Case of Queens\0ADESTINATION: Research Labs \0AI need to find a [00CC00FF,Case of Queens] for TK.

80592 @GOAL: Find mobile headset \0ADESTINATION: Yucatan Casino \0AI need to find a [00CC00FF,Mobile Headset] for TK.

80593 @GOAL: Find USB drive \0ADESTINATION: Underground Tunnels \0AI need to find a [00CC00FF,USB Drive] for TK.

80594 @GOAL: Find Lab Suit \0ADESTINATION: Roy's Mart \0AI need to find a [00CC00FF,Lab Suit] for TK.

80595 @GOAL: Return to the Arena \0ADESTINATION: Fortune City Arena \0AI have everything TK wants. I need to get back to the [00CC00FF,Arena] to save Katey and Stacey!

80596 Return to the Arena

80597 Heist at the Atlantica

80598 @GOAL: Destroy the Van \0ADESTINATION: Fortune Park \0ATK's getting into the vault outside the [00CC00FF,Atlantica]. I have to stop him.

80599 Hack the panel

80600 CASE 1-1: Big News\0AI've been framed for the zombie outbreak! Got to find someone to help.

80601 CASE 1-2: Alive on Location\0ARebecca won't tell me her "source", but she'll take me to arena security for now.

80602 CASE 1-3: Insecurity\0ASomeone's destroyed the security room. This outbreak was no accident.

80603 CASE 1-4: Alliance\0ARebecca will investigate and Stacey will watch the monitors. Together we'll get to the bottom of this.

80604 CASE 2-1: Sign of Life\0ASomeone's moving things on a train in the underground. Finally, a lead!

80605 CASE 2-2: Ticket to Ride\0ATK framed me for the outbreak he started - but why?

80606 CASE 3-1: Boom Town\0AMysterious explosions outside: this could be a lead.

80607 CASE 3-2: Run for the Money\0ATK's trying to rob the city and leave town. I've got to stop him.

80608 CASE 4-1: The Source\0ARebecca's mysterious source turned out to be double trouble.

80609 CASE 5-1: Stake Out\0ATK's helicopter is coming to get him. This is my chance to stop him.

80610 CASE 5-2: The Getaway\0ATK's in custody. Now we just have to wait for the military rescue.

80611 CASE 6-1: Help Arrives\0AThe military rescue backfired, and now Rebecca's in danger out there.

80612 CASE 6-2: Last Stand\0ARebecca's being held captive by a shellshocked maniac.

80613 CASE 6-3: Lean on Me\0ARebecca's hurt - I've got to get her back to the safe house.

80614 CASE 6-4: Breach\0AThe Safe House was overrun with zombies!

80615 CASE 7-1: Bad to Worse\0AA zombie mutating gas leaked from the underground - I've got to find the source.

80616 CASE 7-2: The Only Lead\0AThe source of the gas is a paramilitary operation underneath the city. I have to stop them.

80617 CASE 7-3: What Lies Beneath\0APhenotrans is responsible for the gas... and what else?

80618 THE FACTS\0APhenotrans is behind everything - the outbreak, the gas, the Safe House overrun - and now Sullivan's trying to escape.

80619 ZOMBREX\0AKatey needs Zombrex by 8 am, every day.

80620 @START: September 25, 7:30PM \0ANothing going on right now. [00CC00FF,Stacey] will call me back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House] if anything happens.

80621 @START: September 26, 10:00AM \0ANothing important happening now. [00CC00FF,Stacey] will call me back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House] if anything happens.

80622 @START: September 26, 11:00PM \0AI've got to meet [00CC00FF,Rebecca] and her source later. Got some time to kill before then.

80623 @START: September 27, 7:00PM \0ANeed to get to the [00CC00FF,Safehouse] rooftop later to see if we can spot that helicopter, but nothing seems to be happening in the meantime.

80624 @START: September 28, 9:00AM \0A Rescue should be arriving soon. I'll need to be back at the [00CC00FF,Safe House] in time to get out of here.

80625 This case file has not been started.

81059 Is it scary out there, daddy?

81060 Be careful out there.

81061 This could be an award winning story.

81062 Those doors are locked tight. No zombies will be getting in here.

81063 There is no getting through this gate. I'll need to find a different exit.

81064 @She can only get Zombrex every [00CC00FF,24 hours], right?

81065 I thought they were going to kill me!

81066 It's okay. You're safe now. Are you hurt?

81067 I think I'm okay. Thank you so much. You got here before they... before they...

81068 @Listen, there's a [00CC00FF,Safe House] where you'll be safe. Follow me and I'll take you there.

81551 CASE 1-1: Big News

81552 CASE 1-2: Alive on Location

81553 CASE 1-3: Insecurity

81554 CASE 1-4: Alliance

81555 CASE 2-1: Sign of Life

81556 CASE 2-2: Ticket to Ride

81557 CASE 3-1: Boom Town

81558 CASE 3-2: Run for the Money

81559 CASE 4-1: The Source

81560 CASE 5-1: Stake Out

81561 CASE 5-2: The Getaway

81562 CASE 6-1: Help Arrives

81563 CASE 6-2: Last Stand

81564 CASE 6-3: Lean on Me

81565 CASE 6-4: Breach

81566 CASE 7-1: Bad to Worse

81567 CASE 7-2: The Only Lead

81568 CASE 7-3: What Lies Beneath



81571 Drill Destroyed

81572 Hotel Roof

81573 Elevator is Locked

81574 Chuck, there are men drilling into the wall outside of the Atlantica Casino


81584 Chuck Greene

81585 Rebecca Chang

81586 Stacey Forsythe

81587 Katey Greene

81588 Tyrone "T.K." King

81589 Raymond Sullivan

81590 Amber Bailey

81591 Crystal Bailey

81592 Brent Ernst

81593 Mascot Girlfriend Name

81594 Sgt. Dwight Boykin

81595 Seymour Redding

81596 Randy Tugman

81597 Carl Schliff

81598 Antoine Thomas

81599 Snowflake the Tiger

81600 Ted Smith

81601 Reed Wallbeck

81602 Roger Withers

81603 Bibi Love

81604 Derrick Duggan

81605 Deetz Hartman

81606 Big Earl Flaherty

81607 Johnny James

81608 Allen Ash

81609 Allison Perkins

81610 Andy Talbat

81611 Bessie Kent

81612 Bill Montagu

81613 Brian Scherbey

81614 Brittany Beck

81615 Cameron Welch

81616 Camille Payne

81617 Chad Elchart

81618 Cinda Smith

81619 Cora Russel

81620 Curtis Ellenton

81621 Danni Bodine

81622 Dean Wayne

81623 Doris Elchart

81624 Elrod Bumpkins

81625 Erica Mayes

81626 Esther Alwin

81627 Europa Westinghouse

81628 Floyd Stone

81629 Gordon Dawkins

81630 Jack Ellis

81631 Jacob Skinner

81632 Janus Razo

81633 Jared Davis

81634 Jasper Sanford

81635 Jeanna Slick

81636 Wallace Hertzog

81637 Jessica Howe

81638 John Boog

81639 Juan Lee

81640 Kenneth Walsh

81641 Kevin Meyers

81642 Kristin Harris

81643 Lab Assistant 1

81644 Lab Assistant 2

81645 LaShawndra Dawkins

81646 Lenny Mooney

81647 Lillian Payne

81648 Linette Watkins

81649 Luz Palmer

81650 Johnny Kilpatrick

81651 Matthew Kuss

81652 Gretchen Peregrine

81653 Michael Woo

81654 Left Hand Lance

81655 Nevada Slim

81656 Nina Suhr

81657 Lance Pennington

81658 Pat Berkson

81659 Jeremiah Eckland

81660 Kalee Timmons

81661 Wade Coopwood

81662 Irwin Sagehorn

81663 Kirby Wilkinson

81664 Dale Kerpan

81665 Oscar Dingman

81666 Adrian Lee

81667 Andrea Brenser

81668 Alice Paynter

81669 Helen Bonner

81670 Chrystal Kennedy

81671 Gary Peake

81672 Noah Hawthorne

81673 Jenny Slaten

81674 Drake Danton

81675 Tom Ebersole

81676 Shaun Wexler

81677 Marvin Horner

81678 Lucas Pontremoli

81679 Randolph Allen

81680 Ray Teller

81681 Richard Kelly

81682 Rosa Collins

81683 Royce St.John

81684 Lulu Barra

81685 Tamara Stein

81686 Anim White

81687 Skylar Ali

81688 Kris Bookmiller

81689 Stuart Holmes

81690 Summer Chavez

81691 Sven Blaaborg

81692 Tammy Blaine

81693 Terri Glass

81694 Trixie-Lynn Horton

81695 Vikki Taylor

81696 Walter Morris

81697 Willa Harris

81698 Woodrow Rutherford

81699 Denyce Calloway

81700 Leon Bell

81710 Julius Reinke

81711 @Rebecca Chang looked like she was in the [00CC00FF,Fortune City Hotel].

81712 I sure as hell hope she can help me figure out what's going on.

81713 What's going on, daddy?

81714 Nothing, sweetie. I'll be back soon.

81715 @I saw some men breaking into the underground through a door in the [00CC00FF,Palisades Mall].

81716 I better check it out. This could be our best lead.

81717 @It looks like they set up to raid the vaults in the [00CC00FF,Americana, Slot Ranch Casino] and [00CC00FF,Yucatan].

81718 I will, I promise. Please, look after Katey.

81719 Dad, how come you keep leaving?

81720 I'm sorry, kiddo. I've got some important stuff to do out there. But I'll be careful. Don't worry.

81721 Good job on that drill, Chuck, but I'm still seeing TK's goons out there. Be careful.

81722 TK is still moving in heavy equipment, and more of those thugs are showing up as well. I'm worried, Chuck.

81723 Chuck, this is getting dangerous. There are still more goons in the city.

81724 I don't like you going out there. You should stay here where it's safe.

81725 Jessica

81726 Jacob

81727 Nevada

81728 Brandon Whittaker

81729 I'll be fine.

81730 Just come back in one piece okay?... For Katey...

81731 Tim Duggan

81732 @You should spend less time running around out there and more time with your daughter in the [00CC00FF,Security Room].

81733 You feel that explosion from outside? No need to worry though, we're behind 5 feet of the best fortifications the US government could buy.

81734 Better stay in here where it's safe.

81735 I heard you might have stopped the heist of the century. You might be alright after all. But still, don't try anything funny.

81736 You gave it your all Chuck. Nothing to do now but wait for the army. Then this'll all get sorted.

81737 I'm glad you made it back safely. I made sure Katey didn't see those thugs shooting at you.

81738 Thanks for taking care of her.

81739 Yeah... well, she's a cute kid.

81740 I know he got away, but at least you're still alive.

81741 Alive. But my daughter's going to be alone now. I...I let her down.

81742 Dad, I leveled up in Mega Man! But I missed you.

81743 That's my girl! I missed you too.

81744 Stacey was worried. She didn't want me to see you on the screens. I guess she doesn't know you that good, huh?

81745 What's the matter, Dad? You look sad.

81746 ...Nothing, honey... just promise me, no matter what, you'll be a good girl. Okay?

81747 Sure, Dad. But how come?

81748 Just promise me. Please?

81749 ... um...Okay, daddy, I promise.

81750 Be careful Chuck, those men are probably armed to the teeth.

81751 @Those men have set up at the vaults in the [00CC00FF,Americana, Slot Ranch Casino] and [00CC00FF,Yucatan].

81752 Do what you have to, but just be careful.

81800 What's up?

81801 Sorry, you were saying?

81802 Sorry about that, keep going.

81803 TK's goons are still robbing the city. Stop them all.

81804 Madison Lainey

81805 Wanted to make it big in the entertainment industry. Killed by the magicians.

82000 Armored Van

82001 @Look, I can take you to the arena security room. [00CC00FF,Talk to me] when you're ready to go.

82002 Pharmacy Key Used

82003 Pharmacy Door Locked

82004 Safe House

83000 Reached level 25. Half way there!

83001 Reach level 25.

83002 Apprentice Rising

83003 Mixed a drink. Tasty stuff!

83004 Mix a drink.

83005 Bartender

83006 Solved all case files in Co-op. You're a great friend!

83007 Solve all case files in Co-op.

83008 Better With a Friend

83009 Spent $6,000,000 total in Fortune City. Where did you get all that money?

83010 Spend $6,000,000 in Fortune City.

83011 Big Spender

83012 Changed into all the clothes in the game. Zombie invasion is no excuse for poor style.

83013 Change into all constumes in the game.

83014 Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser?

83015 Completed The Facts. The End... or is it?

83016 Complete The Facts.

83017 Clean Record

83018 Tamed Snowflake. Keep some steak handy, just incase.

83019 Tame Snowflake.

83020 The Skill To Survive

83021 Escorted 8 survivors at once. It's a party, everyone is invited!

83022 Escort 8 survivors at once.

83023 Come on! Follow me!

83024 Collected all combo cards hidden in Fortune City. Inspiration is all around you.

83025 Collect all combo cards hidden in Fortune City.

83026 Curiously Inventive

83027 Gave your bike a custom paint job. Sweet ride!

83028 Give your bike a custom paint job.

83029 Custom Finish

83030 Filled all entries in the notebook, and made some friends along the way.

83031 Fill all entries in the notebook.

83032 Data Miner

83033 Used every type of ranged weapon on a zombie. They can't bite you if they're already dead.

83034 Use every type of ranged weapon on a zombie.

83035 Death From Afar

83036 Used every type of novelty weapon on a zombie. Lighten up a bit!

83037 Use every type of novelty weapon on a zombie.

83038 Slaughter - S = Laughter!

83039 Revived another player in Co-op. He owes you one.

83040 Revive another player in Co-op.

83041 Don't you die on me!

83042 Created all combo weapons. Now put them to use!

83043 Create all combo weapons.

83044 Duct Tape FTW

83045 Used every type of explosive on a zombie. Kaboom!

83046 Use every type of explosive on a zombie.

83047 Explosive Temper

83048 Changed into 10 different pieces of clothing. Looking dapper, chap!

83049 Change into 10 different pieces of clothing.

83050 Fashion Aficionado

83051 Gave Katey a gift. It's good to spoil her sometimes.

83052 Give Katey a gift.

83053 Father of the Month

83054 Gave Katey every possible gift. Bribery is the fastest way to earn a child's love!

83055 Give Katey every possible gift.

83056 Father of the Year

83057 Ate all types of food in the game. That can't be healthy.

83058 Eat all types of food in the game.

83059 Finally Full

83060 Collected all combo cards. All 49. Seems odd, doesn't it?

83061 Collect all combo cards.

83062 Full Deck

83063 Collected 25 combo cards. So many combinations, so little time.

83064 Collect 25 combo cards.

83065 Half Deck

83066 Killed 1,000 gas zombies. As if zombies weren't bad enough...

83067 Kill 1,000 "special" zombies.

83068 Having A Gas

83069 Used every type of melee weapon on a zombie. Anything is deadly in the right hands.

83070 Use every type of melee weapon on a zombie.

83071 Head Trauma

83072 Used every type of firearm on a zombie. Bang!

83073 Use every type of firearm on a zombie.

83074 He hasn't covered wars...

83075 Saved 50 survivors. What a great guy!

83076 Save 50 survivors.

83077 Hero of Fortune City

83078 Spraypainted all Zombrex posters. They didn't do much good in the first place.

83079 Spraypaint all Zombrex posters.

83080 Improper Behaviour

83081 Defeated 10 psychopaths. The world is a safer place.

83082 Defeat 10 psychopaths.

83083 Judge, Jury and Executioner

83084 Completed Overtime Mode. TK got what he deserved.

83085 Complete Overtime Mode.

83086 Justice Served

83087 Collected all combo cards from survivors. The gift of zombie killing!

83088 Collect all survivor combo cards.

83089 Life Saver

83090 Created and consumed all mixed drinks in the game. Just like Mom used to make.

83091 Create and consume all mixed drinks in the game.

83092 Look at all that juice!

83093 Had 10 zombies with masks on at once. You showed them who's boss!

83094 Have 10 zombies with masks on at once.

83095 Masquerade

83096 Created a combo weapon. Introduce it to the nearest zombie!

83097 Create a combo weapon.

83098 Needs more chainsaw

83099 Reached level 50. You're a machine!

83100 Reach level 50.

83101 Professional Rising

83102 Came in first place in a single TIR event. Victory tastes sweet!

83103 Come in first place in a single TIR event.

83104 Rising Star

83105 Saved 10 survivors. But more are still out there...

83106 Save 10 survivors.

83107 Saving the Day

83108 Smashed 100 zombies using the Smash skill move. Brains everywhere!

83109 Smash 100 zombies using the Smash skill move.

83110 Smashy

83111 Covered a zombie in objects. That sure was funny!

83112 Stick it to a zombie by covering him in weapons and objects!

83113 Stick 'em up

83114 Discovered the secret combo card. Did you cheat by checking online?

83115 Tape it or DIE!

83116 Played and won in all 9 TIR events. A true American hero!

83117 Play and win in all 9 TIR events.

83118 TK's Favorite

83119 Collected all combo cards from psychopaths. Pried from their cold, dead fingers.

83120 Collect all combo cards from psychopaths.

83121 Tough Guy

83122 Defeated 5 psychopaths. There's a new sheriff in town!

83123 Defeat 5 psychopaths.

83124 Vigilante Justice

83125 Finished in first place in a TIR episode. Don and Paul love watching you go!

83126 Finish in first place in a TIR episode.

83127 Win Big!

83128 Entered all the stores in the game. Did you buy anything?

83129 Enter all the stores in the game.

83130 Window Shopper

83131 Killed 1,000 zombies while riding a motorcycle. Chainsaws on the side make it easier.

83132 Kill 1,000 zombies while riding a motorcycle.

83133 Wrong kind of "Chopper"

83134 Killed 5,000 zombies. Is that all you've got?

83135 Kill 5,000 zombies.

83136 Zombie Destruction

83137 Killed 1,000 zombies barehanded. Those were some killer moves!

83138 Kill 1,000 zombies barehanded.

83139 Zombie Fu

83140 Killed 53,596 zombies. You left them all for dead!

83141 Kill 53,596 zombies.

83142 Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder

83143 Killed 500 zombies. Not a bad start.

83144 Kill 500 zombies.

83145 Zombie Slaughter

83146 Killed 72,000 zombies. King of carnage!

83147 Kill 72,000 zombies.

83148 Zombie Genocide Master

83149 Dead Rising 2

83150 The trophy set of Dead Rising 2.

83151 DR2 Trophy Master

83152 You have acquired all trophies in Dead Rising 2.

83153 Saved all the survivors in Still Creek. So much work in such a short stay!

83154 Save all the survivors in Still Creek.

83155 Still Creek Saviour

83156 Escaped Still Creek with Katey! But the worst is yet to come...

83157 Escape Still Creek with Katey.

83158 We Ride To Fortune City!

83159 Defeated Jed The Mechanic, and put an end to his zombie hunting days.

83160 Defeat Jed the Mechanic

83161 Chop Shop

83162 Killed 100 zombies. That was just a warmup, right?

83163 Kill 100 zombies.

83164 Zombie Hunter

83165 Killed 1,000 zombies. Where do they keep coming from?

83166 Kill 1,000 zombies.

83167 Zombie Exterminator

83168 Spent $100,000 in the pawnshop. You just put Dick's kids through college!

83169 Spend $100,000 in the pawnshop

83170 Small Town, Deep Pockets

83171 Found and returned a bike part, but it's still not road-worthy...

83172 Find and return a bike part.

83173 Part Way There

83174 Rebuilt the bike. You're quite the handyman!

83175 Rebuild the bike.

83176 Ready to Ride

83177 Built a combo weapon. Necessity is the father of invention.

83178 Build a combo weapon.

83179 A Taste of Things to Come

83180 Built all avaliable combo weapons. Now take those combo cards into Dead Rising 2!

83181 Build all avaliable combo weapons.

83182 A bigger taste...

83183 Unlocked all doors in Still Creek. Who left all these keys lying around?

83184 Unlock all the doors in Still Creek.

83185 Locksmith

83186 Purchased a clue from Dick, the pawnshop owner. He drives a hard bargain.

83187 Purchase a clue from Dick, the pawnshop owner.

83188 Clueless No More

85000 Pharmacy Key

85001 Zombrex

85002 Computer

85003 USB Drive

85004 Compromising Photo

85005 Case of Queens

85006 Mobile Headset

85007 Lab Suit

85008 Lab Key Card

85009 Bike Key

85010 Gift Basket

85011 Expensive Champagne

85012 Fortune City Map

85013 Transceiver

85014 Arthur's Helmet

85015 Prize Money

85016 Map and Transceiver

85017 Underground Access Key

85018 Security Passcard

85019 Maintenance Room Key

85021 Maintenance Room Key

85022 Sports Car Key

85023 SUV Key

85024 Chopper Key

85030 Wheel

85031 Handle Bars

85032 Engine

85033 Bike Forks

85034 Fuel Line Spool

85035 Bike Part 6

85036 Train Key

85037 Still Creek Map

85038 Shed Key

85100 Opens the pharmacy.

85101 You need it.

85102 Shinny and new

85103 A USB drive full of confidential Phenotrans data.

85104 A photograph showing Phenotrans executives performing acts of questionable legality.

85105 A Case of Queens gathered in the secret underground lab.

85106 A bluetooth earpiece, previously owned by Sullivan.

85107 A previously used lab coat, it hasn't been washed in awhile.

85108 A key card that allows full access to the secret lab.

85109 Key for the bike parked outside of the arena.

85110 A gift basket full of goodies and a $50 gift card to Hamburger Fiefdom.

85111 The price tag on this Champagne would empty any wallet.

85112 @A detailed map of Fortune City. (View Map: [@butback] )

85113 The Transceiver is a portable wireless communication device in a sleek, compact form.

85114 This key allows access to the undergound tunnels below Fortune City OLD

85115 placeholder

85116 placeholder

85117 This key allows access to the undergound tunnels below Fortune City.

85118 A security pass with maximum access, could be useful.

85119 A key to all the Maintenance Rooms in Fortune City.

85120 A key to all the Maintenance Rooms in Fortune City.

85122 Key for the sports car inside Royal Flush Plaza.

85123 Key for the SUV in Shamrock Casino.

85124 Key for the chopper bike inside the Yucatan Casino.

85136 Key to the Train in the Underground.

85137 A detailed map to Still Creek.

85138 Key to the water shed.

85200 You used Bathroom Key.

85220 You are wearing Arthur's helmet.

85228 Prologue

85235 Case 0-2 - Find Zombrex

85236 Case 0-4 - Find Bike Parts

85237 Give Katey Zombrex

85238 The Mechanic

85239 Fix the Bike

85240 I need all the parts before I can fix the bike

85241 Fix Bike

85242 Daddy, we lost our Zombrex.

85243 Don't worry kiddo, I'll search around town for some. First I need to check the junkyard for an exit.

85244 It's time for my Zombrex dad.

85245 Military Arrival

85246 What are you looking for?

85247 I found an old bike. I need to fix it so we can get out of here.

85248 What's wrong with that man?

85249 He doesn't like us being here.

85250 Denyce

85251 Empty

85252 @Hey Chuck, it looks like the gate that was blocking the way through the [00CC00FF,Americana Casino] and the [00CC00FF,Fortune City Arena] has been opened.

85253 I guess getting my big story became too dangerous.

85254 Case 0-3 - Broken Bike

85255 Place Wheel

85256 Place Fuel Tank

85257 Place Fuel Line

85258 Place Gas Can

85259 Place Bike Forks

85260 Place Handle Bar

85261 Place Battery

85263 Sports Car Key Used

85264 SUV Key Used

85265 Chopper Key Used

85266 Thanks for getting me out of that mess. Is there anything you need from my store?

85267 My bike is broken down. I'm looking for some parts.

85268 @I got a [00CC00FF,wheel] for sale here in the shop. It will cost ya.

85269 I might have a lead on some other bike parts. And I'm afraid that info won't come cheap. I appreciate you saving me, but I still gotta make ends meet.

85270 So you decided to pay? Smart move.

85271 @For the first part you should check [00CC00FF, the Still Creek Hotel]. Poppa left his key to the [00CC00FF,shed] up there. He uses that to store his auto parts.

85272 Sorry, man. These tips aren't free. Come back when you have some cash.

85273 @You should check the alley [00CC00FF,behind the theater]. People like to store junk back there.

85274 What are you trying to pull? I told you I'm a businessman. You want info? You need more money.

85275 @Have you looked in the [00CC00FF,hunting store?] The door is locked so you're have to find a different way in.

85276 Not enough. I could just sell you the parts for a lot more, you know!

85277 You tapped me out, bud. I got no more info for ya.

85278 Tia

85279 Tia Hernandaz

85280 Nikki

85281 Nikki Valentino

85282 Sharon

85283 Sharon Riesinger

85284 Bob

85285 Bob Blackrock

85286 Darcie

85287 Darcie Blackrock

85288 Jason

85289 Jason Wong

85290 Archie

85291 Archie Eaton

85292 Fausto

85293 Fausto Vargas

85294 Gemini

85295 Gemini Vargas

85296 Dick

85297 Dick Jones

85298 Howdy, fella! Didn't think you noticed me up here. Name's Bob Blackrock.

85299 What are you doing up here? I've barricaded the gas station. It should be safe there.

85300 Nosiree, buster. My daughter's missing. I ain't moving ‘til I find her. If you like, I can be your look out while I try and find her!

85301 @I'll flag you down if I see anything worthwhile. You come [00CC00FF,talk to me] and I'll give you the scoop. And let me know if you see my daughter!

85302 @Heya, Chuck. I spotted two young hooligans behind the [00CC00FF,Department Store.]

85303 @One looks like he's using a broken [00CC00FF,bike part] as a weapon.

85304 @You can find those punks behind the [00CC00FF,Department Store.]

85305 Whoa, Archie! Check it out! Isn't that the motocross star Chuck Greene? Awesome!

85306 It totally is! Dude, can you help us out with these nasty zombies?

85307 @Dude, these handle bars kick ass as a weapon. Find me a [00CC00FF,Broadsword] instead and I'll give them up.

85308 Dude! Sweet! Now I'm like a viking warrior.

85309 Hey, I'm trying to fix up my bike and I need a handle bar. Think I could have the one you got there?

85310 This thing makes a killer weapon, bro. I'm gonna need a better weapon if I'm going to give this up.

85311 @Get me a [00CC00FF,Broadsword.] I bet that [00CC00FF,hunting store] would have one. A sword would be wicked!

85312 Lenny doesn't like the big kitty. Lenny no leave until scary kitty is nice and under control.

85313 Thanks for taking care of scary kitty. Lenny show you how to turn on slot machines because Chuck nice to him.

85314 Lenny not like big kitty. Is she safe? Lenny scared of kitty.

85315 Don't worry. She's tame, Lenny.

85316 Oh, ok. Chuck nice. Lenny show you where to turn on the slot machines because Chuck so nice.

85317 Chuck nice. Follow Lenny. Lenny show you.

85318 Lenny shows you switch. It turn on all the slot machines. So pretty. Maybe Chuck win big like Lenny and his brother Charlie. Charlie rich.

85319 @Thanks for showing me this, Lenny. Does Lenny want to go someplace safe? I can take you to a [00CC00FF,Safe House].

85320 Lenny thinks safe sounds nice. Lenny follow.

85321 We finally hit it big *hic* and and this happens.

85322 Honey, please calm down, you've had enough to drink.

85323 Don't you... don't you tell me... what?

85324 I'm upset too, okay? We had to leave loads of cash back in Vegas and at that stupid road block, sure, but I still made it out with this case.

85325 Hey, are you guys ok?

85326 Oh my, Fausto! Look, another survivor!

85327 What the, who the. I don't feel so good *hic*

85328 Hi, I'm Gemini and this is Fausto. We got caught in the road block and had to leave our vegas winnings, he's taking it pretty hard.

85329 That's a shame. Listen, I know a safe place I can take you two.

85330 That would be great. I'll even make it worth your while.

85331 It's no good, all this money has caused nothing but problems.

85332 The only thing that was precious to me was the gems that Fausto bought me when we first got married.

85333 I had to leave them at the roadblock... Hey now, would you get those gems for me? I'll give you the rest of our winnings.

85334 If you get me those gems, the money is yours.

85335 Mo Money Mo Problems

85336 Win Some Lose Some

85337 Handle With Care

85338 Howdy, Chuck. I spotted a couple walking into the bar a while ago. It looks like the man is getting pretty drunk.

85339 Maybe you should give them a hand back to the gas station.

85340 You should check out the bar. That couple is boozing it up in there.

85341 Thank you so much. These gems are my lucky charms. Makes me feel like things are going to be better now.

85342 The money is yours.

85343 He's such a jerk now. I wish we never won this stupid money!

85344 We're always fighting over it now! It's just not worth it.

85345 It all went bad after we got all this money.

85346 One Man's Trash

85347 @GOAL: Visit the pawnshop\0ADESTINATION: Moe's Maginations\0AA Looter has taken over [00CC00FF,Moe's Maginations] in [00CC00FF,Platinum Strip] and made it into a pawnshop. For sale: Zombrex?

85348 @Hey Chuck, looks like someone's set up a pawnshop inside [00CC00FF,Moe's Maginations]. He might have something worthwhile in there, but it looks like one of those looters.

85349 My heart is a tick that wants YOUR BLOOD!

85350 Feed me until I am swollen, it tastes SO GOOD!

85351 You pick me off with tweezers, you are SO RUDE!


85353 Piss off, you nonce!

85354 Leave my mate alone!

85355 You ruined our set!

85356 Layoff, you stupid git!

85357 Sod off, you wanker!

85358 This bloke is out of his mind.


85360 Get out of our dressing room, Chuckie! Trying to get a peek at a naked woman without having to pay for it for once?

85361 Oh, Stuart! It wasn't supposed to be like this.

85362 I'm sorry, I was just defending myself and it got out of hand. If you want, I can take you some place safe.

85363 Yeah, ok...I guess so.

85364 Let's get going, try to keep up.

85365 If you keep going out there, you're bound to find trouble. I'd stay put if I was you.

85366 Trouble has a way of finding you when you sit still, Sullivan. But thanks for the concern.

85367 Chuck, what happened? You didn't come back in time.

85368 I lost track of time. Dammit! That might have been our last chance.

85369 Why are you sad daddy? Do you want to play?

85370 That would be nice honey.

85371 You alright, Chuck?

85372 I've been better, Sullivan. To say the least.

85373 I wouldn't go out there if I were you, but if you do see anyone else in trouble, bring 'em on back, okay?

85374 Will do, Sullivan. I'll keep going out there until I find what I need.

85375 Dad, why do you have to leave again? Don't you want to play?

85376 I do, honey. And I promise I will once I find what I need.

85377 Chuck, you lost your chance. Those men underground are gone now.

85378 I know, dammit! That was the lead we needed.

85379 Daddy, what's wrong?

85380 It's nothing kiddo, don't worry about me.

85381 Maybe you should just trust the military to give you a fair shake when they arrive.

85382 I guess it doesn't matter now, anyway.

85383 What was TK up to down there?

85384 I don't know, but we need to find out soon, so we can clear our names.

85385 Yay, you're back. Can you find me something to play with?

85386 Maybe I can find you some toys out there.

85387 I was worried about you, pal. Plenty of trouble out there.

85388 Don't I know it, buddy. But I have to get to the bottom of this thing.

85389 @Use [00CC00FF,ramps to jump] onto the train

85390 Underground Access Key Used

85391 Armored Van Destroyed

85392 Hey, buddy it's pretty dangerous out there.

85393 Wait a minute. You... you're one of those punks that tried to jump me in Roy's Mart.

85394 Whatever. Might have been one of my pals, grampa. We're just businessmen, seeking out merchandise for our valuable customers.

85395 @Feel free to browse any of our four pawnshops set up around Fortune City. There's this one here, and the others are in the [00CC00FF,Silver Strip, Royal Flush Plaza] and the [00CC00FF,Palisades Mall.]

85396 We've got lots of valuable merchandise, pal. I wouldn't turn your nose up at it. We could really help you out of a jam. Always here for a desperate man.

85397 Hey, are you girls ok?

85398 No, we are not ok. This was the worst stagette ever.

85399 We went to Las Vegas for our friend Sharon's stagette and we thought she hooked up with a guy.

85400 It turned out he wasn't kissing her, he was biting her! So we got the hell out of Vegas but got stopped at the road block.

85401 They said Sharon was going to turn into a zombie and took her to the Quarantine.

85402 We want to find her but we're too scared to leave.

85403 Her wedding is tomorrow and she's marrying my brother. He'll kill me if she doesn't show!

85404 Look, I know a safe place. You better come with me, and then I'll go look for your friend.

85405 We're not leaving this place until Sharon is back with us.

85406 Tia will explain what happened... I'm too hung over to deal with this.

85407 I can't take this. I just want Sharon back so we can go home.

85408 Hey, are you ok? You wouldn't happen to be Sharon would you?

85409 Yeah, I'm Sharon and no, I'm not feeling so hot. Wait, how did you know my name?

85410 I ran into your two friends. They're looking for you.

85411 What!? Really? They're alive?!

85412 I really want to be with them, but because of my ... condition, I'm afraid I'd be putting them in danger.

85413 Hold on a second! Can you get me that Zombrex stuff? With that I should be safe.

85414 Do you have any Zombrex?

85415 Ah, yeah I do but I kinda need it.

85416 Oh please, can I have it? I just want to be back with my friends. That would make up for that lousy stagette!

85417 Hey, Nikki! Look it's Sharon. He found her!

85418 @Will you guys come to the [00CC00FF,Safe House] now?

85419 Yeah, we'll come with you.

85420 I have bad news. Sharon didn't make it.

85421 No! This isn't happening! What am I going to tell my brother?

85422 @Will you come to the [00CC00FF,Safe House] with me now?

85423 Yeah, okay. I guess there's no point in staying here.

85424 The Morning After

85425 Hey Chuck, I saw some pretty little girlies in the bowling alley.

85426 You should help those ladies out.

85427 Check out the bowling alley. Those girls could use a hand.

85428 @Combine a [00CC00FF,Baseball Bat] and a [00CC00FF,Box of Nails] to make a Spiked Bat

85429 What did you do to Cinda?! I'll kill you!

85430 I KNEW you were bad news, mister! You hurt Jasper!

85431 @You're out of Zombrex? I hear it [00CC00FF,lasts for 24 hours] now, when does Katey need her dose?

85432 @I have to give it to her [00CC00FF,between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM].

85433 @There is a store called [00CC00FF,Roy's Mart] in [00CC00FF,Royal Flush Plaza] that has a pharmacy. There could be some Zombrex in there.

85434 Thanks, I'll check it out.

85435 @I bet if you go to [00CC00FF,Roy's Mart in Royal Flush Plaza] you could find some Zombrex.

85436 @Are you going to go find some [00CC00FF,Zombrex] Daddy?

85437 Don't worry, kiddo. I'll find you some.

85438 @Did you find some [00CC00FF,Zombrex] yet, daddy?

85439 I'm still looking, kiddo. You just hang on.

85440 I'm glad you found some Zombrex, Chuck, but it's not time to give it to Katey yet. Right?

85441 @She gets her daily dose [00CC00FF,between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM]. I'll give it to her then.

85442 @It's still too early, isn't it? I think you need to come back [00CC00FF,between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM] to give Katey her Zombrex.

85443 It's not time for my Zombrex, Dad. Right?

85444 @I know, sweetie. I'll be back at the usual time, [00CC00FF,between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM.] I was just wondering how you're doing.

85445 I'm ok. I'm glad you found some Zombrex.

85446 @Chuck, isn't it time to give Katey [00CC00FF,Zombrex]?

85447 Yeah it is, I haven't found any yet.

85448 @Chuck, it's 7:00 AM. Katey is going to need [00CC00FF,Zombrex] soon! You have to find some quickly!

85449 @Chuck, It's 7:30 AM! Katey isn't going to make it past 8:00 AM. You have to find [00CC00FF,Zombrex] now!

85450 @You really should check out [00CC00FF,Roy's Mart]. There is a good chance there is some there.

85451 @I saw that you found [00CC00FF,Zombrex]. It's still too early to give it to Katey, right? Just make sure to get back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House] between [00CC00FF,7:00 AM and 8:00 AM.]

85452 @Chuck, it's 7:00 AM. You should hurry back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House] and give Katey her [00CC00FF,Zombrex.]

85453 @Chuck, it's 7:30 AM, you really need to get back to the [00CC00FF,Safe House] and give Katey [00CC00FF,Zombrex] now!

85454 @The time is 7:30 AM. Do you still need to find [00CC00FF,Zombrex]? Katey only has [00CC00FF,30 minutes before she'll turn.]

85455 @I know there isn't much time, I'll check out [00CC00FF,Roy's Mart].

85456 @She could still be in the [00CC00FF,quarantine area]. We'll come with you if you find her.

85457 Did you find some Zombrex for me? I really want to be with my friends.

85458 No, I didn't find any.

85459 Sorry, I used the one I had. I'll try to find another one.

85460 Thank you. I can't wait to see my friends.

85461 So, did you find some Zombrex?

85462 Yeah, I found some.

85463 Hook me up, bro. I don't want to turn!

85464 This little baddy could get you out of a jam.

85465 Man, I hate needles. That blows I have to do this every 24 hours. Zombrex sucks.

85466 Talk to me before you head out there, Chuck.

85467 Look, I don't know if I can trust you. But if you're going to keep bringing people back, I got something that might help you out.

85468 I promise I won't get in your way. What is it?

85469 @Supposed to be a key to all the [00CC00FF,Maintenance Rooms] around Fortune City. Dunno, might be something useful in them.

85470 @There are a lot of [00CC00FF,maintenance rooms] all around Fortune City. The doors have a unique look.

85471 Have y'all seen my man, Chad?

85472 Yeah, he's gone a little crazy. He keeps attacking me.

85473 What you dun!? You're a gonna pay, mister!

85474 You leave him alone!

85475 Hey, that's my wife! Doris! Why she tryin' to beat the snake skin right off you, boy?!

85476 She's just gone a little mad. I don't know how to stop her.

85477 If you dun anythin' to my girl, you better run like hell!

85478 Pard'ner, you seen my wife, Doris? Real sparkplug, that gal!

85479 I'm sorry...I'm afraid she didn't make it.

85480 My Doris?! My sugar bee? My honey pot? Tarnation and damnation!

85481 I know how it feels, pal. But listen, I know a safe place. Why don't you come with me?

85482 Dang. Alright, pard'ner. But lemme tell ya, the wet just went right out of my whistle. Oh, Doris!

85483 I can't take that now, daddy. It's too early. You know that.

85484 @I know sweetie, I'll come back between [00CC00FF,7:00AM and 8:00AM]. Just like always.

85485 I'm relieved you found some more Zombrex, but you know it's not time to give it to Katey.

85486 @I know, I'll be back between [00CC00FF,7:00AM and 8:00AM.]

85487 You should give that Zombrex you found to Katey now. She's not doing so well.

85488 It's not time for my shot, is it?

85489 No, kiddo. It's still too early.

85490 I'm really glad you keep finding Zombrex. It's horrible for people to be so dependent on it. So expensive, and so hard to find.

85491 Looks like it's still too early to give it to her.

85492 Yup, I'll have to wait until 7:00AM.

85493 It's time for Katey's shot now. Why don't you go give it to her?

85494 Good job, Chuck! You found more Zombrex.

85495 I wish this stuff lasted longer. It's getting hard to find.

85496 I'll be back when it's time to give it to her.

85497 I found more Zombrex, kiddo.

85498 Thanks, Daddy. How long until I need my shot?

85499 Soon, it's not time yet.

85500 It's that time again. Why don't you give Katey her dose?

85501 Career military man, who thought he'd seen everything - until the zombie outbreak. Shell-shocked and delusional, he shoots at everything that moves.

85502 Ambitious chef, so dismayed the outbreak ruined his big chance at fame that he's cooking up horrifyingly "unique" dishes to finally top all his rivals.

85503 This former one-hit wonder won't let anything - not even a zombie outbreak - come in the way of her big comeback show.

85504 A Western-obsessed, insecure security guard who sees the outbreak as his long-awaited chance to be "the law" and get the respect and power he feels he deserves.

85505 One of a pair of failed professional magicians, experimenting with a new, spectacularly gory trick - on anyone unlucky enough to be around.

85506 A young and naïve mascot, Slappy blames Chuck for starting the outbreak, killing his girl and ruining his life.

85507 One of four buddies who vow to keep America safe from zombies by taking out those responsible for destroying the country - which for them is pretty much anyone still left alive.

85508 A pathologically loyal public servant. Neither snow, nor sleet... nor zombies shall keep him from his appointed rounds.

85509 A member of CURE driven mad by the outbreak, who believes the only way to stop oppression is to equalize everyone - by making them all zombies.

85510 A socially awkward virgin and internet sex addict who is using the outbreak as a chance to get "married" to any unfortunate women he can find.

85511 The slightly "slow" caretaker for Snowflake the tiger. Hates people, but loves animals. Will do anything to find food for Snowflake.

85512 TK's twin co-hostesses on "Terror Is Reality". "Sexy" doesn't even begin to describe these sisters.

85513 Chuck's competition on Terror Is Reality. An obsessed former fan, now determined to beat Chuck at the ultimate death match.

85514 An angry, but tamable, Bengal tiger on display in Fortune City.

85515 Linette's Passage

85516 @GOAL: Find Linette's Secret Passage \0ADESTINATION: Brand New U Clothing \0ADEADLINE: N/A \0ALinette knows of a shortcut to the [00CC00FF,Safe House]. Take her to [00CC00FF,Brand New U] to find it.

85517 @That's the door to the [00CC00FF,Security Office.] See if it's unlocked.

85518 Don't let that train get too far ahead.

85519 Don't slow down or the train will get away.

85520 Jasper?

85521 I'm sorry, he didn't make it.

85522 I bet you had something to do with it. You'll pay for his death!

85523 Still Creek

85524 Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley

85525 Gas Station

85526 Shed Key Used

85527 That works for me, dude.

85528 I'm a big fan, Chuck. Motocross and ass kicker.

85529 Hey, Buddy! Can you help me out?

85530 Can you get rid of these zombies?

85531 Thanks, friend. I'm the owner of the local pawnshop.

85532 Do you think you could help me get back there?

85533 @I'll open the shop for you if you help me out. [00CC00FF,Talk to me] when you're ready to go.

85534 Let's get a move on.

85535 Chuck! I just spotted my girl! Looks like she's in my huntin' store! You can get there first - do old Bob a favor and run over there and make sure she's okay!

85536 Before you take me to the Safe House, you have to do me a favor.

85537 Alright. What do you need, Bob?

85538 She's the apple of my eye. I'm not going nowhere until I know she's safe.

85539 You better be a gentleman, Chuck. No one lays a hand on my little angel.

85540 Hey, are you Bob's daughter?

85541 Did you see my father? I twisted my ankle and haven't been able to check in with him.

85542 Will you follow me? I'm going to take you and your dad to a safe house.

85543 I better not go anywhere alone with a strange man! My dad would kill you if he finds out.

85544 Why would he kill me?

85545 He's really protective. You better bring him here, so he can see no funny business is going on.

85546 I can't chance leaving here without my dad. You better bring him to me.

85547 I found your daughter. She's hurt her ankle and won't leave the store without you.

85548 That's my girl, not trusting a stranger. I taught her well. You didn't touch her, did ya, Chuck?

85549 Are you kidding? I don't want to piss you off.

85550 Alright, you can take me to her but I got my eye on you.

85551 There's my girl.

85552 Daddy!

85553 I'm so glad you're okay. Chuck's gonna take us to a safe spot.

85554 Nobody likes shots, honey. But its very important that you get this!

85555 Las Vegas 911, what is the...

85556 Some English Text

85557 Some English Text

85558 They're everywhere! It's spreading!

85559 Some English Text

85560 Some English Text

85561 Some English Text

85562 Ma'am, you're going to have to calm down and tell me exactly what is...

85563 Some English Text

85564 Some English Text

85565 Some English Text

85566 They're coming! Please!! They're going to - GOD!!! NO!!!!!!

85567 Some English Text

85568 Some English Text

85569 Some English Text

85570 Ma'am, I'm contacting dispatch now. What is your location?!

85571 Some English Text

85572 Some English Text

85573 Some English Text

85574 No, stay away! NO!

85575 Some English Text

85576 Some English Text

85577 Some English Text

85578 Ma'am? Ma'am?!

85579 No, no.... not again...

85580 Some English Text

85581 Some English Text

85582 It has been almost twelve hours since the first reports of a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas.

85583 The death toll is estimated to be over one hundred thousand,

85584 and as many as a staggering one million people may be infected.

85585 The president has initiated the Willamette act,

85586 and the government is scrambling to respond to this disaster.

85587 Some English Text

85588 To ensure that the contagion does not spread,

85589 the military has set up a fifty mile perimeter outside Las Vegas.

85590 They have "shoot to kill" orders for anyone off the main roads.

85591 Some English Text

85592 The number of vehicles leaving the city has trickled to a stop in the last few hours,

85593 an ominous sign that few survivors remain.

85594 Some English Text

85595 Some English Text

85596 Shit.

85597 Katey.

85598 With thousands of vehicles having escaped the city over the past twelve hours

85599 Military and government personnel are screening everyone at the roadblocks

85600 before allowing them to leave the quarantine area.

85601 Some English Text

85602 Anyone discovered to be infected but not yet turned

85603 will be quarantined and reportedly given medical attention.

85604 Some English Text

85605 Some English Text

85606 Sources say that the controversial drug Zombrex,

85607 which is said to inhibit the zombification process for a period of twelve hours,

85608 is being widely administered.

85609 Some English Text

85610 The fate of the quarantined remains unclear at this time.

85611 The government has issued no statements regarding where they will be taken,

85612 or what will become of them.

85613 This is Rebecca Chang reporting live from just outside Las Vegas.

85614 Some English Text

85615 No daddy! No!

85616 Daddy, I don't like shots.

85617 Some English Text

85618 Nobody likes shots, honey. But it's very important that you get this!

85619 You won't have to take another one for a long time.

85620 A whole twelve hours.

85621 Some English Text

85622 I'm not sick. Why do I have to have it?

85623 Maybe we'll run out.

85624 Sorry sweetie. Daddy's got a few more.

85625 Shit.

85626 Some English Text

85627 Hello?

85628 Anybody here?

85629 Some English Text

85630 What the hell?

85631 Some English Text

85632 Katey, stay right here.

85633 Some English Text

85634 Some English Text

85635 Hey! That's my truck!

85636 Stop!

85637 Some English Text

85638 Son of a bitch!

85639 Some English Text

85640 The Zombrex...

85641 No...

85642 Some English Text

85643 Daddy, there's a man over there.

85644 Some English Text

85645 We're ok now honey.

85646 They can't get in.

85647 We'll be safe here.

85648 Some English Text

85649 Katey, Daddy loves you so much.

85650 Some English Text

85651 But where are you going?

85652 Some English Text

85653 I have to go get some more Zombrex and figure out how to get us out of here.

85654 Some English Text

85655 Some English Text

85656 But no, Daddy, I don't even like Zombrex!

85657 Some English Text

85658 I know, honey.

85659 But it's very important, you need another one before bedtime.

85660 You stay here.

85661 I promise, I'll be back as soon as I can.

85662 Some English Text

85663 You're not afraid of those bad people outside?

85664 Some English Text

85665 Nothing's going to stop me from keeping you safe.

85666 Some English Text

85667 Oh, thank God.

85668 Come in Charlie Six! I repeat! Come in Charlie Six!

85669 Some English Text

85670 Some English Text

85671 Some English Text

85672 Some English Text

85673 We are organizing backup for your blockade now.

85674 Hang tight, and DO NOT let anyone past your post!

85675 A new quarantine crew with full security detail will be there at 21:00 hours!

85676 Repeat, backup will be there by nightfall!

85677 Yeah, I can fix this.

85678 Hold on honey. Everything's going to be just fine.

85679 Daddy's gotta go get a few things.

85680 Some English Text

85681 Daddy, I don't feel so good.

85682 Can I have some more of that medicine now?

85683 Some English Text

85684 I can't give it to you too early honey.

85685 It's dangerous, you'll get too much.

85686 Some English Text

85687 Can you fix the motorbike Daddy?

85688 Some English Text

85689 Daddy can fix anything.

85690 Some English Text

85691 Nice place to visit, but I ain't gonna die here.

85692 Some English Text

85693 Some English Text

85694 Well, ain't you a beauty.

85695 Some English Text

85696 Hey sweetie, I've got your medicine.

85697 Some English Text

85698 Daddy, why did Mommy bite me?

85699 Some English Text

85700 That wasn't Mommy, sweetheart.

85701 It just looked like her.

85702 Some English Text

85703 Hey, buddy. Sorry if this is your place, we just needed to get some supplies.

85704 Some English Text

85705 Some English Text

85706 Well all right, a little'un.

85707 Perfect to complete my collection.

85708 Some English Text

85709 What the hell are you talking about?

85710 You stay away from her!

85711 Some English Text

85712 Zombies are good huntin' son.

85713 Kinda like shootin' people, but without all the legal hassle.

85714 This outbreak's been a pile of fun.

85715 I never liked that fellah next door anyhoo.

85716 Some English Text

85717 Hey, whoa, whoa whoa, listen. She's not a zombie.

85718 She's just a little girl.

85719 Some English Text

85720 Oh, I seen you give her that shot. She's a zombie all right.

85721 Come on now, step aside, let ol' Jed finish the job.

85722 Some English Text

85723 Some English Text

85724 Katey...

85725 RUN!

85726 Some English Text

85727 There's no call for that, now.

85728 You know it's just a matter of time.

85729 So I'm just doing you a favor.

85730 Better now than later!

85731 Some English Text

85732 Come on out now, little'un.

85733 Some English Text

85734 You're not going to hurt her. Not over my dead body!

85735 Some English Text

85736 I done had enougha you, zombie lover. Get outta my way!

85737 Some English Text

85738 You mighta saved her for a while... but someone will get your little zombie sooner or later.

85739 You can be sure of that.

85740 It's just a matter of time.

85741 If I can't do it, the gov'ment will.

85742 Some English Text

85743 Daddy?

85744 Katey?

85745 Katey honey, where are you?

85746 You can come out now!

85747 Some English Text

85748 Don't you worry honey.

85749 Daddy won't let anyone ever take you away.

85750 Not for any reason. Never.

85751 Some English Text

85752 Hang on tight, honey!

85753 Some English Text

85754 Halt! Raise your hands and surrender yourselves immediately for screening.

85755 We will be forced to shoot if you do not comply!

85756 Some English Text

85757 Halt!! We will be forced to open fire!!

85758 Some English Text

85759 Honey, listen to me.

85760 We made it this far. I will not stop until you're safe.

85761 Nothing is more important than that. You understand?

85762 Let's get going.

85763 I can't do it.

85764 I can't leave Katey.

85765 She needs me.

85766 And I need her.

85767 No, Katey, Katey...

85768 I'm too late.

85769 Some English Text

85770 Some English Text

85771 Daddy, no!

85772 Daddy!

85773 Daddy!

85774 Some English Text

85775 Katey! No!

85776 No! Katey!

85777 Bring her back!

85778 Katey, no!

85779 No, no!

85780 Some English Text

85781 Some English Text

85782 Some English Text

85783 Some English Text

85784 Some English Text

85785 Some English Text

85786 Some English Text

85787 Some English Text

85788 Some English Text

85789 Some English Text

85790 Some English Text

85791 Some English Text

85792 Some English Text

85793 Some English Text

85794 Some English Text

85795 Dmitri

85796 Dmitri Kazlov

85797 Emanuel

85798 Emanuel Tugman

85799 Justin

85800 Justin Tetherford

85801 Simon

85802 Simon Bostwick

85803 Louise Jameson

85804 Jed

85805 Jed Wright

85806 Pearce

85807 Pearce Stephens

85808 Mark

85809 Mark Bradson

85810 Welcome to Terror is Reality 17!

85811 We got a sold out crowd tonight here in Fortune City, and millions watching at home!

85812 Tonight we are going to witness true American warriors kicking zombie ass!

85813 You know the rules, people!

85814 They're gonna have to risk it all if they're ever really gonna....

85815 Alright, players! Let's see you knock the hell out of those filthy zombies! It's time for SPRING CLEANING!

85816 First thing we gonna do is make us some zombie juice!

85817 Listen up, people! Let's make these chumps go like rats in a cage!

85818 Players, don't make me give this audience a refund!

85819 Thanks, little man. I was starting to feel real hungry. I knew you'd come through.

85820 Only reason I'm doing this is so you can do the time, scumbag. No easy way out for you. I want you to rot.


85822 Let's hope they're better in...POUNDS OF FLESH!

85823 It's...MASTER SHAFTER!


85825 Get ready to ride on your... ZOMBONI!

85826 It's time for...RAMSTERBALL!

85827 Do it up right in....BALL BUSTER!

85828 Let's see if these players can't do something to get rid of my....HEADACHE!

85829 Let's get to...SLICECYCLES!

85832 As always, I'm your host Tyrone King,

85833 but you can call me TK, baby!

85834 4 contestants go head to head for sweet, sweet money!

85835 So, Major Rod Johnson. We meet at last.

85836 Thanks for saving my ass out there. I like your... gun.

85837 Here we are at last - two strong men. And of course, one bomb.

85838 Will you cut first, or shall I?

85839 Not the blue wire...not the blue wire!

85840 Some English Text

85841 Uh-oh.

85842 Shoot! The light's broken!

85843 Hey, what's this book?

85844 (mumble mumble mumble)

85845 Let's read it aloud a bit.

85846 "Rorum Scur Shonar Exilium!"


85848 Wait! What are you...?

85849 Some English Text

85850 Oh Fred, you crazy wonderful man!

85851 Oh my god! You're having an affair? With my cousin?

85852 No Freddy, I have something to tell you. I'm your Father!

85853 I have something to tell you too. I'm pregnant!

85854 But is that baby my son, or my brother?

85855 It doesn't matter.

85856 Your love is going to make me get up out of this chair and walk again!

85857 Oh Mona. We're going to be one big happy family again.

85858 Dad, Dad! Dad, Dad!

85859 Brian, I'm trying to read the paper. What is it?

85860 Something is moving in my cereal!

85861 Dear God! Captain Sparky's Crunchy Bits are people! It's people!

85862 Eeewww.

85863 Brian, get me the anal probe. I'm going to teach that son of a bitch a lesson.

85864 Get it, get it!

85865 You damn dirty human!

85866 And we at Blissful Time Shares Limited want to thank you for the gift of your time.

85867 Your precious, sacred time.

85868 But we know you are quality people.

85869 You deserve quality.

85870 We can just tell by looking at your strong, handsome faces.

85871 In fact, our very purpose in life is to give you that quality.

85872 Our employees are contractually required to forgo outside activities

85873 like family, friends, and volunteerism.

85874 Anything that risks interfering with our job delivering that quality to you.

85875 Blissful Time Shares Limited.

85876 Real time shares, for real patriots.

85877 Some English Text

85878 Some English Text

85879 Some English Text

85880 Some English Text

85881 Everything you've heard about the newly renovated Fortune City, Nevada?

85882 It's all true.

85883 Unbelievable things happen here.

85884 Are you hungry for adventure?

85885 Explode your senses.

85886 You can risk it all with cutting-edge competition.

85887 Lose your head...

85888 or just maybe, your heart.

85889 Open yourself up in Fortune City.

85890 Some English Text

85891 Some English Text

85892 Some English Text

90000 Doesn't feel very good, does it?

90001 I lost my family in Willamette. I'd rather just have them back.

90002 Hey, do you know where the green rooms are?

90003 Green room? Yeah.

90004 Yeah. Take the elevator up a floor and then straight down the hallway.

90005 You can't miss it.

90006 Time to shoot guns, make money and play dirty like real Americans in...

90007 Oh, we robbed the retirement home for this bunch!

90008 I'm gonna just toss some zombies at these clowns, see if they wake up.

90009 As long as these players are making fools of themselves, let's have some...

90010 Hey!

90011 I know you're holding out on us! Where's the money?! Where's the safe?!

90012 We don't have a safe!

90013 Don't lie to...

90014 Hey! Dirtbag! Let the lady go.

90015 Why don't you mind your own business old man?

90016 Exactly what I'm doing.

90017 I'm just here looking for some Zombrex.

90018 Well, you're definitely gonna need some painkillers when I'm done with you.

90019 Well, talking to you is giving me a headache.

90020 Oh yeah? What say you give me some money, and I'll go get some for you?

90021 Yeah - give us some money, Grandpa!

90022 We'll help you out.

90023 How about it Grandpa? You got any money?

90024 Come on! Don't lie to me!

90025 I should have known you two were in cahoots the first moment you set foot in this place!

90026 You've caused nothing but trouble.

90027 CURE is innocent! It's a setup!

90028 After you put this whole bunker at risk, you expect me to believe that?

90029 Hey!

90030 Oh, well, lookie here. Man of the hour - Chuck Greene.

90031 I shoulda listened to my gut and kicked you out when you got here.

90032 Sullivan - I have nothing to do with this.

90033 I saw it on the TV. Saw YOU, buddy.

90034 Explain how that little trick works.

90035 Wasn't me on the tape. It was someone in my show outfit.

90036 Look, I don't care whether you believe me or not.

90037 I've got 3 days till the military gets here to prove that I'm innocent.

90038 I'll hand myself over if we haven't got any proof by then.

90039 I'm just asking for a fair shot.

90040 Ahem - you could have told me that the front door was locked...

90041 Hey, you're that TV lady.

90042 I'll make you a deal.

90043 You keep rounding folks up, you can keep coming and going.

90044 You die out there and we'll have to leave it to the devil to sort you out.

90045 But ain't no one gonna cover your ass when the military arrives.

90046 You pull anything - anything - and I'll do whatever I have to do.

90047 What was that all about?

90048 He watches too much TV.

90049 Tell me you found something.

90050 We went to central security, but somebody got there before us.

90051 Everything was smashed. All the tapes were gone.

90052 Hey - no footage of my daughter.

90053 Stacey - I'm Rebecca Chang. Channel 6 Action News. I'm here to help.

90054 Oh, great.

90055 Oh. You'll forgive me if I don't think it's very helpful

90056 Look, I don't know what's going on here, but clearly things are not as they seem.

90057 I put out the information I had at the time.

90058 Remember, you can have all the exclusives you want,

90059 Works for me. Whether you're innocent - or guilty, I just want the truth.

90060 Oh, that is painful to watch.

90061 Thanks for the vote of confidence.

90062 But okay, we'll work together.

90063 I'll keep an eye on these monitors.

90064 And I'm going back out there to see what I can find out.

90065 I'll let you know if I see anything.

90066 @Katey will need [00A5D2FF,Zombrex]

90067 @Katey will need [00A5D2FF,Zombrex]

90068 that you accused my organization of a crime we didn't commit.

90069 if you help us figure out what's going on here.

90070 Blue Unit! They're heading down tunnel B-5!

90071 placeholder

90072 placeholder

90073 Check. Get into position. They're within range.

90074 placeholder

90075 placeholder

90076 They're ten meters out. Get ready.

90077 placeholder

90078 Okay, get ready... we're gonna hit 'em in 3...2....1! Go!

90079 placeholder

90080 placeholder

90081 placeholder

90082 placeholder

90083 placeholder

90084 Zombies took our Willamette! They took our Las Vegas!

90085 placeholder

90086 But tonight, America, we're going to get a little payback!

90087 placeholder

90088 placeholder

90089 Welcome, everyone, to Fortune City, Nevada!

90090 America's entertainment playground!

90091 placeholder

90092 placeholder

90093 placeholder

90094 placeholder

90095 But here in paradise - America's biggest nightmare! Caged but not tamed!

90096 placeholder

90097 placeholder

90098 Tonight! Real American warriors - authentic survivors of zombie outbreaks - will face off with the nightmares of their past! They come together to compete for cash prizes in a series of deadly events. These true American heroes are here to confront their past... face their fears... and to grab onto hope!

90099 placeholder

90100 placeholder

90101 placeholder

90102 placeholder

90103 placeholder

90104 placeholder

90105 placeholder

90106 And now it's time for America's most dangerous game show!

90107 placeholder

90108 It's time for...

90109 Terror is Reality!

90110 placeholder

90111 And here's your host: Tyrone King!

90112 placeholder

90113 Well America?

90114 Are you hungry for a little terror!

90115 placeholder

90116 Because tonight, we're gonna give it to you!

90117 placeholder

90118 Our contestants are almost ready.

90119 So let's send them a little message:

90120 You've gotta be willing to risk it all if you're ever really gonna...

90121 placeholder

90122 WIN BIG!

90123 People, are these players still in kindergarten?

90124 Well maybe we can get some action that's not right off the playground with this last round!

90125 But we gonna mess with them kiddies a little.

90126 Our leader gets to start first, and everyone else trickles in behind.

90127 Let's give it up for our winner, America!! Come on over here, baby!! You the king!!

90128 I know what you're thinking! Gimme gimme gimme some money, baby!

90129 No need to pay for it tonight, baby! Just like TK!

90130 Hey. Hey! You're on in two minutes Mr. Greene.

90131 CAPCOM presents

90132 A Keiji Inafune Game

90133 A Blue Castle Games Development

90134 My name's Chuck.

90135 Yeah, yeah. Look, I need you to sign this release form before you go out there.

90136 And don't forget to include your next of kin.

90137 placeholder

90138 placeholder

90139 Her name is Katey.

90140 Can you take her somewhere safe?

90141 I'll take her to the green room.

90142 Go with the nice man, Katey. Don't worry.

90143 I won't be long.

90144 placeholder

90145 Our first contestant is also a survivor of the Las Vegas outbreak. He's been a sanitation worker for 10 long years. Let's hear it for Bobby Newland! Our second contestant comes to us from the original zombie playground - Willamette Colorado. He's also a world champion barista! Welcome Roland Nichol! Our third contestant... he raced his way directly out of Las Vegas and onto our stage tonight. He's Leon Bell - motorcycle enthusiast!

90146 placeholder

90147 placeholder

90148 placeholder

90149 placeholder

90150 placeholder

90151 placeholder

90152 placeholder

90153 That's our show for tonight! It's all about the payback, people! And the filthy filthy money!!

90154 Stay classy, America! Just like TK!

90155 And finally we have a two-time National Motocross Champion who lost everything in the Las Vegas outbreak... he's a Single Father... he's a SURVIVOR... he's... Chuck Greene!

90156 placeholder

90157 placeholder

90158 I've been poking these zombies all week,

90159 And man, are they pissed!

90160 placeholder

90161 Let's give them all a big Terror is Reality welcome!

90162 placeholder

90163 Hey, buddy. I heard you lost your wife in Vegas.

90164 placeholder

90165 I guess you suck at killing zombies, otherwise she'd still be around!

90166 Save it for the show, shithead.

90167 placeholder

90168 Let's hear it people! Do you think they have what it takes to earn the big money?! There's only one way to find out...

90169 placeholder

90170 placeholder

90171 placeholder

90172 This broadcast is the property of Terror Is Reality, Inc. Any rebroadcast or recording without express written consent is prohibited.

90175 Alright! Let's wipe 'em off and hose 'em down. Let me hear it, people!

90176 placeholder

90177 placeholder

90178 I love you, TK!!

90179 TK loves you too, baby!

90180 Though I did expect a little bit more from a real motocross champion.

90181 placeholder

90182 But ladies and gentlemen, that is what I call a smackdown!

90183 And our winner will walk away with the big money!

90184 And we even have a little something for the losers.

90185 placeholder

90186 But we're just getting started, people! The carnage is just beginning.

90187 So right now, let me hear you make some noise!

90188 placeholder

90190 Alright! Let's wipe 'em off and hose 'em down. Let me hear it, people!

90191 placeholder

90192 placeholder

90193 placeholder

90194 And show some love for our winner tonight.

90195 He's a hero! He's a survivor! He's... Chuck Greeeeeene!

90196 placeholder

90197 placeholder

90198 We love you, TK!!

90199 He risked it all, and now he's taking home the big money!

90200 placeholder

90201 placeholder

90202 placeholder

90203 placeholder

90204 I was hoping for a better ride from you, Chuck...

90205 ...but maybe you just don't know how to handle the tight curves.

90206 placeholder

90207 But we just getting started, people! The carnage is just beginning.

90208 So right now, let me hear you make some noise!

90209 placeholder

90210 placeholder

90211 placeholder

90215 ...the problem and are examining the diets on different farms.

90216 This seems to have only compounded the problems which have

90217 been linked to the beef shortages in local areas.

90218 placeholder

90219 Let our government know we will not stand

90220 for their systematic neglect of the infected!

90221 We must take drastic action now!

90222 placeholder

90223 The zombie rights group CURE is in the news again.

90224 The protest group have shown up in the adult playground of Fortune City,

90225 which was chosen as the site of the latest installment of the

90226 pay-per-view game show, Terror is Reality.

90227 The protest just compounds the problems of the game show,

90228 which has been plagued recently by tumbling ratings and controversy.

90229 CURE was on the site of the show to display their opposition

90230 to what they call the unethical treatment of zombies.

90231 Stacey Forsythe, the leader of the Nevada branch of CURE, had this to say:

90232 Public opinion is mixed on the groups views,

90233 which are sometimes seen as radical.

90234 Stay tuned. Coming up right after the break, we've got weather and sports.

90235 placeholder

90236 You're just a pawn of the system!


90238 placeholder

90239 This is a joke, right? Why would you want to save those "things"?

90240 The ladies were a little disappointed in your...performance tonight, Chuck.

90241 But you must get that a lot.

90242 placeholder

90243 Goodnight, ladies.

90260 Hey! Is anybody out there? This elevator's stuck.

90261 Katey.

90262 Oh, no.

90263 Hey. I'm stuck in the elevator.

90264 placeholder

90265 Oh, god. Oh god, she got me. She got me...

90266 placeholder

90267 placeholder

90270 Katey!? Katey!

90271 placeholder

90272 Get off her!!

90273 GO AWAAAY!!!

90274 Katey! It's me! It's daddy!

90275 placeholder

90276 placeholder

90277 It's happening again, isn't it? Like what happened when Mommy...

90278 placeholder

90279 placeholder

90280 Shh, hey, Katey, Katey, listen to me. You need to stay calm, ok?

90281 We need to get out of here. So hang on tight.

90282 placeholder

90283 placeholder

90284 Ok Daddy.

90285 AAAAAAH!

90286 Oh no, not again.

90287 Hold on tight, Katey.

90288 We're gonna have to take our chances in there, kiddo.

90289 Three days my ass.

90290 Wake up Daddy! Wake up!

90291 Wake up!

90292 Get to the safehouse!

90293 Daddy!

90294 We gotta get out of here, kiddo.

90295 It's going to be okay now, Katey.

90296 How can I call Ma!? She'll be worried sick! I got to call Ma!

90297 She was in Vegas when that thing happened, she won't sleep!

90298 You know, she got the angina!

90299 placeholder

90300 I can't get a signal. Why? Why can't I get a signal?

90301 placeholder

90302 placeholder

90303 Whatssa matter, buddy? What are you lookin' at?

90304 placeholder

90305 Come on! Hurry it up!!

90306 placeholder

90307 How did those things get loose? Somebody's gonna pay for this!

90308 I'm gonna sue somebody!

90309 placeholder

90310 She, she was looking right at me, and they had her,

90311 and I, I couldn't do anything.

90312 She went down without a sound and I, I had to get outta there.

90313 I just...ran.

90314 What the hell is the world coming to when a thing like that could happen?

90315 This is horrible, horrible!

90316 We can't stay in here! We're sitting ducks!

90317 placeholder

90318 It's protocol. We can'not admit any infected.

90319 placeholder

90320 Protocol?!? Your protocol is going to kill those people!

90321 placeholder

90322 Ma'am, this is standard operating procedure! For everyone's safety!

90323 placeholder

90324 If you won't let them in, I will!

90325 Hey! Get away from there!

90326 placeholder

90327 Dammit!

90328 Look what you've done! You have compromised the safety of everyone in this bunker!

90329 placeholder

90330 placeholder

90331 No one's getting in or out of here now - not till the rescue.

90332 placeholder

90333 Whoa whoa whoa - hold on a second, son.

90334 She showed up on my scan too.

90335 placeholder

90336 placeholder

90337 Listen, it's an existing condition, alright? It's ok - it happened a long time ago.

90338 placeholder

90339 placeholder

90340 It's only a matter of time before she turns.

90341 placeholder

90342 Hey, don't worry - I've got Zombrex.

90343 placeholder

90344 Yeah, well, you'd better have a lot.

90345 Because there ain't none here, and the rescue ain't comin' for three days.

90346 placeholder

90347 placeholder

90348 Three days?

90349 Yeah. The reserves will already be mobilizing,

90350 but their first priority is to quarantine the city. And that takes time.

90351 They'll enter the city at first light three days from now.

90352 That's the standard procedure.

90353 So we're stuck here?

90354 placeholder

90355 There's a couch in the security room - why don't you take her in there, it's quieter.

90356 placeholder

90357 placeholder

90358 Thanks.

90359 We don't have any Zombrex, do we?

90360 placeholder

90361 I was gonna get some right after the show.

90362 We still have time.

90363 placeholder

90364 Where you gonna get it, dad?

90365 placeholder

90366 You let me worry about that, ok kiddo?

90367 placeholder

90368 I know where you can get some.

90369 How long have you been listening?

90370 Don't worry - I won't say anything.

90371 placeholder

90372 I think there's a pharmacy in the Royal Flush mall.

90373 I'm Stacey Forsythe, by the way.

90374 placeholder

90375 I'm Chuck and this is Katey.

90376 Do you know a way out of here?

90377 placeholder

90378 No. But if you find one, I suggest you take this.

90379 That way we can keep in touch.

90380 placeholder

90381 There's closed circuit cameras all over the city.

90382 These monitors are playback only, but I will keep an eye on them.

90383 Chuck...if you find anyone alive out there...

90384 placeholder

90385 placeholder

90386 I'll do what I can.

90387 Keep an eye on my daughter, okay?

90388 Three days my ass.

90390 That's a real good way to get yourself killed, son.

90391 placeholder

90395 Don't worry about me. I know my way around a zombie or two.

90396 placeholder

90400 Where on earth did you find 'em?

90401 Never mind - I don't want to know.

90402 But everyone needs to be scanned before they enter the bunker.

90403 We can't afford to have any infected in here.

90404 There's still people alive out there.

90405 Hey honey. I told you I'd get some Zombrex.

90406 See? That wasn't so bad, Dad.

90407 You sure are Daddy's girl.

90408 Look, Dad! I got a new power in Mega Man!

90409 placeholder

90415 I have been told that we have received a broadcast from our field reporter

90416 Rebecca Chang, who is inside Fortune City.

90417 placeholder

90418 It is clear that the outbreak started in the Fortune City arena, during last night's

90419 "Terror is Reality" show. Information received from a behind the scenes source

90420 reveals that this outbreak was not an accident, but rather an act of terrorism.

90421 placeholder

90422 placeholder

90423 We need to get out of here! It's too dangerous!

90424 placeholder

90425 Keep rolling!

90426 This shocking footage was obtained from a source inside the Fortune City arena,

90427 the site of the Terror is Reality game show. It may be upsetting to some viewers.

90428 placeholder

90429 placeholder

90430 Initial reports suggest that the man in the video is

90431 former motocross champion Chuck Greene.

90432 Greene, a member of the zombie rights protest group CURE,

90433 was a contestant in tonight's pay-per-view game show.

90434 What?!

90435 Acquaintances describe Greene as a known drifter, who was still angry

90436 over his wife's death in the Vegas outbreak.

90437 This horrible act of terror appears to be an escalation of violence for the protest group.

90438 This is Rebecca Chang - reporting live from the Fortune City Hotel, in the heart of Fortune City.

90439 placeholder

90440 placeholder

90441 What!? That's complete bullshit!

90442 That was not me!

90443 placeholder

90444 Did you have something to do with this?

90445 No way. Not on your life.

90446 My daughter and I barely got out of that arena alive.

90447 What possible reason would I have to do something like that?

90448 placeholder

90449 placeholder

90450 Why are they saying you're part of CURE?

90451 I went to one meeting. Once.

90452 After I lost my wife.

90453 Look, I don't know what the hell is going on here, but I'm being set up.

90454 I think I know why.

90455 It's not the first time members of CURE have been falsely accused

90456 of being involved with an outbreak.

90457 placeholder

90458 You're in CURE?

90459 We were in town, protesting that awful show you were on.

90460 I don't want the whole world thinking we're a bunch of terrorists.

90461 placeholder

90462 placeholder

90463 Do you believe me?

90464 I don't know what to believe...but you sure don't seem like a terrorist.

90465 And I know we weren't involved.

90466 placeholder

90467 placeholder

90468 Look, we have three days before the military rolls in.

90469 That's how much time I have to prove I'm innocent.

90470 placeholder

90471 placeholder

90472 The reporter - the one at the hotel. The tape she had - it's a complete fake.

90473 She said she had a source - whoever that is must know more.

90474 I need to find out where she got it.

90475 placeholder

90476 placeholder

90477 placeholder

90478 She said she was in the hotel.

90479 I'll keep an eye on your daughter. I won't say anything to her.

90480 I don't want her to worry.

90481 placeholder

90482 placeholder

90485 You need to pay attention out here, buddy.

90486 Thanks.

90487 placeholder

90488 Rebecca Chang. Channel 6 Action News.

90489 placeholder

90490 Chuck Greene.

90491 Are you serious? From the security video?

90492 I thought you'd be long gone by now.

90493 But since you're sticking around... care to answer a few questions?

90494 placeholder

90495 placeholder

90496 placeholder

90497 I'm not your story, lady. I didn't have anything to do with the outbreak

90498 placeholder

90499 placeholder

90500 Right. Sure you didn't.

90501 And that tape showing you tampering with the cages was -

90502 placeholder

90503 A fake. I had nothing to do with this. My daughter and I barely got out of there alive.

90504 I need to know where you got that tape from... and who your source is.

90505 placeholder

90506 placeholder

90507 placeholder

90508 placeholder

90509 Reporters don't reveal their sources, Chuck. That's privileged information.

90510 placeholder

90511 Privileged my ass. That wasn't me on the tape. I'm being set up.

90512 placeholder

90513 placeholder

90514 Why should I believe you?

90515 You don't have to. But you want the big story, right?

90516 Help me out and I'll give you an interview.

90517 placeholder

90518 With the prime suspect? It has to be an exclusive.

90519 placeholder

90520 Sure. It doesn't matter to me.

90521 placeholder

90522 I can't tell you my source. But there is a central security room.

90523 There'll be footage of everything that happened there. I can show you where it is.

90524 Well, that's a start at least. Aren't we going to need your crew?

90525 They ran off. With all the equipment. I guess they just didn't want it bad enough.

90526 placeholder

90527 placeholder

90528 Dammit.

90529 Better get used to that view, Chuck.

90530 Cute.

90531 Hope I don't have to do everything for you.

90532 Well? What are you waiting for?

90533 Just checking out the view.

90534 placeholder

90540 Here... let me try.

90541 placeholder

90542 Don't bother - it's locked.

90543 placeholder

90544 You've got some interesting... skills, for a reporter.

90545 placeholder

90546 placeholder

90547 Huh.

90548 No one ever got an award playing by the rules, Chuck.

90549 placeholder

90550 Wow. Looks like somebody didn't like the show much.

90551 placeholder

90552 Dammit! There's nothing here that we can use.

90553 Everything's been destroyed.

90554 placeholder

90555 placeholder

90556 Chuck - check this out.

90557 placeholder

90558 No zombie did that.

90559 There might not be anything here to clear your name,

90560 but it definitely proves someone's covering up what really happened.

90561 placeholder

90562 You believe me now?

90563 Let's just say I'm intrigued.

90564 placeholder

90565 Chuck... you need to get back to the bunker now.

90566 placeholder

90567 placeholder

90568 What is it? What's wrong?

90569 placeholder

90570 It's Sullivan. He saw you on the TV.

90571 You better get back here - he's threatening to kick Katey out.

90572 placeholder

90573 placeholder

90574 placeholder

90575 I'm on my way.

90576 Wait. Who was that?

90577 placeholder

90578 Stacey. Forsythe.

90579 placeholder

90580 The leader of CURE?

90581 I guess.

90582 I'll meet you there!

90583 Oh, this just gets better and better.

90584 placeholder

90590 What is it? Is Katey alright?

90591 placeholder

90592 Shhh... she just fell asleep.

90593 placeholder

90594 I'm just a little worried about her.

90595 The stress of all this, along with that horrible medicine.

90596 It's a lot for a little girl.

90597 placeholder

90598 placeholder

90599 When this is all over, I'm going to do everything I can to make this up to her.

90600 placeholder

90601 placeholder

90602 But first things first - she needs another Zombrex dose tomorrow morning.

90603 placeholder

90604 Hey - what was that?

90605 placeholder

90606 I don't know - it looks like something's going on at the entrance to this maintenance tunnel.

90607 I can't quite tell for sure, but it looks like someone is moving equipment or something...

90608 It looks pretty organized.

90609 placeholder

90610 placeholder

90611 placeholder

90612 It's a lead - the only one we've got. It could be whoever's doing this to us.

90613 placeholder

90614 placeholder

90615 Listen... it's none of my business, but...

90616 placeholder

90617 placeholder

90618 What?

90619 Nothing. Just... be careful, okay? For her sake.

90620 placeholder

90621 placeholder

90630 Uh huh. Yes sir.

90631 placeholder

90632 They're almost here, move it!

90633 placeholder

90634 TK?

90635 Chuckie! You made it out!

90636 After that pathetic performance you gave last night,

90637 I thought for sure they'd find you lying dead with a load in your shorts.

90638 placeholder

90639 placeholder

90640 Show Chuckie how the game is really played, boys.

90641 placeholder

90645 Leave it! We got enough to do the job!

90646 Let's go!

90647 Dammit, TK!

90648 Thanks for the ride.

90649 Hey! Which one of you bastards was throwing the junk at me?

90650 What the hell are you up to, TK?!

90651 Just enjoying the land of opportunity, Chuckie.

90652 placeholder

90653 You framed me! That footage was fake!

90654 placeholder

90655 Don't be such a downer, baby.

90656 I made you famous!

90657 placeholder

90658 I'm not playing your games TK. You're coming with me,

90659 and you're gonna tell the whole world that I didn't do this.

90660 placeholder

90661 placeholder

90662 placeholder

90663 Oh, I don't think so.

90664 What can I say? The camera loves you, Chuckie!

90665 placeholder

90666 placeholder

90670 I saw a train crash in the monitors. Are you alright?

90671 Chuck

90672 Yeah - I'm fine.

90673 What is it?

90674 What's going on?

90675 It was TK. He's the one behind this outbreak.

90676 Are you alright?

90677 The host of that horrible show?

90678 Yeah - he was moving equipment using the trains, but I have no idea what it's for.

90679 He's up to something. Something big. This isn't over yet.

90680 placeholder

90681 placeholder

90682 placeholder

90683 placeholder

90684 Chuck - that's going to have to wait. Katey is going to need more Zombrex soon.

90685 placeholder

90686 placeholder

90687 Ok, Thanks.

90688 placeholder

90689 placeholder

90695 All done, kiddo. You feeling ok?

90696 placeholder

90697 placeholder

90698 I'm sorry.

90699 Sorry? For what?

90700 placeholder

90701 You always have to do stuff to get my medicine. Weird stuff. Like that dumb show.

90702 placeholder

90703 I wish there was a better solution.

90704 I think that show is dumb too.

90705 Hey, don't worry about that. You're my best girl. I'd do anything for you.

90706 placeholder

90707 placeholder

90708 placeholder

90709 I still can't believe you were on that show. It's so cruel.

90710 placeholder

90711 Yeah. I know. But I didn't have a choice.

90712 placeholder

90713 placeholder

90714 placeholder

90715 Listen, there's really not much we can do now except wait.

90716 I'll call you if I see anything.

90717 placeholder

90720 Heard you started all this down in Santa Cabeza. Hard to believe.

90721 placeholder

90722 Well, you're not making any more zombies today.

90723 placeholder

90725 It was TK. He's the one who framed us.

90726 placeholder

90727 TK? Are you sure?

90728 placeholder

90729 He admitted it to my face.

90730 But that's not possible. Why would he let his own zombie supply loose?

90731 Sabotage his own show?

90732 placeholder

90733 placeholder

90734 I saw him with my own eyes.

90735 So you say.

90736 Is that who your source is? TK?!

90737 placeholder

90738 Don't be ridiculous, Chuck.

90739 placeholder

90740 Whoa. What was that?

90741 placeholder

90742 It sounded like it came from outside.

90743 Looks like someone might be messing with the casino vaults.

90744 I can't tell who it is though.

90745 Then I'd better get out there and find out for myself.

90746 placeholder

90747 I don't know if she's really brave... or just really stupid.

90748 placeholder

90755 Dammit!

90756 What do I pay you people for?!?

90757 We're staying a bit longer than planned, boys.

90758 placeholder

90759 placeholder

90760 Fan-tastic!

90761 You've got a real knack for showing up at the right time, don't you?

90762 Have you covered wars or something?

90763 placeholder

90764 placeholder

90765 Not until now.

90766 Everybody has a first time, Chuck.

90767 placeholder

90768 So, you believe me now? They're robbing the damn city.

90769 That's why they started this. For money.

90770 You sure got your story now.

90771 placeholder

90772 placeholder

90773 placeholder

90774 Listen, I've got a meeting with my source tonight.

90775 I think maybe it's time you met.

90776 placeholder

90777 placeholder

90778 I thought a professional journalist never gave up a source.

90779 placeholder

90780 I think this is kind of a special case, Chuck.

90781 I'll meet you at 11 o'clock, in the bar at the Yucatan.

90782 placeholder

90783 placeholder

90784 It's a date.

90785 It's a date.

90790 Oh yeah!

90791 Fortune City indeed, baby, Fortune City indeed!

90792 placeholder

90793 placeholder

90795 Have a drink, Chuck.

90796 placeholder

90797 placeholder

90798 You're the source?

90799 TK had a feeling you'd show up.

90800 placeholder

90801 Can't have the man responsible for the outbreak running around free now, can we Chuck?

90802 Especially as he keeps interfering with other people's business.

90803 placeholder

90804 placeholder

90805 placeholder

90806 That's bullshit and you know it.

90807 TK set me up and you helped.

90808 placeholder

90809 We're just some fellow survivors trying to win big, Chuck.

90810 But you wouldn't know much about that.

90811 placeholder

90812 placeholder

90813 placeholder

90814 This outbreak is killing thousands! People are dying.

90815 placeholder

90816 Bragging doesn't really suit you, Chuck.

90817 placeholder

90818 I always saw you more as the strong, silent type.

90819 placeholder

90820 The very, very silent type...

90821 placeholder

90825 What have you done?

90826 She was my... other half.

90827 placeholder

90828 But you'll pay.

90829 You will never get out of here alive, Chuck.

90830 We promise you that - all of us.

90831 placeholder

90832 placeholder

90833 I'll never be complete again. Never!

90834 placeholder

90835 No!

90836 No, don't!

90837 It's about time. You'd almost think you liked me being tied up.

90838 placeholder

90839 I can't believe you trusted them.

90840 I know... I'm sorry. But they had the tape. It spoke for itself.

90841 placeholder

90842 placeholder

90843 Maybe this will make it up to you.

90844 I heard them talking earlier.

90845 TK's got another chopper coming in at sunset.

90846 He's getting whatever money he can still get his hands on, and then getting out of the city.

90847 placeholder

90848 placeholder

90849 placeholder

90850 placeholder

90851 Did they say where he's meeting the chopper?

90852 placeholder

90853 No, so we're going to have to watch for it.

90854 I'll meet you on the rooftop above the bunker at eight o'clock.

90855 placeholder

90856 placeholder

90857 I'll be there.

90860 What have you done!?!?

90861 She was my... other half!

90862 placeholder

90863 But you'll pay. You'll never get out of here alive, Chuck. We promise you that - all of us.

90864 placeholder

90865 placeholder

90866 placeholder

90867 placeholder

90868 I'll never be complete again. Never!

90869 placeholder

90870 No! Wait -

90871 placeholder

90875 Daddy...I don't feel so good...

90876 Katey! Katey!

90877 Katey!

90878 This is how her mother was before she...

90879 placeholder

90880 It's okay. Look, she's not turning.

90881 This happened to my sister once. It's that damn drug.

90882 placeholder

90883 placeholder

90884 placeholder

90885 Your sister?

90886 She used to have to deal with Zombrex too.

90887 Used to?

90888 She couldn't take it anymore.

90889 Everything in her life revolving around that drug...

90890 One day she... just let herself...

90891 placeholder

90892 I'm sorry.

90893 There's talk of finding a cure someday. Isabella Keyes was looking for it.

90894 placeholder

90895 Wasn't she one of the terrorists in Willamette?

90896 No, her brother was the terrorist.

90897 He was angry, taking revenge for a government experiment

90898 that caused all of this in the first place. Isabella tried to help.

90899 She worked with Frank West to make the first inhibitor. Using Queens.

90900 placeholder

90901 placeholder

90902 placeholder

90903 placeholder

90904 Well, I hope she's still looking.

90910 Good. We can see the whole city from here.

90911 Chuck - we can't afford to miss this.

90912 If the Twins were right, and TK gets away in that chopper...

90913 placeholder

90914 placeholder

90915 I know.

90916 Here - I found these in the bunker.

90917 placeholder

90918 It's been a while.

90919 Do you think we can trust that reliable source of yours?

90920 placeholder

90921 I'm sorry, Chuck. Look, I...

90922 placeholder

90923 placeholder

90924 Hey - there it is!

90925 placeholder

90926 It's landing on the hotel. Looks like TK's getting ready to check out.

90927 placeholder

90928 That bastard's not going anywhere.

90929 There's no way I'm taking the fall for this.

90930 placeholder

90931 We better hurry. I'll meet you there.

90932 placeholder

90935 Not without me, Chuck.

90936 You're the best lead I've ever had.

90937 Get behind me.

90938 Hey, whoa! Careful with the money, fool! We don't got much left!

90939 Hey, look boss!

90940 Not possible! NOT gonna happen!

90941 We're taking off. NOW!

90942 placeholder

90943 placeholder

90944 placeholder

90945 Kill that son of a bitch!

90950 Well, that was a hell of a show.

90951 placeholder

90952 He killed all those people. Just for this.

90953 placeholder

90954 Is he alive?

90955 He sure is. He's not even started paying for what he's done.

90956 Let's get him back to the safe house.

90957 placeholder

90960 Oh yeah! Fortune City indeed, baby, Fortune City indeed! Whoo, ha ha ha, yeah!

90961 placeholder

90962 placeholder

90965 What's he doing here? Isn't he the host of that show?

90966 placeholder

90967 Oh yeah - and he started it.

90968 He's behind everything.

90969 He killed all these people, and framed us for it.

90970 Just so he could make a little bit more cash.

90971 placeholder

90972 placeholder

90973 We've got enough to run with the story.

90974 Well I'll be. The three of you brought down this big shot?

90975 I'm impressed.

90976 placeholder

90977 This story is going to be big. Huge. It's award material.

90978 placeholder

90979 placeholder

90980 He's out cold?

90981 We oughta make sure he stays that way...

90982 Wait, we need to keep him alive.

90983 placeholder

90984 Why? Capital punishment was made for a guy like this

90985 placeholder

90986 There'll be a lot of people out there who'll want to see him pay for what he's done.

90987 We just need to sit on him until the rescue.

90988 placeholder

90989 placeholder

90990 Fine. We'll do it your way.

90991 I'll stand watch first. He's not going anywhere for a while.

90992 placeholder

90993 placeholder

90994 placeholder

90995 The rescue is coming in the morning.

90996 But Katey isn't going to be able to hold out that long, will she?

90997 placeholder

90998 No. She's going to need one last dose of Zombrex before the military gets here.

90999 Give me a call if you see anything.

91000 placeholder

91001 placeholder

91002 placeholder

91005 Dad! You didn't let me get to the save point! I'm gonna have to restart!

91006 placeholder

91007 placeholder

91008 Why they made that game like that is beyond me. But it's time for your meds now, kiddo.

91009 placeholder

91010 placeholder

91011 Sorry kiddo. Time for your medicine.

91012 placeholder

91013 Chuck - the rescue is coming soon.

91014 Sullivan said they'll save anyone at the bunker at first light.

91015 There still might be people out there that we can help.

91016 If you can get them back here in time...

91017 placeholder

91018 placeholder

91019 placeholder

91020 It never stops, does it?

91025 Ready to go home, kiddo?

91026 Ready!

91027 Aren't you supposed to be watching TK?

91028 Didn't want to miss the rescue. Don't worry - he's out cold.

91029 placeholder

91030 placeholder

91031 Hey, looks like they're coming over the bridge!

91032 placeholder

91033 We're at the first checkpoint. Raise the bridge.

91034 placeholder

91035 You know the drill! First we mop up, then we grab the survivors.

91036 Start with the north end, move down!

91037 Sir, yes sir!

91038 Let's go, let's go!

91039 Ready to kick some ass, ladies?

91040 All right, game time.

91041 Whoa, whoa, hold your fire!

91042 placeholder

91043 placeholder

91044 Hey, Jonesy! That looks like your mother-in-law! You want me to take her out?

91045 Hey, look at this waste of ammo!

91046 What the hell?

91047 First kill belongs to Daddy, sweethearts!

91048 Nice shot, sir.

91049 Have at it, boys!

91050 Hoo-rah!

91051 Fantastic.

91052 Come on over, sweetheart. Hey look, I don't even gotta buy her dinner!

91053 placeholder

91054 What the hell?

91055 Jesus! Did you see that?!?

91056 Come on, drop you son of a bitch! Come on!

91057 Get it away from me! Get it away from me -

91058 My face! Oh god, it burns, it burns! Help me, it burns!

91059 Get us out of here, man!! They're killing us! They're killing us!

91060 Can't see shit in this fog, man.

91061 placeholder

91062 Back up! Back up! Get us out now!

91063 Hold still man, I'll shoot it off!

91064 Medic! I need a medic here!

91065 Come on! Drive! Drive! Over there!! Come on, move it!

91066 Sarge! Sarge! You gotta get us outta here!

91067 They're all around us! I think they're all around us!

91068 Shin!

91069 placeholder

91070 placeholder

91075 What the hell just happened?

91076 Zombies can't take out a military column. They can't - can they?

91077 placeholder

91078 placeholder

91079 Regular zombies can't. But those...what happened to them?

91080 placeholder

91081 placeholder

91082 Look! It's Rebecca! What is she thinking?!?

91083 placeholder

91084 placeholder

91085 I've got to go get her...

91086 No, Daddy! Didn't you see?!

91087 placeholder

91088 placeholder

91089 That was the military rescue? How the hell do we get out of here now?

91090 placeholder

91091 We're going to have to go out there and find a way out ourselves.

91092 placeholder

91093 placeholder

91094 Now everybody wait a minute. There's another part to standard operating procedure.

91095 placeholder

91096 placeholder

91097 My understanding is if there's a problem with the rescue operation,

91098 there'll be another attempt in 24 hours - if it looks like there's any survivors.

91099 placeholder

91100 placeholder

91101 placeholder

91102 What do you mean, your understanding?!

91103 You knew plenty about standard operating procedure before!

91104 placeholder

91105 placeholder

91106 Hey hold on, missy! Wasn't supposed to happen like this.

91107 I'm the only reserve man who made it here alive, and I'm doing my damnedest.

91108 placeholder

91109 placeholder

91110 placeholder

91111 placeholder

91112 And what if that rescue fails? Huh? Everything else has gone wrong so far.

91113 placeholder

91114 placeholder

91115 Firebombing. It's the only way to get rid of 'em. For good.

91116 placeholder

91117 placeholder

91118 Firebombing?

91119 I have to go get Rebecca.

91120 Chuck - be careful. If those things can take out the military...

91121 placeholder

91122 placeholder

91125 Suck on this, you bastards!!

91126 placeholder

91127 placeholder

91128 8-Ball, they're coming from the left flank!

91129 placeholder

91130 placeholder

91131 placeholder

91132 Atta boy 8-Ball! Keep that flank covered!

91133 placeholder

91134 Jonesy! I need ammo!

91135 placeholder

91136 Hang on men! We'll have an evac here in a minute!

91137 placeholder

91138 Left flank!

91139 I'm out! Curtis! Gimme your weapon!

91140 placeholder

91141 placeholder

91142 You want some of this?! Come get some!

91143 placeholder

91144 Hold your fire, men! That one's mine!!

91145 placeholder

91150 Chuck?

91151 Come on, we need to go.

91152 placeholder

91153 I can't believe a worthless zombie did me in...

91154 But you ain't gonna bit me...

91155 You ain't gonna turn me...

91156 I'll never be one of you...

91157 placeholder

91158 placeholder

91159 Are you okay?

91160 My leg's a little...

91161 We'd better get back to the bunker.

91165 I can't believe a worthless zombie did me in...

91166 But you ain't gonna bite me.

91167 You ain't gonna turn me...

91168 I'll never be one of you...

91169 placeholder

91170 placeholder

91175 What happened to the zombies out there? They went...berserk.

91176 placeholder

91177 There was some sort of gas...

91178 As soon as the zombies came in contact with it, they... changed.

91179 placeholder

91180 Sounds like some good shit. I'll have to try some myself...

91181 placeholder

91182 What you lookin' at?

91183 We need him alive.

91184 That's a real shame.

91185 What's going on TK? Where'd you get the gas?

91186 placeholder

91187 I ain't saying nothing.

91188 Why frame me? What the hell did I ever do to you?

91189 placeholder

91190 I don't eff-ing know.

91191 You're just the name they gave me.

91192 They? What are you talking about?

91193 placeholder

91194 Somebody had to take the fall.

91195 Chuck Greene, Motocross superstar, angry over his wife's death...

91196 you put the pieces together.

91197 Your DNA is probably all over backstage. Prints, hairs...

91198 Probably some stain from where you pissed your pants before the show...

91199 placeholder

91200 placeholder

91201 placeholder

91202 It's not worth it. He's not going anywhere.

91203 placeholder

91204 We need to talk.

91205 He knows more - a lot more.

91206 There's no way he made that gas. He just doesn't have the resources.

91207 The door! It's been breached!

91208 I've gotta hotwire that panel.

91209 Stay here. Barricade the door.

91210 placeholder

91211 Close call.

91212 Don't worry, I'll get the rest of them.

91215 I think I got most of them.

91216 Dad! I knew you'd get them!

91217 placeholder

91218 KATEY!

91219 What happened to Sullivan? He's supposed to be keeping this place secure!

91220 Or is leaving your post part of standard operating procedure?

91221 placeholder

91222 placeholder

91223 placeholder

91224 I'm going to find out.

91225 AAARRRRGGGHHHH! Get off me you piece of crap!

91226 placeholder


91228 Last thing I knew I was sitting by the door, like usual.

91229 Next thing, I was coming to... looking at you.

91230 He must have gotten loose somehow.

91231 Can't believe he got the better of me.

91232 Well, I can tell you right now that isn't going to happen again!

91233 placeholder

91234 placeholder

91235 You got to get me Zombrex, Chuckie. And you got to move.

91236 placeholder

91237 We ought to toss him out there with his own kind.

91238 Let them tear each other to pieces.

91239 placeholder

91240 He hasn't turned yet. Why?

91241 placeholder

91242 Some people are just more resistant to the infection than others.

91243 placeholder

91244 I can set you free, man. You got to help me.

91245 placeholder

91246 How long does he have?

91247 I don't think we'll know until he turns, Chuck.

91250 I don't know how you lasted this long, TK, but you are one lucky bastard.

91251 placeholder

91252 No such thing as luck, little man. It's the superior genes.

91253 placeholder

91254 placeholder

91255 My daughter takes this better than you.

91256 placeholder

91257 placeholder

91258 You raised her right, Chuckie. It's a real shame she has to die.

91259 placeholder

91260 Don't mess with the face.

91265 Government sources have confirmed that there has indeed

91266 been a dangerous mutation of the zombie contagion within the city.

91267 Early indications of survivors at the official emergency shelter were proven false

91268 when a military rescue team entered the shelter only to find it completely overrun

91269 and everyone already dead.

91270 Contact with the rescue team was abruptly lost as they attempted to exit the city.

91271 They are now presumed to have also perished in the outbreak.

91272 In light of this new information, the President has ordered

91273 the immediate eradication of everything within the quarantine zone.

91274 Military bombers are preparing to execute these orders at precisely 7 o'clock.

91275 Our thoughts go out to the families of all those who have lost loved ones

91276 in this terrible, terrible, tragedy...

91277 Some English Text

91280 You think I'm still paranoid?!

91281 They just got the wrong information. Now calm down and relax.

91282 placeholder

91283 Calm down?!? The government is going to bomb us!

91284 placeholder

91285 Now ease up there, missy.

91286 The government is simply not going to kill a bunch of unarmed civilians.

91287 placeholder

91288 That would be un-American!

91289 Hey! We simply need to go out there and take control!

91290 placeholder

91291 placeholder

91292 Go out there? Are you out of your mind?

91293 placeholder

91294 Look, let's just try and stay calm and think our way out of this.

91295 placeholder

91296 I did not work this hard just to get blasted off this rock.

91297 I've got to get in touch with my station.

91298 They'll come get me - hell, they'll come get everyone.

91299 This is the story of the century!

91300 placeholder

91301 placeholder

91302 Well, no one's going to hear it unless we get the hell out of here!

91303 placeholder

91304 There's more going on here than just a heist.

91305 First the gas. And now this.

91306 placeholder

91307 We know TK framed Chuck and started the outbreak,

91308 but there's no way he could access the media with that lie that we're all dead.

91309 placeholder

91310 And he couldn't order a military firebombing.

91311 placeholder

91312 This is bigger than TK. WAY bigger.

91313 placeholder

91314 Look, I know we've all been through a lot in the past few days,

91315 but don't go making it worse and start making things up.

91316 placeholder

91317 placeholder

91318 Rebecca - can we look at the video you took during the rescue?

91319 placeholder

91320 I didn't notice it at the time. Everything was happening so fast.

91321 The gas... it looks like it's coming from underground.

91322 placeholder

91323 placeholder

91324 placeholder

91325 Then that's where we'll find out more.

91326 Whoa buddy! Those tunnels are gonna be crawling with thousands of those...

91327 gas zombies or whatever they are.

91328 Going down there is just plain suicide!

91329 placeholder

91330 placeholder

91331 placeholder

91332 We don't have a choice now.

91333 We all got choices, boy.

91334 placeholder

91335 placeholder

91336 That's a great way to get us all killed! Though I guess that would speed up their work!

91337 placeholder

91338 placeholder

91339 You know I've just about had it with you and your damned unpatriotic nonsense!

91340 placeholder

91341 None of us are getting out of here until we find out what's really going on. And that gas is our only lead right now.

91342 placeholder

91343 placeholder

91344 I'll come with you.

91345 No, you take it easy for awhile.

91346 You've got your story. Don't go losing your head over this.

91347 placeholder

91348 Ok, let's get this bunch done. We're almost to capacity

91349 and we gotta get these damn bees ready for shipping out.

91350 What the...?

91351 Yeah, things are going just as predicted.

91352 Absorption of the compound is at 80% of ideal,

91353 and maturation rates are 10 times normal.

91354 The harvest is going according to -

91355 Who the hell are you? You're not supposed to be in here!

91356 Hey, poindexters!

91357 These queens are fully mature. We are exceeding estimates.

91358 You should call the doctor and let him know

91359 that we're going to start preparing the harvest for shipping.

91360 Phenotrans?

91361 Oh, you bastards...

91362 Thanks for the coffee.

91363 Let's get the stragglers.

91364 What the...? That's no zombie! Get him!

91365 It's Phenotrans. They're the ones behind everything.

91366 placeholder

91367 Phenotrans? But they make Zombrex!

91368 placeholder

91369 You two just calm down a minute here.

91370 This one's been feeding us claptrap since you all got here.

91371 Now look, we're all under a lot of stress,

91372 seeing things out of the corners of our eyes, imaginary stuff.

91373 placeholder

91374 placeholder

91375 There's nothing imaginary about this.

91376 I don't understand. Why would they...?

91377 placeholder

91378 I'll tell you why. It's been a couple of years since the last outbreak.

91379 People aren't buying Zombrex like they used to.

91380 But now zombies are back, and even the military can't stop them.

91381 There are probably line-ups at every pharmacy in the country - all for Zombrex!

91382 They're making a killing off this.

91383 placeholder

91384 placeholder

91385 placeholder

91386 Ok, so listen to me. So... you're saying that Phenotrans... killed all these people

91387 to drive up their goddamn stock price?

91388 placeholder

91389 placeholder

91390 placeholder

91391 This is just crazy.

91392 We have to get this information out. We have to take these bastards down.

91393 I found this down there too.

91394 placeholder

91395 I'll call my station. They'll send help.

91396 placeholder

91397 What the hell?!

91398 Looks like you finally got your story. Too bad you won't be getting that Emmy though.

91399 placeholder

91400 placeholder

91401 Looks like you finally got your story. Too bad you won't be getting that award though.

91402 placeholder

91403 placeholder


91405 MY JOB.

91406 I'm the cleaner, Chuck. I tie up loose ends. Like you.

91407 placeholder

91408 placeholder

91409 You bastard. You're on their payroll!

91410 placeholder

91411 Yup. You were supposed to die in the outbreak, Chuck. All of you were supposed to die.

91412 But don't worry - the firebombing will fix all of that.

91413 So no one will find the bullets in your bodies.

91414 I didn't want it to go down this way...

91415 Although I have to say I am going to enjoy this...

91416 placeholder

91417 placeholder

91418 placeholder

91419 I knew you were the bad guy.

91420 Kids say the cutest things, don't they?

91421 placeholder

91422 Chuck - you can't let him escape.

91423 placeholder

91424 Go get him Dad!

91425 Don't worry. He's not making it out of here in one piece.

91426 placeholder

91427 I've lost him. Do you see him anywhere?

91428 No. I'll keep an eye on these monitors.

91429 I'll keep looking.

91430 So you're behind this.

91431 You killed all these people...

91432 For money!

91433 After everything that's happened, that's what you think?

91434 The money is secondary. We're trying to save lives here, Chuck!

91435 placeholder

91436 placeholder

91437 Saving lives? What the hell are you talking about?

91438 placeholder

91439 Aw, come on! We had to take the necessary steps to ensure a consistent supply.

91440 We can't make the drug without Queens, Chuck... a lot of Queens.

91441 You can thank Isabella for that.

91442 placeholder

91443 placeholder

91444 placeholder

91445 And TK looting the city? What, that's not about money?!

91446 placeholder

91447 He went off the rails. He was well paid for his part. Then he just got greedy.

91448 His work, not ours.

91449 placeholder

91450 placeholder

91451 Whatever happened to "do no harm," Sullivan?!

91452 Open your eyes Chuck!

91453 Do you have any idea how many people are affected in this country?

91454 Doctors, politicians, CEO's - some of our country's best are infected!

91455 Even your little girl Chuck...

91456 What would happen to your cute little time bomb if she didn't get her drug?

91457 placeholder

91458 What would happen to your cute little time bomb if she didn't get her drug?

91459 placeholder

91460 Fortune City was a small price to pay to ensure our country's way of life.

91461 placeholder

91462 You murdered these people!

91463 Acceptable losses. This wasn't the first time, and it won't be the last!

91464 placeholder

91465 placeholder

91466 You bastard! You did it!

91467 You caused the Vegas outbreak too, didn't you?!

91468 placeholder

91469 You killed my wife! Destroyed my family!

91470 placeholder

91471 Everything that we have done has been absolutely necessary!

91472 placeholder

91475 We're the good guys, Chuck. Not you.

91476 placeholder

91477 placeholder

91478 Channel 6 Action News? This is Chuck Greene.

91479 You want the scoop of a lifetime?

91480 There's a bunker full of survivors in Fortune City,

91481 and I've got the proof of what happened here.

91482 I need rescue choppers, and I need them right now.

91483 placeholder

91490 Military flight - this is News Chopper. Be advised there are civilians inside Fortune City. I repeat: there are civilians inside Fortune City. Break off! Break off!

91491 placeholder

91492 placeholder

91493 Somplaceholder

91494 placeholder

91495 placeholder

91496 Have you seen my daughter?

91497 What about Stacey?

91498 We have to leave!

91499 Buddy! GET ON THE CHOPPER!

91500 We can't wait any longer! Get back on the chopper!

91501 I have to find my daughter! Go!

91502 placeholder

91503 placeholder

91504 placeholder

91505 Aw, looks like Mr. Chuckie Greene had other things to do with his busy schedule.

91506 And TK's plum outta patience.

91507 Nice of you to drop in girls.

91508 Like to stay for a little... bite?

91509 Some English Text

91510 Ladies and gentlemen, he's a survivor! He's a hero!

91511 Do we even need to ask what he'll do?

91512 placeholder

91513 placeholder

91514 TK?

91515 Thanks for the Zombrex, Chuckie.

91516 I got your little girl. She sure is cute.

91517 For now.

91518 Oh, and that sweet little piece of ass you've been shacking up with.

91519 Mmmm, mmm. Tasty.

91520 placeholder

91521 What?!?

91522 Daddy!

91523 Chuck!

91524 placeholder

91525 Shut up!

91526 You son of a bitch! If you hurt them...

91527 placeholder

91528 You ready for OVERTIME, Chuckie?

91529 It's the best part of the show, and we just gettin' started!

91530 I have something you want, and now you're gonna get me something I want.

91531 Oh, yeah. You're gonna put in some work for TK.

91532 placeholder

91533 placeholder

91535 Too late to play it safe, Chuck.

91536 Better get up, princess. Don't want to waste your last day on earth sleeping.

91537 Daddy!

91538 placeholder

91539 Nobody messes with TK, Chuckie baby. Nobody.

91540 placeholder

91541 Do you know what time it is, America!?

91542 Payback time!!

91543 Chuck!!! WAKE UP!!!

91544 You son of a bitch! If you hurt them...

91545 That's right, ladies and gentlemen!

91546 Watch Chuck Greene's family be reduced to zombie chow

91547 'cause he didn't have the guts to save them!!

91548 placeholder

91549 Chuck!!! Get up! MOVE!!!

91550 Daddy!

91551 Hang on!

91552 Your fans love you, Chuck.

91553 They look ready to just eat you up, don't they?

91554 placeholder

91555 TK, you son of a bitch!

91556 ... Ladies and gentlemen, Terror is Reality is pleased to present a special, encore, FINAL PERFORMANCE from the one, the only, Chuck Greene!

91557 placeholder

91558 placeholder

91559 placeholder

91560 placeholder

91565 Hang on, I'll have you up here in no time!

91566 placeholder

91567 You ready to risk it all NOW, Chuckie?!?

91568 AAAH!

91570 You gotta be willing...

91571 to risk it all...

91572 if you're ever really gonna...

91573 win...

91574 Win big.

91575 On Wall Street today, Phenotrans shares rose more than 30% after yesterday's release of record quarterly financials. This comes amidst significant questions posed by a special investigative committee regarding their possible involvement in the Fortune City outbreak. And in other news...

91576 You guys wanna hang around here all day, or get outta here?

91577 It's over. We're going home.

91578 placeholder

91579 placeholder

91580 placeholder

91585 Katey? Sweetie? You OK? Katey?

91586 placeholder

91587 placeholder

91588 placeholder

91589 Katey?

91590 Oh, god! Kateyyyyy!!!

91591 placeholder

91592 Oh, no. Katey!

91595 Military flight - this is News Chopper. Be advised there are civilians inside Fortune City. I repeat: there are civilians inside Fortune City. Break off! Break off!

91596 placeholder

91597 placeholder

91598 placeholder

91599 placeholder

91600 It's over. We're going home.

91601 Wait. Katey's backpack, it's not here.

91602 Go! Get out of here!

91603 Take care of Katey!

91604 Can't you just leave it?

91605 It has all of her mother's things in it.

91606 I'll be right back, it'll only take a second.

91607 placeholder

91608 Come on! We can't wait any longer!

91609 No! Wait!

91610 Chuck!

91611 Close your eyes, baby.

91612 Unable to effectively deal with the Fortune City outbreak, the U.S. Government dispatched a squadron of bombers to level Fortune City, erasing all traces of life, both alive and undead.

91613 A convoy of civilian media choppers managed to rescue the safe house survivors shortly before the bombing.

91614 placeholder

91615 placeholder

91616 placeholder

91617 Thanks to the evidence and testimony presented by Stacey Forsythe, Chuck Greene was cleared of all charges against him, and lauded as a hero for exposing the Phenotrans conspiracy.

91618 Chuck Greene the man, however, was never heard from again. Whether he succumbed to zombies, was killed in the subsequent fire bombing, or somehow managed to escape is unknown.

91619 placeholder

91620 placeholder

91621 The Fortune City outbreak came in time to be known itself as "Fortune's End".

91622 Despite the controversy, the price of Phenotrans shares continued to rise...

91630 Unable to effectively deal with the Fortune City outbreak, the U.S. Government dispatched a squadron of bombers to level the city, erasing all traces of life, both alive and undead.

91631 placeholder

91632 placeholder

91633 placeholder

91634 There is no record of the shelter dwellers having made it out of the city alive. Whether they succumbed to zombie attack or were incinerated in the subsequent firebombing is unknown.

91635 placeholder

91636 placeholder

91637 Chuck Greene, having been unable to assemble and disseminate enough evidence to prove his innocence, was vilified by the media and government alike. The incident came to be known as the "Greene Outbreak".

91638 placeholder

91639 placeholder

91645 Ready to go home, kiddo?

91646 Stay here.

91647 Ready!

91648 Look, there they are!

91649 placeholder

91650 The attempted rescue of the Fortune City survivors was considered a military failure.

91651 placeholder

91652 There is no record of any shelter dwellers having made it out of the city alive. What really happened in Fortune City remains unknown. The incident came to be known as the "Greene Outbreak".

91653 placeholder

91654 placeholder

91660 Hey, guys. I think Sleeping Beauty's up now.

91661 Chuck Greene.

91662 You're gonna pay for what you done.

91663 God, I wish they'd just let me kill you now.

91664 placeholder

91665 Who are you? What is this?

91666 placeholder

91667 We're here to rescue everyone you didn't manage to kill.

91668 placeholder

91669 What the hell's going on out there?

91670 placeholder

91671 Oh, you should know. Seeing as you started it.

91672 placeholder

91673 What the hell?!

91674 The attempted military rescue of the survivors of the Fortune City outbreak was considered a failure. The military was unprepared to deal with what they found. There is no record of any shelter dwellers having made it out of the city alive.

91675 placeholder

91676 placeholder

91677 Chuck Greene was reportedly captured by the military early in the operation, but no proof of this was ever found. The incident came to be known as the "Greene Outbreak".

91678 placeholder

91679 placeholder

91685 It's not your fault.

91686 We should get ready to go.

91687 What's happening!?

91688 The military rescue mission was unable to find any living survivors of the Fortune City Outbreak. The incident came to be known as the "Greene Outbreak".

91689 placeholder

91690 placeholder

91691 placeholder

98000 You! You're Chuck Greene.

98001 placeholder

98002 Uh, that's right. And you are...?

98003 placeholder

98004 Oh, you know me! I'm Slappy. Everyone knows Slappy.

98005 And everyone knows you! You started the outbreak! I saw it on TV.

98006 No, buddy. It wasn't me. I'm being set up.

98007 But it was on TV. Just like Slappy!

98008 Don't believe everything you see on TV, kid.

98010 Look, are you okay? Do you need something?

98011 Am I ok? Do I need something?

98012 The TV says you're the one who caused all this.

98013 You... you took the best thing in the world away from me. My girl.

98014 She was so beautiful! And we had so much in common!

98015 We were gonna go on a date tonight! And she loved me! For who I am!

98016 But now... now... LOOK AT HER NOW!!!!

98017 placeholder

98018 Now she's dead! Dead! Because of you!

98019 You brought the zombies here! You ruined everything!

98020 placeholder

98021 placeholder

98022 placeholder

98023 placeholder


98025 You're so... beautiful... baby,

98026 How about that date?

98027 Be right... there...

98028 ...I'm coming... to pick you up... in just a minute.

98029 Don't worry, kids... Slappy... will live forever.

98030 placeholder

98050 Hello? Hello? Special delivery - signature required.

98051 placeholder

98052 placeholder

98053 A signature is REQUIRED for delivery!!

98054 placeholder

98055 Hey, buddy. I don't think there's anyone there.

98056 placeholder

98057 Sir, maybe you can sign for this?

98058 placeholder

98059 What?!

98060 Special delivery. Signature required. I have rounds to do and I'm BEHIND!

98061 placeholder

98062 placeholder

98063 Do you know there's a zombie outbreak going on?

98065 Neither rain nor sleet nor hail, nor zombies are going to keep me from my appointed rounds.

98066 I swore an oath, sir!! And this package requires a SIGNATURE!!

98067 placeholder

98068 placeholder

98069 placeholder

98070 Whatever, buddy. If it makes you feel better.

98071 placeholder

98072 I could use that anyway.

98073 You're Chuck Greene! You stopped the...

98074 placeholder

98075 Actually, I have been looking for you!

98076 Have a nice day.

98077 This package is a very special delivery... just for you...

98078 placeholder

98079 Years of perfect service! Perfect attendance! All ruined! Because of you!

98080 You know, without order, without routine, we have NOTHING!!

98081 Well, you won't succeed! You won't bring down my postal service! You're going to PAY!!!

98082 placeholder

98083 I need this. For my daughter.

98084 placeholder

98085 This one's a special delivery. Express.

98086 placeholder

98100 Hello? Is anybody in here?

98101 placeholder

98102 ...the movement is growing... soon, we'll all be part of the change...

98103 placeholder

98104 placeholder

98105 Hey buddy, you ok?

98106 placeholder

98107 Chuck Greene! Wow.

98108 placeholder

98109 Thank you for showing me the way. Now my life has meaning again...

98110 At first I didn't understand what the two of you were up to...

98111 placeholder

98112 placeholder

98113 What are you talking about?

98114 Letting the zombies free...

98115 First it was horrible, the zombies, the zombies we've been trying to save

98116 Killing people, eating people...

98117 placeholder

98118 placeholder

98119 CURE didn't have anything to do with that, and neither did I.

98120 placeholder

98121 But then I saw how brilliant the plan is... it's the best way to end the oppression.

98122 It's so radical... it's beautiful, man.

98123 placeholder

98124 placeholder

98125 placeholder

98126 So I'm helping now. I'm a soldier for the cause, man.

98127 Please... help me.

98128 No! What are you doing?

98129 placeholder

98130 No! This is not the way to help anyone!

98131 placeholder

98132 Oh, I see. You're losing the courage to finish what you started!

98133 Well, I have the guts, and I'm taking this thing all the way!!

98134 placeholder

98135 placeholder

98136 placeholder

98137 placeholder

98138 No... what have I done?

98139 placeholder

98150 Please, we just needed food!

98151 placeholder

98152 Yeah, that's it! Now let me hear you beg, boy.

98153 placeholder

98154 placeholder

98155 placeholder

98156 placeholder

98157 Wha? Who are you?! Another trespasser?

98158 I'm in charge of this here mall! You can't just come waltzing in here!

98159 You think I'm just gonna roll over and play dead? Not anymore!!

98160 You ain't the big man in town. Not no more.

98161 Everybody else is dead! I'M THE BIG MAN NOW!!

98162 placeholder

98165 Hey look, I'm sure he wasn't trying to -

98166 Hey, buddy!

98167 Oh, think you're better than me? Well, you ain't got the badge, do you?

98168 placeholder

98169 placeholder

98170 Now YOU fellas have to listen to ME! Y'all can't push me around now.

98171 Oh, no. Not now. If I say dance...

98172 placeholder

98173 placeholder

98174 placeholder

98175 You DANCE!

98176 placeholder

98177 Sooooeeeeee! Piggy piggy piggy!

98178 I'm the big shot now...

98179 I'm twice the man you are...

98180 I saw what you did there.

98200 Ah, come in, come in! Finally.

98201 I am Antoine. They call me the king of cuisine!

98202 I have been expecting you.

98203 Well you're, uh, you're a bit late, but it's good you finally made it.

98204 It's true what they say... tastes like chicken.

98205 WAIT!

98206 Needs a bit more buttah.

98207 placeholder

98208 What?

98209 placeholder

98210 placeholder

98211 placeholder

98212 placeholder

98213 placeholder

98214 placeholder

98215 placeholder

98216 placeholder

98217 placeholder

98218 What, you don't like buttah??

98219 This is for you!! I have created my, my ultimate dish!

98220 Daring! Original! Exotic! And fresh...oh yes...VERY fresh.

98221 You and your readers will find it easily worthy of 4 stars!

98222 placeholder

98223 placeholder

98224 placeholder

98225 placeholder

98230 My readers? What are you talking about?

98231 placeholder

98232 You... you're not the reviewer? But I have BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!!

98233 placeholder

98234 placeholder

98235 placeholder

98236 Who the hell would want to eat THIS?!

98237 placeholder


98239 placeholder

98240 placeholder

98241 No matter. No matter! This can still be a once in a lifetime meal.

98242 So sit... relax... Antoine will make you... DINNER!

98243 placeholder

98244 placeholder

98250 Oh! I've kept you waiting for so long.

98251 I know you want that encore, right?

98252 Oooh, yeah, baby!

98253 This is going to be incredible!

98254 You know I do it all for you, people!.

98255 That was just a sound check, but I know you loved it, right?

98256 RIGHT!?

98257 I know can you barely even wait for this comeback tour to start.

98258 Oh, I can feel that!

98259 I can feel your energy!

98260 placeholder

98261 placeholder

98262 Hell, I can barely stand keeping myself from you.

98263 But we are gonna need a few more things before we can start...

98264 and if I don't get them soon...

98265 placeholder

98266 placeholder

98267 placeholder

98268 How am I supposed to work under these conditions?

98269 I am an artist!

98270 Well, despite the technical problems caused by my incompetent crew,

98271 the show must go on!

98272 placeholder

98273 placeholder

98274 NO!

98275 We're...we're wired. If we move, they'll go off.

98276 She's coming.

98277 I'd get her what she needs, bro.

98278 Hey, you! Ooh! You the new crew?

98279 Or maybe just another crazy fan who loves me to death?

98280 Good, I got a job for you baby, oh yeah!

98281 I need you to run a few errands for me, kiddo.

98282 Before we get started.

98283 I'm not sure if I can take waiting anymore.

98284 I get explosive when I have to wait.

98285 Well, we can't keep my audience waiting!

98286 Well, you've been a good little assistant, cutie-pie.

98287 And now... it's finally time for my big comeback show.

98288 The performance of a lifetime!

98289 I'll need some help backstage.

98290 Some Englisplaceholder

98291 placeholder

98292 Look, I got what you asked for.

98293 You need to let those people go now.

98294 placeholder

98295 placeholder

98296 Oh, surely you're not suggesting that after all this,

98297 I don't give my adoring audience what they want?

98298 The comeback tour everyone's waiting for?

98299 The big number?

98300 I might get a little angry if that happens.

98301 placeholder

98302 placeholder

98305 Yo man, just do it!

98306 Look, you can't be serious.

98307 Oh, shush.

98308 Now get backstage and let's put on this show.

98309 You can't keep talent like mine waiting.

98310 That... thing will give you instructions.

98311 placeholder

98312 placeholder

98315 Prepare yourself... for genius.

98316 placeholder

98317 Oh, you're the best stage manager I ever had, kiddo...

98318 and you've got a nice little butt on you to boot.

98319 placeholder

98320 placeholder

98321 placeholder

98322 Oh, yeah, baby! Oh, you love it!

98323 And you love ME! You really, really love me!!

98324 placeholder

98325 placeholder

98326 placeholder

98327 Oh, And who can blame you?!

98328 placeholder

98329 You had your chance to work with the entertainer of the new millennium!

98330 But your own selfish needs destroyed my comeback!

98331 That was once in a lifetime opportunity, people!

98332 And you blew it.

98333 Oh, lord, down I go.

98334 placeholder

98335 placeholder

98336 And I do mean that literally.

98337 placeholder

98350 Hey, buddy!

98351 Aw, crap.

98352 Weird...

98353 Look what I found you, pretty girl.

98354 placeholder

98355 Fresh meat!

98356 Snowflake hungry.

98357 placeholder

98358 Whoa! Look, there's plenty of zombies around for her to eat.

98359 placeholder

98360 placeholder

98361 No! No! Not zombies! That meat is rotten! Like all her food now.

98362 It went bad. She needs meat. Fresh meat.

98363 placeholder

98364 placeholder

98365 placeholder

98366 Okay, okay - not zombies. But I can help. I can get her some food. Some steak.

98367 placeholder

98368 placeholder

98369 placeholder

98370 placeholder

98371 placeholder

98372 NO!

98373 People not been very good to me.

98374 Not like Snowflake.

98375 Snowflake my friend.

98376 Listen, let's talk this over. What's your name?

98377 placeholder

98378 placeholder

98379 Theodore... but everyone call me Ted.

98380 placeholder

98381 That's good. You don't have to do this Ted.

98382 We just need to slow down and talk this over, right?

98383 Nice and slow, Ted.

98384 placeholder

98385 placeholder

98386 NO!!! Ted not slow!

98387 They all said that!

98388 Ted not slow!

98389 Stop saying that!!

98390 placeholder

98391 Oh Shit...

98392 See, people not nice!

98393 Snowflake... go and eat your fresh meat... nice and slow...

98394 placeholder

98395 placeholder

98396 Ted no feel so good...

98397 Snowflake! Kitty!

98398 Come, kitty!

98399 Are you still hungry, girl?

98400 Take me, Snowflake!

98401 Ted feed you! Ted take care of you...

98402 Fresh meat... just for you, kitty...

98403 placeholder

98404 placeholder

98405 Kitty... kitty... time for supper...

98406 placeholder

98407 Whoa...good kitty.

98450 Randall my son, I... I think you should reconsider...

98451 placeholder

98452 placeholder

98453 RANDY... Father... call me Randy...

98454 GET ON WITH IT!!

98455 placeholder

98456 placeholder

98457 placeholder

98458 Do you... Randy... take this woman to be your...

98459 placeholder

98460 placeholder

98461 Mmmmm... I do... Father... I do... Ooooh...

98462 placeholder

98463 placeholder

98464 placeholder

98465 placeholder

98466 Don't worry honey...

98467 ...the other ones didn't mean anything to me...

98468 ... just remember to say "I do".

98469 placeholder

98470 You wanted me to wait until I was married... well, I'm not waiting anymore.

98471 Oh, I knew I wouldn't die a virgin!!

98472 Oh, I can't WAIT... I can't WAIT... I can't WAIT...

98473 Cut to the end Dad ... Cut to the end...


98475 placeholder

98476 placeholder

98477 placeholder

98480 If anyone knows of any reason why these two should not be joined in union,

98481 speak now, or forever hold your...

98482 placeholder

98483 placeholder

98484 placeholder

98485 Oh I can't wait baby... I'm gonna CONSUMATE you... 'till you SCREAM! HAHAHAHA

98486 placeholder

98487 placeholder

98488 placeholder

98489 placeholder

98490 Oh thank God! Help us! Help us!

98491 placeholder

98492 placeholder

98493 You! You're trying to ruin... the happiest day of our lives!!!

98494 placeholder

98495 placeholder

98496 placeholder

98497 Baby... We could have been so good together...

98498 Our wedding night would have been so...

98499 placeholder

98500 You may now kiss the bride.

98550 Oh, well, lookie here, if it ain't widdle Chuckie Greene!

98551 Didn't get enough of me yet? You come back for my autograph?!?

98552 Oh, I bet you just get rock hard thinking about me at night, don't you, Chuckie?

98553 You come to throw your panties at me?

98554 placeholder

98555 placeholder

98556 placeholder

98557 Whatever, buddy. Look, I can take you to the bunker where it's safe...

98558 placeholder

98559 placeholder

98560 Bunker? Where it's safe?!

98561 Man, you ARE a pussy, aren't you?

98562 I used to follow you when you did motocross.

98563 But look at you now. You're a broken man.

98564 You just don't got it anymore, do you?

98565 placeholder

98566 placeholder

98567 What's your problem?

98568 You're such a chump, Chuck.

98569 Hey, over here! Over here!

98570 I'll race you for 'em!!

98571 What are you doing?!? That wasn't a zombie!

98572 placeholder

98573 Yeah, no shit, Chuck. Twice the points!

98574 They're harder to hit 'cause they move around so much, bastards.

98575 placeholder

98576 placeholder

98577 placeholder

98578 placeholder

98580 You're crazy! This isn't a game!

98581 placeholder

98582 You're right about that... that was just practice.

98583 Now it's a game! Terror is Reality, baby, for real!

98584 I've always wanted to take you down, chump.

98585 But you need some wheels, Chuckie.

98586 Live in Fortune City!

98587 placeholder

98588 placeholder

98590 Don't keep me waiting.

98591 Oh, you think it's that easy, Chuck?

98592 You think you're the man?

98593 You'll NEVER beat me.

98594 Yeah, that's right... quadruple points Chuckie...

98595 Let's see you top this!

98596 placeholder

98597 Yeah, you take that!

98598 On top... all the way to the end...

98599 placeholder

98600 placeholder

98601 placeholder

98602 placeholder

98603 But never forget, chump. I'm number one!

98604 placeholder

98605 placeholder

98606 placeholder

98607 Yeah, you're on fire.

98608 placeholder

98650 Damn, man. It ain't no fun if they ain't running.

98651 I mean, I mean, where's the challenge?

98652 This ain't nearly as fun as border patrol.

98653 placeholder

98654 placeholder

98655 But we got a chance to be real patriots here, Earl.

98656 And get us some target practice! These so-called survivors, ha!

98657 Bunch of whiners let this thing happen.

98658 Letting zombies in, foreigners in, letting socialism in.

98659 placeholder

98660 placeholder

98661 placeholder

98662 Only way to git this country on track agin is clean it right up

98663 of all those pansies, floozies, bur-o-crats, liberals,

98664 and them half-ass conservatives too.

98665 This is a golden opportunity.

98666 placeholder

98667 placeholder

98668 Damn straight. We's infested in more ways that one.

98669 If you ain't with us, you're against us.

98670 We gotta clean this country up, one city at a time.

98671 placeholder

98672 That's as Amerikin as apple pie, that is.

98673 You know what we have to do, Earl?

98674 It's our duty to eliminate the threat to our country.

98675 Clean this place out completely. Start again, like the great deluge.

98676 Right idea, that.

98677 placeholder

98678 placeholder

98679 That's right. We do it cuz we love our country...

98680 placeholder

98681 ... and cuz it's so much damn fun.

98682 Damn, it feels good to be right!

98683 Whoo hoo! Let's go huntin' boys!

98684 God bless America!

98685 placeholder

98700 Some English Text

98701 placeholder

98702 placeholder

98703 placeholder

98704 Abracadabra!

98705 DAMMIT!!

98706 Roger, you idiot!

98707 placeholder

98708 We need to get on the ball if I'm ever going to get out of this hole

98709 and into the spot light as I deserve!

98710 Don't you see?! This is finally my chance!

98711 I mean, our chance.

98712 Go, you imbecile! Get ready for the next trick.

98713 placeholder

98714 And now, the trick that the world will soon know us by...

98715 ...but first, do we have a volunteer?

98716 A lovely lady, perhaps?

98717 placeholder

98718 We have a volunteer!

98719 placeholder

98720 It is time for the most dangerous magic trick of all time...

98721 Sawing the lady in half!

98722 placeholder

98723 placeholder

98724 placeholder

98725 Abracadabra!!

98726 Dammit!!

98727 Not again.

98728 That's not magic! She's dead!

98730 Oh, look at Mister Big Guy here!

98731 Everyone's a critic, aren't they? You think this is easy?!

98732 I suppose YOU know how to saw a woman in half, right big shot?!

98733 We're professionals, okay?

98734 Who asked you to come in here while we were practicing?

98735 You just want to tear us down, like the others! Don't you?!?

98736 placeholder

98737 placeholder

98740 Well, we just so happen to have a very special trick... just for you...

98741 It's a little disappearing trick.

98742 You'd be the perfect volunteer.

98743 The ending... is TO DIE FOR!

98744 placeholder

98745 placeholder

98746 I've always wanted to do that.

98747 placeholder

98748 We got enough to do the job. Let's go.

98749 Let's give it up for our winner, America!

98750 Come on over here baby. I know what you're thinking:

98751 Gimme, gimme, gimme some money, baby!

98752 No need to pay for it tonight, baby. Just like TK. They gonna be all over you.

98753 Well, that's our show for tonight! Stay classy, America. Just like TK!

98754 Remember, you gotta risk it all if you're ever really gonna...

99990 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


99992 Thé Qûïçk Brôwñ Fóx Jümps Ôvër Thê Lázÿ Dòg.

99993 á à â ç é è ê ë í ì ï î ñ ó ò ô œ ú ù û ü ÿ

99994 Á À Â Ç É È Ê Ë Í Ì Ï Î Ñ Ó Ò Ô Œ Ú Ù Û Ü Ÿ

99995 ¿ ¡ ' " " « » - — ! $ ( ) , . : ; [ ] { } = * # @ ¥ € £

99998 If you see this text, please replace this text with the proper text for this screen

99999 Yeap, its always missing.

Off the Record full numbered text[]

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