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Full HUD display
From top left:
   Level (round)
   Prestige Points (pp, blue bar)
On the top right:
   Item carried
   Case and mission bars
Bottom right:
   Zombies killed.

Modifying PC Dead Rising 2


List of what each file does

All game items (items.txt)
  Item animations (PyroEffect)
All game text
All missions and cases (missions.txt)
  Times of all missions
  Mission breakdown
All major packed files (big files)
  Character models (npcs.big)
Sgraph - animations
HUD (game player's interface)
Camera.txt (camera view)
Zombie models
Game rules (frontend)
Cutscenes (cinematics.big)
  Royal Flush Plaza
  Safe House
  Americana Casino
  Fortune City Arena
Collision - controls solid surfaces
Excel coordinates of all areas



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In video gaming, the HUD (heads-up display) is the method by which information is visually relayed to the player as part of a game's user interface.

It takes its name from the head-up displays used in modern aircraft.

The HUD is frequently used to simultaneously display several pieces of information including the main character's health, items, and an indication of game progression (such as score or level).

Dead Rising 2[]

In Dead Rising 2 PC version, the HUD can be removed.

Instructions to edit HUD files[]

Removing parts of the HUD[]

Incorrect: Military arrives at data/frontend/fecmn.big/hud_messages.txt

Dead rising 2 modsHUD all items circled

Ingame.big graph[]

The data/frontend/ingame.big file has has 78 files, with a total of 13 other hud files.

By changing true to false in these files...

File Removes

Only need to change one word in one line:


to "false".

Removes everything:

From top left:

Level number (blue circle)
HUD level number
Prestige Points (pp, blue bar)
HUD pp
Life bar
HUD life bar
HUD money
Inventory (Items carried)
HUD inventory
HUD zombrex
Case and mission bars
HUD case bar
Zombies killed
HUD zombies killed
Black spot behind arrow
HUD radio
Survivor dialogue - text of characters and Chuck
HUD character text
Store names when Chuck first walks into a store
Time until military arrives
HUD time until military

The Guide arrow is not removed

Dead-rising-2-case and mission bars

See gallery below

data/frontend/ingame.big/hud_player.txt Removes:
REMOVES everything on the top left
Level number (blue circle)
HUD level number
Prestige Points (pp, blue bar)
HUD pp
HUD life bar
HUD money
Zombies killed meter
HUD zombies killed


The transmitter button will not disappear once it pops up.

Case and mission messages box on watch screen and map screen
HUD messages

data/frontend/ingame.big/hud_worldlocation.txt Removes store name at bottom left when Chuck walks into a store
data/frontend/ingame.big/hud_bossbattle.txt No noticeable change
data/frontend/ingame.big/hud_combo_card_lrg.txt No noticeable change
data/frontend/ingame.big/hud_combo_room_key.txt No noticeable change
data/frontend/ingame.big/hud_infobar.txt No noticeable change
data/frontend/ingame.big/hud_missions.txt No change. Already all false in file
data/frontend/ingame.big/hud_online.txt No noticeable change
data/frontend/ingame.big/hud_screen_fade.txt No noticeable change
data/frontend/ingame.big/hud_watch.txt No noticeable change
data/frontend/ingame.big/hud_zombrex.txt No noticeable change

fecmn.big graph[]

The data/frontend/fecmn.big contains 7 hud files.

By changing true to false in these files...

File Removes
Dead rising 2 mods data frontend hud overlays txt (3)

All that remains of icons is gray squares


Changing all the words to true to false:


File:No.png joystick/keyboard button next to the item

File:No.png removes the item name

HUD Item


There are 14 item icons File="action_icon_..." and one ImageFile="action_icon_attack". These 14 lines are repeated 10 times.

Removing these lines removes the item icons.

But what remains is a gray box with an arrow pointing to the item, which turns black when Chuck gets close.

Dead rising 2 mods data frontend hud inventory txt

No inventory or Zombrex bar

Inventory (Items carried)
HUD inventory
HUD zombrex

Does NOT remove case and mission.

Dead rising 2 mods hud messages txt

example of text which would be removed.

time until military arrives
HUD time until military
Survivor dialogue - text of characters and Chuck
HUD character text
survivor killed message
HUD dead
data/frontend/fecmn.big/hud_npc.txt No noticeable change. npc stands for non-player character. file has line npc_health could be health bars for characters when you leave them in other rooms. Sullivan's green bar shows up clearly in safe house.

Files also present: name_backing, red_meter, npc_dying_select

data/frontend/fecmn.big/hud_cinematic No noticeable change
data/frontend/fecmn.big/gs_hud_common.txt Removes names of items and the button to press to use or take that item

data/frontend/fecmn.big/hud_reticle.txt No noticeable change

A reticle is a net of fine lines or fibers in the eyepiece of a sighting device, such as a telescope, a telescopic sight, a microscope, or the screen of an oscilloscope.

Removing the Guide arrow[]

Dead Rising 2
  1. Open data/models/special
  2. rename the files to anything different:
    1. guide_arrow.big
    2. guide_arrow.tex

The "black stain" remains, which was behind and surrounded the arrow, modifying the above ingame.big file removes this.

Why change the name and not just delete it? This is because it is good to still have the file just in case you ever want the arrow back.

Off the Record

The Dead Rising 2 method does not work for Off the Record - the game crashes at the start up screen. Removing these two files also causes the game to crash.

Instead with Gibbed, open:

Dead Rising 2 Off The Record\data\models\special\guide_arrow.big

With a text editor open:

bigfile.xml in the guide_arrow.big folder created by gibbeds

bigfile.xml looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<files version="2">
 <entry name="Combined Vertices 8" alignment="32">Combined Vertices 8</entry>
 <entry name="Combined Vertices 12" alignment="32">Combined Vertices 12</entry>
 <entry name="Combined Indices 2" alignment="32">Combined Indices 2</entry>
 <entry name="_ATTRIBUTE_" alignment="4">_ATTRIBUTE_</entry>
 <entry name="UsedShaders.txt" alignment="4">UsedShaders.txt</entry>
 <entry name="MatArray" alignment="4">MatArray</entry>
 <entry name="MatTextureInfoArray" alignment="4">MatTextureInfoArray</entry>
 <entry name="_COLLPRIMS_" alignment="4">_COLLPRIMS_</entry>
 <entry name="SceneDescription" alignment="4">SceneDescription</entry>
 <entry name="persistent.big" alignment="256">persistent.big</entry>
 <entry name="SceneHeader" alignment="4">SceneHeader</entry>

Delete all the lines except this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>  
<files version="2">
  <entry name="UsedShaders.txt" alignment="4">UsedShaders.txt</entry>
  <entry name="persistent.big" alignment="256">persistent.big</entry>

Repack the folder with Gibbed.

The Gibbed created guide_arrow_big folder can remain in the special folder without the game crashing.

arrow splotch name

The arrow splotch in Texmod is named: DEADRISING2.EXE_0xC590AD40

Removing the Local Player Pos[]

Dead rising debugger slot ranch casino (2)

When a player is in Debug Mode a green line showing Chuck's location is on the top of the screen.

Local player pos

This can be removed by editing your user.ini or master.ini file, this line should read:


Game location names[]

The location names which are displayed in the HUD when Chuck walks into an area is found in the data/datfile.big/fe_map_f1.csv file.

Potential coding to explore[]

In missions.txt, section cMissionDefinition Tutorial2_Katey:

cMissionRaiseDialog HideZombieCount1
DialogName = "HIDE_ZOMBIES"

Other sections:

cMissionRaiseDialog Timeslate1
show_time_until_rescue = "true"

cMissionRaiseDialog hide_zombrex
	hide_zombrex_counter = "true"

Comparison of ingame.big OTR with DR2[]

File:Comparison of data frontend ingame.big OTR and DR2.doc

Off the record ingame.big file with HUD removed[]